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6 Best Tractor Sprinklers

Struggling to reach every corner of your lawn with a traditional sprinkler on a scorching summer afternoon? Not only is it time-consuming, but uneven watering can lead to patchy growth and wasted water.

A better way exists! Tractor sprinklers can save your day. These self-propelled wonders irrigate your grass along a hose path without dragging or chasing. Here are the crucial elements to look out for when shopping.

  • Coverage Area: Ensure the sprinkler can adequately cover the area by checking its specifications. For example, a sprinkler with a 100-foot coverage radius may be needed for a big farm.
  • Water Output: Check the sprinkler’s water output, usually in gallons per minute (GPM). Consider soil type, crop water needs, and local climate when determining water output. Larger areas or high water consumption areas may require higher GPM.
  • Adaptability: Choose sprinklers with changeable spray patterns, pressure, and trajectory angles. This versatility lets you adapt irrigation to crops, soils, and topography.
  • Automation and Control: Opt systems with timers, remote control, or smartphone integration. It streamlines your irrigation operations, improves water efficiency, and cuts labor expenses.

Best Tractor Sprinklers 2024: Table

Best Tractor SprinklersShut OffMaterial Speed ControlFloor AreaBuy Now
Orbit 58322 Traveling SprinklerAutomatic Plastic, Metal3 Speed Controlup to 13, 500 Square feetCheck On Amazon
Artist Unknown Tractor SprinklerAutomaticCast Iron2 Speed Controlup to 13, 500 Square feet (11,900 sq. ft for best performance)Check On Amazon
Orbit Traveling Sprinkler TractorAutomatic Plastic3 Speed Controlup to 13, 500 Square feetCheck On Amazon
Gardening Supplies Rain Train TractorAutomaticCast Iron2 Speed Control13500 Square FeetCheck On Amazon
Generic Tractor SprinklerAutomaticCast Iron2 Speed Control13500 Square FeetCheck On Amazon
Melnor Traveling SprinklerAutomaticMetal2 Speed Controlup to 13,500 sq. Ft.Check On Amazon

Best Tractor Sprinklers Reviews

1.Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler

Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

The Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler is a self-propelled sprinkler that has been designed with three-position speed control. It is a high-quality traveling sprinkler that can travel different paths. It makes sure to reach every corner and water every aspect of your lawn.

This traveling sprinkler is manufactured with weatherproof material, which makes it a durable choice. You can stay sure that this traveling sprinkler can last for years. It has a cast iron body which helps it gain the perfect weight for the sprinkler to make sure that it travels the path without stopping.

The spiked rear wheel design, along with the durable gears included in this tractor sprinkler, provides smooth traveling. It gives the lawn a proper watering system. You will be able to control how fast the sprinkler travels with its three-position speed control. It is a good choice for extra large lawns.

It can cover 13,500 ft.² and comes with a 200 feet horse. The spray coverage area is 15 to 55 diameters. Additionally, the rotatory spray provides even water coverage throughout.


  • Cast iron body provides durability and stability.
  • Prevents the building up of rust in the body.
  • The coverage area is 13,500 square feet.
  • The hose can reach up to 200 feet.
  • It has 3-position speed controls.
  • The spray coverage area is adjustable to 15 to 50 feet.
  • Spiked rear wheel for easy traversing.
  • Automatic shut off.


  • A heavy-duty material.
  • You can just set it up and forget.
  • It comes assembled only needing to install sprayer arms.
  • Works as mentioned.


  • A lengthier hose could be beneficial.

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2. Artist Unknown Tractor Sprinkler

Artist Unknown Tractor Sprinkler

The Nelson 1865 Tractor is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality sprinkler tractor. It has cast-iron construction that ensures it is rust-proof. This high-quality tractor can sprinkle water to 13,500 ft.². However, it is advisable to choose to cover a bit less than 11,900 ft.² as it can be more effective in terms of performance.

The arms of the sprinkler tractor can be easily adjusted for different arcs and spring patterns. It can easily spread water from 15 to 56 feet. It can sprinkle water while traveling on the preset route like an electric model. All you have to do is to lay out its hose as per requirement by taking proper care of the turnabout or corners.

