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Best Z Wave Light Switchs In 2024 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Tired of fumbling for the light switch in the dark? Want to control your lights from anywhere in the home? That’s possible with Z-Wave light switches! These smart switches let you control your home lighting system with your smartphone or voice commands.

Here are some important factors to consider before choosing any. 

  • Compatibility: Check the Z-Wave light switch’s compatibility with your smart home ecosystem. Verify your hub or controller’s Samsung SmartThings, Wink, or other compatibility for smooth connection and operation.
  • Range: Z-wave switches may increase or repeat your Z-wave controller’s range, improving signal across your house. They may not function as effectively as specialist range extenders due to their compact size. Consider their range before setting up.
  • Security Features: Review Z-Wave light switch security features. Make sure it uses encryption and other security standards to keep your smart home network safe.

Consider these aspects to choose a Z-Wave light switch that matches your smart home demands. For more details, you can read through our “Buying Guide”.

Best Z Wave Switch Table

Z Wave SwitchSwitch StyleWarrantyBuy Now
Enbrighten Z Wave Light SwitchRocker Switch2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Leviton Z Wave Light SwitchRocker Switch5 YearsCheck On Amazon
UltraPro Z Wave Light SwitchRocker Switch2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Enbrighten 55258 Z Wave Light SwitchRocker Switch2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Zooz Z Wave Light SwitchRocker Switch1 YearCheck On Amazon
UltraPro 39354 Z Wave Light SwitchDPDT2 YearsCheck On Amazon

Best Z Wave Light Switch Reviews

1. Enbrighten Z Wave Light Switch

Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Rocker Light Switch

You might have heard about Enbrighten before if you have been looking for Z wave devices and systems. It is a great brand which creates many smart Z wave systems including the switch mentioned here.

Coming in 1st place, we have the smart Z wave switch from Enbrighten. This is a 3-way ready rocker switch which supports QuickFit and SimpleWire technology. You will also get complete voice access to all connected switches via Alexa and Google Assistant if your Z wave controller supports it. This includes smart hubs like Samsung SmartThngs, Vivian, Nexia, Honeywell and many other popular options that are compatible with this switch. With the new and improved design, Enbrighten has managed to reduce the size of the smart switches by up to 20% so that it is much better for installation.

The QuickFit support allows you to install the Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Rocker Light Switch even on older switchboards without any problem. Furthermore, there are auto line and load wire sensing terminals that will detect the connection and automatically configure the switch post-installation. It is also certified with Z wave plus technology for better energy efficiency and working speed. But, you can also pair it with previous-generation Z wave connectors as it has backwards compatibility. It is backed by a 2 years warranty period from Enbrighten.

Best Features

  • Supports QuickFit and SimpleWire
  • 3-way ready switch
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works as a range extender
  • 2 years warranty


  • Supports both Z wave and Z wave plus
  • Nearly 20% more compact design
  • Up to 150 feet range extension


  • Expensive Z wave smart switch

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2. Leviton Z Wave Light Switch

Leviton DZ15S Decora Smart Switch with Z-Wave Tech

Leviton is yet another premium brand from our picks today. The Z wave switch from Leviton offers many great features with reliable performance.

In 2nd place, we have the Leviton DZ15S. Even though it might not look like one, the Leviton DZ15S is one of the smartest as well as most reliable options from our picks today. It is also certified with Z wave plus technology for best results. Hence, you will be able to use it with advanced Z wave smart hubs such as Samsung SmartThings, Wink or other popular options. This will also grant you voice control which you can provide via your smartphone directly, or with the Alexa or Google Home enabled smart devices.

It is also one of the most stylish options as it supports optional wall plates which you might already have, or can get from the market. Along with that, there is also support for 6 colour change kits so that you can choose what’s best for you. Before you get this switch, make sure your switchboard has a neutral wire available for installation.

You will be able to control 600 watts LEDs or CFL lights. Other than that, it also supports 1800 watts incandescent lights and 15-ampere fluorescent lights. You will receive a 5 year long warranty period on the Leviton DZ15S.

Best Features

  • Certified with Z wave plus
  • Voice control enabled
  • Stylish option with support for optional wallplates
  • Supports a variety of high capacity lights
  • 5 years warranty


  • Compatibility is not an issue with this switch
  • Supports 3-way operation
  • More beneficial compared to standard Z wave supported switches


  • Very expensive Z wave smart switch

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3. UltraPro Z Wave Light Switch

UltraPro Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch

Now that you know some of the premium choices for the best Z wave switch, let’s take a look at affordable options. Out of which, UltraPro is a recognizable brand that offers cheap smart switches which you can buy in a set to upgrade a whole switchboard at once.

If you wish to quickly convert your house into a smart home system, you should prefer the UltraPro Smart Light Switch as it is one of the most affordable Z wave switches in the market. It offers many great features for the price along with a 2 years warranty for reliability and ensuring performance. It also offers QuickFit and SimpleWire tech which is more common in the expensive range of Z wave smart switches. Along with that, you will get Alexa and Google Home voice assistant support for fast access to the switches.

