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The 7 Best Retractable Garden Hoses of 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

If you own a backyard garden, you might already know that it is a very difficult job to maintain a garden perfectly. Other than many other tasks, you have to water the plants regularly to make sure that they have a uniform and sufficient water supply.

To help you with that, you can easily get a retractable garden hose. These hoses can minimize manual work by a huge margin to make your job much easier. Here are a few thighs that you should e considering before buying a retractable garden hose:

  • Material: You can see that the majority of retractable garden hoses are made up of vinyl or a collection of synthetic materials that differ a lot from those that are made up of recycled rubber. The material holds a very high value in terms of build quality.
  • Length: Length is a very important factor as you must make sure that the hose reaches out to every single corner of your backyard without any problem. A shorter hose will require various attachments to do so while an extra-long hose won’t be much of use in the long run.
  • Hose size: Higher diameter hoses are capable of carrying more water than the smaller ones. But, you can get a high-pressure output from a smaller hose as compared to a large diameter one. Hence, make sure you get the perfect size according to your needs.

In this article, we will be providing you the best buying options for a retractable garden hose. We will be providing you detailed information about each product along with their advantages as well as disadvantages. You can also find a helpful “Buying Guide” in this article that you must follow before confirming your choice. Therefore, make sure you read the article until the end.

7 Best Retractable Garden Hoses

Retractable Garden HoseLengthHose sizeWarrantyBuy Now
ENEACRO EN-S30 Retractable Garden Hose
100 feet½ inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Blutezeit ME-HR-QK-100W Retractable Hose Reels106 feet½ inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart
Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose 90 feet⅝ inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart
PinWheel Retractable Garden Hose Reel106 feet⅝ inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart
BLUBERY Heavy Duty Hose Reel100 feet⅝ inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Generic Garden Retractable Hose Reel106.7 feet½ inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Ayleid Hose Reel65 feet3/5 inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart

7 Best Retractable Garden Hoses Reviews

1. ENEACRO EN-S30 Retractable Garden Hose


ENEACRO EN-S30 Retractable Garden HoseWhether you are a professional user or one looking for tools to do tasks around the home, ENEACRO has premium quality tools for everyone to make their lives quite easier. One such amazing product is its retractable garden hose.

We have ENEACRO Retractable Garden Hose Reel in the 1st position. It is a 1/2-inch abrasion-resistant, anti-rust polymer hose measuring up to 100 feet long. Since it is wall-mounted, the hose can be mounted and carried easily, and also it allows the hose reel to pivot 180° rotations in any direction to reach anywhere in the garden.

A great feature is its auto-lock of the hose at any length, and you need to give a little extra pull to release the lock and retract without any cracking or bending of the hose, thanks to its auto retraction system. This auto-rewind design offers 3600 cycles of retraction and its ¾-inch anti-leakage brass connector delivers water with a maximum of 350 PSI high pressure and ensures a leakproof and longer life.

Also, it has 9 adjustable pattern hose nozzles – Angle, flat, soaker, Jet, Cone, Rinse, Shower, Center, and Mist patterns to make the hose an effective option to cover all the watering requirements. The reinforced protected high-quality outer case of this hose reel is specially designed to use outdoors (withstands rain/snow/sun). Furthermore, the hose comes with a 1-year warranty period from the manufacturer to have peace of mind.

Best Features:

  • 100 feet long hose
  • 1/2-inch hose diameter
  • Can be retracted by an extra pull (auto-rewind)
  • No cracking or bending while retracting
  • Dedicated hose guides to prevent tangles or twists
  • All accessories and mounting hardware are included in the pack.
  • 180° rotation bracket for full coverage around the garden.
  • Easy to install and mounted on the wall
  • The hose nozzle provides 9 different patterns.
  • Offers a 1-year warranty period


  • Stable and quick smooth retraction.
  • Decent hose length of 100ft
  • Locks at any desired length as per your requirement.
  • High-quality outer shell for effective outdoor usage.


  • A bit smaller hose diameter.
  • Housing build quality could have been improved.

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2. Blutezeit ME-HR-QK-100W Retractable Hose Reels

Blutezeit ME-HR-QK-100W Retractable Hose ReelsCheck Price On Walmart

The next garden retractable hose reel on our list is from Blutezeit, which manufactures lawn & garden tools.

