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How to Cool Down the Laptop

Overheating of laptops is a minor issue that is faced by almost all of the users. When the laptop is overheated, it may not function properly and lead to many issues while using it. Where overheating may be caused due to the aging of the laptop, another reason may be because the heated air is not able to flow out properly.

Here are some ways on how you can cool down your laptop:-

1. Check Power Settings

The first thing that you must do to cool down your laptop is to check its power settings. Check the power setting and ensure that your laptop is only using the required energy to run the applications. This will put less pressure on the processor and thus will keep the laptop cool.

2. Clean the Vents

Cleaning the laptop is a must. We must clean the vents of the laptops frequently otherwise it can hamper the performance of the laptop. When the vents are covered with dust and dirt, the heat which is produced by the laptop, instead of coming out, remains inside and in turn, warms up the whole laptop.

3. Reduce the Load on the Processor

Reducing the load is one of the easiest ways to cool down your overheated laptop. When you have opened many unnecessary tabs in the background, the load increases, and the performance of the laptop drops down, affecting the processor. To reduce the load on the processor of the laptop, close down all the tabs and pages which are not in use.

You can likewise turn off all the unnecessary graphics and high-end applications as it can be very useful to cool down your laptop.

4. Use It On A Flat Surface- Table/Desk

One of the biggest mistakes that we all do is not using the laptop on a flat surface. Many of us have a habit of using it on the bed or our lap. When we do not use the laptop on a flat surface, it creates a lot of heat and eventually destroys the laptop.

A laptop emits natural heat and, when we use it on a flat surface like on a table or desk, the flow of the air is smooth. This protects the silicon chips inside the laptop and also prevents it from overheating.

5. Get a Cooler or Cooling Pad

If you are a person who uses too much of your laptop or if you notice that your laptop heats up very easily then you can try using a laptop cooling pad. The main function of the laptop cooling pad is to circulate cool air around your laptop which helps to reduce the heat. This is very useful if you want your laptops to have a good shelf life.

6. Don’t Use Whilst Charging

Most people have the habit of using the laptop while it is on charge. To reduce the temperature of the laptop, switch off the laptop or keep it in sleep mode while it is on charge.

When you use the laptop while on a charge, the heat is produced more, which makes your laptop even hotter. It is always recommended to keep your laptop charged and then use it.

7. Give a Break- Turn It Off For Few Hours

Shutting down the system is another easy way to cool it down. When you shut down the laptop, it force closes all the programs that are running in the background. You can save all your unsaved work before shutting down your laptop. Shutting down the laptop for a few hours will be enough to cool it down properly.

8. Consider Room Temperature

When using your laptop, make sure that the temperature of the room is cool and comfortable. Laptops work the best when you use them in an air-conditioned room. Room temperature is something that can affect the working of your laptop. Avoid using the laptop in places where there is too much heat and also protect it from direct sunlight.

9. Avoid Carpet/Padded Surface

Using carpet, bedsheets, and the added subsurfaces are not recommended. While using a laptop, do not use it on a carpet or a padded surface as it can affect the inbuilt vents, which can make the laptop heated up very quickly.

10. Elevate The Laptop At a Pleasant Angle

Make sure that the laptop is set at a very comfortable angle while in use. When placed at a comfortable angle, it helps in proper ventilation and thus does not affect the working of the laptop. To do that, you can use laptop tables or laptop stands which are widely available in the market these days.

11. Keep The Laptop’s Workspace Clean

You must keep your laptop workspace clean. For this, you have to frequently dust your laptop with a cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Turn off the laptop and also clear the keyboard and the screen. Keeping dust and dirt away from the laptop is a vital step to keep it cool.


So, these were some of the tricks which can be used to keep your laptop cool.  Note that the basic reason why a laptop doesn’t work properly is when the heated air is not released properly from the vents. Keep the above points in mind so that you never have to worry about your laptop being heated up.

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