The installation of this switch is very easy as it automatically detects line and load wires and configures the switch automatically according to that. Thus, you will not be accidentally installing the switch in reverse. With a compatible Z wave hub, you will get many features apart from voice access such as smartphone control, scheduled triggers and many more. And as the switches are very inexpensive, you will be able to upgrade a lot of switches at once.

Best Features

  • Supports QuickFit and SimpleWire technology
  • The best option for whole-house automation
  • Easy to install
  • Voice control supported
  • 2 years warranty


  • Smart installation technology
  • Easy to upgrade over traditional switches
  • Compact and portable design


  • Build quality could have been better

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4. Enbrighten 55258 Z Wave Light Switch 

Enbrighten White Light Almond Z-Wave Plus

Enbrighten is bringing you one more great option for a Z wave enabled smart switch on our list. It is also a premium choice like our previous pick from Enbrighten and will offer you a great experience.

If you like our last pick from Enbrighten but are looking for some more features on your smart switch, take a look at the following upgraded choice from Enbrighten. The Enbrighten Smart Switch allows many additional controlling options which differ from standard smart switches. Along with the basic ON/OFF controls and remote access, you can also change the speed of the fan within low, medium and high settings. Thus, it also works as an energy-saving device when you do not need the device at its full capacity.

With a single switch, you will be able to control 2 different devices. Hence, you will only have to install a single switch in your living room or bedroom for 2 different fans. The switch will also extend the range of your Z wave controller up to 150 ft so that you will be able to connect extra devices even if they are not in the range of the main controller.

The Enbrighten Smart Switches also supports additional colour options and replaceable paddles so that you can customize it the way you desire to match with the decor in your room. Similar to our previous choice from Enbrighten, this switch also offers 2 years of warranty.

Best Features

  • Premium smart Z wave switches
  • Supports 2 fans with a single controller
  • 150 feet additional range
  • Supports replaceable paddles and colour options
  • Speed control option for fans
  • 2 years warranty


  • A great option for the given price
  • Additional functionality compared to a standard switch
  • Only 1 switch required for 2 fans


  • Does not work with lights for brightness control

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5. Zooz Z Wave Light Switch

Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus S2 On Off Switch

Zooz is the only brand from our picks that has come with a 3-way as well as a 4-way functionality supported Z wave smart switch. Even with the additional functionality, it is still offered in a similar budget range as other premium options.

You might not have heard about the brand Zooz before this list. But, let us assure you that it is still one of the best Z wave switches in the market right now. The Zooz 700 Series S2 switch is a simple 3-way, as well as 4-way, control supported switch and it is backed by OTA firmware updates for best performance. If you pair the switch with a smart Z wave hub, you will be able to control it directly from your smartphone. Apart from that, you also get the voice control accessibility to get the most out of the smart switch.

There is a built-in range test tool included with every switch that lets you test the connectivity with your Z wave controller and troubleshoot the issues before final installation. You will not be needing any additional add-on switches to get the 3-way or 4-way functionality on the switch. The new model of the Zooz 700 Series S2 switch offers 1.16 inches thickness so that it can easily fit in any switchboard box. Although, it only has a year of warranty from Zooz which is a bit short compared to other options.

Best Features

  • Smart ON/OFF control
  • 3-way and 4-way control
  • 16 inches thickness
  • No additional add-on switches required
  • 1-year warranty


  • Remote control possible
  • Works with regular switchboards
  • OTA updates for firmware


  • Short warranty period

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6. UltraPro 39354 Z Wave Light Switch

UltraPro Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch 1

UltraPro has one more highly affordable smart Z wave switch available on our picks. This switch features all the features that you will need for full home automation.

Coming at the end of our picks, we have the UltraPro Smart Light Switch. It has a revolutionary design that offers ease of installation as well as compact fitting for better compatibility. The new design is nearly 20% more compact than its predecessor so that the switchboard stays subtle and elegant. And as the switch is quite cheap, you will be able to upgrade all switches at once without having to spend a lot. During installation, the UltraPro Smart Light Switch will automatically detect the line and load wires and manage the configurations of the switch by itself.

There is also an optional toggle light that will illuminate to show the location of the switch in dark. With that, you can easily find the switch even in the dark if you don’t have access to your smartphone. You also have the option to turn off the LED altogether if you do not want the illumination. Even though UltraPro Smart Light Switch is focused on a budget-friendly price range, it still offers voice access and 2 years of warranty for the best experience.

Best Features

  • QuickFit and SimpleWire supported
  • Nearly 20% compact design
  • Toggle guide light
  • Voice control supported
  • 2 years warranty


  • Works with LED, CFL and even halogen bulbs
  • Voice access via Alexa and Google assistant
  • Reliable performance


  • Limited smart features

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Buying Guide For The Best Z Wave Switch

Selecting the best Z-Wave switch for your smart home setup involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure seamless integration, ease of use, and reliability over time. Here, we’ll explore key aspects to keep in mind, focusing on compatibility with your smart hub, installation requirements, communication range, and warranty coverage.

