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5 Best RTX 3090 Graphics Cards

While the NVIDIA RTX 3090 series was once the top of the line for graphics cards, it’s important to consider newer options on the market. However, for those looking for a potentially good deal on a still-powerful card, here’s a look at some of the best RTX 3090 graphics cards out there. Explore the below factors for the right fit.

  • Cooling Solution: Look for graphics cards with robust cooling solutions such as triple-fan designs, large heatsinks, and efficient thermal management systems.
  • Power Supply Requirements: Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the minimum PSU wattage needed to power the card. Make sure your power supply meets or exceeds these criteria to avoid stability issues, crashes, and hardware damage.
  • Connectivity and Ports: Consider the connectivity options and ports available on the RTX 3090 graphics card. Look for models with multiple DisplayPort and HDMI outputs to support multi-monitor setups and VR headsets.

Best RTX 3090 Graphics Card Table

Best RTX 3090Boost Clock SpeedPortsBuy Now
EVGA RTX 3090 Graphics Card1800 MHz3 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMICheck On Amazon
ASUS RTX 3090 Graphics Card15000 MHz3 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMICheck On Amazon
MSI Gaming RTX 3090 Graphics card1345 MHz3 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMICheck On Amazon
PNY RTX 3090 Graphics Card1695 MHz3 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMICheck On Amazon
Gigabyte RTX 3090 Graphics Card1755 MHz2 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMICheck On Amazon

Best RTX 3090 Graphics Card Reviews

1. EVGA RTX 3090 Graphics Card 

EVGA GeForce RTX 3090

Why it made the cut: Top-notch performance and cooling efficiency.

The EVGA Ultra Gaming GPU boasts an expansive 24GB GDDR6X memory and a robust real boost clock reaching 1800 MHz, delivering unmatched performance suitable for gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its real-time ray tracing technology ensures lifelike graphics, while the Triple HDB fans and 9 iCX3 thermal sensors maintain a cool and quiet system.

Crafted for both durability and visual appeal, this GPU includes a sturdy all-metal backplate and customizable ARGB lighting, allowing users to personalize their setup while ensuring long-term reliability. With a digital max resolution of 7680 x 4320 and a texture fill rate of 590.4GT/s, the EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming establishes a new standard for gaming visual quality. Experience gaming at its peak with this powerhouse graphics card.


  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
  • 24GB GDDR6X memory
  • Real boost clock: 1800 MHz
  • Triple HDB fans for enhanced cooling
  • 9 iCX3 thermal sensors for precise temperature monitoring
  • All-metal backplate for durability
  • Adjustable ARGB lighting for customization
  • Digital max resolution: 7680 x 4320
  • Texture fill rate: 590.4GT/s


  • Exceptional gaming and workstation performance
  • Superior cooling efficiency
  • Durable all-metal backplate
  • Customizable ARGB lighting


  • High temperatures

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2. ASUS RTX 3090 Graphics Card

ASUS RTX 3090 Graphics CardWhy it made the cut: Unparalleled gaming performance and advanced cooling design.

The ASUS graphics card is designed to deliver premium gaming experiences. Incorporating PCIe 4.0 technology and 24GB GDDR6X memory it delivers exceptional performance and stunning visuals. Its GPU clock speed of 189 MHz effortlessly handles demanding games, benefiting from 2nd Generation RT Cores and 3rd Generation Tensor Cores, which push ray tracing and AI capabilities to new levels.

Equipped with Axial-Tech Fan Design, this graphics card optimizes cooling efficiency with a unique configuration featuring a central fan with reversed direction and a 2.9-slot design, effectively increasing the cooling surface area. Supported by Super Alloy Power II components, it ensures reliable and efficient power delivery for consistent performance. Moreover, features such as GPU Tweak II allow for fine-tuning of performance, while RGB Fusion 2.0 offers customizable lighting effects, making it a perfect fusion of power and style tailored for gaming enthusiasts.


  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
  • 24GB GDDR6X memory
  • GPU clock speed: 189 MHz
  • Axial-Tech Fan Design for improved cooling
  • 2.9-slot design for enhanced thermal performance
  • Super Alloy Power II components for reliable power delivery
  • GPU Tweak II for performance tweaking
  • RGB Fusion 2.0 for customizable lighting effects


  • Exceptional gaming performance
  • Advanced cooling design
  • Reliable power delivery
  • Customizable RGB lighting


  • Coil whine

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3. MSI Gaming RTX 3090 Graphics card

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3090

Why it made the cut: Performance-focused design with TITAN-class capabilities.

