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Best Nanny Cam: Top Picks For Parents Balancing Work and Child Safety

Explore the top-rated best nanny cam or baby monitors, tailored for today’s discerning parents. Nanny cams provide comforting peace of mind for new parents who must leave their children with a caregiver while returning to work. These devices offer a discreet window into your home, ensuring your child’s safety even when your miles away. But with an overwhelming array of choices, how do you discern the best nanny cam from the rest? And it is not just about picking the right camera; there’s a maze of legal and ethical considerations to navigate. Should you inform your nanny? What are the legalities surrounding covert surveillance? To help you make an informed decision, we’ve crafted a “Comprehensive Guide” that delves deep into the realm of nanny cams. From understanding state-specific regulations to unveiling our top 10 picks for the best nanny cam that have garnered great reviews, we’ve got you covered in this article.  And our selection process is rigorous and data-driven. We’ve scoured top-ranking SERPs, analyzed customer reviews, and consulted with tech experts to bring you a list of the best nanny cams for 2024. 

Roundup of the Top 8 Picks!

Best Nanny Cam or Baby Monitors Table

Best Nanny CamTypeConnectionCompatibilityBuy Now
DIVINEEAGLE Nanny CamUSB Charger CamWiredPc, MACCheck On Amazon
Amcrest Nanny CamVisible Indoor Nanny Cam WirelessAndroid, iOSCheck On Amazon
javiscam Nanny CamHidden Nanny CamWireless-Check On Amazon
SIRGAWAIN Nanny CamHidden Nanny CamWiredAndroid, iOSCheck On Amazon
HowKow Nanny CamHidden Nanny CamWired-Check On Amazon
Javiscam Nanny CamHidden Nanny CamWirelessAndroid, iOSCheck On Amazon
ELEFOCUS Nanny CamHidden Nanny CamWiredSmartphoneCheck On Amazon

Best Nanny Cam or Baby Monitors Reviews – Verified by Experts


DIVINEEAGLE USB Charger Nanny Camera Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Hidden
  • Video Resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Storage: SD (supports up to 256 GB, not included)
  • Compatibility: PC and MAC
  • Power Source: Wired (USB charger)

The first product on our list of the best nanny cams is from the brand DIVINEEAGLE. Their hidden nanny cam packs all the features a parent needs to watch over their kids. In addition to that, it is suitable for monitoring elders, pets, employees, and more in various settings. The camera is ingeniously embedded within a USB charger, making it virtually undetectable. This dual functionality allows it to charge devices while simultaneously recording footage. With a 90° wide-angle lens, the camera captures a broad field of view, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the room or area it is placed in. Unlike many modern cameras that require Wi-Fi to function, this device operates independently. Once a micro-SD Card is inserted and the device is plugged in, it begins recording without any further setup. With a 256 GB SD card, users can achieve over 96 hours of video in loop mode. The SD card slot is cleverly hidden, ensuring that the device looks just like a regular phone charger. This design not only provides discretion but also adds a layer of security as it is not easily identifiable as a recording device. The camera is equipped with 157 detection points, making it highly sensitive to movements. This ensures that even the slightest motion triggers the recording function. The special USB-USB cable allows users to directly access the recorded videos on their PC or Mac without needing any specific apps or software. Customer Feedback  While the DIVINEEAGLE Mini Hidden Nanny Cam offers a range of impressive features at a budget-friendly price, a notable drawback is its compatibility, which is limited to only MAC and PC. Additionally, the absence of a microphone means it doesn’t support audio interactions.

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2. Amcrest Nanny Cam

Amcrest Wireless Nanny Cam Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Integrated
  • Video Resolution: 1080p Full HD @30fps
  • Storage: Both SD (up to 256GB MicroSD) and Cloud (1-year free subscription included)
  • Compatibility: Works with Alexa, Amcrest View Pro, Blue Iris, and other 3rd Party Software through RTSP. Not compatible with 5Ghz networks.
  • Power Source: Batteries, Wireless

The Amcrest Nanny Cam is equipped with an AI chipset that offers human detection without relying on the cloud. This ensures fewer false alerts. It’s a reasonably priced home security camera that records videos in full HD 1080p and offers 2-way audio, live streaming, 355-degree remote pan, and 80-degree tilt so you can check up on the kids as well as the nanny. Additionally, it can detect specific sounds, such as a baby crying, and send instant notifications to your smartphone. The camera of this baby monitor provides a comprehensive view with its 355-degree remote pan and 80-degree tilt. This ensures that you can cover a wide area of your home and adjust the view as needed. With enhanced low-light capability, this camera can capture clear footage in complete darkness up to 33 feet, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance. It is built with two-way audio feature allows you to communicate directly with your loved ones or the nanny, fostering better communication and immediate response. The camera offers a privacy mode, ensuring moments of discretion when needed. Additionally, the footage can be shared with family members through the app, ensuring everyone stays informed. The camera is compatible with Alexa, allowing for voice commands and seamless integration with other smart home devices. Customer Feedback  The Amcrest Indoor Nanny Cam is a versatile and feature-rich device, especially lauded for its baby cry alert and two-way audio capabilities. However, a notable drawback is its incompatibility with 5Ghz networks, which may limit some users in terms of connectivity options.

