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Fan Control Software For Windows

With the load of work, there comes a lot of responsibility on your PC’s, which is to ensure great efficiency and quick work. But how you possibly achieve that? Today we’re are talking about the fan controlling software for windows. Telling about a fan, it plays a crucial role in keeping your PC calm and eradicating the noise that seems like wind tunnels.

A fan control software helps you adjust the fan speed when it is required and that’s where we say a fan plays a crucial role. Changing the fan speed can be performed through automated technology as well as manually.

Read our article below to know about the best fan control software for windows.

Fan Control Software

Like we mentioned about the crucial role a fan plays in boosting speed, calming your system down. Choosing a good software to control the fan is extremely important as a fan without a good command makes no impact.

A good fan control software helps you keep the temperature of the computer at an acceptable level. It helps you to restrain overheating and critical problems in your PC’s.

There are an endless number of software available in the market to do this job for you but we have got you the best of four after reviewing them personally and looking at their demand in the market.

1. SpeedFan


The very first software on our list is the speed fan software. This one is an amazing pick for your PC. Speedfan is a software developed to manage and regulate your PC voltage temperature and fan speed with hardware chips.

This software can easily access S.M.A.R.T info and also reveals the hardware temperature. This software holds digital temperature sensors and changes the fan speed consequently.

Some of its best features we acknowledge are:

  • The temperature can be monitored through multiple sources with Speedfan.
  • If you acknowledge configuring this software correctly, you can alter the fan speed according to your system’s temperature.
  • While selecting the parameters to lower or higher the fan speed, you have to set them manually and hear the noise produced.
  • If you hear noise from the fan you can minimize the fan speed.
  • You can alter the fan speed with warning temperature that you recently set.

With this software, you can manage numerous hard disk, hardware chips temperatures, voltage readings, PWM’s, and more.

2. EasyTune 5

EasyTune 5

The next in our list is EasyTune 5, a highly recommended software. EasyTune 5 is presented by Gigabytes and is extremely worthwhile Windows performance enhancer and managing tool. We’re sure that with its advanced features you won’t be disappointed any day.

Some of its best features we acknowledge are:

  • If offers overlocking to enhance your system’s operations.
  • You get a M.I.A and C.I.B tool for extraordinary enhancement for your system’s memory and CPU.
  • This software arrives with smart fan controlling along with speed managing options. It also has a cooling fan North Bridge chipset.
  • It has a PC health feature to manage your system’s status
  • You can shift to various modes and select between easy mode and advanced mode.
  • The easy mode lets you change the PC system to bus clock.
  • The advanced mode lets you access all the overlocking features like M.I.B and C.I.A.

You can configure the fan speed of your system’s cooling performance to various RPM. We recommend you to set cooling fan of CPU at 60oC.

3. Argus Monitor

argus monitor

Argus monitor is an extremely light software that processes as background function. This software consistently checks the health of the hard disks. Argus Monitor also provides you with the power to control the fan speed of the GPU and motherboard with a trait curve based on most of the temperature sources.

Some of its best features we acknowledge are:

  • You can check your HDD temperature and the health rate by constantly checking S.M.A.R.T attributes.
  • This program notifies you with the probability of 70% even before the hard drive fails. Therefore you can save all your important data on time.
  • The software provides you with an illustrated representation of the temperature of your hard drive.
  • It arrives with CPU and GPU temperature monitoring features.
  • You can check the illustrated representation of core frequency. There you can check the power management efficiency.
  • The SDD and HDD mark helps in estimating transfer rates and access time.

Why are CPU Fans so Loud?

This is one of the most common questions all of us have. A constant whirring of your system fan can be really annoying and distracting all the time.

Most of the times, the system fans are extremely loud as the hardware generates great energy. While GPU, CPU, and other components function, this generates a lot of heat.

Too much heat is not good for your system’s health or delicate software. Therefore the fan boosts the RPM to replace the hot air with cooler air. The feature of fans depends on what kind of software you choose.


To keep your system safe from any issues, you must use it in a proper manner. CPU fans are very helpful in keeping your system protected from serious heating problems. But to use a CPU efficiently, you must use a good fan control software.

All the above options come with great features, so you can choose any of them as per your needs. Hope this article will clear some of your doubts and queries.

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