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The 10 Best Reciprocating Saws Reviews and Buying Guide

The Reciprocating Saw is popular for performing job in demolition or remodeling, construction, plumbing and electrical areas. It is suitable for rough cuts or tasks for various materials from wood to ceramic, cast iron to plastic. One can easily work in any tight spaces and small corners with this saw due to its lightweight and maneuverability.

However, market is flooded with so many models, and designs of reciprocating saw, which makes you unable to find the best quality saw. So, to help you out, we have come up with a list of some of the Best Reciprocating Saws you can buy online.

But before proceeding with the list, you should keep these 3 main points in your mind to make the best buying decision.

  • Speed : The number of strokes the saw can make in a minute (Strokes per minute, SPM) is generally measured as the speed. The higher speed (blade moves) saw will allow you to cut the material quickly and effectively. Also, make sure to get complete control over the speed range of the saw.
  • Weight : One has to use this power tool for a longer time, depending upon the project. So, choose the lightweight saw, which is easy to handle for an extended working time without getting strained.
  • Power Source : In general, corded (electric) and cordless (battery) are two main power source models available. Corded works for longer runs due to continuous power supply but limited for the area (till the wiring support). Cordless works for a shorter time depending on the battery charge but can be used in any place. So, choose the one that suits best according to your requirement.

Apart from these 3 main things, there are many other things to consider before buying, which are clearly mentioned in the below Comprehensive “Buying Guide”. Also, we came up with 7 best reciprocating saws that are widely used in the market. Scroll down to know about the reciprocating saw.

Best Reciprocating Saws Chart

Reciprocating SawSpeed (SPM)Power SourceWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Dewalt Reciprocating Saw0-3000 Battery Powered1 Pounds3 YearsCheck On Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw0-3000Battery Powered4.5 Pounds2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Worx Reciprocating Saw0-1500Battery Powered4.2 Pounds30 DaysCheck On Amazon
PORTER CABLE Reciprocating Saw0-3000Battery Powered4 Pounds3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Skil Reciprocating Saw800-2700Electric Powered2.81 Pounds1 YearCheck On Amazon
RYOBI Reciprocating Saw0-3400Battery Powered3.43 Pounds--Check On Amazon
Makita Reciprocating Saw0-2800Battery Powered8 Pounds3 YearsCheck On Amazon
GALAX PRO Reciprocating Saw0-3000Battery Powered5.08 Pounds---Check On Amazon
SnapFresh Reciprocating Saw0-3000Battery Powered6.01 Pounds1 YearCheck On Amazon
WORKPRO Reciprocating Saw0-2900Battery Powered3 Pounds2 YearsCheck On Amazon

7 Best Reciprocating Saws Reviews

1. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw


dewaultDEWALT MAX Reciprocating Saw my go-to tool for all sorts of cutting adventures. Whether I’m cutting wood, working with metal, or handling bricks and stones, this amazing tool is always there to help me. This saw is the variable speed trigger. It’s like having a personal speed control dial. Need to slow things down for a delicate cut. Crank it up to 3000 strokes per minute when you’re in a hurry. It’s all about having the right speed for the job, and this saw nails it.

The 1-1/8″ stroke length is like a cutting frenzy, making even the toughest materials surrender quickly. And when it’s time to swap blades, the keyless lever-action 4-position blade clamp makes it a easy. The pivoting adjustable shoe. It helps for extending the life of my blades. The rubber grip is like a soft, reassuring handshake from your tool. It’s all about control and less fatigue, especially during those marathon cutting sessions.

The double oil sealed shaft is like a guardian, keeping contamination at bay. I can rely on this saw to stay in top-notch condition for the long haul. It’s lightweight, powerful, and super easy to use. It’s backed by a 3-year limited warranty. It’s like having a cutting buddy that never lets you down.

Product Information

  • Type: Reciprocating Saw
  • Power Source: 20V MAX Battery
  • Speed: 0-3000 Strokes per Minute
  • Stroke Length: 1-1/8″
  • Blade Clamp: Keyless, 4-Position
  • Shoe: Pivoting, Adjustable
  • Grip: Rubber Comfort Grip
  • Shaft: Double Oil Sealed
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited

What We Liked

  • Versatile cuts wood, metal, and masonry.
  • Adjustable Speed.
  • Fast Cutting 1-1/8″ stroke length.
  • Easy Blade Changes keyless 4-position blade clamp.
  • Pivoting adjustable shoe.
  • Comfortable rubber grip.
  • Double oil sealed shaft.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Battery and charger sold separately.
  • Requires 20V MAX battery for operation.

