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6 Best No Contract Home Security Systems in 2024

Security cameras are a highly essential parameter for every household that capture and record video footage of the surroundings. They can help you monitor your house at all times, even when you are away, by providing you with remote access to the live or recorded feed through your smartphone or computer. Security cameras can also increase your security and safety by deterring criminal activity, providing evidence for investigations, and alerting you of any suspicious or unwanted events. Therefore, a lot of users are going for a decent home security system to protect their houses. If you are also looking for one, here are some things to remember before buying one.

  • Resolution: A security camera’s resolution determines the video footage’s overall quality and clarity. A higher resolution camera will always provide better details and make it easier to identify any suspicious activity or person. For example, a 4K camera can produce images with more than four times the pixels compared to a 1080p camera.
  • Field of View: A security camera’s field of view determines the area the camera can cover. A wider field of view means that the camera can capture more of the scene, but it may also reduce the sharpness of the image. A narrower field of view means that the camera can focus on a specific area, but it may miss some important details. For example, a camera with a 180-degree field of view can cover the entire front of a house, but it may not be able to zoom in on a license plate.
  • Motion Detection: The motion detection feature of a security camera enables the camera to detect and record any movement in the scene. This can help you save storage space and bandwidth, as well as alert you of any potential intruders or events. Some cameras can also distinguish between human and non-human motion, or allow you to customize the sensitivity and area of the motion detection.

Even though almost all security cameras offer a wide range of advanced features, there are also some drawbacks that you should be aware of before getting an option. One of the deal breakers for most buyers is a contract-based system that makes its buyers sign up a contract and agree to use the system for a certain time frame such as a year or more. For most home installations, the contract may not be a problem. But, it also binds you to use the same system and prevents you from replacing it with another. Therefore, we are bringing you the best options that you can find right now that work without any contract or agreement. We will also go over the crucial features of a security system in general in our “Buying Guide” for the best home security cameras so make sure you check it out before you go.

Best No Contract Home Security Systems Table

No Contract Home Security SystemsResolutionField of ViewMotion DetectionBuy Now
eufy Home Security System1080P135°Smart Detection ZonesCheck On Amazon
ZOSI Home Security System1080P90°Advanced Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
ANNKE Home Security System1080P75°Human & Vehicle IdentificationCheck On Amazon
Swann Home Security System1080P90°YesCheck On Amazon
Hiseeu Home Security System2560P75°Customized Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
Simplisafe Home Security System1080P120°YesCheck On Amazon

Best No Contract Home Security Systems Reviews

1. eufy Home Security System

eufy Home Security System

eufy is going to be the most ideal choice of brand for those who are looking for a reliable camera for indoor applications. eufy also designs a variety of other security cameras that you should check out.

If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use outdoor security camera system, check out our 1st pick on this list which is the eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit. This wireless home security system offers some impressive features that make it stand out from the crowd. First of all, you don’t have to worry about running out of power or constantly recharging your cameras. The camera set can last up to half a year on a single charge, giving you peace of mind and convenience.

You can also easily integrate your eufyCam 2C with your Apple devices and control them with Siri. Plus, you can access the live footage or recordings via your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Both of the cameras included in the package manage to deliver clear and detailed video quality with 1080p HD resolution and a wide-angle lens. You can also zoom in up to 8x to see more details. The cameras also support night vision so that you can monitor your home with advanced night vision and motion detection capabilities. The camera can automatically switch to night mode and illuminate the scene with infrared LEDs. It can also intelligently detect human shapes and faces, and send you alerts only when it is important.

Best Features

  • The cameras offer FHD 1080p resolution
  • It has up to 135 degrees of FOV
  • Smart motion detection zones
  • No monthly subscription is required


  • One of the most trusted options on the market
  • Intelligent motion detection to avoid false alerts
  • It has IP67 weather resistance


  • Only 2 cameras are included in the set

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2. ZOSI Home Security System

ZOSI Home Security System

ZOSI is a brand dedicated to offering completely personal and independent security solutions for homes and offices. ZOSI also designed other necessary accessories apart from cameras that are highly popular.

