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10 Best Soldering Pencils

In case you already have a soldering station in your workshop, then you might not be interested in buying a soldering gun. Since a soldering gun consists of both the soldering tip and the heating element, it will not work with your existing soldering station.

If you want something to go along with your soldering station, then you should consider getting something like the best soldering pencils stated later on because of these features:

  • Wattage: Whether you are buying a soldering iron or a soldering pencil, you would want it to be as powerful as possible. Thus, make sure to check its wattage rating. Generally, soldering pencils range between 50 and 60 watts where a soldering pencil with a higher wattage rating will be more powerful.
  • Temperature Range: Other than checking the wattage, you can also look up the temperature range of your soldering pencil. Usually, soldering pencils have temperature ranges of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 800 degrees Fahrenheit or something similar.
  • Warranty: When talking about tools like soldering irons, you would want yours to last for as long as possible. Hence, you should consider checking the warranty of your soldering pencil. Even though not all of them may offer a warranty, some models offer a 7-year warranty and a few even include a lifetime warranty.

Surely these factors can be quite handy while buying a soldering pencil. But, when it comes to buying the perfect one, there is more to know. This includes their important specifications and details as well as a complete and proper detailed “Buying Guide” that you can find by going through this listicle until the end for buying the best soldering pencil.

Best Soldering Pencils: Table

Soldering PencilsWattageTemperature RangeBuy Now
Weller Soldering Pencil50 watts350 degrees Fahrenheit to 850 degrees FahrenheitCheck On Amazon
Baitaihem Replacement Solder Handle60 watts392 degrees
Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit
Check On Amazon
Miyako Heavy Duty Soldering Iron50 watts842 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees FahrenheitCheck On Amazon
JACOBSPARTS Pencil Soldering Iron60 watts361.4 degrees FahrenheitCheck On Amazon
Topzone Pencil Type Soldering Iron30 watts----Check On Amazon
American Beauty Pencil Soldering Iron150 watts1010 degrees FahrenheitCheck On Amazon
Q-MING Soldering Pencil Kit60 Watts(392 ℉-842 ℉/200-450 ℃).Check On Amazon
K KERNOWO Soldering Pencil Kit100 Watts200-500℃Check On Amazon
TXINLEI Soldering Pencil Kit60 Watts200℃ to 450℃Check On Amazon
KAIWEETS Soldering Pencil Kit65 Watts176℉-788℉Check On Amazon

Top Soldering Pencils Reviews

1. Weller Soldering Pencil

Weller Soldering Pencil

Out of all the various brands of soldering irons and soldering pencils out there, Weller is one of the most popular ones for its powerful yet highly reliable offerings.

Weller’s PES51 soldering pencil comes at the 1st position of this article because this can be a great option if you want something powerful but also want it to last for a long time. Starting with its performance, this soldering pencil goes from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 850 degrees Fahrenheit which is on the higher side.

Because this well folding pencil is able to offer this kind of performance while having a watts rating of 50 watts, it can be considered as a highly efficient one. Being a reputable brand of soldering pencils, the given warranty period of 7 years long is to be expected at the given price tag.

Best Features

  • Consumes 50 watts of power
  • Temperature range of 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 850 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with a warranty period of 7 year


  • Quite a reliable soldering pencil
  • Pretty decent performance
  • Efficient yet powerful


  • Slightly on the expensive side

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Baitaihem Replacement Solder Handle

Baitaihem Replacement Solder Handle

Baitaihem is a viable option if you want something highly powerful yet affordable for your soldering needs as most of its offerings are quite powerful.

The Baitaihem soldering pencil comes at the 2nd position of this list since you get a pretty large temperature range from it. To be exact, this soldering pencil can go from 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit.

You are able to get such high performance from the soldering pencil because of its wattage rating of 60 watts. although since this brand is quite small and on the affordable side, it lacks any kind of warranty.

Best Features

  • Consumes 60 watts of power
  • Temperature range of 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year


  • Excellent temperature range
  • High value for money soldering pencil
  • Great wattage warranty


  • Lacks any form of warranty

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Miyako Heavy Duty Soldering Iron

Miyako Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Miyako is a relatively smaller brand on our list. But the brand is known for developing high performance soldering tools that will get you the job done.

This soldering iron comes with a 50 watts tip that gets heated up to 842-896 degrees within a few seconds using the mica heater. The heat that has been generated quickly dissipates so as to ensure the longevity of the soldering iron. Furthermore, this soldering iron uses ceramic heater as the heating element that generally has a long lifespan.

The soldering iron features an ergonomic design with an ABS plastic reinforced handle that allows you to hold it firmly and securely. Besides, the handle has an anti-slippery feature that allows you to hold the soldering iron without any hand fatigue. Additionally, the lightweight nature ensures that you achieve precision soldering.