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2. BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw

black saw decker

This Black & Decker BDCR20C 20V reciprocating saw is a versatile & perfect home tool that uses a lithium battery to power up. This cordless saw comes with a powerful 3000 SPM motor that has variable speed trigger and electric brake to get proper control over the saw.

It is lightweight tool that comes with tool-free blade change and adjustable pivoting shoe will allow the saw to adjust as per convenience and let you use it with ease. The maximum initial battery voltage is measured as 20V (without any workload) and its normal voltage is 18V. One can get 20V reciprocating saw, reciprocating blade, battery (lithium-ion) and charger in this pack.

Product Information

  • Speed – 0 to 3000 SPM
  • Stroke Length – 7/8 inches
  • Power Source – Battery
  • Voltage – 20 V
  • Dimensions – 15 inches x 3 inches x 7 inches
  • Weight – 4.5 pounds
  • Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  • Color – Black
  • Warranty – 2 years

What We Liked

  • The variable speed trigger will allow you to get complete control over speed.
  • The tool – free blade change will let you replace the blades quickly and easily.
  • Pivoting/adjustable shoe will provide extra adaptability and thereby control over your operation.
  • It comes with both battery and charger in this pack.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The vibration is high and it makes the user to feel fatigue.
  • One has to charge the battery completely before using it or else, it won’t run longer time due to short battery life.
  • Not suitable for longer / bigger projects.

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3. Worx Reciprocating Saw 

worx saw

This Worx WX550L Axis is a handy cordless tool that comes with a combination of reciprocating saw and jigsaw, which allows you to perform most of the projects with this single tool. This multipurpose cordless saw is compact, lightweight and easy to use for cutting metal, plastic, wood, PVC pipe, fiberglass, ceramic tile, tree limbs, etc. This versatile and powerful handy tool will make fast, easy and clean cuts. It comes with orbital mode, variable speed and tool-free blade change.

Its motor is located on the side of the tool’s body that allows the gear and motor to rotate simultaneously. It prevents slippage that results in a smooth, constant transfer of power for efficient cut. The built-in dust blower used to clear away the debris and dust and thereby increases the visibility while cutting. It is powered with lithium ion 20V battery that comes with shareable with other 20V and it share the power share platform.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 9 inches x 5 x inches x 6.5 inches
  • Weight – 4.2 pounds
  • Battery Type – Lithium ion
  • Material – Steel
  • Power Source – Battery
  • Voltage – 20 V
  • Wattage – 27 W
  • Warranty – 30 days.

What We Liked

  • This 2 in 1 saw in which the push button head will turn the jigsaw into a reciprocating saw and vice versa in a couple of seconds.
  • The slight circular motion (orbital cutting) will cut the material more effectively without straining your hands.
  • This cordless tool platform uses same battery to power up with 20V & 40V tools (expandable power).
  • The integrated blower will keep away the dust and debris from the cutting surface and thereby gives the better blade or cutting visibility.
  • It is compact, lightweight and durable tool that make intricate cuts by working longer with less fatigue.
  • Value for money.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The quality of the material is not up to the mark.
  • The battery won’t last longer for a longer time and also, it vibrates a lot while sawing.

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4. PORTER CABLE Reciprocating Saw

cable saw

The Porter Cable Max Lithium bare cordless reciprocating saw will feature a high performance for aggressive cutting speed. Its compact design will allow the tool to reach tight spaces and tool free blade release will allow you to replace the blade easily and quickly.

The variable speed trigger of this device will provide better control over cutting various variety of materials perfectly and the adjustable shoe will keep contact with the material. The contoured overmolded handle will allow the user to have comfort for working.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 16.2 inches x 3.5 inches x 7.6 inches
  • Weight – 4 pounds
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Speed – 0 to 3000 SPM
  • Voltage – 20V
  • Stroke Length – 1 inch
  • Blade Length – 14.5 inches

What We Liked

  • The compact cordless design will allow this tool to reach tight spaces.
  • The tool free blade release will allow the user to change the blade quickly and easily and also to reach tight spaces.
  • The variable speed trigger will give complete control over the speed of the saw.
  • The high-performance drivetrain for aggressive cutting.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Won’t work effectively without proper charging of battery. The battery is sold separately.
  • The quality of the saw’s material is not up to the mark.