MSI has introduced a robust graphics card utilizing NVIDIA’s advanced Ampere architecture, featuring 24GB GDDR6X memory. This blend delivers outstanding gaming capabilities and impressive visuals. Operating at 1695 MHz GPU clock speed and 1.7 GHz memory clock speed, it guarantees seamless gaming experiences and high-fidelity graphics for modern gaming titles.

This boasts a triple fan thermal design ensuring effective cooling, even during extended gaming sessions. With Torx Fan 3 technology, airflow is optimized for superior thermal efficiency. Equipped with NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors and 2nd Generation RT Cores, this graphics card delivers exceptional performance for gaming and creative endeavors alike. Its sleek industrial design adds a stylish touch to any gaming setup, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts.


  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
  • 24GB GDDR6X memory
  • GPU clock speed: 1695 MHz
  • Triple fan thermal design for efficient cooling
  • Torx Fan 3 technology for enhanced airflow
  • NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors for improved performance
  • 2nd Generation RT Cores for advanced ray tracing
  • Memory clock speed: 1.7 GHz


  • TITAN-class performance
  • Efficient triple fan thermal design
  • Sleek industrial design
  • Enhanced airflow for optimal cooling


  • Higher price.

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4. PNY RTX 3090 Graphics Card

PNY GeForce RTX 3090

Why it made the cut: Stunning RGB design with top-notch gaming performance.

The PNY, driven by NVIDIA’s advanced Ampere architecture and boasting an impressive 24GB GDDR6X memory, enhances your gaming journey with remarkable frame rates and visually stunning graphics. Its core clock speed of 1395MHz and boost clock speed of 1695MHz enable seamless immersion into the latest AAA titles, complete with breathtaking ray-traced visuals.

It comes equipped with a triple fan cooling system and a sleek RGB design that not only ensures effective cooling but also adds a stylish touch to your gaming setup. Furthermore, features like NVIDIA GeForce Experience offer convenient driver updates and game optimization, making it the ultimate choice for gamers seeking top-notch performance and aesthetics.


  • GeForce RTX™ 3090
  • 24GB GDDR6X memory
  • Core clock speed: 1395MHz
  • Boost clock speed: 1695MHz
  • Triple fan cooling system for efficient cooling
  • RGB lighting for customizable aesthetics
  • NVIDIA Ampere architecture for enhanced gaming performance
  • Memory bandwidth: Up to 936GB/sec


  • Stunning RGB design
  • Exceptional gaming performance
  • Efficient triple-fan cooling system
  • Easy driver updates with NVIDIA GeForce Experience


  • Noise issues

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5. Gigabyte RTX 3090 Graphics Card

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090

Why it made the cut: Superior cooling system with impressive gaming performance.

The Gigabyte GeForce graphics card is crafted to deliver exceptional gaming performance and breathtaking visuals. Boasting 24GB 384-bit GDDR6X memory and powered by the GeForce RTX 3090, it promises unparalleled gaming adventures. With a GPU clock speed of 19500 MHz and a memory clock speed of 19500 MHz, you can immerse yourself in smooth gameplay and realistic graphics in the latest AAA titles.

This card is equipped with the WINDFORCE 3X Cooling System featuring fans that spin alternately, ensuring effective heat dissipation and optimal thermal efficiency even during intense gaming sessions. Moreover, it offers RGB Fusion 2.0 for personalized lighting effects and a metal backplate for enhanced protection. The Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 GAMING OC 24G seamlessly blends style with functionality to deliver gamers an exceptional gaming journey.


  • GeForce RTX 3090
  • 24GB 384-bit GDDR6X memory
  • GPU clock speed: 19500 MHz
  • Memory clock speed: 19500 MHz
  • WINDFORCE 3X Cooling System for efficient heat dissipation
  • RGB Fusion 2.0 for customizable lighting effects
  • Metal backplate for added protection


  • Superior cooling system
  • Impressive gaming performance
  • Customizable RGB lighting effects
  • Metal backplate for added durability


  • Cooling performance issues

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Key Features To Look For Best RTX 3090 Graphics Card

When delving nto the realm of high-performance gaming with cutting-edge RTX 3090 graphics cards, it’s crucial to understand the key attributes that can greatly influence your gaming experience. With a plethora of options available, being mindful of what factors to weigh can aid you in making a knowledgeable decision and ensuring that your investment aligns with your expectations.

