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How to Extend Ethernet Cables for Faster Internet Speeds?

Compared to Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable can provide a faster internet connection. However, when the Ethernet cable is short, it will not be able to reach the devices. For this, it is important to increase the length of the Ethernet cable.

You will easily find Ethernet cables of different lengths available in the market. One of the best things about Ethernet cables is that you can use them for various purposes including computers, range extenders, access points, and gaming consoles.

Maximum Distance Possible For Ethernet Cable

It is advisable to go for a longer length so that you can fold the extra part. A longer length will also eliminate the need for having extra connections. However, most of the cables are available in a length of 100 meters. If you go beyond 100 meters, there can be signal issues. Even when there are problems with the network setup, you can face problems like disconnections or packet loss.

You will have to confirm the transmission distance between the Ethernet cable and Ethernet cabling. As one of the most common cabling forms in LAN networks, the Ethernet connection is classified into multiple categories like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and so on. The transmission speed can range from 10 to 1000 MBPS. You will even find 10g Ethernet that can be great for commercial use. Here we shall let you know the maximum distance of the different categories of Ethernet cables.

  • Cat5e: This category is suitable for a transmission distance of 100 meters. It can offer a transmission speed of up to 1 Gbps.
  • Cat6: The Cat6 can offer a transmission speed of 1000 Mbps within a hundred When you use it within the range of 37 to 55 meters, the transmission speed is 10 Gbps.
  • Cat6a: With maximum transmission speed ranging from 10000 Mbps to 10 Gbps, it can offer transmission distance to up to 100 meters.
  • Cat7: Even Cat7 provides a transmission speed of 10000 Mbps or 10 Gbps with a transmission distance of 100 meters.
  • Cat8: Cat8 is suitable for a transmission distance of up to 30 meters. It can offer an amazing transmission speed of 25 Gbps of 40 Gbps.

How To Extend Ethernet Cable?

1. RJ45 Inline Coupler


RJ45 inline couplers are the most common cabling form for local LAN networks. It has to be noted that there isn’t any extension cable in the market available. However, the RJ45 has the ability to join two Ethernet cables for extending the length. It is perfect for Cat6 and has two female Ethernet ports that allow inserting two cables on each side. It looks similar to a keystone jack and you will only have to plug it on one side of the coupler and the other into the device.

It is a simple way of extending the Ethernet cable length and you can reach in any corner. One of the best things about this type of connector is that it is easy to use and is very pocket-friendly. Using them will provide you fast internet connection and have an easy way to have a cable extension.

2. Network Switch


With a network switch, you can have extra Ethernet connections to the network. By switching the packets, it can receive and forward data to the end device. Just like the RJ45 inline coupler, it is also suitable for Cat6 Ethernet cable. As you are unable to exceed the limit of 100 meters with a single-run cable, a network switch can be the perfect alternative.

It can be great for having extra Ethernet connections that allow access by a large number of users. A network switch also enables you to create more than two connections. It lets you extend the length of the Ethernet cable by easily connecting it to a switch. You can then run many other cables to the main device.

3. Ethernet Extender

You can even extend the Ethernet cable by using an extender device. It utilizes the DSL technology that enables data transfer. In doing so, it can offer a speed of 10 Mbps over 1450 meters and 50 Mbps at 300 meters. One of the best things about the device is that it is highly durable and is cost-effective. Different types of Ethernet extender units allow extending the length of the Ethernet cable. The LRP-101-UKit allows extending Ethernet links by using UTP cable or telephone cable. Combining it with 4-pair UTP cabling can extend the reach of Ethernet to 500 meters.

There is also the VX-VEB160G4 which can extend the Ethernet link to a massive 2.5 km. You can even find single units that work great with compatible switches. The UTP Ethernet extender works by converting Ethernet to DSL. It further reverses the signals back to the internet. You will also find an Ethernet switch that acts as an intermediary between the computer and the router. Some will also allow you to connect multiple devices to a single port. It can also work as a splitter for the RJ45 connection.

Performance When You Extend Ethernet Cable

What matters most is the performance while extending the Ethernet link. When you use an RJ45 inline coupler, there will be no degradation in the network signal. However, there can be chances for mistakes when the coupler is bad. There can be a likelihood for the cable to get unplugged which can lead to network issues. For this reason, you must do the setup correctly and keep the cable length under 100 meters.

You can easily go for a speed test by using a coupler and without a coupler. By going through the speed test tool online, you can detect the functioning of an RJ45 coupler. Generally, the speed will remain the same whether you use the coupler or not. It will not reflect any diminishing performance however, there can be issues due to inappropriate setups.

Another key factor to consider will be using a shielded in-line coupler for shielded Ethernet cable that has electromagnetic interference. It allows covering the break in the shielding of the potential electromagnetic interference. You will also have to splice the Ethernet cable while extending it. Although it is not recommended, there can be many variables. Alternatively, you can look for an additional connector rather than splice it.


A wired network connection offers faster and more secure connectivity than Wi-Fi. Having an Ethernet extender will extend the Ethernet link. RJ45 inline coupler serves great for extending the Ethernet reach and helps to solve network issues. However, we have also discussed other ways of extending your cable without compromising the performance. While looking for a suitable cable to extend the reach, you will have to consider the length carefully. Look for the right product so that there will be no effect on the performance.

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