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5. Skil Reciprocating Saw

skil saw

This Skil 9206 – 02 reciprocating saw is an ideal power tool that used for any type of household applications like cutting, trimming trees, carving, demolition or DIY small project in and around the home. It provides, easy, fast and efficient operation due to its unmatched power. This corded device is used for various applications in metal, masonry and wood.

The powerful 7.5A motor will provide the essential power to increase productivity. It comes with tool-less blade change that allows the use to replace the blade with ease. The counter balance for vibration control (anti-vibration), metal gear housing, etc. will add sturdiness and durability to this saw.

The pivoting foot will provide extra stability to the user while working on the wood and other materials. however, this corded saw is prone to accidents but the handy power-on indicator will alert you if there is any unwanted activation and thereby provides safety and comfort to use this device. It has a dial to set the speed rather than varying pressure on the trigger.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 20.8 inches x 6 inches x 3.8 inches
  • Weight – 2.81 pounds
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Power (Current) – 7.5A
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Variable Speed – 6 (speed dial on handle)
  • No Load Speed – 800 to 2700 SPM
  • Blade Length – 6 inches
  • Stroke Length – 1.125 inches
  • Color – Red & Black

What We Liked

  • Its powerful motor will provide ample power to complete your job.
  • The keyless blade change will allow you to replace the blade easily and quickly.
  • Heavy duty metal gear housing will add durability and ruggedness.
  • The counter balance will control the vibrations while operating/using this device.
  • Value for money and easy to use this versatile tool.

What We Didn’t Like

  • We have to plugin this corded device to any power source for its working.
  • Need to work on speed regulator design of this saw.
  • Used for only limited area.

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6. RYOBI Reciprocating Saw

ryobiThe RYOBI Cordless Reciprocating Saw is amazing. It helps me cut wood, metal, and plastic easily. The variable speed trigger helps for controlling cutting speeds. I can dial it in just right for the job at hand. And when it’s time to switch blades, the blade change lever is a real time-saver. No fuss, no muss. Plus, the lock-off button adds an extra layer of safety.

The adjustable, pivoting shoe is like having a guiding hand, allowing me to control the depth of my cuts with ease. Versatility is key, and this saw delivers on all fronts. It can power multiple tools with the same battery, which is incredibly convenient. This saw is lightweight and user-friendly, making it a top pick for anyone, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a DIY enthusiast.

It comes with a solid 3-year limited warranty. It’s simplified my cutting tasks, making them more efficient and effective. If you’re in the market for a versatile, reliable cutting companion.

Product Information

  • Type: Cordless Reciprocating Saw
  • Materials: Suitable for Wood, Metal, Plastic
  • Features: Variable Speed, Easy Blade Change, Safety Lock-off
  • Compatibility: RYOBI ONE+ System
  • Stroke Length: 1 inch
  • Shoe: Adjustable and Pivoting
  • Weight: Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Battery and Charger: May be sold separately Warranty: 3 Years

What We Liked

  • Versatile cuts wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Variable speed trigger.
  • User-friendly blade change lever.
  • Lock-off button.
  • Lightweight and user-friendly.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Battery and charger may be sold separately.
  • Limited cordless range.

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7. Makita Reciprocating Saw

makitaMakita Reciprocating Saw cutting partner. Whether I’m dealing with wood, metal, or plastic, this tool handles it. It can cut through things really quickly with its powerful motor that goes up to 2,800 strokes per minute and a 1-1/4″ cutting length. The “tool-less” blade change system comes to the rescue.

It’s easy no more hunting for wrenches or dealing with complicated mechanisms. And speaking of control, that variable speed trigger for adjusting cutting speed precisely to the task at hand. It is light and compact in weight. At just 8.3 pounds with a battery, it’s easy on the arms and shoulders. I can work for longer periods without feeling weighed down.

Versatility: It’s a cutting wizard, handling wood, metal, and plastic with ease.

Power Galore: That variable speed motor is a beast, making tough cuts feel like a breeze.