In the 2nd position, we are putting the ZOSI which is a highly professional and future-proof option for personal as well as professional installations. The most standout feature of this system is the advanced H.265+ HEVC technology which optimizes storage space and enhances image quality, resulting in up to 80% savings compared to H.264. This ensures ample storage resources while delivering a seamless and superior viewing experience. The system also includes a 16 Channel FHD DVR Recorder paired with 8 weatherproof 1080p bullet dome cameras.

These cameras offer up to 80 ft night vision and a wide 90° viewing angle, providing comprehensive coverage outdoors. The system is extendable, allowing the addition of up to 8 additional cameras, making it adaptable to your increasing security needs. Additionally, the package comes with a 2 TB Hard Drive, offering substantial storage for recorded footage. The ZOSI security camera system offers flexible accessibility options, supporting both local and remote access. So, users can monitor and control the system locally through a connected monitor or remotely via the free ZOSI Client software.

Best Features

  • The cameras offer FHD 1080p resolution
  • It has up to 90 degrees of FOV
  • Included DVR comes with 2 TB storage capacity
  • 8 cameras are included in the package


  • DVR supports up to 8 additional cameras
  • Best option for a long-term investment
  • Storage capacity is very good


  • Not an ideal choice for a house with a 2 to 3 rooms

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3. ANNKE Home Security System

ANNKE Home Security System

ANNKE is bringing one of the budget choices on our list today for a no contract home security system. Still, ANNKE is offering all of the features and accessibility options that you find with premium range options.

Our 3rd choice for the best no contract home security camera is the budget-focused ANNKE Surveillance Security Camera System. This is the 2nd Gen option from ANKE that elevates the performance with AI motion detection. It allows the system to differentiate between humans and vehicles with unparalleled accuracy. This is also a comprehensive security package that comprises 8 pieces in total. There are 2 MP wired cameras and an 8 channel 3K Lite DVR that supports TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS, and IP cameras.

The DVR is compatible with 1080p video at 30 fps cameras or even 3K resolution at 20 FPS for more details. Equipped with advanced sensors and smart IR technology, the cameras capture clear images up to 100 ft away, providing a reliable safeguard for both indoor and outdoor use. It also offers the adoption of H.265+ technology to enhance recording efficiency, extending recording time while reducing bandwidth usage. The system includes a 1TB hard drive, with support for up to 10 TB storage capacity expansion based on your needs.

Best Features

  • The cameras offer up to 3K resolution
  • It has up to 75 degrees of FOV
  • 8 channel DVR is provided with 1 TB storage capacity
  • 4 cameras are included in the set


  • Up to 10 TB capacity HDD is compatible with the system
  • DVR allows users to add up to 4 additional cameras
  • Cameras are offering up to 3K capture resolution


  • Included storage driver could have been larger

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4. Swann Home Security System

Swann Home Security System

Swann is one of the premium range brands that we are covering for our list today. There are many different models available from Swann, whether it is cameras or other surveillance equipment that you are looking for.

The Swann Home DVR Security Camera System is a reliable and smart surveillance solution designed to safeguard your home or business with cutting-edge features. This 1080p Coax cable system delivers crisp and clear video quality, allowing you to see in black and white up to 100 ft even in low-light conditions. This security system goes beyond traditional surveillance with its smart capabilities. Users can receive real-time alerts when activity is detected, enabling prompt response and enhanced security. The multi-camera live streaming feature ensures that you can see, store, and playback footage from all cameras directly on their mobile device.

The Swann system offers flexible recording options, including continuous 24/7 recording with the pre-installed 1TB HDD. Alternatively, users can opt for Swann True Detect and motion-triggered event recordings, optimizing storage space and extending it up to 365 days of footage with True Detect technology. Designed for DIY installation, each outdoor security camera undergoes rigorous testing to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any environment. Swann is also offering a 1-year warranty on the system.

Best Features

  • The cameras offer FHD 1080p resolution
  • It has up to 102 degrees of FOV
  • 8 channel DVR is included with 1 TB storage capacity
  • There are 4 cameras included in the set


  • One of the most reliable choices on the market
  • It comes with a year of warranty
  • Night vision range is up to 100 feet


  • More cameras should be included in the set

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5. Hiseeu Home Security System

Hiseeu Home Security System

One of the main reasons for choosing a no contract home security system is to make your system completely independent. And Hiseeu is one of the brands which focuses on just that with all of its products.

