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The 5 Best Table Saw Fence Reviews & Buying Guide

“Get More Accurate and Precise Cuts with Table Saw”

Be it wood, plastic or aluminum sheeting, table saws are the best power tools to make highly accurate cuts quickly. They are are useful while cutting longer workpieces or sheet material, in which the shape and size are difficult/hard to handle.

Unlike other tools, the blades are present underneath rather than above. It can be adjusted up or down based on the cutting requirements.

From DIY projects to professional works, there is an appropriate table saw for every requirement. To choose the right and best option, we recommend considering the factors mentioned below.

Fence Length –

The rip fence and table saw comes in a variety of sizes. One should match them to make rip cuts easily. The fence provides a sturdy guide for accurate cutting.

  • If the fence length is longer than the table, then latch it only at the front. Though it causes some inconvenience to adjust them, yet it is durable and used with a bigger table saw.
  • If the length is shorter than a table saw, then it is less stable and secure. Guide the wood the rest of the way to make sure for precise crosscutting and ripping.

RIP Size –

The rip capacity represents maximum cutting width of the wood. Since the saw is limited by the space between the edge of the rip fence and the cutting blade. Prefer to use a fencing system having extended rails to increase the rip size. To know your required rip capacity, you have to consider the woodworking project and the type of log you need to split.

Weight –

The weight of the saw fence is crucial to consider before buying, and its ideal weight range will be 30 – 50 pounds. A heavyweight fence is a bit difficult to slide with ease and yet offer sturdy and stable operation. While a lightweight fence is of poor-quality construction and may shatter in the middle of usage. So, choose the fence within the ideal weight range to have better performance.

However, it is not easy to figure out which one is the best fence for your requirement among various options out there, we have provided a list of best-selling table saw fences, along with a detailed “Buying Guide”. Read on to know how to pick the right one as per your requirement.

Best Table Saw Fence List

Table Saw FenceSupported sizeWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Delta, 36-T30T3 Fence System30 inches38 lbs2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Vega Table Saw Fence System36 inches38.4 lbsN.ACheck On Amazon
Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Fence10 inches2 lbs---Check On Amazon
Shop Fox Fence with Rails25 inches75 lbs1 yearCheck On Amazon
JessEm 4010 Master Fence II32 inches17 lbs1 yearCheck On Amazon

Top Table Saw Fence Reviews

1. Delta, 36-T30T3, 30 in. DELTA T3 Fence System

Delta Fence System

Delta is a well-known brand in the market, which is popular for its various value for money products. In case you are also looking for a value for money option, then check out its table saw fence.

Delta 36-T30T3 is a one-piece rail with a square tubular cross-section. This square cross-section grants the whole structure a sustainable balance along with strong build quality and rigidity. If you own a table saw from Delta, then you should definitely get this table saw fence as it can be easily attached to any Delta table saw, including the Contractor Saw, Hybrid Saw, and Unisaw models. It is also pretty easy to install, as it has a 3 point locking system.

The whole structure is locked by using the twin hairline pointers so that the face is always parallel to the blade. This grants you the straightest cuts possible in every single run. Delta 36-T30T3 table saw fence has a very high accuracy rating, which is 1/64 of an inch that can be rounded to 0.4 mm. The fence body is made up of steel for easy gliding without any obstacles and mishaps. It is backed by 2 years of warranty from Delta.

Best Features:

  • Value for money option
  • 30 inches supported size
  • One-piece rail
  • Square tubular cross-section
  • Great balance
  • Strong build quality
  • Rigid structure
  • Compatible with all delta table saws
  • 3 point locking system
  • Easy to install
  • Twin hairline pointers lock
  • Accuracy of 1/64 of an inch
  • Steel body
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Worth its price tag
  • The warranty period is great


  • A bit heavier in comparison
  • Supported size is lower than other options

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Vega Table Saw Fence System

Vega Table Saw Fence SystemVega is another popular brand that manufactures a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of consumers. It also develops a premium line of table saw fence systems that are fit for commercial and DIY use.

This table saw fence system features an all-steel construction to make it durable and stand the test of time. With a fence height of 2-½ inches, the fence system is compatible with a variety of saws. The 36 inches fence bar has a capacity of 8 inches to the left and 50 inches to the right of the blade. It is made of aircraft aluminum that not only makes it durable but also lightweight.