Hassle-Free Blade Changes: The “tool-less” system makes blade swaps a walk in the park.

Precision Control: The variable speed trigger lets me fine-tune my cutting speed.

Portability: Lightweight and compact, it’s a joy to carry around.

It’s built to last and backed by a solid 3-year limited warranty, so I know it’s in it for the long haul. It has no battery or charger along with package. But if you already have those from other Makita tools. It’s powerful, practical, and a real time-saver. Upgrade your cutting game and say hello to effortless precision.

Product Information

  • Type: Cordless Reciprocating Saw
  • Materials: Suitable for Wood, Metal, and Plastic
  • Performance: Variable Speed Motor (Up to 2,800 Strokes/Minute, 1-1/4″ Stroke Length)
  • Blade Change: “Tool-less” Blade Change System
  • Control: Variable Speed Trigger
  • Portability: Lightweight and Compact Design (8.3 pounds with battery)
  • Battery Compatibility: Works with Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Package: Tool-only (Battery and Charger Sold Separately)
  • Warranty: 3 Years

What We Liked

  • Cuts wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Fast cutting with a variable speed motor.
  • “Tool-less” blade change system.
  • Variable speed trigger for precise cutting.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Compatible with Makita 18V batteries.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tool-only package.
  • May not be suitable for extremely heavy-duty tasks.

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8. GALAX PRO Reciprocating Saw

GALAX PROGALAX PRO Cordless Reciprocating Saw, it’s a powerhouse that handles wood, metal, and plastic with ease. It has 20V battery in this. It revs up to a no-load speed of 0-3000 strokes per minute, making quick work of any cutting task. It has variable speed trigger it’s like having a speed dial for precision cutting. And with the lock-off button, accidental starts are a thing of the past, keeping things safe and sound.

Swapping out blades is easy thanks to the tool-less blade change system. They give you 3 wood saw blades and 2 metal saw blades right in the box, so you’re ready to roll from day one.

  • It’s a Jack of All Trades: Wood, metal, plastic – it conquers them all.
  • Power on Demand: That 20V battery is a beast, ready to tackle any job.
  • Precision Cutting: The variable speed trigger is like my secret weapon.
  • Safety First: The lock-off button adds an extra layer of security.
  • No Fuss Blade Changes: Swapping blades is a piece of cake.
  • Ready to Go: They even throw in a bunch of blades to get you started.
  • Feels Good in Hand: The ergonomic design and soft rubber handle make it comfortable to use, with minimal vibration.
  • Built to Last: The motor stays cool, extending its life.

It’s easy to handle and maintain, and the warranty adds an extra layer of confidence.  When it comes to comfort, that soft rubber handle and minimal vibration make a world of difference during long cutting sessions. But what really seals the deal is that innovative cooling function. It ensures the motor keeps its cool, giving this saw a long and productive life.

Product Information

  • Type: Cordless Reciprocating Saw
  • Materials: Suitable for Wood, Metal, and Plastic
  • Power: 20V Battery
  • Speed: 0-3000 Strokes per Minute
  • Control: Variable Speed Trigger
  • Safety: Lock-off Button
  • Blade Change: Tool-less System
  • Included Blades: 3 Wood Saw Blades, 2 Metal Saw Blades
  • Comfort: Ergonomic Design with Soft Rubber Handle
  • Motor Lifespan: Extended by Effective Cooling Function
  • Warranty: Backed by a Warranty

What We Liked

  • Versatile cuts wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Powerful20V battery with high-speed capability.
  • Precision Control.
  • Safety Lock-off button.
  • Easy Blade Changes.
  • Comes with multiple blades.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Motor Longevity.

What We Didn’t Like

  • None reported

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9. SnapFresh Reciprocating Saw

SnapFresh Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The brand SnapFresh offers a high-speed and high-quality reciprocating saw that is suitable for most of the cutting applications.

This multi-purpose saw blade comes with different blades that include 9-inch wood blade, 9-inch limb blade, 6-inch and 2 6-inch metal blades. It is suitable for cutting metal, pipes and wood.

