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How To Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter?

Is your RV’s air conditioner not cooling effectively? A dirty filter might be the culprit. In this article, we’ll cover why cleaning the air conditioner filter is essential for maintaining optimal performance and air quality. Follow our simple, step-by-step guide to keep your RV’s AC running smoothly and efficiently. Breathe easier and stay cool on your travels!

Why Cleaning An RV AC Filter Is Essential?

Air conditioners work by sucking hot air into themselves and throwing out cold air by the wings. This process happens through the mechanical systems, which are fixed into the internal systems of the ac. The air that ac intakes may contain many more harmful chemicals like smoke, dust, smoke, allergens and many more toxic chemicals that can be inhaled.

The filters that are attached to an air conditioner prevent the elements that may have harmful properties from entering the body. After months of gathering all this gunk into the filter’s pores, they get dirty, so much so that the screen starts to trip.

If the filters are not cleaned, two possible harms may occur:

First, if the filters are not cleaned, the clogging can prevent air from passing through them. That is why they need more care and cleaning. Secondly, the thing that can possibly happen is the saturation of the filter sheets. Filters can be saturated up to a level that they stop working and become so weak to stop any type of element from entering and letting it enter.

Steps to clean an RV AC filter

1. Remove the Filter

Just because these devices take a powerful energy source to work, the air conditioner must be disconnected from the socket first to go for the cleaning process. After disconnecting the AC from the power source, you can remove the cover to reach out to the filters. Be careful while doing it, as it can be dangerous, and the person can also get injured. Never turn on the power source while the filters are still out, as it can allow the dust particles to enter and directly affect the motor.

2. Vacuum the Filter

The air pressure from a vacuum can be used to blow away the dust particles. A vacuum cleaner practices suction that is used for sucking the dust and dirt from a surface. It would be best to protect the screen from too much suction as it can get damaged. Just find a spot where the suction will work appropriately for the rest of the filter, and start sucking the dirt from there.

Sometimes the gunk residue is so heavy that a single vacuum cannot take out all of it.

3. Wash the Filter

When vacuuming does not help, the next step that can be taken is washing an RV air conditioner filter. A medium amount of detergent and some warm water will work best. Using a mild bristled brush, you rub off all the dirt residue. For even better results, you can also try soaking the filters in warm water for a period of at least 10-15 minutes.

The filters that have heavy gunk on them may require more attention. That’s why it is suggested to use a soft brush to brush away the dirt and grime stuck to the filter.

4. Deal with Bacteria

Bacteria can be a worse enemy of the RV filters when air is passed through these filters, and it can consist of harmful bacteria that can get a person sick if they inhale the same air. For that purpose, a remedy can be used as an antibacterial cleanser, including vinegar and water.

The first step to start is to take an empty plastic spray bottle and fill it with adequate water and vinegar. After that, spray both sides of the filters with the antibacterial solution and wait about 10-15 minutes for it to work. Then you can rewash the screen so your air doesn’t smell vinegary when the air conditioner is turned back on.

5. Dry the Filter & Place it Back

Drying the filter is really necessary as it can damage the motors of an AC if put wet inside it. These filters comprise thick fiber, which can take hours to get dry. The proficient tip that can be used is that you should let your filters dry in the sunlight. This way, it will be a quick process of drying.

Once the filters dry, put them back inside carefully so the air conditioner can return to work.

Do this to Maintain Your RV AC Filter

Maintenance is essential when it comes to electronic devices, or they can get damaged. Cleaning the filters of your RV air conditioner on a daily basis can help in the prevention of the unit from tripping and helps it to run smoothly. Most of the experts have a say on this, like a person should clean their RV air conditioner filters after every two weeks. If your travels are due in months, it is okay if you wash the filters after every month or before you hit the road to avoid any further inconveniences.

AC’s Automatic Cleaning Function Can Help

If your air conditioning unit comes with an automatic cleaning function, then it is nothing to worry about. You can definitely use it for your convenience. For units like these they consist of a brush that is placed on the inside of the ac and works automatically to help the grime and dirt get out via a small chamber. It would be best if you did not use this function as a substitute for your monthly cleanups, as after a month of dirt, the automatic system will not be able to clean that heavy pile of dirt by itself.

Clean Your AC Filter Regularly

 This is an obvious tip as electronic devices need a routine cleanup; likewise, you should clean your RV air conditioner filter on a daily basis. To gather information about how to clean it daily, you can use a user guide that comes with the air conditioner. Some of the companies say that the AC should be washed and cleaned every two weeks, and others suggest that after every 30 days, you should clean your AC’s filters.

Consider Replacing the Filter if Necessary

 Every electronic machine consumes a specific amount of energy to work. Likewise, air conditioning filters also have a specific life span on which their durability is adequate and can work efficiently. There will be a time when the filters will not work as they should.

It is straightforward to spot the location of the filters inside your air conditioner. Some ACs mention them, and some have holes or tears indicating that point. If you feel like the filters aren’t compatible as before, you can always change and replace them.

Run the AC When it’s Needed

Unnecessary use of electrical appliances can be harmful as they can get damaged before the end of their time. It would be best if you always used the air conditioner of your RV when you really feel like using it. However, it would not take less dust and dirt but can help you save your RV’s energy consumption. Even if you have enough power, keep your AC off if you don’t need it.


RV air conditioners are necessary for the cooling inside the trailer. Although the cleaning and maintenance should happen after every 2 weeks, as said by the manufacturers because it is an electronic device that consumes energy. There are some steps through which you can clean the filters of an air conditioner, as if not cleaned in a specific period, it can cost a lot of money and repairs. Keep maintained cleanliness and enjoy the long rides.

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