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7 Best Power Conditioners Reviews in 2024

Considering power conditioners is wise to optimize your electronics’ efficiency and durability. Often overlooked, these devices stabilize voltage and filter out power disturbances, crucial for audio systems or home theaters. Investing in a reliable power conditioner can greatly improve your setup’s performance.

Key Considerations:

  • Voltage Regulation: Maintaining stable and consistent voltage output is essential, irrespective of fluctuations in the input power supply. Look for a power conditioner with a voltage regulation range of at least ±5% to ensure your sensitive electronics receive the optimal voltage they need for peak performance.
  • Surge Protection: Protecting your devices against sudden spikes in voltage is crucial to prevent potential damage or degradation of sensitive components. Choose a power conditioner with surge protection capabilities rated to handle at least 3000 joules, offering substantial defense against power surges.
  • Noise Filtration: Eliminating electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from the power supply is essential for clean and uninterrupted power delivery to your devices. Seek a power conditioner with noise filtration capabilities rated to suppress noise up to 40 dB or higher, effectively shielding your electronics from unwanted disturbances.

For a detailed analysis of these factors and expert recommendations, refer to our comprehensive “Buying Guide” later in this article.

Best Power Conditioners Table

Best Power ConditionersAmpereVoltageOutletsBuy Now
Furman M-8x2 Power Conditioner15 amps120 volts9Check On Amazon
Pyle AC Power Conditioner15 amps120 volts17Check On Amazon
Furman PL-PLUS C Power Conditioner15 amps120 volts9Check On Amazon
Soundavo Power Conditioner15 amps120 volts10Check On Amazon
Monoprice Power Conditioner15 amps120 volts8Check On Amazon
WAudio AC Power Conditioner15 amps120 volts12Check On Amazon
Black Lion Power Conditioner15 amps120 volts9Check On Amazon

Best Power Conditioners Reviews

1. Furman M-8×2 Power Conditioner

Furman Power ConditionerSeveral users have deemed this power conditioner as a life-saving machine. This is the trust and the reliability that Furman has built as a brand. With amazing features and the incorporation of new technology, this power conditioner proves to be better than most of its contemporaries.

M-8×2 power conditioner features a total of 9 power outlets, out of which 8 are in the rear panel, and one is in the front panel as the convenience power outlet. The EMI/RFI filters reduce ‘pop’ sound and improve sound quality.  Also, the search and spike protector guarantees that these appliances are safe and clean power is provided to the instruments. Additionally, it features a 15 amp rating along with the circuit breaker and front panel indicator, which lets you know that the electronic devices are protected. More than 23 dB, 200kHz to 10Mhz filtration rating makes the product suitable for all kinds of musical activities.

The sleek design helps it to fit in any given space and it can be placed over or under your desk. The lightweight design makes it portable too.

Best Features

  • Amperes: 15-ampere
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of ports: 9
  • Size: 8 X 19 X 1.8 inches


  • Trusted brand. Many reviews.
  • EMI/ RFI filters improve sound quality.
  • Circuit breaker and front panel indicator.
  • Suitable for all musical activities.


  • It does not feature any warranty.

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2. Pyle AC Power Conditioner

Pyle Audio Video AC Power ConditionerIn need of a power conditioner to manage many types of equipment at the same time? This PS900 allows you to control as many as 17 different appliances at the same time. This conditioner provides clean and filtered AC power in two high insert dissipation stages.

This Pyle power conditioner features a microcontroller which allows precise high-level timing. The inbuilt EMI filter has two stages for each power outlet on the rare panel. Further, the master automatic unit display allows the power conditioner to link series with 100 units or more. All nine channels are connected to an output break switch which monitors the incoming AC voltage in real-time. The LED display shows the AC voltage, temperature, power, bypass, master, ground and wiring status. Moreover, the time display is segregated into 7 different LED segments.