Up next, we have the Hiseeu Wired Security Camera System, a state-of-the-art home CCTV solution designed to redefine your security experience. This system boasts unique and advanced Face Detection Technology, instantly recognizing faces in the video feed and notifying you via the mobile app. The Smart Playback Function allows for easy tracking of events involving human movement, enhancing convenience during video searches. With an impressive 3 TB storage capacity, the system ensures 24/7 non-stop recording for up to 45 days, even if all 8 cameras are recording simultaneously, offering an unparalleled storage capacity at this price point.

The Hiseeu system sets itself apart with its HD 5 MP resolution, delivering vivid and clear images at up to 2560 x 1920 pixels. You will also get clear night vision capture that extends up to 60 ft, thanks to IR LED lights and the camera’s automatic IR-cut filter, ensuring reliable surveillance even in low-light conditions. Along with the powerful features, these cameras are built to withstand changing weather conditions. The cameras are backed by a IP66 waterproof standard, making them ideal for outdoor use in various environments.

Best Features

  • The cameras offer FHD 1080p resolution
  • It has up to 75 degrees of FOV
  • 3 TB of storage capacity is available with the DVR
  • 8 cameras are included in the set


  • Best option for a future-proof investment
  • It is offering 8 cameras, eliminating the need for any future upgrades
  • Storage capacity is highest in comparison


  • It is the most expensive choice for a no contract home security system

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6. Simplisafe Home Security System

Simplisafe Home Security System

For the last position, we have reserved the most reliable and popular alternative option for security cameras right now. SimpliSafe is one of the major competitors for security systems, all the while keeping their systems completely contract free.

Last but not the least, we are bringing the SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Home Security System. This is also one of the popular choices for home security, especially considering the freedom from contract or any form of agreement. With this system, all you need to do is plug in the Base Station and camera, place your sensors, and your home is under protection. No wiring or drilling is required, and the SimpliSafe App guides you through the setup details. And with optional 24/7 professional monitoring, you also get the peace of mind that comes with Fast Protect Technology for swift police response.

Adding another layer of safety to the system, SimpliSafe is including a Panic Button that allows instant alarm activation. It also has an optional silent panic feature for discreet help signalling. The Key Fob in this set provides one-touch control from up to 30 feet away, offering convenient arming and disarming of the system. The Base Station on the other hand features a battery that lasts for up to 24 hours along with cellular backup, ensuring uninterrupted protection in case of power or Wi-Fi loss.

Best Features

  • 12 piece complete security system
  • It has up to 90 degrees of FOV
  • Smart home integration is possible
  • 1 month free trial is provided by SimpliSafe


  • Multiple layers of security and protection is offered
  • Highly intricate security system with many additional units
  • It supports smart home integration


  • Only 1 camera is included in the set for visual monitoring

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Buying Guide For The Best No Contract Home Security Systems

One of the major concerns revolving around the security system is the investment, as you will have to pay for the system, installation cost, subscription service, and sometimes additional deposit against the accessories that you are renting from the brand. Instead, it is a lot more feasible for most users to get a completely independent system that does not rely on any subscription service, or at least it is not mandatory. These systems are also usually free from a contract which gives you freedom to stop using the system, or update your system whenever you want. And since there are no credit checks in place, there is basically no eligibility criteria and anyone can use these systems to protect their homes. Therefore, we have brought youtube best alternatives available right now for a security system that are offered without any contract. However, we will still suggest checking out our buying guide before you make a choice to ensure whether you are going for the right option or not.

1. Resolution

Resolution refers to the clarity and sharpness of the images or videos captured by the security cameras. The importance of resolution lies in the system’s ability to provide clear details, which is vital for identifying individuals, objects, or incidents. Higher resolution cameras, such as those with 1080p or 4K capabilities, produce clearer images that can be instrumental in investigations or legal proceedings. Low-resolution cameras generally fail to capture crucial details, making it difficult to identify faces or license plates. When evaluating a no-contract security system, it is essential to choose one with a resolution that suits your specific security needs and ensures that the footage captured is of sufficient quality for effective monitoring and analysis.

2. Field of View

The field of view (FOV) of a security camera defines the area it can capture. A wider field of view is advantageous as it allows for more comprehensive coverage with fewer cameras. The importance of FOV lies in the system’s ability to monitor and record activities in a larger space, reducing blind spots and increasing the overall effectiveness of surveillance. Before selecting a no-contract security system, consider the layout of your property and the areas you want to monitor. Ensure that the chosen system provides an adequate field of view to cover key areas without compromising image quality. This is particularly important for outdoor surveillance, where a broader FOV can help capture more extensive outdoor spaces and enhance security coverage.

