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5 Best Vertical Window AC For Any Room | Reviews Guide

The window air conditioners are comparatively easier to install, affordable and can be maintained easily. They are more suitable for the smaller rooms than the split AC units or central AC alternatives. So, most people opt for this option but some people do not have the space for installing it. Therefore, the easiest way out is to go for the vertical window AC units.

There are various considerations that you need to look for when buying the vertical window ACs. In the following list, we have discussed the basic factors that you need to look at for making the right choice.

  • Cooling Capacity: The cooling capacity is a primary consideration when you are buying the vertical window AC. BTU is the unit for measuring the cooling capacity for any air conditioners. You should select an AC unit whose BTU is suited according to the size of the room you want to cool as both units with larger and smaller BTU capacities have adverse effects.
  • Coverage Area: The coverage area is the total area that the air conditioner can cool adequately. It is highly influenced by the BTU reading of the AC. However, there are several other factors which influence the required BTU for the air conditioning unit.
  • Noise Level: No one wants an AC which will make more sound than the conversation that is going on in the room, therefore, the range of the noise level of the air conditioners should be between 37 decibels and 82 decibels to be quiet in operation.

More details on the things to consider when buying the vertical window AC units are discussed in the “Buying Guide” given later in the article. We have listed the best vertical window ACs with their most notable features, pros and cons. Check them out to make the best choice.

Best Vertical Window AC List

Best Vertical Window ACCooling CapacityCoverage AreaSEERBuy Now
Frigidaire 115-v Vertical Window AC10,000 BTU450 sq. ft.10.4Check On Amazon
Frigidaire Vertical Window AC8,000 BTU350 sq. ft.13Check On Amazon
Koldfront Vertical Window AC10,000 BTU450 sq. ft.10.4Check On Amazon
PerfectAire Vertical Window AC10,000 BTU450 sq. ft.13Check On Amazon
Generic Vertical Window AC10,000 BTU450 sq. ft.3.05Check On Amazon

Best Vertical Window AC Reviews

1. Frigidaire 115-v Vertical Window AC

FRIGIDAIRE 115-v Vertical Window ACFrigidaire has been a leading brand when it comes to the manufacturing and the innovation in the sector of air conditioners. This air conditioner has revolutionised the way we see at window AC. These are not meant for standard installation and demands to be installed vertically.

They have a BTU rating of 10,000 and can regulate the temperature of a room size up to 450 square feet. This AC unit has a dehumidification feature of 3.4 pints per hour and runs on a 115V standard electrical unit. It is controlled through a remote system with additional features like a 24-hour on/off timer. On top of that, it has an EER of 10.4.

There are various additional features like 4-way air direction, sleep mode, energy saver mode and auto cool features. The unit comes with a removable and washable mesh filter with a check filter alert. The brand offers a full-parts warranty of 1 year.

Best Features:

  • Coverage Area: 450 sq. feet
  • Cooling Capacity: 10000 BTU
  • SEER: 10.4


  • Dehumidification of 3.4 pints per hour.
  • Several additional features.
  • Washable mesh filter.
  • 24-hour timer.


  • Some buyers noticed denting on receiving the product.

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2. Frigidaire Vertical Window AC

Frigidaire Vertical Window ACFrigidaire has again made its appearance in the list for the innovation and high-quality of the ACs. This unit has three fan speeds which offers cooling flexibility.

This AC offers optimum comfort all through the day with the better energy savings feature. With that, the sleep mode enables the AC unit to increase the temperature at regular temperature before turning it off. It also allows the user to set the timer and control the operation with a 24-hours timer with a 30-minute increment. Also, the temperature and the fan speed can be controlled with the remote control. It also allows us to maintain the preset temperature for the room.

It features a detachable, washable filter which prevents dust and particles from entering the room. Installation is made simple with the provided side panels. The brand offers 1-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Coverage Area: 350 sq. feet
  • Cooling Capacity: 8000 BTU
  • SEER: 13


  • Multiple fan speeds.
  • Easy remote control.
  • Convenient maintenance.
  • Easy installation.


  • Some buyers had an issue with the cooling capacity.