The featured power cord is high load and 4 feet long. The rack has mountable ears which can be rotated at an angle of 90°to mount easily.

Best Features

  • Amperes: 15-ampere
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of ports: 17
  • Size: 22.8 X 18.1 X 5.1 inches


  • 2-stage EMI filter.
  • Features a microcontroller.
  • Enhanced LED display.
  • Mountable ears can be rotated for easy installation.


  • Many people had issues with customer service.

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3. Furman PL-PLUS C Power Conditioner

Furman PL-PLUS C 15 Amp Power ConditionerFurman is among the best companies to bring power conditioners to the market. They are second to none when it comes to durability, reliability or the incorporation of new technology.

The exclusive SMP technology used by Furman allows the power conditioner to provide the best protection against spikes and surges. Secondly, noise contamination and inter-part interference are reduced with the installation of isolated output banks. There are a total of 9 outlets which enable you to connect the power conditioner to 9 different musical appliances. Then, the LED voltmeter shows the incoming voltage clearly and allows us to monitor it. The pullout LED lights make it easy to manage and control the product.

This power conditioner keeps your musical pieces of equipment in their best condition and also brings out their best performance.

Best Features

  • Amperes: 15-ampere
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of ports: 9
  • Size: 3.8 X 19 X 1.8 inches


  • Exclusive SMP technology.
  • Reduces noise contamination.
  • Best protection against spikes and surges.
  • LED voltmeter in the front panel.


  • Some buyers felt that it is not ideal for recording studios.

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4. Soundavo Power Conditioner

Soundavo Power ConditionerThe PMX-3300 is packed with amazing features, which makes it one of the most stable, reliable and comprehensive power conditioners. This makes the product suitable for home audio, live sound and any kind of instrument.

The power-up features 3 delayed outlet systems ranging from zones 1 to 3 digital power, analog power and high power filter outlets. While turning them off, the reverse order takes place, and high power turns off first. Further, it features multi-stage noise filtration for reducing frequency interference(RFI) and electromagnetic interference(EMI). The LED display is quite advanced as it shows the zone status, abnormal voltage, wiring fault, open breaker along with the incoming AC voltage. The rear panel features 8 switched outlets, and the front panel has 2 unswitched outlets, which allow a total of 15 amps rating without circuit breakage.

There is a convenient rack illumination featuring super bright, single, low-heat, long-life LED lights which indicate off/ low/ high switch.

Best Features

  • Amperes: 15-ampere
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of ports: 10
  • Size: 22.1 X 11.2 X 3.9 inches


  • Suitable for all musical appliances.
  • RFI/ EMI filter.
  • Enhanced LED display.
  • Rack illumination feature.


  • Some users felt that it needed time to start functioning.

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5. Monoprice Power Conditioner

Monoprice Power ConditionerA true sound professional knows that most of the musical pieces of equipment are damaged when the equipment is provided with either more or less power and current. Therefore, power conditioning becomes very important to protect expensive and sensitive musical instruments and equipment.

Power conditioning or sequencing helps the musical equipment to be provided with power in different stages. This also allows the equipment to have rest time before the next level is engaged. On the flip side, while powering down, the conditioner reverses the sequence order and helps in the soft landing of your electronic musical equipment. It also protects against power surges or spikes for fragile appliances or in case of circuit breaker failure. Further, they improve the sound quality by removing the unwanted “pop” sound. The RFI/EMI filter checks for all kinds of writing faults and indicates if the AC is incorrectly connected by lighting an LED light.

The switches are mixed of low power and high power with two unswitched outlets in the front panel. The power conditioner also features removable rack mount ears which allow it to be installed anywhere.

Best Features

  • Amperes: 15-ampere
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of ports: 8
  • Size: 22 X 11.5 X 3.6 inches


  • Improves sound quality.
  • RFI/EMI filter.
  • Protects against spikes or surges.


  • Some users experienced a buzzing sound after a few days.