This ME-HR-QK-100W garden hose is made with high-quality and durable materials that can withstand heavy usage and are rust-resilient, which won’t break, deform, or leak even with high bursting pressure of 600 PSI. It comes with a locking mechanism that allows its users to pull the hose to the desired length and lock it at any place.

This hose reel comes with 100 feet long 1/2-inch hose that is fully retractable without much effort. It is 3 layers explosion-proof hybrid hose, 3/4-inch faucet brass fitting quick connector, and brass connector for the nozzle. Its lockable hose allows the user to lock it at any desired length, while its auto retraction will rewind the hose without kinking or crackling. The 180° swivel pivots water from any angle, while its built-in handle will allow you to carry the hose reel to store or transport them easily.

It offers 2 connection methods (quick connector nozzle or attached extra brass thread connector to connect the nozzle) and 8 adjustable patterns to select the perfect spray pattern that helps to perform various cleaning purposes.

Best Features:

  • 100-feet long hose with a 1/2-inch diameter and brass threaded ends
  • High-quality spring-loaded hose with stopper
  • Can be mounted on the wall and freestanding.
  • Easy to install and easy retraction without any leakage
  • Comes with 8 patterned hose nozzles
  • All mounting hardware/accessories included


  • Excellent 180° swivel rotation
  • Removable and retractable hose
  • A built-in handle allows for easy carry and transport of the reel.
  • Comes with various patterns for desired water discharge.


  • Not for regular heavy-duty usage.
  • Housing quality is not up to the mark.

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3. Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose 

girafee hose

Check Price On Walmart

Giraffe Tools is slowly gaining popularity due to its compact as well as affordable products. Here is a retractable garden hose from Giraffe Tools.

Next, we will suggest you another compact retractable garden hose from Giraffe Tools. It is a standard ⅝ inch hose that is up to 90 feet long. This length can be considered as a perfect balance between not too long but also efficiently short hoses. It can also be locked at any length you desire by simply pulling it out until the required length. Giraffe Tools also have an exclusive patented slow rewind system that allows retraction at a safe speed.

To begin the retraction, you need to just pull the hose a little harder, and that’s it. Within a short amount of time, the entire hose will be retracted and tucked inside the housing. The guidance system inside the housing can make sure that there is no tangling inside. You can also adjust the angle of the swivel in a 180-degree angle to set up the swivel for maximum reach. There is a quick-release mounting system available for easy replacement of the hose. It is backed by 2 years of warranty from Girafe Tools.

Best Features:

  • ⅝ inches hose
  • Compact option
  • 90 feet long hose
  • Can be locked at any length
  • Exclusive patented slow rewind system
  • Slow retraction system
  • Internal guides to avoid tangling
  • 180-degree adjustable swivel
  • Quick-release mounting system
  • All accessories included
  • 2 years of the warranty period


  • Suitable for small compounds
  • Standard hose size available


  • Hose length not suitable for bigger gardens
  • Overall housing build quality is not good enough

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4. PinWheel Retractable Garden Hose Reel

PinWheel Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Check Price On Walmart

PinWheel is a relatively small brand. Nevertheless the brand makes premium quality products that last a long time and provide value for money. The brand has a large portfolio of miscellaneous products that meet the everyday needs of consumers.

PiinWheel’s retractable garden hose has a long 100 feet reel that makes it ideal for small to large sized farms. The hose can reach up to 15,704 square feet for watering all areas of your garden. The hose can be locked at any length depending on the size of your garden. Plus, the 180-degree swivel holder allows you to rotate the hose up to 180 degrees to access nooks and corners of the garden. It is equipped with a standard ¾-inch brass fitting that will suit most household faucets.

The garden hose reel features 9 pattern hose nozzles to choose a water flow mode to meet different usage requirements. The hose nozzles can be connected using a standard connector. There is a trigger button with an integrated lock to adjust the volume of water. The hose is made of high quality PVC to withstand high temperatures and pressures up to 32-122℉ and 350 PSI, respectively.

Once done, the hose will retract automatically with a safe and steady speed of 18 to 21 seconds, thus saving up a lot of time and manual tedious work. It can last more than 2000 cycles of retraction.