3. Motion Detection

Motion detection is a crucial feature that enhances the efficiency of a security system by alerting you to potential threats or suspicious activities. The importance of motion detection lies in its ability to minimize false alarms and ensure that you are promptly notified when there is actual movement within the monitored area. Effective motion detection systems can differentiate between significant events, such as an intruder entering the premises, and insignificant movements, such as tree branches swaying in the wind. Adjustable sensitivity settings allow users to customize the system to their specific environment, reducing the likelihood of false alarms and ensuring a timely response to genuine security concerns.

4. Storage Options

The storage options available for a security system tells you how and where the video footage is stored. There are two main types of storage options available for no-contract home security systems that are local and cloud. Local storage means that the footage is stored on a device such as a memory card, hard drive, or a dedicated DVR system which may or may not be included with the base system. Cloud storage means that the footage is stored on a remote server that can be accessed via the internet. Local storage is usually cheaper and more secure, but it has limited capacity and expanding the local storage capacity is usually a demanding task. On the other hand, cloud storage is way more convenient and accessible. But it usually requires a subscription fee and the performance is dependent on the bandwidth quality and reliability.

5. Night Vision

The night vision feature of a security camera allows the camera to see in evening or night where natural light is very minimal or completely absent. This is important for ensuring that your security system can provide 24/7 surveillance and protection. There are different types of night vision technologies, such as infrared, thermal, or low-light. Infrared night vision uses invisible infrared light to illuminate the scene and create a black-and-white image based on the light reflected from the surrounding. Thermal night vision is a slightly more advanced feature that uses heat signatures to detect objects and create a color-coded image. Lastly, low-light night vision uses ambient light to enhance the visibility and create a color image, even in the absence of natural light. But, color night vision requires at least some ambient light around the cameras, or it features a built-in LED array to illuminate the place.

6. Remote Monitoring & Mobile Access

The remote monitoring and mobile access features of a security system allow you to view and control your system from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. This is useful for checking on your home, receiving alerts, adjusting settings, or contacting emergency services. Some security systems may also offer smart home integration, which means that you can connect and control other devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, or cameras using the same app.

7. Weather Resistance

The weather resistance rating of a security system tells you how well the system can withstand different environmental conditions such as rain, snow, wind, or heat. This is especially important for outdoor cameras, sensors, or sirens, as they are exposed to harsh weather elements throughout the year. Weather resistance is measured by an IP rating that indicates the level of protection against dust and water. For example, an IP65 rating means that the device is dust-tight and can resist water jets. A higher IP rating suggests better reliability against dust and water.

8. Power Source

The power source of a security system suggests how the system is powered and also its reliability in terms of backup power, meaning how long it can last without a continuous power supply. There are two main types of power sources that are wired and wireless. Wired power means that the system is connected to an electrical outlet or a hardwired circuit. For that, a special power cable is used alongside the LAN cable for data transmission. Some cameras offer PoE connections so that the LAN cable solely can be used for data transmission as well as power. Wireless power means that the system is powered by batteries or other standalone means such as solar panels. Wired power is considered to be more reliable and consistent, but it may require professional installation and limit the placement options in your case. Wireless power is usually a lot more flexible and convenient, but it also requires frequent replacement or battery-recharging which increases the time and cost of maintenance.

9. Connectivity

The connectivity of a security system refers to how the system communicates with the monitoring center, the internet, or other devices such as your smartphone at the time of remote monitoring. There are different types of connectivity options, such as landline, cellular, or Wi-Fi. Landline connectivity means that the system uses a phone line to transmit signals, which is how the security systems in the past used to work. With new advancements, you can now get cellular connectivity with cameras, which means that the system uses a cellular network to transmit signals similar to your smartphone using a SIM card. You can also find Wi-Fi connectivity which means that the system uses a wireless network to transmit signals.