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6. WAudio AC Noise Power Conditioner

WAudio AC Noise Power ConditionerLooking for a power conditioner which can be of heavy-duty use? This power conditioner by WAudio comes with a metal casing, with the double protection of thick aluminium plates. They are robust and able to withstand all kinds of bumps or setbacks.

This power conditioner is enhanced with 8 filtered power outlets and 4 unfiltered power outlets allowing it to be connected to 12 electronic equipment at the same time. Moreover, the overload protection technology turns off the sockets once the power exceeds 15 amps, and the power is restored by the reset button. The phase detector technology detects the ground wire and phase wire of the AC source and turns a light on to indicate when the phase is correct. Now, the voltage protection technology is capable of saving the pieces of equipment from any voltage fluctuations and also ensures optimal spike and surge protection.

The power clean technology is featured in this power conditioner which enables better picture and sound quality. The voltage meter in the front panel helps to know if the voltage power in the socket is stable.

Best Features

  • Amperes: 15-ampere
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of ports: 12
  • Size: 20.9 X 7.9 X 5.8 inches


  • Power overload protection.
  • Better picture and sound quality.
  • Phase detector indicates when the phase is correct.
  • Surge and spike protection.


  • People had issues with the voltage meter. They could not read it in the dark.

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7. Black Lion Power Conditioner

Black Lion Power ConditionerAre there budget constraints which are stopping you from buying a power conditioner? Black Lion Audio believes that small-budget professionals need to be encouraged which led them to bring out PG-X. They believe that your musical gear needs optimal protection against power fluctuations.

This power conditioner unit features eight filtered and switchable power outlets on the rear side. These rear power outlets are also surge protected which restricts excess power flow to the equipment. On the front panel of the power conditioner, this power conditioner has one switchable power outlet and one USB cable. Also, this unit features a high-end noise filtering technology which allows it to filter out around 90% of unwanted sound. Based on this feature, PG-X is ahead in the race as compared to its contemporaries as they can filter only 76% of the noise.

The sleek design makes it a stylish addition to your music room. The rack mounting feature also enables it to be put up and installed anywhere.

Best Features:

  • Amperes: 15-ampere
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of ports: 9
  • Size:  23 X 12 X 5 inches


  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Filters 90% unwanted noise.
  • Surge protected rear power outlets.


  • Some users faced problems with the USB port.

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Things to Look for When Choosing Power Conditioners

Power conditioners are quite common nowadays which has led to the fact that everyone knows about them. If you are still unaware then power conditioners are equipment which can supply uninterrupted power to AC and then to sensitive electrical appliances. So, the basic goal of the power conditioner is to protect electrical appliances from being damaged by fluctuating voltage. But the best power conditioners can also help to support your electrical appliances to bring out their best performance. In the following section, we have listed some important factors to consider while choosing any power conditioner.

1. Type

There are majorly three types of power conditioners. We have tried to discuss each one of them individually.

  • Tower Power Conditioner: These power conditioners are longer in height than the width of the equipment. The power outlets are usually located at the back of these devices. They can ideally be placed behind the electrical appliance they are protecting. Or, they can be kept on any shelf or desk.
  • Rack Mount Power Conditioner: These power conditioners are quite different from the first type. They are specifically designed to be used for a general 19-inch open frame rack or rack enclosure. The rack height of the power conditioners informs about the number of rack spaces that they will require. Each rack unit, or 1Uis 44.45 mm or 1.75 inches high. The power outlets are mounted on the back of these conditioners.
  • Wall Mount Power Conditioners: This type of power conditioner comes with mounting ears so that they can be safely attached to a bench or wall, which saves floor space and prevents accidental interruptions or disconnections.

2. Power

One of the basic criteria that you need to look at before narrowing your choices on the power conditioners is the power capacity that your electrical appliances require. For this, you just need to calculate the total wattage required by your electrical appliances. Usually, the power required by the appliances is mentioned in the documents of the manufacturer or the nameplate. However, if you are unable to find the power requirements, then the amps can be multiplied with the general AC voltage to derive the power.