You have to connect the hose on the sprinklers posted here. In order to acquire the best results, the manufacturer advised using a 5 x 8″ hose up to 200 feet in length. The automatic shut-off feature makes it a valuable choice. It operates at two motor speeds, low and high. The tractor requires simple installation with no tools.


  • It can sprinkle up to 13,500 square feet.
  • The automatic shut-off feature preserves water waste.
  • 2 motor speeds to ensure easy movement.
  • Water spreading capability is from 15 to 56 feet.
  • Works like the electric model train.
  • Posterior connection of the hose to the sprinkler.
  • Cast iron body for optimum results.


  • Works great.
  • Perfect water pressure.
  • Durable model.
  • Have a huge lifespan.


  • At neutral speed, the sprinkler does not work.

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3. Orbit Traveling Sprinkler Tractor

Orbit Traveling Sprinkler Tractor

The Orbit Traveling Tractor is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality sprinkler tractor. This is a self-propelled sprinkler that can travel to different corners of your lawn and ensure even watering.

It has three-speed controls which help you to reach every part of the lawn. With three different controllability, you can also control the watering speed. Based on your requirement, you can adjust the speed and make sure that your lawn is properly fed with water.

It can travel any hose path. This high-quality sprinkler tractor can easily cover 13,500 ft.². It is a great choice for a bigger lawn. It has a 200 feet hose for seamless watering. The automatic shut of functionality is an additional advantage for saving wastage of water.

The cast iron body makes it rust-proof. It also provides the durability and stability that you are looking for. Display coverage is adjustable and can cover an area of 15 to 50 feet. It is designed with a rotatory spray for healthy and even coverage throughout your lawn.


  • 3 position speed control to reach every corner.
  • Ensure no water wastage.
  • It can cover an area of 13,500 sq. ft.
  • The 200 feet host makes it a great choice.
  • Automatic shut-off features.
  • Rust-proof body with cast iron material.
  • It has a spray coverage of 15 to 50 feet.
  • Rotary spray for even coverage.


  • Easy to install.
  • Great product.
  • Evenly waters the lawn.
  • Exact replacement for your old sprinkler.


  • Moving parts are plastic which can be better.

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4. Gardening Supplies Rain Train Tractor

Gardening Supplies Rain Train Tractor


The Watering Equipment Tractor is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality lawn sprinkler tractor. This is a cast-iron construction that offers a rust-proofing body. It has the ability to water up to 13,500 ft.² of lawn. However, it is advisable to use in an area of 11,900 ft.² for the utmost performance.

It has arms that can be adjusted for spray patterns. It has the ability to spread water from 15 to 56 feet. The tractor can sprinkle water along the horse on its preset route like an electric train. You can lay the hose according to your requirement to water properly by avoiding turnabouts and corners.

You can connect the hose on its posterior easily. The manufacturer recommends using a 5 x 8″ hose; however, half inches of hose will also do the work by moving to a length of 200 feet. The auto-shutoff feature makes it a great choice to prevent water wastage. It has two motor speeds to help you get the optimum result of water flow.


  • The sprinkler has two water speed controls.
  • Simple install without the need for tools.
  • The arms can spread water to 15 to 56 feet.
  • Cast iron body to make it rust-proof.
  • It has the ability to water up to 13500 sq. ft.
  • Works like an electric train.
  • The auto shut-off feature prevents water wastage.


  • A great choice for large lawns.
  • Easy set up.
  • Durable choice.
  • Wall built.


  • The speed controls did not work.

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5. Generic Tractor Sprinkler

Generic Tractor Sprinkler

The New Nelson 1865 Sprinkler is a great choice if you are looking for a durable tractor sprinkler. It has cast iron and construction that provides it the rust-proofing ability. This water sprinkler has the ability to spread water in an area up to 13,500 ft.². However, the manufacturer advises getting the best performance by using an area of 11,900 ft.².

You can adjust the arms of this sprinkler in different arcs and spray patterns. It has the ability to spread water from 15 to 56 feet. This sprinkler can water while it travels through the hose laid on the preset route like an electric train. However, it is advisable for the homeowners to lay the hose according to their requirements and avoid corners.