One of the best features of this table saw fence system is its micro adjustment. It has a threaded rod and thumb nut using which you can move the fence thousandth of an inch in both directions. It comes with an auxiliary table for added support.

There is a cam lock for secure positioning. Although it  requires assembly, you can set it up within a few minutes.

Best Features

  • Heavy duty and lightweight table saw fence system
  • Compatible with a variety of saws
  • Made of aircraft aluminum
  • Tool-less micro adjustment
  • Adjusts fence to one thousandth of an inch
  • Auxiliary table
  • Cam lock for secure positioning


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to adjust


  • No dust chute
  • No information on warranty

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly

Dewalt Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly

Dewalt is wildly popular for its power tools and accessories. But they also make a table saw fence which is worth checking out.

Dewalt DW745 is actually a table saw replacement fence assembly, which justifies its much cheaper price tag. With such a minimal price tag, it offers support for up to 10 inches wide table saws. Dewalt DW745 can also be used as a replacement in case you previously own a Dewalt table, and it has one or more broken pieces. But still, you need to consider the size of the table and match it before purchasing this assembly.

As it has an aluminum body, it has a minimum weight of only 2 lbs, making it the most lightweight table saw fence on the market. If you are buying this as a replacement, then you do not have to worry about mountings or installation as it is as easy as simply replacing the broken part. It can also work as an extension rail if you wish to operate on larger boards. Even though it is designed by Dewalt, it can be used for various products within 10 inches size.

Best Features:

  • Table saw replacement fence
  • Cheapest option
  • Supports up to 10 inches wide table saws
  • Can also be used as a replacement
  • Aluminum body
  • The minimal weight of only 2 lbs
  • Most lightweight tables saw fence on the market
  • Easy replacement
  • It can also work as an extension rail
  • Suitable for larger boards
  • Can be used with other brand products too


  • Minimal price tag
  • Light in weight


  • Build quality is poor
  • Only suitable as a replacement

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Shop Fox Classic Fence with Standard Rails

Shop Fox Classic Fence with Standard RailsShop Fox is a one-stop solution for all the hardware requirements for your shop. Some of its popular products include dust collectors, grinders, roller stands, power feeders, and table saws.

Shop Fox’s W2005 table saw fence comes with a wider right-angled design that provides maximum accuracy and support. The rails offer a maximum rip of 25 inches to the right of the blade. If you want additional rip, you can add rails that provide up to 54 inches maximum rip to the right of the blade. So, this fence is most ideal for large table saws. You do not have to worry if this fence will fit your table saw as it is compatible with most table saws. It uses a simple lift-off design so that you can easily remove and install the fence when required.

The table saw fence has a cam lever action to lock the fence in its position. It is made of HDPE plastic that ensures the fence is locked firmly and does not slide. The HDPE fence also minimizes friction which makes it very easy for you to feed the material. The slider pads can be adjusted to ensure that it fits precisely. Using the self adhesive scale and magnified cursor, you can position the fence accurately.  There is no mention of warranty period on the product page but Shop Fox’s table saw fences are covered under a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Supports up to 25 inches wide table saws
  • Additional rails can support up to 54 inches table saws
  • Compatible with most table saws
  • Simple lift-off design for installation
  • Cam lever action for position lock
  • HDPE plastic minimizes friction
  • Slider pads help in adjustment
  • Comes with self-adhesive scale and magnified cursor
  • 1-year warranty


  • Best for large table saws
  • Easy to install and adjust


  • Standard rails only support table saws up to 25 inches wide
  • Warranty period is not specified

Buy Now From Amazon

5. JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

JessEm 4010 Master Fence IIJessEm Tool Company is a popular manufacturer of power tools that offer reliable performance and get the job done.

This is another heavy-duty option made of aluminum frame. The table saw fence is ideal for 32 inches x 24 inches router tables. You can easily offset the fence with the help of preset offsets of 1/32 inches and 1/16 inches. The fence is fully adjustable and you can set it in a position that offers the most convenience to you. To ensure the fence is fixed in the position firmly, there is a quick locking knob. You have to twist the knob to lock the fence in its position. If you want to readjust the fence, you again have to unlock the knob.

