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Get Discord Nitro For Free – 6 Legit Ways

Discord Nitro offers an array of enticing features, elevating the Discord experience with enhanced server capabilities, custom emojis, animated avatars, larger file uploads, and more. However, its premium status comes with a price tag, making it inaccessible to many. In the world of gaming and community-building, Discord has become an indispensable tool, fostering connections and enhancing gameplay. For those seeking to amplify their gaming community’s customization and features without the initial cost, exploring Discord Nitro for free is an enticing option. This comprehensive guide navigates the avenues to attain Discord Nitro without spending Money, uncovering free trials and opportunities. Discover the features, weigh the benefits against free Discord alternatives, and explore avenues for securing epic free Discord Nitro or even 3 months of complimentary access. From supporting servers to unlocking premium features, this guide illuminates legitimate methods to access Discord Nitro without breaking the bank.Discord Nitro

About Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro stands as Discord’s premium subscription service, offering users an enhanced and enriched communication experience. Priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually, Discord Nitro unlocks a suite of exclusive features. These include heightened server capabilities, allowing for more robust and dynamic communities. Nitro subscribers gain access to custom emojis, enabling personalized expressions within their servers. Animated avatars add a touch of dynamism to user profiles, making interactions more engaging. Beyond aesthetics, Nitro facilitates larger file uploads, ideal for sharing high-quality images, videos, and other media. Additionally, subscribers enjoy HD video streaming, profile customization options, and more, making Discord Nitro a sought-after upgrade for users looking to elevate their Discord experience.

How To Get Nitro For Free?

Unlocking Discord Nitro without spending a cent is an enticing prospect. This section unveils legitimate methods and strategies to acquire Discord Nitro for free. Explore the various methods and opportunities available to access premium Discord features without the subscription cost.

1. Get Nitro Free Through Discord Partner Program

Discord Nitro subscription presents an array of premium features, including the ability to create multiple server profiles with distinct banners, avatars, and bios. Accessing free Discord Nitro starts with engaging in the Discord Partner Program. 

To qualify for the Discord Partner Program, certain criteria must be met:

  • Maintain an active server.
  • Maintain a minimum of 500 members on your server.
  • Your server should be at least two months old.
  • The server must comply with Discord’s community guidelines, free from offensive language or content.

To initiate the process:

  • Step 1: Access the official Discord app or website and navigate to your server icon, then open the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2: Select “Server Settings” and proceed to click on “Partner Program.”

Partner Program

  • Step 3: Within the Partner Program section, click on “Apply for Partnership.” Follow the prompts and instructions provided on the screen to complete the application process.

Apply for Partnership

  • Step 4: Finally, conclude the process by clicking “Finish Process.”

It’s important to note that Discord occasionally pauses the partner program, so if you find it temporarily unavailable, you can patiently wait and check later to apply. This strategic approach ensures you can capitalize on this opportunity when the program is active, increasing your chances of becoming a Discord Partner and gaining access to free Nitro.

2. Get Nitro Free Through Promotions

Securing Discord Nitro for free through promotions extends the opportunity to access premium features by leveraging offerings from prominent companies. While some promotions might require a payment for a service, the benefit of receiving Nitro for free as a bonus or freebie remains enticing.

For instance, notable companies like Epic Games, renowned for creating Fortnite, and YouTube Premium, as part of their subscriber benefits, have extended free periods of Discord Nitro. These promotions often involve being a subscriber or user of their services, granting access to complimentary periods of Nitro as an added incentive. By participating in these promotions or subscribing to associated services, users can unlock Discord Nitro without incurring direct costs.

3. Through Giveaways

Participating in Nitro giveaways stands as an additional avenue to obtain Discord Nitro for free, though it comes with no guarantee of success. Numerous Discord servers extend the opportunity for users to secure free Nitro by joining the server and fulfilling specific requirements.

These giveaway-centric servers commonly promote a service or organize competitions, offering participants the chance to win Nitro for a designated period. Notable servers facilitating Nitro giveaways include

  • Open Advertisements & Nitro Giveaways
  • Planet Roonie
  • Jets Dreams World
  • Self Promotion Central
  • Custom’s Magical World

Engaging in these giveaways requires adherence to specified rules, increasing your likelihood of being selected as a winner. By actively participating and following the guidelines, users can potentially enjoy the benefits of Discord Nitro without any associated costs.

4. Through Discord Mobile App

Obtaining a free Discord Nitro subscription is made possible by leveraging the Discord mobile app on your smartphone (available on Android and iOS). However, this method comes with specific criteria that must be met:

  • You should not have subscribed to any Nitro plan previously.
  • You should not have installed the Discord app on your mobile device before. Essentially, this is geared towards first-time users.

To proceed, follow these steps:

  • Install the Discord app on your smartphone.
  • Log in to your Discord account.
  • Upon logging in, a pop-up message will appear, presenting an opportunity for a free one-month Nitro plan.
  • Tap on “Claim Your Free Month” within the pop-up.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Nitro sign-up process.

By adhering to these criteria and steps, users who are new to Discord Nitro and the mobile app can enjoy a complimentary one-month subscription.

5. Participate in Nitro Events

Engaging in Discord-related events presents an opportunity to secure Discord Nitro for free, although success is not guaranteed. Events organized by Discord, such as anniversary celebrations or seasonal occasions like Snow Giving during Christmas, often feature Nitro prizes alongside a range of other free items like Xbox, PlayStation, keyboards, headsets, and game licenses.

While the chances of winning Nitro or other gifts in these events are akin to participating in giveaways, the potential rewards make it worthwhile for users to actively participate. Keep an eye on Discord’s official announcements regarding events, as these occasions can be a rewarding way to obtain Discord Nitro without any direct cost.

6. By Talking In Servers

Discord servers often implement a leveling system where each message sent earns users XP, contributing to their overall level within the server. Some servers take this a step further by offering gifts, including Discord Nitro, as rewards for leveling up. Additionally, specific servers, like Planet Roonie, may recognize and reward the most active members with Nitro.

To leverage this method and potentially acquire Nitro for free, consider participating in servers with active leveling systems. Engaging in conversations, contributing to the community, and consistently being active can increase your chances of earning Nitro as a reward for your participation.

Get Discord Nitro For Free – FAQs

1. What are the criteria for joining the Discord Partner Program?

Ans: To join the Discord Partner Program, you must have an active server with a minimum of 500 members. The server should be at least two months old and free of any offensive language. Following these criteria, you can apply by accessing Server Settings, selecting Partner Program, and following the on-screen instructions.

2. How often does Discord pause the partner program, and what should I do if it’s paused?

Ans: Discord may occasionally pause the partner program. If you encounter this, it’s advisable to wait and check later for its reactivation. Patience is key to taking advantage of the partner program when it becomes available.

3. Is there any risk involved in participating in giveaways or promotions to get free Nitro?

Ans: Generally, participating in legitimate giveaways or promotions from reputable sources carries minimal risk. However, it’s crucial to follow the rules and guidelines provided by the hosting server or organization to ensure your participation is safe and legitimate.


Discord Nitro offers an enticing array of premium features, but its price tag can be a barrier. This guide explores legitimate methods to get Discord Nitro for free, from participating in the Discord Partner Program and promotions to engaging in giveaways, using the mobile app, participating in events, and being active in servers with leveling systems. While success isn’t guaranteed, these options offer a chance to unlock Discord Nitro’s benefits without spending a dime.

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