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3. Koldfront Vertical Window AC

Koldfront Vertical Window ACKoldfront has come up with a 10,000 BTU air conditioning unit which enables the user to survive easily through the summer months. This compact unit can easily cool a place within the range of 450 square feet.

This is a casement air conditioning system which allows vertical installation. The USP of this AC system is the energy efficient features like the sleep mode, thermostat controls, and check filter alerts, among others. The sleep mode adjusts the temperature at regular intervals while the energy saver mode runs the fans for 2 minutes and stops for a duration of 10 minutes. Additionally, it comes with a digital display and 3 controllable fan speeds. The in-built dehumidifier takes care of the excess moisture in the room.

It is controlled by a remote system. The brand offers a 2-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Coverage Area: 450 sq. feet
  • Cooling Capacity: 10000 BTU
  • SEER: 10.4


  • Casement air conditioning system.
  • Energy savings specifications.
  • Sleep mode.
  • In-built dehumidifier.


  • Users had an issue with the battery compartment.

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4. PerfectAire Vertical Window AC

PerfectAire Vertical Window ACThis is a 10,000 BTU air conditioner by Perfectaire and can effectively cool an area of 400 sq feet to 450 sq feet. It is manufactured with premium-quality materials, which makes sure of dependability and reliability.

With an EER of 9.5, this AC unit is loaded with high-end features. The quiet operation of this unit enables the user to sleep peacefully at night. It can be controlled by a remote. With 3 variable fan speeds, it can be operated conveniently by the user. Plus, the AC unit features several additional features like slide-out filter access, restart function, and energy saver mode with dry, sleep and auto modes.

This air conditioner has a dehumidifier which removes the excess moisture from the room. The brand offers 24/7 after-sales service and 1-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Coverage Area: 450 sq. feet
  • Cooling Capacity: 10000 BTU
  • SEER: 13


  • High-end features.
  • Remote control.
  • Energy saver modes.
  • Variable fan speeds.


  • Users complained of the customer service after sales.

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5. Generic Vertical Window AC

Generic Vertical Window ACThe Generic air conditioner with smart controller and has washable filters. It also has the SEER rating of 3.05. This powerful AC fits to any room and makes cool and comfy, which spreads up to 450 square feet! 

You can easily adjust the temperature and settings from anywhere using your smartphone. At night, the sleep mode adjusts the temperature for the best sleep ever. I love the convenience too – the 24-hour timer, auto restart and remote control make using it easy. Its reliable performance and user-friendly features ensure a relaxing and enjoyable .

Energy-efficient technology helps you save on utility bills without compromising performance. The heating mode adds verstility for year around use. 

Best Features:

  • Coverage Area: 450 square feet
  • Cooling Capacity: 10,000
  • SEER: 3.05


  • Fast and efficient cooling.
  • Easy window installation.
  • Lower electricity costs.
  • User-friendly remote control.
  • Customizable cooling experience.
  • Restful sleep mode.


  • Not suitable for large rooms.
  • Requires window access for setup.
  • Slight operational noise.
  • Regular filter maintenance needed.
  • Basic features without smart connectivity.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Vertical Window AC

The vertical window ACs are designed in a way that they are adequate to cool one or multiple rooms at the same time with their sufficient cooling capacity. However, there are several things that you need to keep in mind while you are choosing the ideal vertical window AC for you. We have discussed the basic factors that you must look at before you make your choice in the following section.

1. Cooling Capacity

The first consideration, when you are looking to buy an air conditioner, must be the cooling capacity. The unit for measuring cooling capacity is BTU or British Thermal Unit. For better effectiveness and efficiency, you should select a unit which features a BTU reading that is suited to your space.

If the vertical window AC does not have sufficient BTU, it will continuously try to cool the space up and in the process, consume more power and electricity. If you choose a unit which features a larger BTU, it will leave uncomfortable uneven hot and cold patches of area in the same room.

2. Coverage Area

The coverage area is determined by the sufficient area that can be cooled by the air conditioning unit. This factor is directly influenced by BTU. There is a standard chart which determines how much BTU is required for a certain square foot area of space. For square feet of 300 to 350, 8000 BTU is required while 10,000 BTU is sufficient for 400 to 450 square feet, but while looking at the coverage area, you need to consider several other factors like the ceiling height should be a standard 8 foot for the chart to function properly.