There is no need of using any tools to adjust the fence. You can simply do it with your hands. The tracks mounted on the side of the face have built-in scales. With this scale, you can precisely know the length between the blade and the fence. You also get a dust chute along with the table saw fence. The dust produced during machining will be collected in this chute preventing your workplace from being polluted. You get a 1-year warranty on this table saw fence from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Heavy duty fence made of aluminum
  • Ideal for 32 inches x 24 inches router tables
  • Preset offsets of 1/32 inches and 1/16 inches
  • Fully adjustable fence
  • Quick locking knob
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Built-in scale
  • Dust chute
  • 1-year warranty


  • Very durable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Dust chute prevents workplace pollution


  • Installation manual is not clear

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose a Perfect Table Saw Fence:

The table saw fence is sturdy, long enough, and lock the workpiece in its place for its perfect cutting. Here are a few things to check out while shopping for a table saw fence. Take a look at what are those factors to be considered when buying a table saw fence.

1. Types:

There are four main and most frequently used types – Sliding fences, T-square fences, micro-adjusters, and digital readouts. Let’s know about them in detail.

T-Square Fence – Its 3-point locking system will help to maintain saw’s stability and remain in its position while it is dealing with heavy boards.

Sliding Fence – This fence will oscillate to make the miter gauge do precise cutting on the right of the blade. Also, it generates a lower profile by laying flat to the blade in a parallel position. This low-profile is quite useful to cut thin boards. As the name implies, the sliding table saws will use this type of sliding fences at most.

Digital Readouts – These are newly arrived type of tools that offer accurate measurements.

Micro-Adjusters – This fence allow you to adjust the fence while turning a knob. Thus, it reduces the stress of adjusting the fence manually.

2. Material:

The table saw fences made with a combination of aluminum and steel are considered high-quality fences. Here the steel components provide good rigidity to the total system and some weight, whereas the aluminum maintains the fence lightweight and easy to move around.

Remember some fences are made of plastic and wood, yet these type of units are more prone to breakage. So, that’s why a combination of aluminum and steel fence is considered the best option to choose. We notice a few fences come with plastic or composite edges that aids in less resistance when cutting. However, it is the best option and used by most of the top saw manufacturers, but these materials are susceptible to warping over time.

3. Table Saw Size:

Rip fence and Table saw come in a variety of sizes. So, one should know the exact dimensions of the table saw to grab the corresponding fencing system. This two has to match properly to have an easy time making rip cuts. The fence purpose is to offer a sturdy guide for accurate cutting.

If the fence length is longer than the table, then it can latch at the front. It won’t make it less sturdy, yet working with this can cause a little inconvenience to adjust the way around it. The best part is that one can easily use this with a big table saw.

In case if the fence length is shorter than a table saw, then it makes the table less stable or secure. One has to guide the wood for the rest of the way to make sure to have accurate crosscutting or ripping.

A few models only work on 27-inch tables, whereas some others have fences of 42 inches long that latch in the front only that allow them to use on tables of any depth.

4. RIP Size:

The table saw’s rip capacity is essential to consider while shopping for the table saw fence. It let you know the maximum cutting width of your wood, as it is limited by the space between the edge of the rip fence and the cutting blade. It is an ideal option if the fencing system comes with extended rails, as it makes more versatility in raising the rip size.

You require a system with extended rails while performing a lot of larger cuts. Some models offer rips of up to 54 inches wide (wider than full-size sheets of wood). If you require any extra size, then check out for one of the extended rail systems. While other shorter systems offer cut sizes of 25 inches or more, which rips a 4X8 inch sheet in half.

One has to consider the type of logs they want to split and their work to know the exact requirement for rip capacity. While planning to take on heavier projects further, you must purchase a large rip size fence to ensure that won’t have to spend extra money on getting a new table saw fence in the future for your work.

5. Locking Mechanism:

Usually, the locking mechanism will either make or break the fence to keep the saw fence in its position to the rails. So, the manufacturers made some upgrades to their saw fences, like having a wide guide surface against the multi-point locking system and rails. Thus, the fence gets locked properly and remains square to the blade.