3. Voltage

It should be made sure that the power conditioner’s AC input voltage should match the electrical appliances’ voltage. So, the plug type will differ based on the country you are residing in. For instance, in the USA, the voltage is usually 120V while the minimum voltage in Europe and some other countries is 230V. Therefore, you should choose the plug type according to the required voltage in your country.

4. The Number of Power Outlets

You need to decide the number of electrical appliances that you need to connect to the power conditioners. This will help you get a clear idea about the number of power outlets that you will need in the power conditioner. Also, you need to look at the kinds of power outlets to help you connect the electrical appliances perfectly to the power conditioners.

5. Value

This is also an eminent feature to consider when looking for a power conditioner. Also, you must look at the appliances that you wish to connect to the power conditioners. The expensive and fragile appliances need more protection from the disrupting voltages than other products. For determining that the power conditioner is of high value, you can look for features like AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulation, higher joule rating and lower ‘let through’ rating.

6. Size

Look for power conditioners which are small in size so that you can either hide it behind any electrical appliances that it is connected to or it can easily be placed on a shelf or a table.

7. LED Display

The real-time LED display shows the boosted or trimmed incoming voltage. They can also detect faults in wirings such as improper grounding or loose wiring.

8. Input Breakage

The adjustable breaker prevents excessive current flow to protect the electrical circuit. If the breaker falls or trips, you can detach some of the electrical appliances and reset the input breaker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a power conditioner?

Ans: The device which can effortlessly protect fragile and sensitive electrical appliances from any kind of fluctuating voltage is known as a power conditioner. They provide electrical appliances with uninterrupted AC power.

2. How does a power conditioner work?

Ans: The power conditioners are loaded with a technology known as the state of the art which allows them to protect fragile and expensive electrical appliances and bring out their optimum performance and make them perform at their technical best.

3. Why does one need a power conditioner?

Ans: The answer to this question is quite simple as the power conditioners can protect sensitive, fragile and expensive electrical appliances from any kind of possible damage from the fluctuating AC supply. If you want to increase the life of your favourite electrical appliances, then you make sure to install a power conditioner.

4. Are power conditioners worth it?

Ans: The primary advantage of any power conditioner is that it protects fragile electric appliances from any kind of fluctuations in voltage. The voltage fluctuations can cause harm to your really expensive appliances. By stabilizing the voltage, you can improve the performance of the electrical appliances and bring out their best performance. Some of the high-end power conditioners also have noise filtration and video or audio clarity features.

5. What is the difference between a power conditioner and a surge protector?

Ans: The basic difference between the power conditioner and the surge protector is that the former protects the appliances from any kind of power fluctuations while the latter protects the appliances from any kind of power surge that happens in case of any kind of storm. Generally, the power conditioners have surge protection technologies but all surge protectors do not have power conditioning technologies.

Final Word:

With this guide at your disposal, it will be very simple for you to select the ideal power conditioner for you. Always go for the products that offer three-in-approach as they are the best in the business and not only protect the electrical appliances but also bring out their optimum performance. If you still have queries, you can write to us in the comments section below.

  • If you want our recommendations, then we have listed our top three picks. Our first recommendation from our list is Furman M-8×2 Power Conditioner. It is from the most trusted brand which protects the electrical appliances and improves sound quality. It is also ideal for all musical activities.
  • The second pick from our list of products is Pyle AC Power Conditioner. It features 2-stage EMI filter and microcontroller with enhanced LED display which makes it so highly rated. Also, it can be connected to 17 different appliances.
  • The final suggestion of a power conditioner from our list is Furman PL-PLUS C Power Conditioner. It features the exclusive SMP technology. The devices reduce noise contamination and provide optimal protection against surges and spikes.

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