The hose can be connected to the posterior of this tractor sprinkler. You can use a half-inch horse to run up to 200 feet. It operates at two motor speeds which are low and high, to help you get the ability to adjust as per the requirements. At low speed, the sprinkler will move at a slower pace by watering more, while at higher speed, the sprinkler will have better speed while watering less than at lower speed.


  • It can sprinkle water on an area up to 13,500 feet.
  • You can adjust the spraying patterns according to your needs.
  • Ability to spread water from 15 to 56 feet.
  • The hose can be attached to the posterior.
  • Using a half-inch horse can run up to 200 feet.
  • No installation is needed.
  • Two motor speeds.


  • Good choice.
  • Well built.
  • Functions properly.


  • The wheels are plastic and look cheap.

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6. Melnor Traveling Sprinkler

Melnor Traveling Sprinkler

The Melnor 65193AMZ Traveling Sprinkler is a great choice of traveling sprinkler that has a self-propelled technique. It will follow the path that you create by using the garden hose. Apart from this, you can stay assured that the sprinkler will automatically shut off after finishing, thereby saving from water wastage.

It is a great choice of tractor sprinkler that can cover a large area. It’s a good choice for lawns that are up to 13,500 ft.². So you can stay sure that you can easily water your lawn with this high-quality sprinkler. It is also included with two different speed controls that you can set to control the watering. It also has a neutral mode that enables stationary watering.

The adjustable spray arms included in this traveling sprinkler will help you to reach a better area. It can easily cover from 15 to 50 feet of space. The inclusion of high traction wheels helps to enjoy watering. Even if your lawn is slightly sloppy, the ways can take up the action.


  • The sprinkler can cover an area of 13,500 ft.².
  • Self-propelled sprinkler.
  • It shuts off automatically and prevents water wastage.
  • 2-speed controls.
  • The arms can cover 15 to 50 feet.
  • High traction wheels work even on slopes.
  • Easy connect features.
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction.


  • Works great.
  • Good choice for a larger lawn.


  • The sprinkler broker after some use.

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Buying Guide for The Best Tractor Sprinklers

These are the top few best tractor sprinklers available in the market with a range of specifications. These are manufactured, keeping in mind the requirements to meet your diverse needs.

However, if you wish to buy beyond the mentioned names, you need to check some essential factors. Therefore, understanding the elements you need in the tractor sprinkler is a must. So, in this section, we will look at the most critical factors that must be included in a tractor sprinkler.

1. Transmission Modes

The first important thing that you must check is the transmission settings. Most of the models come with 2 to 3 settings which generally include low, neutral, and high. The settings will help you get the job done per your requirement. While the low settings provide low speed but better watering control, the higher mode offers the highest speed with low watering. In most, neutral is a stagnant position. So based on your requirement, you can choose one to ensure ease while using.

2. Garden Size

You must take into account the garden size while choosing your traveling sprinkler. Most of the travel sprinklers come with their coverage area in square food. You have to ensure that your lawn size is lesser than the square root to get the best results. Choosing the appropriate garden size will make sure that the sprinkler uniformly covers every section and keeps a sprouted and green lawn.

3. Water Conservation

Water conservation is very important if you don’t want to raise your water bill. However, when it comes to watering the lawn, you definitely need to invest. But you can still control the water usage by checking the water conservation technique. Most of these tractor sprinklers are designed with an auto shut-off feature to make sure that you don’t waste excess water. This flexibility will not only keep the peace of mind but also ensure even watering.

4. Arm Coverage Area

The tractor sprinklers come with two different arms that can sprinkle water throughout. However, it comes with a specific coverage area. You have to make sure that the arms cover a particular area while choosing. So make sure you read the manufacturer’s details to understand the coverage area of the sprinkler arm. This will help you to gain valuable information about the design and efficiency of the tractor sprinkler.