Best Features:

  • ¾-inch diameter
  • 100 feet long hose
  • 8 patterned hose nozzle
  • Water volume can be adjusted
  • Can be locked at any length
  • Withstands up to 32-122℉ and 350 PSI
  • Retracts automatically in 18 to 21 seconds
  • Made of high quality PVC
  • Lasts more than 2000 cycles of retraction


  • Multiple nozzle patterns and adjustable water volume
  • Heavy duty build quality
  • Easy to disassemble and carry


  • Water pressure is comparatively low
  • Expensive

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5. BLUBERY Heavy Duty Hose Reel

BLUBERY Heavy Duty Hose Reel

The next hose reel is from Blubery, which develops easy-to-operate quality outdoor tool products including hose reels for garden or lawn maintenance.

This heavy-duty hose reel comes with 100 feet long 5/8-inch hose that is fully retractable without any extra effort. It has a brass hose fitting, an 8-pattern spray nozzle (to set as per your requirement), and convenient carrying handle to move around. This retractable hose reel can cover any corner of the garden and can be locked with its any-length lock feature.

Its slow rewind system will make them safer and more convenient to use. The braking mechanism of the reel will control the slow rewind and its layering system will perfectly coil the hose. It is a reinforced hose that is retractable with a hose stopper providing a smooth return. Its automatic guide will resist the hose from overlapping. While its auto-retraction mounting bracket will allow for 180-degree swivel rotation even with the wall mounting set up for a higher reach.

The hose is made of reinforced material with high-quality brass threaded ends. Here the outer shell of the garden reel is made of PP and the hose is made of a new polymer PVC.  It includes mounting hardware, which lets you remove the hose reel easily for winter storage.

Best Features:

  • 100 feet long hose with 5/8-inch diameter and brass threaded ends.
  • High-quality steel spring-loaded hose with stopper
  • Easy to install and easy retraction with its wall-mount design
  • 8 patterned hose nozzle to meet different situations
  • Lock at any length and slow rewind system
  • Includes all mounting hardware and accessories
  • Made of durable and high-temperature proof PVC material


  • Multiple patterns are available for water discharge
  • Excellent 180-degree rotation
  • Lockable length
  • Removable and retractable hose


  • A bit expensive product
  • No information on its warranty period
  • Hose retaining quality is not up to the mark.

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6. Generic Garden Retractable Hose ReelGeneric Garden Retractable Hose Reel

Generic is a known brand when it comes to garden equipment and this Generi005 garden hose reel is a must-to-check hose from this brand.

This retractable garden hose reel is made of high-quality materials, including a polymer hose, rubber ring to connect the hose, waterproof tape, and a brass-made metal copper connector that ensures longer and more durable usage. It can be locked safely and automatically at any length without any need to hold them all the time.

The hose reel is designed with 100 feet long ½-inch hose (with an extended 6.7 feet hose) and has 8 different spray functions that let you use them for different cleaning purposes. It allows for 350 PSI high water pressure for a quick and effective cleaning process. The durable wall-mount bracket and the 180° rotating shaft will allow the hose freely to get into each corner of the garden.

The auto-rewind mechanism and double lock design will allow its users to replace this hose quickly and easily. Also, the user can lock the hose while retraction with a simple press on the safety lock on the side panel to prevent children or pets from playing with them.

Best Features:

  • 100-feet long hose with a ½-inch diameter and brass threaded ends.
  • The wall-mount design allows the easy installation and retraction of the reel.
  • 8 patterned nozzle sprays to use in different situations
  • 180-degree swivel rotatable for ease of use.
  • Includes all mounting hardware and accessories.
  • Made of high-quality materials that make it durable and last longer


  • Removable and retractable hose
  • Decent-length hose with multiple spray functions
  • Comes with a safety lock to lock at any length.
  • Quick and stable retraction


  •  Lacks warranty information
  • A bit expensive product.

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7. Ayleid Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Ayleid Retractable Garden Hose

Ayleid is one of the well-known brands that you have to check out their garden equipment, especially the retractable garden hose.

This garden hose reel comes with a 65 feet 3/5-inch outlet hose that is quite enough to perform a wide operating range conveniently and effortlessly. With just 1 extra tug, you can retract the hose automatically without any tangles or kinks (auto rewind) to ensure tidiness. The hose is made of a durable leak-proof reinforced PVC material to prevent any cracking and ideal house watering systems to deter leakage.

You can adjust the swivel bracket up to 180° outwards for use and keep it inward after using (multi-directional watering). With its 9-pattern nozzle, you can set different spray ways like rinse, shower, mist, flat, center, cone, soaker, jet, and triangle as per your watering requirements. It has a ¾-inch brass interface with nickel sleeves coating fittings that won’t rust or corrode. The faucet connection pipe is 6 feet and a portable carrying handle let you carry it easily around.