1. Compatibility With Hub

Why It Matters: The cornerstone of a functional smart home ecosystem is the seamless interaction between devices. A Z-Wave switch must be compatible with your smart hub to facilitate efficient command execution and enable advanced features such as automated routines and remote control.

What to Look For: Seek switches that explicitly state compatibility with your smart hub’s Z-Wave version. Ideal switches are those certified for Z-Wave Plus, offering backward compatibility and ensuring they can leverage the latest advancements in speed, range, and energy efficiency.

2. Installation

Why It Matters: Easy installation reduces setup complexity and costs, making it crucial for DIY enthusiasts and those looking to upgrade their homes without professional assistance. A straightforward installation process minimizes disruptions and simplifies integration into existing electrical systems.

What to Look For: Opt for switches that fit standard electrical boxes and support common wiring configurations. Models that include detailed manuals or offer online instructional videos are preferable. Additionally, switches requiring no neutral wire can offer broader compatibility with older homes.

3. Range

Why It Matters: Z-Wave switches act as nodes in a mesh network, where each device can relay commands to extend the overall reach. Adequate range ensures reliable operation across your home, avoiding dead spots and enhancing the responsiveness of your smart devices.

What to Look For: Look for switches with a stated range of at least 50-100 feet indoors, acknowledging that walls and other obstructions can impact signal strength. Devices that boast Z-Wave Plus technology typically offer improved range and stronger mesh networking capabilities.

4. Warranty

Why It Matters: A warranty offers protection against defects and malfunctions, serving as a testament to the product’s quality and durability. It provides a safety net, ensuring that your investment is protected in the event of unforeseen issues.

What to Look For: Prioritize switches with a minimum 1-year warranty, though 2 years or more is preferable for added security. Review the warranty’s scope to understand what is covered, such as parts and labor, and note any specific conditions or limitations that may apply.

Best Z Wave Switch: FAQs

Q. Is wiring required to install a Z wave smart switch?

Ans: Depending upon the type of Z wave device installed, you may or may not require any installation procedure. For example, if you wish to control pre-installed devices such as lights or fans via a smart switch, then you will have to replace the default switches with smart switches which will require installation.

But, the installation of Z wave smart switches is quite easy and you can do it yourself without needing any professional help. As for wired devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, you can simply get a plug-and-play Z wave wall outlet that does not require any wiring whatsoever.

Q. Is a hub required for Z wave smart switches?

Ans: A Z wave controller is necessary for every smart Z wave device. While the Z wave certified devices can work as a normal switch without the Z wave controller, you must get a smart hub or a decent Z wave controller to get access to the smart features.

For example, you can use the Z wave smart switches as normal devices without a hub, but it offers remote access, scheduled performance, and even voice access if connected to a smart Z wave hub. The number of features you can get on the smart switches also depends on the smart hub you have installed in your home.

Q. Are Z wave plus smart switches better than Z wave switches?

Ans: Right now, there are 2 types of Z wave devices available in the market. There are first-generation Z wave devices that are easily available under an affordable price range. And then, there are new and improved smart devices that work on the Z wave plus technology. The Z wave plus technology is significantly better than its predecessor as it offers nearly 50% extra wireless range, twice as fast performance, and 4 times the memory capacity within the same form factor.

Also, Z wave plus devices are nearly 50% more efficient than Z wave devices. But, these factors don’t matter much for basic devices such as smart switches. You can get either Z wave or Z wave plus smart switches based on your budget without missing out on a lot. But, it is beneficial to get the switches that support both protocols for future upgrades.


While there are expensive smart home units available in the market that offer tonnes of great features and accessibility, most options are sort of overpriced and come with extra features that are not entirely useful in the long run.

Instead of spending a lot of money on these options, you can choose to make all devices accessible via smartphone app or the Z wave controller with the Z wave switches. These switches are very inexpensive in comparison and offer almost the same set of features even with the most affordable options. You can choose the best Z wave smart switch from our list right here. But if you cannot pick up one option from our list, try one of our top recommendations given here.

  • If you are buying a smart switch, chances are you are going to upgrade multiple switches in your house at once to cover more area with your Z wave controller. For that, you will have to pick up a budget-friendly choice so that you can get a set of switches at once. For that, we will recommend the UltraPro Smart Light Switch. It also supports Alexa and Google assistant despite being the cheapest option and offers a 2 year warranty period.
  • If you wish to get a Z wave switch that lasts for a long time, then the Leviton DZ15S Decora Smart Switch will be the right choice for you. It comes with a 5 years warranty period which is more than what any other option will offer you. It is a 3-way switch that is also certified by Z wave plus technology for future upgrades.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the Enbrighten Smart switch. It is also one of the premium options from our list and offers great design as well as accessibility. The Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart switch is a 3-way switch that works with Google Assistant as well as Alexa when connected with a Z wave hub. You will also get a double feature with the switch as it works as a range extender too.

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