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Mid Tower Vs Full Tower – Which One To Choose?

PC cases or cabinets are those units that help to store all the components of one’s computer system. It is not just a storage box but several things have to be kept in mind when the PC is being built.

Certain technical matters that we need to consider while our purchase includes management of cable wires, connections for the front panel, LED connections, etc. A common question that comes in everyone’s mind is whether they should buy a sleek designed mid-tower casing or go for the full tower casing.

The mid-tower casing will prove to be cost-effective but might produce a lot of heat inward whereas a full tower casing will be on the costlier side but will be spacious.

This article is here to help you out with the technical factors that should be kept in mind before purchasing the case for your personal computer:

About Mid Tower

mid tower

The mid-tower PC case is in wide use. Customarily, it has the capacity for ATX motherboard, GPU’s, and Expansion bays, 2 to 3 and 6 to 8 in number respectively. It is also suitable for 2 to 3 standard size motherboards.

Mid Tower Case: Pros and Cons


  • As mentioned earlier, mid-tower cases consist of up to 6 fans in aggregate. The dust and dirt can easily be managed due to comparatively less chamber. The air current through smaller space reaches to every bit and poop.
  • It is portable and can be accommodated into small areas. The size is apt for many people as it is neither too big nor too small, thus keeps a good deal between commodity and performance. It serves as the highlighted advantage for the mid-tower case users.
  • It proves to be the best choice even for digital gamers. The GPUs and slotting systems are just according to their needs. The recent games require 2 GPUs and approximately 6 PCI-E slots.


  • Although the installations proved to be the best choice for digital gamers, the little capacity for the water cooling system heat the system even up to 90 degrees Celsius. This serves as a problem in the long run eventually.
  • There is another big problem in installing purposes. As there is very little breathing room, thus the repairing work becomes time-consuming and expensive. It may also damage the internal hardware.

When to Purchase a mid-tower case?

  • Better flow of air current.
  • Cautious about the amount spent and having a tight budget.
  • Only the requirement of ATX motherboard and 2 to 3 GPUs.

 About Full Tower

full tower

Full Tower cases are considered to be the largest among all the models. Unavoidably, consist of the highest capacity for holding different computer hardware like drive bays and various slots like PCI-E slots, 7 to 10 in number.

Besides, it also makes space for the water cooling solutions and about 12 fans for the rigorous airflow.

Full Tower Case: Pros and Cons


  • The all-in-one liquid cooling or any customized liquid cooling can be easily integrated without any kind of unnecessary changes. The preinstalled water cooling system always proves to be effective than the air cooling systems due to the high specific heat capacity of water, which is again beneficial for the computer system.
  • The cases are constructed in such a way that it consists of a large amount of space for video card installations. The extra space or rooms also helps for the proper channeling of the cable wires, thus the cooling process for the PC also becomes convenient.
  • Any static or faulty cables can be repaired easily for ample inward space. The specific point that needs to be repaired can be easily traced out by following the connections.

Dislodging of hardware is not necessary for the full tower case due to the presence of the immense amount of breathing spaces. If one requires frequent installations and important expansion of the PC, then he or she must go for the full tower case.

  • As already mentioned, there are 12 fans in the full tower case in aggregate. The different sizes and positions of fans help to circulate the cold air currents to keep the PC in its optimum condition, helping it to work with better speed and increase the clock rate.


  • The large and spacious structure proves to be bulky and importable undoubtedly. It serves as the main reason for the non-usage and unpopularity of the full tower case.
  • The ample space is the cause of a major problem in the circulation of the air current. The central area gets a sufficient amount of air as compared to the corners. Such areas unavoidably create hot spots that are difficult to work with. The presence of 6 to 8 fans will fall to operate eventually.
  • Due to the high functionality and large slot rooms, it’s on a costlier side. Nevertheless, it’s cost-effective too if someone wants to invest for a longer duration and have a static job sector.

When to Purchase a full tower case?

  • More number of motherboard and GPU installations.
  • More number of hard disk slots.
  • Large and simplified construction and higher longevity.
  • Usage of customized or AIO water cooling systems
  • Usage of various custom layouts.

Difference Between Mid Tower Vs Full Tower Case

Mid-tower cases are shorter with a small capacity of motherboards and a lesser number of fans and slots. Whereas in case of full tower cases, there are huge-sized motherboards.

It can be taken as if you do not need to install any hardware in future, and then mid-tower cases will be perfect for you. And if you wish to install hardware like graphics cards for gaming or CAD, then you must go for a full tower case.

Mid Tower Vs. Full Tower: Major Differences

  • Full tower cases measure around 20 to 22 inches approximately whereas the mid-tower cases measure around 17 to 18 inches approximately. Besides the size and shape, it also differs in terms of its functionality.
  • The users who are filmmaker or fond of frequent editing should work with full tower cases whereas the users who are fond of digital gaming may go for the mid-tower cases

Assessing Your Needs

The purchase of PC cases does not depend on only the spaces it provides. Ample space might not accomplish the desires a user is searching for.

If the user is operating in the components for heavy-duty purposes, he or she might require the full tower whereas, for a standard work regime, it’s alright to use a mid-tower case.

We present you some questions that you should ask to yourself while purchasing the PC cases:

  • How do you want the cooling system to work?

For a standard working regime, the PC does not get heated up quickly, thus vast cooling systems prove to be unnecessary.

The usage of mid-tower cases is just enough in these cases. But on the other hand, if heavy-duty work and a large number of installations are awaiting, then it is a wiser decision to look for full tower cases.

Full tower cases not only have the option for all in one personalization but also a customized water cooling system.

  • Are you looking forward to installing more hardware on your PC?

If you are looking forward to installing various graphic cards, expansion of the hardware, and other alterations in your setup, you are advised to go for full tower PC cases.

Full tower cases help in post installations and up-gradation without any kind of replacement. The large breathing spaces also serve the same.

  • Where are you using your PC most?

If you are using your PC mostly for gaming purposes, then it’s better to go for the mid-tower case. If you go through a heavy workload and you are fond of video editing, film making, DAW, and also if you are a hardcore gamer, it’s apt to select the full tower case.

Full Tower Vs. Mid Tower Case: The Verdict

Finally, you have selected the appropriate PC case for yourself, isn’t it so? The verdict for the Full tower case and the mid-tower case only depends on the major usage and operations you perform.

It does not count whether you are at your PlayStation or the central position of your office. The main factor remains the daily usage of your personal computer. But it is always advisable to purchase the case with ample inbuilt space for random installation and with various portals if required in the future.


It is always better to look forward to the future and take the necessary decisions. Post arrangements and installations should be the main focus.

Enfold sound system, water cooling system, air passage within the cases, shape and size of the motherboard should also be prioritized. Hope this article will solve your doubts and queries.

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