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8 Best Expandable Hose on the Market Reviews

A good garden hose is essential to maintain a perfect garden and having an expandable one will make your watering task easier. It won’t let you drag any heavy hose all around the area to water your garden. These are lightweight, self-draining, and contract to compact size for its storage. It comes with two sections of pipes, in which the outer polyester layer will protect the inner latex core.

As the name implies, this hose extends up to three times its original length when the water pressure is released, and returns to its normal size when the pressure turns off. They are highly durable, elastic and sturdy that makes it not to tangle, kink and tear. So, one has to keep these 3 main things in their mind before buying this hose.

Hose Length – When using the hose, it expands up to 3 times of its length and shrinks back to its normal length after usage. Most of these hoses are lightweight, and flexible. To know more about its original length, expandable length and weight, you can refer the below table.

Hose Material – The expandable hose consists of two types of material – inner material and outer material.

  • The interior material (latex or TPC) is used to improve its durability, elasticity, and thereby prevent leakages while using.
  • The outer material (nylon shell) acts as a protective shell to protect the interior material and it can stretch and retain to its shape easily along with the internal core.

Hose Width – It determines the amount of waterflow from the hose. A garden hose of 1/2 inch width will suffice for all your household garden or lawn uses, whereas for commercial lands or heavy-duty watering tasks, pick the hose with larger diameter of 3/4 inches.

Apart from these key points, you have to consider various factors, which are clearly mentioned in the below “Comprehensive Buying Guide”. Also, we provided a list of some best-selling Expandable Garden Hose (after a thorough research on the market).

Scroll down to know how to choose and where to purchase the best expandable garden hose.

Top 10 Expandable Hose List

Expandable HoseHose LengthFitting SizeWarrantyBuy Now
Flexi Hose & Function Nozzle50 feet3/4 inchesLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
TheFitLife Expandable Hose50 feet2/3 inches1 YearCheck On Amazon
360Gadget Expandable Garden Hose100 feet3/4 inches5 YearsCheck On Amazon
Xhose Pro Garden Hose50 feet3/4 inches5 YearsCheck On Amazon
Bionic Garden Hose100 feet3/4 inches1 yearsCheck On Amazon
Unywarse Garden Hose50 feet3/4 inches---Check On Amazon
Rosy Earth Garden Hose100 feet3/8 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
Lefree Garden Hose100 feet3/4 inches1 year
Check On Amazon

Best Expandable Hose Reviews

1. Flexi Hose & 8 Function Nozzle

Flexi Hose

Flexi Hose can be another great option if you are looking for highly durable and reliable expandable water hose options like the one present in this article.

This one also comes with a lifetime warranty. And it offers a double latex core along with solid brass fittings that make it a great reliable, and durable option for most users.

You get a hose length of 50 feet and a fitting size of ¾ inch in this water hose that is quite standard when compared with other options out. A great thing about this water hose is that it does not kink since it is quite flexible.

Best Features:

  • 50 feet hose length
  • ¾ inch fitting size
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Double latex core
  • Does not kink


  • Expandable hose
  • 8 function spray nozzle
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

2. TheFitLife Expandable Hose

TheFitLife Expandable Hose


TheFitLife is one of the latest brands of garden tools and equipment out there. But its expandable water hose has a high user rating since it is a great compact option.

If you have a small backyard lawn, this expandable hose can be a great option since it has a length of 25 feet. And even though you get solid brass fittings, it weighs just 1.8 pounds that makes it quite easy to handle.

These brass fittings have a ¾ inch size that is quite common and allows you to use any accessory like the included 8 function spray nozzle. This water hose also has an inbuilt on-off valve that can be quite handy to control the flow of water.

Best Features:

  • 25 feet hose length
  • ¾ inch fitting size
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs 1.8 pounds
  • Solid brass fittings
  • On-off valve for ease of use


  • Expandable hose
  • 8 function spray nozzle
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

3. 360Gadget Expandable Garden Hose

360Gadget Expandable Garden Hoses


360Gadget is another brand selling gardening and lawn maintenance equipment that is used for small to medium-sized gardens or lawns.