6. Rails:

One has to decide whether they want to buy a new fence and the rail system (or) only a saw fence to use on their existing saw rails before shopping for a table saw fence. This will help to check out the correct options available for you and pick the right one.

A few table saw fence models are fully integrated with own rail system. So, these systems are perfectly made and considered the best upgrade, yet costs a little more when compared to other saw fences.

7. Compatibility:

If you are not purchasing the whole set, then this compatibility issue will arise. So, when you purchase an aftermarket saw fence, ensure that the parts will work well with your existing table saw.

Take measurements beforehand to make sure that you are buying the right fence for your table saw. For this, measure the length of the table and then check the hole pattern and model. A few fences are designed to fit certain saws, whereas others can easily be modified by drilling some extra holes to fit perfectly in any table saw.

Also, we come across some fences that won’t get matched with the particular saws. So, one has to be careful and check them thoroughly before making its purchase.

8. Accessories:

Most brands provide accessories along with their product to assist the saw and thereby boost up their overall performance. Check out whether your chosen saw rail offer any accessories and know what are those and how they improve the performance.

Although you are not going to use/require those accessories right now, but it is not like you never going to use/need them, they may be useful in future. So, make sure to pick those accessories coming along with your product.

Also, check out whether it let you attach accessories like jigs or other attachments to the saw. Though you won’t need this when you start using the table saw fence, yet it will be quite useful later. So, never ignore this option while buying the table saw fence.

9. Build Quality:

A sturdy and durable table saw fence will always result in a safe and reliable operation and thereby aids in precise cuts. It is essential to pick the fence made with a strong material like one built from the combination of aluminum and steel. They are lightweight and durable that works great on table saws. Yet it is not recommended to choose fences made of wood and plastic, as they are more prone to breakage and won’t last long.

10. Modifications:

In case if you purchase a fence that won’t fit properly for your table saw. Then you need to perform some modifications like drilling new holes to make them fit perfectly and use them properly. It is a truly standard and common method that is not a problem if you know how to fix them. But remember that it may void your warranty by doing so.

11. Steady Alignment:

A reliable fence will provide a steady and stable operation for a long time, which is quite useful while making consecutive cuts with consistency. It is essential to place your fence parallel with the blade. Also, it has to realign it constantly to prevent fences move accidentally during the projects.

It is quite simple to adjust the rip fence, as you need to loosen some bolts and then move the fence to your required position before re-tightening the bolts back to the saw. But it will vary from one fence to another one (among different fences). So, one has to thoroughly check the user manual to know about this steady alignment option before using them.

12. Lever of Accuracy:

Generally, table saw fences are designed and meant for accuracy. This tool will increase efficiency and ensure that your straight cuts are smooth. One has to consider a few things before using this fence for cutting. Let’s check out what are those things.

  • Firstly, check if the fence is up to par when locked. In that position, the fence should automatically be in a perfect parallel with the blade, which makes it properly fit the fence to the saw.
  • Secondly, consider the distance of your desired blade position to the fence. We notice a positioning scale on the cursor and front rail, which help you to set an accurate setting.

Also, a fence should have a wide enough capacity that let you do your required work freely. Thus, the distance is a major factor that depends a lot on your project.

13. Manual Vs. Electric:

The table saw with a manual fence option can be adjusted by using your hands, whereas electric ones need to be adjusted simply at the touch of a button.

You don’t have to move around an electric saw fence to adjust it, yet their adjustments should be slow. If you want to do faster adjustments, then prefer to use a manual one. However, it depends on the personal preference to choose either electric or manual. But most people prefer to use manual fences.

A few table saw fences come with digital readouts, as they provide super-accurate measurements with the help of Precise Fraction Technology. While others depend on a simple gauge. So, it is completely a matter of personal choice.

14. Weight:

The weight of a particular table saw has to consider when choosing the table saw fence. The ideal weight range of table saw fences will be 30 – 50 pounds.

Usually, a heavier saw fence is quite difficult/hard to slide and may need to apply some extra effort in the table management before performing your work. While a lightweight fence denotes poor quality construction, in which the fence might have a great chance to shatter in the middle of its operation.