Then, if the room you wish to cool is sunny during the day, then the BTU should be increased by 10%. Alternatively, if it is shaded, then the BTU can be decreased by 10%. If there are more than 2 occupants in the room then the BTU should be increased by 600 for each extra person. If the AC is installed in high-heating areas like the kitchen, then the BTU rating should be increased by 4000.

3. Noise Level

Most people install air conditioners so that they can be used during the nighttime while sleeping. Now, no one wants an air conditioner which makes a noise that can disrupt their sleep. So, you should go for air conditioners that have a noise level between the range of 37 dB to 82 dB. The above-mentioned noise level will not disrupt the conversation and will also be pleasant for any room.

4. Energy Efficiency

Usually, window air conditioning units are more efficient than the central air conditioning system. They are economical options when purchasing, and the maintenance cost is also much cheaper than the central units. For determining energy efficiency, we need to look at two factors.

The first one is the energy star rating which is used to know about the operating expenditure and how much power is consumed by the unit. This factor, in turn, also tells about the money that is saved while operating. The second consideration is the Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER. It is simple to understand as higher EER signifies that the AC unit is more efficient.

5. Type of Controls

There are various kinds of control systems that are available for the air conditioners. They can be controlled through the remote, knob system or through button system. In the remote-controlled system, the control is managed through the remote. In the knob or the button system, the control panel is in the AC unit and can be operated by turning the knob or touching the buttons.

6. Voltage

The vertical window air conditioners are powerful units and require more power than the usual household appliances. You need to make sure that the electrical requirements of the unit are adequately supplied by the existing electric system of the household. Most air conditioners run on 220V, 125V or 115V circuits. The ACs with lesser than 15000 BTU operate on 115 to 125 volts, and anything above that requires 220 volts.

7. Refrigerant

The refrigerants are classified into different groups owing to their chemical composition. After the discovery that some refrigerants are responsible for ozone layer depletion and are harmful to the environment, they are being replaced by eco-friendly alternatives. The newer refrigerants used are hydrochlorofluorocarbons, as they do not contain methane and are not harmful to the ozone layer.

8. Brand

This is a great feature to consider when buying a new vertical window air conditioner. It is recommended to go for well-reputed, tried and tested brands. You need to choose the brand carefully and can also consult your family or friends who have experience with some particular brand.

9. Warranty

An air conditioner must be maintained regularly to ensure its proper functioning. Therefore, investing in an annual maintenance plan is a good idea. Some brands offer free maintenance services during the warranty period. The warranty period also works as a testament for the durability and longevity of the air conditioner, so go for those with a higher warranty period. One more thing to consider here is the pricing of the extended warranty period to enjoy the same benefits for a longer period of time.

Vertical Window AC FAQs

1. Does the vertical window AC need any angle for installation?

Ans: Yes, you need to install the vertical AC unit at a tilted angle so that the water can run down easily when the Ac is running. As the drainage system is already installed in the machine, the tilted angle will accelerate the process of getting rid of water.

2. At which place in the room the vertical AC can’t be installed?

Ans: You should avoid installing vertical AC in places where the heat is direct to the unit. So you should avoid places which come in direct contact with the sunlight.

3. At what height the vertical window AC can be placed?

Ans: When placing the window AC vertically, it should be installed at a height of 3 to 4 feet above the ground.

4. Does my air conditioner use a lot of electricity?

Ans: The 1 ton air conditioner uses near about 0.5 to 1 unit of electricity in each hour.


With this guide at your disposal, choosing the best vertical window air conditioners will be like a walk in the park. We have listed all the criteria you need to know to buy vertical window air conditioners. Therefore, you must apply these considerations when buying air conditioners. You can write to us in the comments section below if you still have doubts.

  • If you are here for the recommendations, we have listed the top three favourites from the list. The first recommendation for the best overall product is FRIGIDAIRE 115-v Vertical Window AC. It features a dehumidifier of 3.4 pints/hour and several additional features.
  • The second recommendation if you are on a budget is the Frigidaire Vertical Window AC. It has several fan speeds with easy remote controls.
  • The third and final recommendation from the list is Koldfront Vertical Window AC. This is a casement air conditioning system with energy-saving specifications.

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