This garden hose can easily expand up to 3 times its normal size (100ft) under standard pressure to spray water all over the lawn, and when done, it will shrink back automatically to its original size to store them easily. Its ¾-inch solid brass connector will make it fit securely with spigots, whereas its rubber handle will let you conveniently hold the hose.

The spraying nozzle of this garden hose will offer 8 different patterns and a thumb lever to spray water and make it useful for multiple applications like gardening, washing, pool cleaning, or watering.

Best Features:

  • 50 feet hose length
  • Double leak-proof design
  • Easy to move the compact and lightweight hose
  • Longer lifetime without cracks, leaks, or bursts
  • Solid brass fitting
  • Flexible 3-layer latex core
  • Reinforced 3750D polyester casing
  • 8 pattern hose spray nozzle and finger-free thumb lever.


  • Expandable hose
  • Spray nozzle
  • Rubber washers
  • Carry bag
  • User manual

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Xhose Pro Garden Hose

Xhose Pro Garden HoseThe next product is from Xhose Pro Garden Hose comes with 50 feet length and when you turn on the hose it becomes 3 times more in size which is around 150 feet. It can provide water pressure of 60-80 Bar which is enough for most of the tasks.

As this expandable hose is made from extra-flexible materials, it will never twist, leak, crack or rust. It comes with 9 functional safety nozzle which is suitable for several choices.

This hose is quite easy to store as it is retractable and light in weight. Having an ergonomic design, you will not feel any arm fatigue.

Best Features:

  • Expands to up to 3 times its original length
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Perfect for a variety of tasks


  • Quick-Connect Fitting
  • Storage Bag
  • Nozzle
  • Hose

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Bionic Garden Hose


Bionic Garden HoseBionic is a highly popular and one of the oldest brands of garden tools. Its expandable water hose option has a high user rating due to the features that it offers.

This expandable water hose from Aterod has a hose length of 100 feet that is ideal for medium to large-sized backyards. And it has a length of just 50 feet when it is not in use, and you want to store it. It comes with a standard 1-year warranty, just like various other options out there.

Since it offers a fitting size of ¾ inch, you can easily connect the included 9 function spray nozzle without any issues. It uses a 5000D polyester fabric that makes it quite rugged and durable when compared with other options out there.

Best Features:

  • Lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport and store.
  • Durable construction can withstand heavy use.
  • Ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip.
  • Multiple speed settings allow you to customize your workout.
  • Safety features include a built-in overload protection and a pulse sensor.
  • Includes a carrying case and a one-year warranty.


  • Expandable hose
  • Brass Connector
  • Spray nozzle
  • Grip
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Unywarse Garden Hose

Unywarse Garden HoseUnywarse is a reputable brand that sells gardening and lawn maintenance equipment at affordable rates. This garden hose is a great pick for small to medium-sized backyards and gardens.

Unywarse garden hose can expand up to 2 times of its normal size under standard pressure to spray large volumes of water over your garden. Once done, the hose will shrink back to its original size for easy and compact storage. The hose is equipped with a solid brass connector for a secure fit with spigots.

The garden hose comes with a spraying nozzle that has 10 different patterns for spraying water.  The nozzle comes with a rubber handle that allows you to grip and hold it conveniently. Joeys Garden backs this expandable garden hose with a lifetime warranty.

Best Features

  • 50 feet hose length
  • Expands up to 3 times the original size
  • Solid brass connectors
  • Fits all standard spigots
  • 10 pattern hose spray nozzle


  • Expandable hose
  • Spraying nozzle
  • User manual

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Rosy Earth Garden Hose

Rosy Earth Garden HoseRosy Earth is another highly popular brand of garden and lawn maintenance equipment at an affordable price range.

This expandable garden hose is a double latex retractable hose with 100 feet that is ideal to use for your garden and yard. It is a compact, lightweight, and flexible hose that expends easily up to 3 times in length. Since it uses a tough 304 Metal (outdoor) for its construction, the hose is quite durable that won’t get crack, tangle, twist, kink, or break.

It is easy to drag or carry from one place to another and kink-free collapsible water hose to 3/8 of its maximum length. In addition, you can curl and store the hose conveniently. Its leak-proof design has a high-quality rubber washer, a corrosion-proof ¾-inch solid brass connector, and a shut-off valve that ensures longevity.