It is equipped with a replaceable battery of 20V/2.0Ah which can be charged within one hour of duration. To prevent accidental injuries, the saw only works when you press the lock-switch. It comes with a metal auto-lock which lets you change the blades swiftly.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 16.18 x 8.11 x 3.14 inches
  • Weight – 6.01 pounds
  • Battery Type – Lithium ion
  • Material – Steel
  • Power Source – Battery
  • Voltage – 20 V
  • Warranty – 12 months

What We Liked

  • Comes with a lock safety switch to prevent any injuries.
  • Blade change can be done easily and quickly
  • Adjustable speed levels so you can use the saw as required
  • Has an ergonomic design for convenient use
  • Long lasting battery so it doesn’t turn off in the middle of the task

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty purposes
  • Battery takes one hour to charge completely

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10. WORKPRO Reciprocating Saw

workproWORKPRO Reciprocating Saw used for wide range of cutting jobs. From wood to metal, PVC to unruly branches, it handles them all with ease. It’s compact and super lightweight, measuring just 13 inches in length and weighing only 3 pounds. This means I can effortlessly maneuver it into tight spaces. It also has the variable speed trigger. It’s like having a magic wand to control cutting speed. Delicate work or tough materials.

Swapping blades is easy with the tool-free blade change system. No more wrestling with wrenches or complicated setups. Now, the clamping jaw it adds stability and control, ensuring I stay right on target during cuts. Safety is a top priority too. This saw has a double safety lock, so I have to press both buttons to kick it into action. No accidental starts here.

With a 2.0Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery and a zippy 2.0A fast charger. Whether you’re a pro or a DIY enthusiast, this saw has your back. It’s easy to maintain and tough as nails.

Product Information

  • Type: Cordless Reciprocating Saw
  • Materials: Suitable for Wood, Metal, PVC, and Branches
  • Power: 12V Battery
  • Speed: Variable with a 0-3000 SPM range
  • Blade Change: Tool-free
  • Stability: Clamping Jaw for precise control
  • Safety: Double lock for accident prevention
  • Battery: 2.0Ah Li-ion with a 2.0A fast charger
  • Warranty: Backed by a warranty

What We Liked

  • Versatile for various cutting tasks
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Variable speed trigger for precision
  • Easy tool-free blade changes
  • Enhanced stability with clamping jaw
  • Double safety lock for accident prevention
  • Long-lasting performance with 2.0Ah battery and fast charger

What We Didn’t Like

  • None reported

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Buying Guide For The Best Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is considered as a demolition tool. It is widely used for rough cuts or demolition. They deliver a lot of power to the blade to slice through various material like wood, metal, plastic, masonry, stucco, fiberglass, composites and drywall quickly and easily.

When you want to purchasing this reciprocating saw, you should always consider the quality of the product, safety while operating and its design to look stylish. As a buyer, you should know everything about this power tool. So, here we came up with a guide that provides complete information about reciprocating saw. Just go through it to how to choose the best one.

1. Types of Reciprocating Saws

There are two types of reciprocating saws in terms of power source – Corded & Cordless. Let’s know them in detail.

a. Corded Saw

  • It performs best whenever you need to have fast and powerful cuts.
  • Due to the availability of power to run this device for a longer time, you can cut the material perfectly and effectively.
  • One can easily handle this corded saw rather than cordless why because the corded one will lack the weight of the battery.
  • This cord has limited movement, which makes it difficult to maneuver some jobs. In case, if you’re not careful while operating, then the cord can be cut.
  • So, purchase a corded saw which comes with rubber cord (more flexible and reliable) rather than plastic one.
  • Choose a lightweight saw when you’re working overhead to reduce fatigue.

b. Cordless Saw

  • It offers more convenience and maneuverability of shifting around a location (working around different/difficult areas), as it comes without plugging the device in any power outlet.
  • Tough cuts can be made quickly and effectively anywhere without power cord.
  • It has the battery power source that not only make it saw heavier but also has to charge the saw eventually.
  • Choose a cordless model with a lithium-ion battery, why because, it has longer battery life than any other standard ones.
  • It will eventually lose its power when the battery will begin to run low. Also, it is expensive than corded models.

2. Uses of Reciprocating Saw

This versatile tool can be used in various ways. Have a look at these uses before using this reciprocating saw.

  • Demolition – This saw will cut various materials easily and quickly, especially when the precision is not required.
  • Remodeling – Very helpful for remodeling projects. It is perfect for cutting PVC pipes, removing excess sheathing over window and door frames or cutting the sole plates underneath door sills.
  • Pruning – It is a perfect tool for pruning trees due to its toughness and cutting power. It allows you to trim the trees easily without any manpower.