Best Features

  • Consumes 50 watts of power
  • Temperature range of 842 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Offers decent power
  • Lasts longer


  • Warranty is not specified

Buy Now From Amazon

4. JACOBSPARTS Pencil Soldering Iron

JACOBSPARTS Pencil Soldering Iron

If you want your soldering pencil to last for a very long time, then you can go with Delcast and its soldering pencil offerings like the one mentioned down below.

Delcast’s JY60-A soldering pencil is much more reliable when compared with most other soldering pencils available in the market. Other than that it also offers pretty good performance with its given wattage rating of 60 watts.

Unfortunately, this soldering pencil is not for those who want an adjustable one since you only get a fixed temperature rating of 361.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Coming to the best thing about this soldering pencil, you would love the fact that it includes a lifetime warranty making it much more reliable than most other options out there.

Best Features

  • Consumes 60 watts of power
  • Temperature range of 361.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty period


  • Excellent option for long term usage
  • Quite a high wattage rating
  • Includes lead solder in the box


  • Does not offer a variable temperature

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Topzone Pencil Type Soldering Iron

Topzone Pencil Type Soldering Iron

Topzone can be another viable option if you want a soldering pencil that is affordable but still offers decent performance.

This Topzone soldering pencil is an entry-level offering and a pretty good option for those of you who are on a budget. Starting with its performance numbers, you get a power rating of 30 watts with it.

However, Topzone does not mention any kind of temperature rating with this soldering pencil which can be a letdown for some buyers. That being said, one of the best things about the soldering pencil is that you get various accessories included inside the box. You also get a 10-day warranty included with it which is better than nothing.

Best Features

  • Consumes 30 watts of power
  • Comes with a warranty period of 10 days


  • Cheap soldering pencil
  • Offers various handy accessories
  • Decent performance numbers


  • Does not mention any temperature rating

Buy Now From Amazon

6. American Beauty Pencil-Style Soldering Iron

American Beauty Pencil-Style Soldering Iron American Beauty Tools is a one-stop solution for all your soldering needs. It manufactures and sells a wide range of soldering equipment including soldering irons, solder pots, soldering stations, ergo irons, and relevant soldering accessories.

This a heavy duty soldering iron that comes with 150 watts and can heat up to a temperature of 1010 degrees F. It uses a special Ni-Chrome heating alloy that is durable and can withstand high temperatures without sustaining damage. The tip of the soldering iron is shaped in the form of a diamond that increases precision when you are soldering.

The soldering iron comes with a plug-style design tip that facilitates a high and fast heat transfer. Besides, it is also easier to clean the tip after you have performed soldering. The pencil-style iron features a modular construction that allows you to replace consumable parts conveniently. It weighs 1.85 lbs and measures 13 inches in length.

Best Features

  • 150-watt soldering iron
  • Temperature rating of 1010 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ni-Chrome alloy heating element


  • Most powerful option
  • Offers high temperature output
  • Durable and lasts longer


  • No variable temperature
  • A bit heavy
  • Warranty is not specified

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Q-MING Soldering Pencil Kit

Q-MING Soldering Pencil KitIf you are looking for a portable soldering tool, then this Q-MING Soldering Pencil kit might be just what you need. It’s an electric soldering tool that heats up fast, from 392 ℉ to 842 ℉ (200-450 ℃), thanks to its 60-watt power. This makes it perfect for precise soldering tasks like jewelry making, appliance repair, and DIY projects. Plus, it comes with five interchangeable tips for various tasks.

One of its main advantages is its simplicity. You just plug it in, switch it on, and start using it. The kit also includes handy accessories like solder wire, a stand, and a sponge, making it very convenient. Overall, this kit offers quick heating, versatility for different uses, and comes with useful accessories.

Best Features

  • Inner-heated ceramic technology for rapid heating (392 ℉-842 ℉/200-450 ℃).
  • 5 high-quality alloy soldering iron tips
  • Consumes 60 watts of power


  • Quick heating technology.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Easy to use with an on-off switch.


  • Limited temperature control.

Buy Now From Amazon

8. K KERNOWO Soldering Pencil Kit

K KERNOWO Soldering Pencil KitIf lightweight soldering pencil is what you are looking for, then this one from K Kernowo is a must buy. This device is designed for convenience and efficiency. With adjustable temperature control and a digital display, temperatures are between 200-500℃ (392-932℉).

Its rapid-heating ceramic core reduces waiting time, getting you to work faster. Plus, it’s portable and comfortable to hold, ideal for mobile projects or small workspaces. The kit comes with 5 soldering tips, a stand, solder flux, and solder wire, providing everything for soldering projects.