So, one has to choose the ideal weight of the fence to make it not cause any damage to the table saw or some delicate accessories such as a miter gauge. Also, pick a solid fence that keeps the boards steady in their place for precise cutting.

15. Ease of Install:

Most fence systems are made to fit perfectly on various table saws, while a few fence models need to drill new holes. With the availability of so many table saws, manufacturers can’t justify the hole spacings perfectly.

So, one has to mark and drill the holes to install this fence perfectly on their given saw. Some table saws tend to line up neatly out of the box, whereas others need so more shimming and adjusting. In case if you are handy with these tools, you can easily fix this fence onto your particular saw without any problem. Or else, take the help of some experts to fix them properly on the saw.

16. Ease of Use:

An ideal fence will allow you to have a quick and easy setup. Also, you can easily access its controls like single-handed locking cam or lever while operating them. Check out these along with front-locking fences, as they let you manipulate the controls by using a single hand.

17. Easy to Adjust:

Are you looking for an easy to adjust fence? Shall we do the adjustments quickly or is it slow down the workflow? Plus, check out the numbers, whether they are big enough to make them read easily or not. Also, notice if the numbers are fixed, just stuck on or written on the fence. The stickers can be peeled off easily, and in case if these numbers disappeared, then your fence will work but is useless.

18. Price:

The price of this table saw fence will vary greatly from one model to another. The price range of this fence will be from $30 – $500. So, set your price range as per your requirements but don’t go with the cheaper models, as they have low quality and poorly built construction. Check out the model that has decent quality, and good material construction at an affordable price.

19. Warranty:

Warranty resembles the durability and reliability of any product. Most of these table saw fences come with a minimum warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects. Some high-end models offer a warranty of 2 years or 3 years long. A few models won’t offer any warranty. So, check out the product for its warranty along with customer reviews and ratings before buying.

20. Brand:

However, choosing a table saw fence from a well-known brand of an aftermarket fence is quite expensive, but consider this as your investment that lasts longer to use. One should get their value for money every time while using this to get the best quality of rip cuts. Major brands will ensure quality control over their products. While searching different brands, make sure to check out their customer’s feedback (reviews and ratings on a particular brand and model) before buying.

Benefits of Using a Table Saw Fence:

After knowing what factors to consider to make your purchase the best one, as per your requirement. But now you have to know the advantages you can grab by using this table saw fence. Take a look at what are those benefits.

Improves Work Rate –

You can work after setting a table saw to your desired rip capacity. It allows for precise cutting without your need to check the measurements. So, it makes you do the job in half of the actual time. Thus, it improves productivity especially while dealing with a major building project or handling a lot of wood to cut.

More Accurate –

Accuracy is crucial while working on any project/construction. A fence will lock the workpiece in its place and thereby increases the cutting efficiency that ensures correctly aligned. Plus, it enables you to dictate the cutting thickness.

Cost-Effective –

Every cut on this table saw fence will be done exactly to the standard as per your required measurement. So, it won’t let you make mistakes in cutting the workpiece and also saves a lot of your money. All you need is to set it correctly and get a lot of cuts in less time.

Safety –

Table saw fence won’t allow for any kickback action, as it let you apply constant pressure on the workpiece to move it towards the blade. Thus, it is a safer option that reduces any accidents by keeping the material in one place instead of freehand cutting.

Ensure that your miter slot and saw blade are aligned in parallel before fixing the fence to the table saw. For this, you have to go through the user manual to know about its detailed process. Here we are explaining to you how to fix and use a fence to the table saw.

  • Start the process by placing your fence close to the miter slot.
  • Determine that your fence is the position in the center with the same distance from top to bottom by using your finger.
  • If you are not sure, then simply use a dial indicator to ensure that placed at the perfect distance.
  • Never start the project before ensuring the proper distance between fence and blade. If done, it may ruin your project and leads to worse results.
  • In case if the dial indicator states the negative result, then take away the fence and read the manual to ensure that you set all the screws and connections properly or not.
  • Don’t perform any experimental tasks with your main work/project. Also, you can select a miter gauge to get more accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is meant by a Unifence?