10. Warranty

The warranty of a security system is a guarantee that the seller of the system has agreed that the system as well as its included accessories are free of any defect at the time of installation. It also goes to show the quality assurance of the product for a definite period of time, meaning the product is warranted to work without any problems, at least until the specific warranty period is over. A warranty deed may also include other terms and conditions, such as the duration, coverage, or limitations of the warranty which you should check out carefully before investing in a system, especially if you are looking forward to getting a highly premium option.

Best No Contract Home Security Systems – FAQs

1. Are home security systems expensive without a contract?

Ans: The cost of home security systems without a contract depends on the type and features of the system, as well as the installation and monitoring fees. Generally, home security systems cost anywhere from $200 all the way up to $1200, based on the features and accessibility options of the system. DIY home security systems are towards the lower end of the price range, while high-tech, professionally installed home security systems fall at the higher end of the spectrum. Additionally, some home security systems may charge a monthly fee for professional monitoring, which can range from $20 to $60 per month.

2. Do home security systems consume a lot of energy?

Ans: Home security systems do not consume a lot of energy compared to other devices, but the exact amount of power consumption varies depending on the type and number of cameras, storage system, sensors, and other components of your system. A 4K PoE IP security camera uses about 12 Watts of power, while a typical DVR uses about 40 Watts of power when being used at maximum capacity. 24/7 monitoring with the cameras can also increase the overall power consumption of the system. To reduce the energy consumption of your home security system, you can adjust the camera settings, use motion detection, choose energy-efficient devices, and turn off the system when not needed.

3. Are wireless home security systems more reliable than wired options?

Ans: Wireless and wired home security systems have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of reliability. Wired security systems have more reliable signals, as they do not depend on batteries or wireless networks. However, wired systems also require more installation effort and may be vulnerable to cutting or tampering. Wireless security systems are also more convenient and flexible, as they can be installed anywhere and controlled remotely. But, wireless systems might suffer from network failure, signal interference or other problems that make them unreliable for some users.

4. Is it possible to discontinue using a no contract home security system any time?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to discontinue using a no contract home security system any time, as long as you inform your home security provider and follow their cancellation policies. No contract home security systems do not require you to sign a long-term agreement or pay a monthly fee for the service. You can use the equipment and services that suit your needs and budget, and change or cancel them anytime. However, different home security providers may have different processes and requirements for canceling their service, such as calling their customer service, sending them a written letter or an email, or using their proprietary app. You should also check if there are any cancellation fees or penalties involved before you cancel your service.


Selecting a home security system is a crucial decision to ensure the safety and protection of your household. However, it can be difficult to go with an industry standard option right now for most buyers as most of these options run a credit check, or bind users into a contract at the time of initial setup. While it may not appear problematic in the beginning, long contracts are usually deal-breakers for a lot of buyers as it prevents users from discounting the system, even if the service is not necessary or if the user is not satisfied with the current status of the service. And doing so impacts the credit score and may also incur large fees in some cases. Therefore, you should check out our selection of the best no contract home security systems before you make a choice and see if one of these options are better suited for your needs. We have also picked out some recommendations that might be ideal for the majority of buyers.

  • When it comes to long-term reliability, you should always pick a brand which is trusted by tens of thousands of users. Therefore, our first recommendation is the eufy Home Security System. This is a small kit of security cameras that includes 2 surveillance cameras paired with a central hub. Overall, this completely wireless security system offers up to 180 days of battery life along with the FHD 1080p capture resolution. Another benefit is the discreet design of these cameras which makes it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor installations.
  • However, the Swann Home Security System is one of the independent options that we are covering on this list which is free from almost all additional services that causes an increased running cost. In this package, you will find 4 security cameras, each offering 1080p FHD resolution capture resolution as well as an 8 channel DVR working as a central hub for these cameras. You will also find a 1 TB HDD included with the DVR, making it possible to store up to 365 days of surveillance footage without worrying about the storage capacity. It is also backed by a year of warranty that is necessary considering this is an expensive option.
  • Our last recommendation is the Simplisafe Home Security System. This is an all one one security solution designed for home security which comes with 12 accessories. You also have the option to opt-in for professional monitoring service without any contract. Plus, you can test the services thoroughly with the 1 month free-of-cost service and see if it suits your liking. And since this is a premium option, all of the included accessories offer high performance and reliability. For instance, the sensors are capable of up to 35 feet motion detection range whereas the cameras offer up to 90 degrees of FOV with 1080p capture resolution.

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