1. GPU Clock Speed

It’s crucial to focus on the GPU clock speed, as it indicates the speed at which the graphics processing unit (GPU) can process tasks and render graphics. A higher clock speed translates to improved performance and seamless gameplay, especially in resource-intensive games. Look for RTX 3090 cards with clock speeds surpassing 1800 MHz for optimal gaming performance.

2. Memory Size and Type

Another crucial consideration is the capacity and specification of the graphics card’s memory. With 24GB of GDDR6X memory, the RTX 3090 excels in managing intricate graphics, intricate effects, and expansive game environments with ease. The choice of memory type can significantly impact the card’s performance and efficiency. GDDR6X memory offers superior bandwidth and faster data transfer rates compared to previous iterations, making it ideal for demanding tasks.

3. Cooling System

Adequate cooling is vital for high-performance graphics cards such as the RTX 3090. Given its substantial power, this card produces significant heat during operation. Selecting an RTX 3090 with effective cooling mechanisms is essential to maintain smooth functionality and prevent overheating issues. Opt for models equipped with three fans or customized cooling solutions comprising large heatsinks and heat pipes. These advanced cooling setups efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring consistent performance and prolonged durability of your graphics card.

4. RGB Lighting

RGB illumination, while not crucial for functionality, has become widely embraced by gaming aficionados. It provides an avenue for users to enhance the aesthetics and individuality of their PC configurations. Numerous RTX 3090 graphics cards provide adjustable RGB lighting functionalities, empowering users to customize their gaming arrangements according to their tastes. Whether one prefers subtle accent lighting or vibrant RGB effects harmonizing with other hardware elements, selecting a card with customizable RGB lighting options can enhance the aesthetic allure of one’s gaming setup.

5. Build Quality

Finally, when selecting an RTX 3090 graphics card, it’s crucial to factor in its construction quality. Opt for cards crafted by reputable manufacturers recognized for their sturdy build and reliable components. Attributes like strengthened backplates, premium-grade PCBs, and top-notch components such as capacitors and chokes contribute to the card’s overall robustness and dependability. Choosing a high-quality RTX 3090 guarantees it can meet gaming requirements and sustain optimal performance in the long run.

RTX 3090 Graphics Card – FAQs

1. Is the RTX 3090 suitable for gaming?

Ans: Yes, the RTX 3090 is designed for high-end gaming, delivering smooth frame rates at maximum settings for even the most demanding titles.

2. What kind of power supply do I need for an RTX 3090?

Ans: A high-quality power supply of at least 750 watts is recommended to ensure stable and reliable operation.

3. Can the RTX 3090 be used for content creation?

Ans: Absolutely, the RTX 3090 is ideal for content creation tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering, and graphic design.

4. Is the RTX 3090 compatible with VR?

Ans: Yes, the RTX 3090 offers excellent performance for VR gaming and supports the latest VR technologies for immersive experiences.

5. How many display outputs does an RTX 3090 support?

Ans: Most RTX 3090 cards come with multiple display outputs, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C, allowing for multi-monitor setups.


We hope we’ve assisted you in finding the perfect product. If you need further guidance in narrowing down your choices, consider these below-listed graphics cards as reliable options.

  • The EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming is held in high esteem by both gamers and professionals alike. Featuring 24GB of GDDR6X memory, a robust cooling system comprising three HDB fans, and sophisticated iCX3 thermal sensors, it guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. Additionally, its sleek all-metal backplate and adjustable ARGB lighting enhance the visual appeal of any gaming arrangement.
  • The ASUS RTX 3090 Gaming Graphics Card stands out as an excellent option for dedicated gamers. Boasting PCIe 4.0 support, 24GB GDDR6X memory, and an innovative Axial-Tech Fan Design, it effectively maintains system temperature while optimizing performance. Additionally, its GPU Tweak II software facilitates convenient customization and monitoring of settings. In essence, it represents the ultimate choice for gamers seeking an unparalleled gaming journey.

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