Basically, it is a T-square style fence that locks securely and thereby easily slides across the table. This type of fence is the perfect option for cross cuts, as it slides easily back and forth on the head. Also, this feature can be used to stop the operation while doing crosscuts. So, this is called Unifence table saw fence and rail system.

2. Shall we remove the fence after completing the cutting process?

The installation of most fences is quick and effortless, in the same way, the fences can easily slide on either side and can be removed easily. Contrary, some options are quite difficult/hard to install or remove after you have done the job.

3. Shall we get a measuring tape with table saw fences?

It differs greatly from one brand to another. So, it is better to check out before buying a table saw fence, if you need a measuring tape along with the fence. Pick the one that offering a measuring tape with the fence.

4. How to store the table saw fence?

Mostly, the fence will stay attached to the table saw all the time. So, it is not necessary to store the fence separately. In case if you want to move/remove it, then make sure to keep the fence near the saw. Thus, you can easily attach this accessory without searching here and there when it is needed.

5. How far we can extend the guide rails on either side of the blade?

In general, different guide rails offer different lengths. So, it is essential to consider your woodworking projects and then check out what type of fence system suits your work. You may notice some brands offering a large capacity of 60-inches on either side, while others come with different capacity from one side to another.

6. Should I remove the extension wing when installing the fence?

Most table saw fence models are designed in such a way that you can easily install them without removing the extension wing. Although it depends on the manufacturer and varies from one brand to another. So, it is best to check with your product and its brand to know whether they allow for an easy installation without removing the extension wing.

7. Which is the best side to place the fence on a table saw?

Always remember that one has to place the fence on the side that they are comfortable to work with, like their dominant hand’s side. For instance, if you are right-handed, then the fence should be to the right side of the blade. If you are comfortable working with a fence on the opposite side of your dominant hand, then place the fence on that side. Yet you can still use the dominant hand for controlling the cutting operation.

8. Shall we require a fence for a router table?

Mostly no, you won’t need a fence for the router table, which is why it is called a free hand. It let you perform things/tasks that you won’t do with the fence in place. Since it is more dangerous to perform, and you need to be more cautious while using this router table without a fence.

9. When to remove a stock fence and install a new one?

Along with the time, the table saw fence gets warped or damaged due to various reasons. Some of them include constant workpiece movement, adjustments of the blades and markings the edges every time, not lining up the edges or treating the tools with care.
Among them, constant movement and pressure are the main reason to get rid of a stock fence. When it happens, you have to take away the old fence and install a new one. Make sure to compare various models and choose the best one that comes within your budget range. As it is good to use the fence for safety and protection while operating a table saw for a perfect wood cutting.

10. How do we use feather boards with your fence?

Using a feather board will allow you to do rip cuts easily. This flat tool will go along the blade, in which one has to position this board opposite the cutting material. Make sure that it is flush/flat with the wall, and place the board to the wood with long finger-like pieces against the wood. Tighten it to secure it in its place. Before starting the cutting process, make sure to test that the cutting piece can go through with ease all the way. Finally, raise the blade and start your cutting process.


With a perfect table saw fence at your expense, your table saw blade would never veer off its course, and you can work on your workpiece precisely with little to no errors whatsoever. As these table saw fences have a high demand in the market, you will find a lot of variety for them in the market and choosing one option out of all these options can be very confusing.

Hence, we have given you the best buying options for the best table saw fences in the market right now. As we have also provided a buying guide, you can easily follow the guide and decide which option is the best one for yourself. Although, if you are still confused, here are our top recommendations:

Our first recommendation is the Dewalt DW745, as it is the most compact and lightweight option on our list. Due to these aspects, it is also the cheapest option from our list. Dewalt DW7645 weighs only 2 lbs, which is very low compared to other options. Also, it supports up to 10 inches table saw fences only, so you must keep that in mind before buying it.

Next up, we will recommend the Vega Table Saw Fence System as it is the most applicable option available in the market. Vega Table Saw Fence System supports up to 36 inches table saws, so you can fit this with your setup without any problem.

Lastly, we will recommend the Delta 36-T30T3 table saw fence as it offers the best value for money compared to other options. You will be getting 2 years of warranty on this table saw fence alongside support for up to 30 inches wide table saw setups.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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