Also, it is easy to remove the reel from the bracket without any unnecessary blockage. Since it is wall-mounted, you don’t have to worry about the extra space required to store this hose reel. It is backed by a 2-year warranty period from Ayleid.

Best Features:

  • 65 (+6) feet long hose
  • 3/5-inch hose size
  • 9 function spray nozzle
  • ¾-inch brass interface with nickel sleeves coating fittings
  • Working pressure of up to 198 PSI
  • Lock hose in any position
  • Easy to retract with spring-loaded rewind
  • Backed by 2 years of the warranty period
  • Easy to assemble, remove, and store
  • 180-degree swivel rotatable for ease of use.
  • Aligns perfectly with house watering systems


  • Decent hose length
  • Compact device with all accessories included
  • Wall-mounted or post-mounted.
  • Multiple nozzle sprays for effective usage.
  • No cracking and leakage problems


  • A bit expensive price tag
  • Hose quality could have been better.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Retractable Garden Hose

Now that you know about all of the best buying options available for a retractable garden hose, it’s time to take a look at all of its essential parameters. Still, you must consider the end application as well before getting a retractable garden hose. Each product is designed with a certain application in mind.

Hence, it is not possible to get one product that is suitable for all work. Therefore, we are providing this buying guide that will give you necessary information about retractable garden hoses and their properties so that you can easily select the one that is most suited for your needs. Here a few important things to look at before getting a retractable garden hose:

1. Length of Hose

The length of the hose included with the retractable garden hose is one of the most important parameters that you must check out before getting one. As the length factor is fully responsible for the reach of the hose, it highly affects your choice regarding your garden size.

If you own a very big garden, then you must go with the longest possible option for the required hose size. On the other hand, you would not need an extra-long hose for a comparatively smaller space because you will not be using a large portion of the hose at all times.

2. Hose Diameter

The diameter of the hose is equally important as the length. The diameter determines the pressure capacity that can be handled by the hose, as well as the water discharge rate available with the hose.

With the standard ⅝ inch hose, you can get a larger pressure rating as well as a high water discharge rate. But, if you require a controlled flow with high velocity, you should consider a ½ inch water. Also, the weight of the larger diameter hose can be comparatively higher than a lower diameter one.

3. Mounting and Adjustments

Most of the options that you see on this list are capable of wall mounting. Wall mounting is necessary to save space as well as to maintain the look of the garden that can be disturbed by a ground unit.

You should also be looking for adjustments available with the wall unit as you will not be able to move the unit without adjustments. The movement is necessary to make the hose reach all corners of the garden. With some options, you can get a 180-degree rotation that is pretty handy.

4. Reliability

Lastly, you should carefully check the reliability of the retractable garden hose before buying it. As you will be using this hose on almost a daily basis, it should be reliable and should not fail in a short time.

There are multiple factors that add up to the overall reliability of the product, such as the material used for manufacturing, the internal retraction mechanism, hose connector quality, etc. To ensure the overall reliability of all these factors, you should take a look at the warranty period allotted by the manufacturer. Generally, the most reliable options will have a longer warranty period.


There are a lot of brands that produce these hoses. Hence, you can see a lot of different options designed with a certain type of work in mind. To ease your purchase, we have provided you with the best buying options available in the market right now. Here, you can take a thorough look at each product and decide which one is the perfect option for you.

You can also follow our detailed buying guide to help you along with your purchase. But, if you still cannot decide which one you need to get, take a look at our top recommendations given below:

  • If searching for the Best Overall Option, then pick ENEACRO Retractable Garden Hose Reel. It is a 100 feet ½-inch hose that comes with 9 different patterns and is made of high-quality materials and a bass connector. It has auto rewind, any length lock, and 180-degree coverage, making it a great option for garden watering and other cleaning tasks.
  • If you are looking for the Best Budget-Friendly Option, then go with Generic Garden Retractable Hose Reel. It comes with 100 feet ½-inch hose with 8 different spray patterns and various modern features for easy use in your garden at an affordable price range.
  • If seeking the Longer Retractable Hose Option, then choose Pinwheel Garden Hose Reel. It comes with 106 feet 5/8-inch long hose featuring auto-rewind, any-length option, 9 different spray patterns, and durable construction to make it use at any time.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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