Its 4 rubber gaskets offer a secure leak-proof connection. It is used for garden watering, washing the car, pets, or cleaning the lawn. Furthermore, it offers 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Best Features:

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Expandable up to 100 feet
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • 100 feet expandable hose
  • Storage bag
  • ¾-inch solid brass fittings
  • Spray nozzle
  • Hose clamp
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Lefree Garden Hose

Lefree Garden Hose


The next product on our list is from the Lefree brand that manufactures lawn maintenance accessories, including this expandable garden hose.

This hose is designed with advanced leak protection with a non-slip and comfortable silicone handle and comes with a 10-function spray nozzle that makes it an excellent option for watering your plants, car/floor washing, and others.

The hose with aluminum end ducting will make it expand the length from 16.7 feet to 50 feet, and contract automatically after its usage. Its 3/4-inch solid brass connectors and 12-layer latex tube along with a 3750D polyester fabric cover can withstand the pressure that won’t make it burst, leak, twist, crack, rust, or get tangled up while using the hose.

It is durable and easy to withstand water pressure of 3 – 12 bar and temperature of 41°F – 113°F making it last longer and letting you connect the pipe without any extra adapters.

Best Features:

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Expands to up to 100 feet
  • 10 different spray settings
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • 5-year warranty


  • Expandable garden hose
  • Water hose spray nozzle
  • 3 replaceable rubber
  • Hose hanger/clamp
  • Connectors
  • Storage bag

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Expandable Hose

Although, they are so many brands available in the market but how to know which one is best for you. So, here we are providing a few key factors that helps you to evaluate any model which you come across. Knowing what you’re looking for in an expandable hose will help you to find the ideal garden hose to fulfil your watering requirements.

Take a look on these factors to know how to choose your best and most suited one.

1. Hose Length & Weight

Hose length will differentiate one expandable water hose from another. One can observe two variations in the length of this hose – when the hose is expanded (while using) and when it is restored (after usage). But it is essential to consider the one which gets expanded while using this water hose. Always, check whether it is reaching all the corners of the backyard easily to water your plants, grass or trees.

In general, they are 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet and 100 feet hose lengths available while purchasing. For the smaller sized backyard lawns, you can use smaller 25 feet & 50 feet hose lengths, whereas the larger 75 feet and 100 feet water hoses is meant to use ideally for large sized backyard lawns.

Also, one has to consider the other variation – the length of this expandable hose when not in use. We know that its compressed length is much shorter than the expanded one. Store this hose easily in the garage (or hang it on hook) while not using and this won’t take up much space.

Note – Most of the expandable hoses are lightweight and flexible. The longer hose will be more beneficial than regular rubber hoses. For instance, a 50 ft expandable hose gets expand up to 3 times its length and thereby covers over 150 feet of area.

Size of the HoseOriginal LengthLength Expands up toWeight of the Hose
25 ft8 ft25 ft1 lbs
50 ft17 ft50 ft1.4 lbs
75 ft25 ft75 ft1.8 lbs
100 ft33 ft100 ft2.2 lbs
150 ft50 ft150 ft3.3 lbs
200 ft66 ft200 ft4.2 lbs

2. Hose Width

The width of the hose will determine the amount of water that flows from the hose. In general, we find the commonly available hose width as 1/2-inch, 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch (same as fitting size). The standard household piping comes with 1/2-inch diameter, which means the garden hoses that comes with a size of 1/2-inch diameter is adequate for fulfilling most of the garden and lawn uses. Whereas the larger diameter hoses suit best for commercial landscapers & heavy-duty watering tasks due to its heavy water flow.


A larger width of 3/4 inch will allow the hose to have a better flow of water. Also, like hose length, the hose width has two different ratings, which includes the width of the hose while using and width when it is not in use / stored.

3. Build Quality

The construction techniques of this expandable hose get improved and thus they build with best quality and durable materials. This expandable hose comes with inner material and outer material, in which the interior material is used to improve its durability and thereby prevent leakages and help the hose to work effectively in expanding and contrasting while using it.

Inner Expandable Hose Material:

The inner expandable hose material is specially designed with either latex or TPC core. Let’s know them in detail.