Regardless of the project, one has to choose the right blade for the task. The blade should have a bimetal composition, as some comes with small, fine teeth for making clean cuts while other comes with large coarse teeth that used for making rough cuts. This can be up to 12 inches long.

Things To Consider Before Buying This Reciprocating Saw

Below, we have listed a few things which you have to look for in a reciprocating saw to make your purchase as best and perfect one.

1. Speed

The number of strokes the saw can make in a minute (Strokes per minute, SPM) is generally measured as the speed. The higher speed (blade moves) saw will allow you to cut the material quickly and effectively. Also, other than working more rapidly (0 – 3000 SPM), you can get some control over the blade movement.

Although, a casual user won’t require a high-speed saw for occasional job but the professional/regular user, look for the high speed which they can afford to use intensively.

2. Stroke Length

It is not exactly the blade length but defines how far the blade moves for cutting (back and forth). Simply, the longer stroke length will make quick cutting of the material. It usually comes in the range of 3/4 inches to 1 ¼ inches. In some models, the stroke length can be adjusted for real adaptability.

3. Cushion Grips

This make your grip more comfortable even for long working hours or on hard projects. So, it enables you to have a comfortable and proper grip while operating this saw, and thereby promotes safety.

4. Anti-Vibration / Reduced Vibrations

It reduces the saw shakes in your hands while working with this power tool and thereby helps to deliver smooth action. It reduces the strain and fatigue feel in the user while using this saw. Here both comfort and safety are considered in this regard.

5. Variable Speed Control

This will control the speed of your saw and allow it for improved precision and consistency. It permits the user to select/adjust the speed level as per the material being cut. If you’re planning to use this saw for small jobs from time to time then this variable speed is not so important but in case, if you want to use it in any commercial action then it helps you to get better control over the speed while performing the operation.

6. Auto-Stop

When it comes to safety, this auto stop feature is vary essential thing to consider. This auto-stop option is a trigger in the saw that stop the tool automatically when something went wrong like any errors or malfunction, to protect you from getting harm. The saw’s brushes wear out automatically to protect the motor of the saw from debris and damage.

7. Tool-Free Blade Change

In general, the blade in the saw can be changed as per your cutting requirements. Some models come with a special tool to remove/change the blade while other comes with no tools at all to change the blade. This tool-less blade will allow to change/replace the blade more quickly and easily, even in the middle of the work, without bringing any extra tool. Always, remember to unplug the saw before changing the blade to prevent any accidental effect.

8. Orbital Action

Mostly, we think about the forward and backward sawing movement. But this orbital action will add up additional cutting direction. So, with this orbital action, the sawing blade will move forward & backwards along with moving upwards and downwards to have more aggressive and effective cutting approach towards the material.

9. Saw Blades – Teeth & Design

In general, the saw comes with a variety of blades available around, to cut various materials like metal, wood, bi-metal, plastic, brickwork or cement. There is a blade for every job, including curved cut. From pruning branches in garden or any DIY project in home to any commercial applications, simply pop in a dedicated blade. Also, it is best to choose the saw that comes with a blade lock and swapping out blades is tool-free.  Here are some blade materials you should know them in detail.

  • High Carbon Steel (HCS) – Inexpensive type and have softest of the blade materials but flexible. Used for cutting softer wood, plastics and particle board. They turn dull when used on hard wood or metals.
  • High Speed Steel (HSS) – More heat resistant and durable than HCS. It is less flexible but used to cut aluminum, hardwoods, non-ferrous metals without wear, tooth breakage and dulling.
  • Bi-Metal – It comes with a combination of HCS (for flexibility & break resistance) and HSS (for heat resistance, durability & hardness). Used for DIY projects and occasional use due to its durability and long life than above blades. Suitable for wide range of jobs.
  • Carbide Tipped – Similar to bi-metal blades but comes with a carbide (titanium carbide) tip at the end of each tooth. Used to cut thicker pieces of metals like cast iron, high strength alloys, stainless steel, etc. It is hard, heat- & impact resistant.
  • Diamond – It uses diamonds instead of carbides and thus expensive saw blades. Used to cut glass, ceramic, concrete, fiber cement, masonry, fiberglass, & cast iron. It is very hard and provide faster cut than any other blade type.
  • Carbide Grit – They won’t have teeth but have abrasive strip to cut dense materials like cement, ceramic tile, marble, brick, stone & masonry along with hard metals like fiberglass and cast iron. The hardness of this blade will let you to cut the material without getting wear or damage.