5. Build Material

One of the most critical factors that you must check to ensure the durability and longevity of the tractor sprinkler is the build material. There are plastic builds, cast iron, and other metal builds available in the market. Remember that when you choose a durable material, it will have a direct impact on its price tag. So if you want a tractor sprinkler that keeps working for decades, you need to invest in quality material.

How To Use A Tractor Sprinkler?

Using a tractor sprinkler is generally straightforward, but specific instructions can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Here’s a general guide on how to use a typical tractor sprinkler:

  • Assembly: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the tractor sprinkler if required.
  • Connection: Connect the tractor sprinkler securely to a garden hose, ensuring a leak-free connection.
  • Water Flow Direction: Align the sprinkler with the intended direction of water flow, indicated by an arrow or marker.
  • Adjustment Settings: Set speed, distance, and spray pattern according to your preferences and the area to be covered.
  • Water Pressure: Confirm sufficient water pressure based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Positioning: Place the tractor sprinkler at the starting point in the area you want to irrigate.
  • Turn On Water: Start the water supply to the garden hose, allowing water to flow into the tractor sprinkler.
  • Observation: Watch the sprinkler as it begins moving, ensuring it follows the intended path and covers the desired area.
  • Monitoring: Periodically check the tractor sprinkler to ensure proper operation and identify any potential obstructions.
  • Turn Off Water: When the tractor sprinkler has covered the desired area or reached a predetermined time, turn off the water supply.
  • Storage: If necessary, disassemble or fold the tractor sprinkler for storage, keeping it in a dry place to prevent damage.

Tractor Sprinkler – FAQs

1. Which is the best brand of tractor sprinkler?

Ans: You will find different brands available in the market, and each brand has its own USP. While there is no specific brand we can mention when it comes to tractor sprinklers, we can tell you to check the specifications of the products in detail to enjoy the ultimate advantages over time.

2. How much does a sprinkler cover?

Ans: The coverage area of a water sprinkler differs from one product to another. While most of the names mentioned above cover a good area, if you have small lawns, you can choose a water sprinkler accordingly. But, always make sure that you check the coverage area of the water sprinkler and your lawn size to leverage its utmost benefits.

3. Is cast iron a good quality material for tractor sprinklers?

Ans: Yes. Cast iron is definitely good quality for tractor sprinklers. However, there are several other plastic builds and other metals used for the construction. Always make sure that you check in detail about the structure to ensure its rust-proofing ability and durability.

4. Why is my tractor sprinkler not moving?

* Check water pressure
* Ensure an unobstructed water supply
* Inspect wheels and gears for debris
* Examine the drive system for damage
* Verify adjustment settings for speed and distance
* Check for stuck or jammed gears
* Balance weight distribution
* Consider terrain conditions
* Refer to the user manual for model-specific guidance

5. Why is my tractor sprinkler going backward?

Ans: If your tractor sprinkler is moving backward instead of forward, several factors could be contributing to the issue. Here are some possible reasons:
* Check water flow direction alignment
* Verify adjustment settings for forward movement
* Inspect gears and drive system for issues
* Clear obstructions from wheels and gears
* Ensure balanced weight distribution
* Look for signs of mechanical failure
* Review assembly for correctness
* Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance


These are some of the most practical information you might require while deciding on the best tractor sprinkler. However, for looking for the top three expert-recommended tractor sprinklers, check out the following.

  • Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler has a cast iron body that provides durability and stability. It has a coverage area of 13,500 square feet, and the hose can reach up to 200 feet. The 3-position speed controls with adjustable spray coverage areas to 15 to 50 feet can be great. Auto shut-off helps in water conservation.
  • Gardening Supplies Rain Train Tractor has two water speed controls. The arms can spread water to 15 to 56 feet and a cast iron body to make it rust-proof. It has the ability to water up to 13500 sq. ft, and an auto shut-off feature prevents water wastage.
  • Melnor 65193AMZ Traveling Sprinkler can cover an area of 13,500 ft.². It is a self-propelled sprinkler that shuts off automatically and prevents water wastage. The arms can cover 15 to 50 feet with 2-speed controls. Heavy duty cast iron construction ensures durability.

So, now that you have gained valuable insights, it is time that you check the products and place your order.

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