Latex Core It is a made from the rubber tree sap and a most common core material used for expandable hoses. It is durable, heavy-duty and elastic product that allows the hose to expand or contract easily without any leaks. This stretchable material can be either doubled layered or triple layers to provide durability, flexibility and long-lasting nature. But always consider double layered why because it is tough and durable than 3-layered one (multiple layers make the hose less flexible). One can easily find two types of latex – natural and synthetic and always prefer to choose a natural latex core, even though a bit costlier than synthetic latex.

  • Pros Flexible, suitable for all climates and highly durable over time
  • Cons – It is heavy in weight and requires multiple layers for its operation.
  • TPC Core Thermoplastic copolyester is a flexible, toughest (heavy-duty) and elastic material used widely in the manufacturing of hoses and tubing. It has high heat resistance and durable material, even if we use a single layer of TPC. It is less commonly used in the pocket hoses due to its high price.
  • Pros Extreme heat resistance, tough and durable even with a single layer and has excellent elasticity.
  • Cons Expensive material when compared with latex.

Outer Expandable Water Hose Material:

The layer of TPC or latex core, if exposed to outside elements then they may get damaged. So, to protect them, the hoses comes with nylon protective shell. This polyester woven fabric material can stretch and retain its shape along with the internal core.

Nylon Shell This shell acts as a covering over the hose core (outer shell), as the latex or TPC core layer won’t be exposed to elements, why because it gets damaged. It has the ability to shed the water easily from the hose, dry out quickly and also fold up itself effectively. So, it provides a thicker, heavy duty, stretchable (contrast & expand according to the internal core) and durable outer covering along with providing a breathability and wicking traits needed to keep the hose free from the buildup of mildews when it is stored/not in use.

  • Pros Contrast or expands easily, long lasting and shed water quickly
  • Cons More prone to heat damages.
  • Note: Deniers is a unit of textile measurement used to determine the strength of the fabric. The higher denier count of the fabric will make it more prone to puncturing, and ripping when exposed to sunlight. Most of the garden hoses comes with 5000 denier woven casing.

4. Number of Cores

In general, the Latex expandable hose comes with layered cores. One can find either a double layer or three layers and choosing them will depend on your needs.

  • A double layered core is lightweight and flexible than three-layered core.
  • A triple layered core will give the hose an added protective layer. This makes the water hose with high-quality outer shell that help to withstand higher water pressures (significant amount of wear and tear). It is a best option for user looking for a mode that handle heavier water pressure.


When buying an expandable hose, we can find water hoses made out of rubber and double-layered latex. The water hose which is made with latex is considered as best option than rubber. Some expandable hoses will come with outer fabric layers with durability rating (like 3000D or 3750D).

5. Hose Fitting Material

The coupling or fitting are the end pieces of the hose that attaches to water supply (like sprinklers, nozzles or spigots). In general, the hoses come with the option of brass, aluminum and plastic fittings.

  • Brass Fittings It is a common fitting used for most expandable hoses. The exceptional durability and hardness will make it not to get dented or chipped easily. Also, it won’t get rust even when exposed to water for many years. It is heat-resistant and doesn’t stick together in wet conditions or tend not to damage (just like aluminum with its softer surface) and thereby provides a leak proof seal for a longer time.
  • Aluminum Fittings A few mid-priced expandable hose models comes with this aluminum fittings. It makes the hose lighter and it is softer, lightweight, and less expensive than brass. Although, it works well but the issue arises with the quality of fitting construction. Simply high-quality aluminum fittings of reliable brands will last longer whereas the cheaper brands with inferior fittings (connected to faucet) will make it crack, break, bent or make your hose malfunction.
  • Plastic Fittings Many brands used these plastic connectors but, in these days, only a few inferior models of cheap brands come with this plastic fitting. Although, it is affordable but won’t last longer like brass or aluminum. So, it’s better to avoid this option unless it is the only option your budget supports.

Also, it is essential to consider the strength of the joint where the fitting is attached to the hose to prevent leakage. So, choose a hose that has some protective material at its end to prevent it from bending / breaking.