10. Adjustable Shoe

It provides more stability and control (depth of cut) over the saw. It also offers a clear visibility to the blade and opportunity to cut the material in various positions (cut line). It is a metal piece that lies at the end of this saw and let it cut accurately and smoothly. In some cases, you can pair it up with a tool-less blade model to make an easy and quick adjustments in your cutting process.

11. Construction

A properly built saw will definitely last longer with its sturdy and reliable nature but a poorly built saw won’t last longer. So, choose the saw that comes with metallic casing with heavy ABS plastic design, why because, this metallic build can able to withstand heavy use and gives you an awesome experience with the saw.

12. Amperage / Electricity

To make the saw work powerfully then you should choose the greater amperage. In general, the saw fall in the range of 8 – 15 amps, in which the saw with 10 amps is quite enough for the saw used for small projects or DIY home activities. Choose the saw with higher amperage, if you’re looking for a prolonged or heavy commercial project. So, you should think about the performance you require before buying this reciprocating saw.

13. Motor

Without motor, no saw or any other electric product won’t work. The motor is powered by the power source – irrespective of either it is power outlet (corded) or battery pack (cordless). You can find this motor in two main forms – brushed and brushless.

  • Brushed Motor – It is the basic and standard form for all reciprocating saws. It comes with two main parts – brushes and commutator. It is used to pass through the energy within the motor to give quality and effective output. Just like other tools, the carbon brushes will be worn and torn after repeated times.
  • Brushless Motor – This type of motor won’t have carbon brushes. Instead of carbon brushes and commutator, here a small electronic circuit board which dictates energy delivery. The circuit board will be able to adjust the output without drawing all the energy created for the task that won’t require it. This motor is powerful and eliminates unnecessary friction, (which are created by brush motors) and thus end in a constant flow of energy.

14. Blade Clamp

The blade clamp is used to secure the blade by holding it in the same place. The blade clamp will be used to tighten or loosen by an Allen key to secure the blade. This key is now replaced with a keyless system, that allows the user to change the blade without any Allen key in a couple of seconds. A few manufacturers design the saw to allow their blade clamps to move right and left, other than up and down, which is known as four position system.

15. Lighted Plug

This will let you know whether the tool is powered up properly or not. It is applicable to both corded & cordless models. For corded one, this will be plugged in and turn on to operate and for cordless model. It notifies you about the battery level and when it needs to be charged for continuous smooth cutting. So, this not only protects your saw tool but also prevents you from getting stopped in the middle of cutting, with its indication.

16. Weight

In most cases, one has to use this power tool for a longer time. So, the weight of the saw will provide you comfort while using it. One should choose the saw that comes with lightweight (not heavy) to handle it for a longer time without getting strained. Although, most of the saws are designed to have perfect balance but you need to check whether it is comfortable for extended working sessions or not before buying.

17. Bag / Case

This bag / case will protect the saw and its accessories during storage and travel. In some brands, the manufacturer provides this hard case to protect the tool. So, choose the one that comes with hard case and accommodates the maximum length blade in it.

18. Movement of Blades

The orbital cut and straight cut will refer to the blade movement.

  • Straight Cut – The blade moves on a single plane – back & forth. This allows the blade to cut the metal/wood and other tasks where a controlled cutting is required.
  • Orbital Cut – The blade moves in oval or elliptical shape (moving up & back) rather than back & froth. It is effectively used for faster and aggressive cutting action.

A few models come with adjustable features that allow the user to switch from straight cut to orbital cut by depending on your need for the project.

19. Brand / Warranty

There are so many brands that manufacture this reciprocating saw but you should choose the one that comes with durable and efficient performance along with excellent quality. Also, check the warranty of the product before choosing the saw from a particular brand, to make sure you purchased the best one.

20. Tips For Reciprocating Sawing

Maintaining this reciprocating (Saber) saw requires a little effort. Here are a few tips you should follow for proper maintenance of this saw.