Best Features

  • High Power 100-watt soldering iron.
  • Adjustable temperature settings with an LCD digital display.
  • Rapid Heating: Inner-heated ceramic core heats up rapidly for immediate use.
  • PID technology ensures precise temperature control and stable heat output.


  • Portable design.
  • Stable heat output for consistent results.
  • Versatile for various soldering applications.


  • Longer heating time.

Buy Now From Amazon

9. TXINLEI Soldering Pencil Kit

TXINLEI Soldering Pencil KitThe TXINLEI Soldering Pencil is a handy tool for electronics, repairs, DIY tasks, and more. It has adjustable temperature control (200℃ to 450℃) for precise soldering on different materials. Built to withstand heat and impacts, it’s safe and durable.

Its fast heating and compact size make it perfect for on-the-go projects. The kit includes five solder iron tips, an adjustable soldering iron, and a stable stand. In short, this soldering pencil is functional, durable, and easy to use—a great choice for various tasks.

Best Features

  • Temperature ranges from 200℃-450℃.
  • Consumes 60 watts of power
  • Wide Range of Uses


  • Durable and impact-resistant design.
  • Quick heating for efficient work.
  • Portable and easy to store.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty soldering tasks requiring higher wattage.

Buy Now From Amazon

10. KAIWEETS Soldering Pencil Kit

KAIWEETS Soldering Pencil KitThis soldering pencil from KAIWEETS features a smart design offering dual power options. You can power it using a DC/PD adapter or a power bank. It heats up rapidly, reaching 65 watts in only 8 seconds. Its stable output ensures precise temperature control, making it ideal for your soldering tasks.

Crafted from high-quality materials, it’s both durable and lightweight. The OLED display clearly shows temperature settings and status, enhancing its user-friendliness. This soldering pencil is perfect for electronic repairs, DIY projects, jewelry soldering, and more.

Best Features

  • Dual Power Supply DC/PD adapter
  • 65W output power heats up quickly
  • Temperature ranges from 176℉-788℉
  • OLED Display: Clear display for temperature settings and functional operations.


  • Rapid heating
  • Portable and durable design.
  • Multifunctional features for various soldering tasks.


  • Limited warranty compared to some competitors.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For the Best Soldering Pencils

Those of you who work on a lot of soldering projects may already have a soldering station. In case that is the case, then you cannot use a soldering iron along with it.

Rather, you will have to get a compatible soldering pencil since they do not have their own heating element and rely on your soldering station instead. And thus, we have already discussed some of the best soldering pencils up above. These have been presented in this listicle along with important information like their significant features and options. While this information is enough for most, you can check out this detailed buying guide for the best soldering pencils if you want to know more:

1. Wattage

If your soldering pencil is not powerful enough, you will not be able to solder anything using it. Thankfully, you can easily get an idea of the performance offered by your soldering pencil by checking its wattage rating. While some may be rated at 50 watts, other options may even be rated at 60 watts for even better performance. Out of these two options, the higher one offers better performance.

2. Temperature Range

While buying a soldering pencil, you can also check its temperature range to get an idea of its performance. Just like the wattage rating, a higher temperature range results in better performance. With a soldering pencil that can go to a high temperature, you can easily solder any metal of your choice. Talking about the soldering pencils mentioned above, they usually go between 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Warranty

Even though the warranty of your soldering pencil does not affect the performance, you should still check it because it is always great to get a reliable one.

Although budget options may not offer a warranty, higher and models can come with a 7-year warranty or even a lifetime warranty in some cases. Thankfully even if your soldering pencil does not have a warranty, it is highly likely that it will last for a pretty long time.


Even though a soldering pencil is quite similar to a soldering iron in terms of its functioning, these are made for different uses. While a soldering iron has the soldering tip and the heating element, a soldering pencil only has the soldering tip. Instead, these are designed to work along with your existing soldering station.

If you also have one, then you can get something like the best soldering pencils discussed up above. Although, if you are still not able to buy one, then you can simply get one of our preferred recommendations for the best soldering pencils:

  • In case that you want a reliable soldering pencil, then you can consider the JACOBSPARTS Pencil Soldering Iron. This is the only option stated above which includes a lifetime warranty. as for its performance, you get a voltage rating of 60 watts. However, it has a fixed temperature rating of 361.4 degrees Fahrenheit which can be a let down for some buyers.
  • Talking about the temperature range, the Baitaihem 64-053 soldering pencil happens to be the most versatile option here. With this, you get an excellent temperature range of 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit. All of this is possible thanks to its 60 watts of power rating.
  • Since not everyone has the budget for a premium soldering pencil, Miyako Heavy Duty Soldering Iron post offers a pretty affordable one. Unlike what you would expect from a budget offering, this one has a wattage rating of 50 watts. As a result, it is able to offer a pretty decent temperature range of 842 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit.

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