If quality is your preference then select a high-quality branded brass fitting to your hose. If you’re budget freak, then go for high quality aluminum fitting but be sure that fitting won’t get bent or dented when connected to faucet. If you’re not affordable to buy even aluminum then choose the plastic fittings.

6. Fitting Size:

The fitting size of the water hose will ensure that you can use hose accessories of your choice effectively. Generally, the fitting size comes with 1/2-inch, 5/8 inch & 3/4 inch, in which 3/4 inch is quite common fitting size used for an expandable hose. This will allow you to use most hose accessories and attachments without any problem. Also, remember that the fitting size of a given water hose will affect the hose width.

7. Storage

Storing a hose properly will always a problematic task but not with this collapsible garden hose, even when you’re dealing with 8 – 66 feet (overall length) of the hose. For storing this expandable hose, you have to find the location / place to store it. So, select the place where the outer nylon cloth gets sufficient airflow to get the hose dry completely & to avoid any mildews / sunlight within the materials. Also, this expandable hose won’t need a hose reel to store and you can simply hang it on a hook and save your space.

8. Hose Pressure

Expandable hoses are designed to handle water pressure of common households with ease. The consistent water pressure will allow the hose to work well, but any changes in the water pressure will definitely affects its performance.

  • The hose working with low water pressure will not work effectively to water your garden area or performing other tasks.
  • If you have high water pressure then purchase a hose that rated for high water pressure to prevent it from getting burst. Or simply place a pressure regulator on the faucet before using the hose.

9. Nozzle

Most of these expandable garden hose will come with a built-in nozzle (free hose nozzle) along with storage bag and hook. Avoid buying a hose that comes with nozzle, why because they are not meant to have the same quality like the nozzle which we purchase separately. Also, the free nozzle (cheaply made) has some limited spray options. So, always purchase a quality nozzle separately by depending on your watering needs.

Here are some of the popular types of garden hose nozzles that are used by depending on the specific watering purposes.

  • Pistol Grip Nozzles – Its pull style handles will let you change the water pressure and spraying style as you squeeze.
  • Watering Wand Nozzles – It extends and reaches up to 30 inches. These works perfect for watering tasks in hard to reach places / corners.
  • Fan Nozzles – It comes with widened mouth that allows you to spray a wide gentle water sprays on the plants. Works well for gentle watering of the delicate foliage.
  • Fireman Nozzles – It is ideal for large watering tasks, as it pull out a large amount of water in a short time.
  • Pattern Nozzles – Most versatile than all other nozzle types. It allows you to have flexibility of using different types of spray patterns and thereby used to cover all your watering needs.

10. Budget / Price

The quality of the product and its price are interrelated. The best quality expandable hose won’t get at a low price. It’s always better to check the best product that comes within your budget but not cheap quality low priced products, as they won’t last longer. Various factors like type of material used and length of the pipe will determine the cost of this collapsible hose. The price for a basic hose will range from $25 to $100.

11. Warranty

A warranty on any product will give assurance about its long-lasting performance. So, choose an expandable garden hoses that comes with at least 1-year warranty to protect your investment on it. if you get a warranty for more than 1 year on the product then it’s even better.

Benefits of Expandable Garden Hose:

Here are a few benefits which we can grab from using these expandable garden hoses. Take a look on it.

  • Lightweight – The rubber hose is quite difficult to maneuver and it is stated that the longer the hose then the heavier it will be to move. But it is not applicable to this expandable hose. It is lightweight and expands up to 3 times of its original length.
  • Extends – An expandable hose will come in a small size but when you fix it and turn on the water then it gets expands up to 3 times of its length and when you turn off the water flow then it shrinks and comes back to its original size.
  • Easy to Store – One can easily store this expandable hose without using any hose reel why because after usage, the hose will shrink and return to its original length. So, you can save space by hanging it on a hook or at any place.
  • Less Kink / Tangle – These are not like a rubber hose which let you face problems with kinking, knotting or tangling. The inner thin latex layer of this expandable hose will make it more flexible and thereby prevents kinks. But it still gets tangled a little when the hose is filled with water.
  • Automatically Drain – Not just like any conventional hose which you have to hold them in several angles to ensure that water gets completely drained out of the hose. This collapsible hose comes with a feature of draining off the water automatically when you turn off the water pressure. This is due to the latex contract and thereby forces out the water effectively.