  • Always wear proper safety gear while working with this power tools.
  • The blades of this saw are sharp and there is a potential for accident at any time. So, wear safety goggles and gloves along with some suitable protective clothing.
  • Look for the saw that comes with blade lock technology, as a safety option while using this saw to prevent any unaccepted accidents.
  • Although, you won’t find much sawdust or debris getting accumulated on the blades. So, simply wipe it off when you’re done and there is nothing much to worry about it.
  • When choosing the blade, you should select the one whose cutting edge is harder than the material which you’re going to cut.
  • In general, the blade length should be 2 – 3 inches greater than width of material, which you are going to cut.
  • The longer blade will bend more easily. Or simply consider a thicker blade that comes with a length of 6 inches or above.
  • Most of the modern models comes with extra features like dust blower (to keep the workspace clean and clear from cutting task) and LED light (illuminates the work area to finish the task effectively).
  • The SJ-style cord will help to provide better maneuverability rather than the plastic cord. So, prefer to use this rubber cord while using this saw.
  • For proper installation and usage, you should go through the user manual.
  • After using the saw, you should store it properly till for the next time usage.
  • Give a regular service to the tool after using it for some time.
  • Always take care of the battery and charge them properly before usage to prevent it from getting damage. Also, buy a replaceable pack on the sides.

Reciprocating Saws – FAQs

1. How much power level should I look for while purchasing this reciprocating saw?

Ans: The power level will depend on the type of work you’re performing with this tool. For instance, remodeling a house requires more power than cutting a PVC piping. In case, if you’re looking for a saw for professional use then choose a saw that comes with more power to handle any kind of job.
Both corded and cordless saw will offer the whole gamut of power level options. Due to consistent power level, most of the users choose the corded saws. One has to use different power levels – starting from less than 5 amps to 15 amps and above. If you’re a professional (or) having any heavy-duty job (like house demolition) then prefer to choose the saw over 10 amps to get the power you need to get the job.

2. How this Reciprocating saw work?

Ans:  This power tool comes with a switch button. One should press the safety lock button to release the saw before you power up it. Press on the on/off switch to keep this tool on working mode. Finally, when your work is done, you can simply turn off the saw motor by releasing the trigger.

3. Who uses this reciprocating saw?

Ans: The reciprocating saw is widely used for construction industry to make various rough cuts in a variety of materials while installing a window or skylights (OR) working as a plumber or electrician. If it is for commercial work, home work like DIY projects or small demolition jobs, home plumbing or wood working, this reciprocating saw will be used absolutely.

4. How to choose the best blade for this reciprocating saw?

Ans:  In general, the blade you choose will depend on the material which you want to cut. Some blades are designed to cut metals while others are used to cut the wood. Blades with more teeth per inch (TPI) will determine the roughness and cut speed and it ranges from 3 – 24 TPI. So, one can cut the material more quickly but results in rougher cuts while using a blade with fewer TPI. Blades with high TPI will cut the material slowly with a smoother edger.
* For cutting wood & demolition work, choose blades with 3 – 11 TPI.
* For pruning blades at low end and demolition, choose round 8 – 11 TPI
* For wood cutting blades and to cut nails, choose around 6TPI
* For cutting metals and denser material, prefer to use blades with 12 – 18 TPI.
* For harder materials, select the blade with TPI of 14 – 36.
* For metal cutting, use 18 – 24 TPI range of blades.
Also, one can find the combination blades that comes with variable TPI and used to cut both wood, metal and demolition. Here different areas of the blade have different TPI and thereby allows the user to have proper cut based on the blade position.


From the above mentioned best reciprocating products, we pick the below products in terms of power source, as our first and best products.

  • For Cordless / Battery Powered Reciprocating Saw, we choose Dewalt Reciprocating Saw. The reason is that it is compact and lightweight that allow the user to use it safely and effectively for a longer time, without any messy wiring. The brushless motor, variable speed trigger and keyless blade change will enhance its performance.
  • For Corded / Electric Powered Reciprocating Saw, we pick Skil Reciprocating Saw. The reason is that it comes with powerful motor, heavy duty metal gear housing, keyless blade change and counter balance to make the saw perform effectively without much vibrations.

Hope you got a clear idea on how to choose the best reciprocating saw for your need. Which one you’re going to buy in this 2023? Share your queries or experiences about reciprocating saw with us in the below comments section.

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