How to use this Expandable Garden Hose:

Here are a few instructions which you have to follow them to increase the lifespan of your expandable hose.

  • If you’re using the hose for the first time, then fill this hose with water and shut off valve off. This will allow the hose to get stretched and expand.
  • When once it expands then slowly release the water and repeat the process once again before using the hose.
  • Then attach the 9-setting spray nozzle on another end of the hose to spray the water properly.
  • When it gets fully expanded then it is ready to use.
  • After watering your garden and completing your tasks then turn off the water.
  • Take it out from the source and squeeze the nozzle to drain the hose thoroughly.
  • After that, the hose gets contract automatically to its original length.
  • Store it properly in the garage or in any place in your garden by simply hanging it to a hook.

Tips to follow while using this Expandable Garden Hose:

  • Never ever use this type of hose for drinking water.
  • Won’t leave the expandable hose outside for a longer time – either exposed to sun or extreme winter weather.
  • While using the hose on any sharp edges or rough concretes, you should be very careful and won’t drag them quickly, as it gets damaged.
  • Always make sure to keep this hose indoor or on shaded areas to extend their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the minimum and maximum water pressure & water temperature can handle this expandable hose?

Most of the expandable garden hose will handle the water pressure that range from 3 – 12 bar whereas the water temperature will lie in between -10° C to 85° C.

2. How long this expandable hose will last?

An expandable hose is designed to last longer than any traditional rubber hose. If taken proper care and maintenance, it can sustain for a longer time without replacing it for about 10 years.

3. Are Expandable Hoses Difficult to Repair?

These expandable hoses are not patched just like rubber hoses but you can easily repair them. If you find any leak from the fittings then use a flexible hose repair kit with an extra connector. Or simply remove the connection and cut 2-inches off the hose. Place the existing connection back to prevent the leakage. In case, if the hole is in the middle of the hose, then use this extra connector to repair and fix it back properly.

4. Are you going to use this hose with a sprinkler?

In general, this expandable hose gets expands only when there is a waterflow and in case if you want to use sprinkler then the water in the hose should on. When the water gets turns off then the hose contracts and thus pull the sprinkler right back along with it. This makes it not to good when used on flowerbeds. A few models come with shutoff valve at their end, which allows you to set in place or shut off when the hose is expanded but you still get wet when you turn on the valve.

5. Is it safe to use this hose without a sprayer head?

It is somewhat safe to use it without any sprayer head for adults but for kids who want to use it to fill their wading pool or giant water balloons will not be safe to use it hose without sprayer head. In case, if you want to use it without sprayer head then simply someone has to hold it till you / your kids are using it. or else if left on the wading pool then the hose will flop around and may bounce out of the pool. So, always make sure to have someone to hold it.


If you want a long water hose for your large-sized backyard, then expandable hoses can be a great option. These take comparatively less space in your garage when not in use. You can find some of the best expandable hoses in this article, along with their details and differences. The detailed buying guide for the best expandable hose has all of the details regarding such water hoses that can be quite handy.

  • If you want a long expandable hose for your large-sized backyard, then you can go with the Flexi Hose & 8 Function Nozzle. As per its name, it has a length of 50 feet when in use that is more than enough for most users. You also get a Lifetime warranty with this water hose that is always great to have. And since this expandable hose has a fitting size of ¾ inches, you can easily use it with most hose fittings and accessories available out there.
  • Although, if you want a highly reliable expandable hose that can last for a long time, then you can go with the Acmind 50 feet expandable garden hose. This 50 feet water hose uses brass fittings that are quite sturdy. And as it offers a lifetime warranty to its users, you can expect it to last for a long time without any issues. Just like other options out there, this expandable water hose also comes with ¾ inch fittings.
  • But if you are on a budget, you can simply go with the Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose. Even though it is the cheapest option present in this article, it comes with a hose length of 50 feet and a fitting size of ¾ inch. You even get a lifetime warranty with this water hose that is great to have for its given affordable price. And all of these things make it an excellent value for money option when compared with other expandable hose options out there.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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