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3. javiscam Nanny Cam

javiscam Nanny Cam Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Hidden
  • Video Resolution: 1080P Full HD
  • Storage: Cloud Storage
  • Compatibility: PC and MAC
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

Javiscam introduces the V18, a versatile wireless security camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Emphasizing ease-of-use, the V18 offers a simple, quiet three-step WiFi setup, making it accessible for everyone. Its advanced PIR motion detection technology efficiently identifies people, cars, and pets, providing real-time alerts and 24/7 live streaming (audio-free as per Amazon’s policy) directly to your mobile device. The camera supports secure cloud and local storage options, ensuring that your data is safe even if the device is lost, with servers based in the United States for added reliability. The V18’s long battery life, with a 2800mAh battery, delivers consistent performance for 7-30 days on a single charge, varying with activity levels. Additionally, it features a family sharing option for multiple device connections and offers clear night vision with a 6-layer polarized glass lens, ensuring detailed visibility even in low-light conditions. The Javiscam V18 seamlessly combines convenience, security, and advanced technology to provide a comprehensive surveillance solution. Customers Feedback Customers love the Javiscam V18 for its easy setup, real-time alerts, and long battery life. The clear night vision is a bonus for comprehensive security.

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4. ALPHA TECH Nanny Cam

alpha tech Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Hidden (Disguised as a USB charger)
  • Video Resolution: 1080P Full HD
  • Storage: SD (up to 512GB)
  • Compatibility: Universal device compatibility (any device with a USB port)
  • Power Source: Wired (plugs into an electrical outlet or USB port)

The ALPHA TECH Nanny Cam is a game-changer for many users, offering discreet surveillance in a familiar USB charger design. This nanny camera is not just a regular USB charger. It boasts a clear 1080P Full HD video recording capability with a wide 104° angle of view, ensuring comprehensive coverage of any room or space. As the camera’s design is inconspicuous, making it perfect for discreet surveillance. Whether you want to monitor nannies, caregivers, or any suspicious activities, this camera ensures you remain undetected. No need for complicated Wi-Fi setups. Simply insert a micro SD card and plug the camera into an outlet or USB port. It starts recording immediately, ensuring you don’t miss any crucial moments. The camera is equipped with a sophisticated motion detection system that captures even the slightest movement. This feature ensures efficient storage usage and guarantees you don’t miss any significant events. You can easily watch videos from the spy camera on any device without the need for additional software. This feature ensures hassle-free access to your recordings anytime, anywhere. Customer Feedback  This nanny camera is an excellent choice for indoor monitoring. While the camera offers continuous recording when plugged in, its battery life might be limited if not connected to a power source.

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5. SIRGAWAIN Nanny Cam

SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Hidden
  • Video Resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Storage: SD (supports 2GB to 32GB micro SD cards, not included)
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Power Source: Wired (can record while charging)

The SIRGAWAIN Portable Nanny Cam is designed to be small and unnoticeable, making it ideal for covert surveillance in homes, offices, hotels, and other locations. Despite its compact size, the camera delivers clear 1080p HD video quality. It is equipped with 6 invisible infrared LEDs, enabling night vision capabilities that can reach up to 16 feet, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring. Its camera features a 140° wide-angle lens, providing a broad field of view to capture more area and details within the frame. It also offers a 60-minute battery runtime and can be set to activate and record upon sensing movement. When plugged in, it can record continuously, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed. Coming to installation, this nanny cam is designed for ease of use. Simply install a micro-SD card (up to 32GB, not included), and it is ready to record in various settings, from cars to showrooms. Customer Feedback  The SIRGAWAIN Portable Nanny Cam is praised for its excellent picture quality and night vision capabilities, making it a popular choice for hidden nanny cams. However, a notable limitation is its small storage capacity, which may require frequent data transfers or deletions for prolonged use.

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6. HowKow Nanny Cam

HowKow Nanny Cam Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Hidden
  • Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD
  • Storage: 128 TF Card
  • Compatibility: PC and MAC
  • Power Source: Wired

HowKow, a brand known for innovation and reliability, presents this cutting-edge device designed for both indoor and outdoor security. In 2021, the RD-08 stands out with its high-definition night vision, offering clear visibility even in complete darkness, making it perfect for various environments. Its compact and portable design makes it the smallest Wi-Fi camera with its dedicated app, ensuring easy setup and worldwide accessibility once configured with your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Notably, it features upgraded night vision with advanced IR LED lamps, providing a 26ft range for clear vision in total darkness, without the telltale glow of traditional IR lights. Enhanced motion detection with adjustable sensitivity guarantees timely alarm notifications with images for real-time monitoring and peace of mind. The RD-08 operates continuously by connecting to a mobile power supply or USB socket and supports loop recording for uninterrupted surveillance. With multiple user sharing, this versatile camera is ideal for families and businesses, serving as a nanny cam, body camera, or discreet spy cam. Experience enhanced security and peace of mind with the HowKow RD-08, your compact yet powerful surveillance solution. Customer Support Customers praise the HowKow RD-08 for its compact design, exceptional night vision, and easy setup. It provides peace of mind and efficient surveillance.

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7. Javiscam Nanny Cam

javiscam Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Hidden
  • Video Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Storage: Cloud and Local
  • Compatibility: Smartphone
  • Power Source: Wireless (Built-in 2800mAh battery)

The Javiscam Nanny Cam is not just a regular hidden camera. It’s equipped with advanced AI technology that can intelligently detect movements, differentiating between people, cars, pets, and packages. This ensures that you only get relevant alerts, minimizing false alarms. Upon detecting any movement, the camera immediately sends out real-time notifications to your smartphone. This feature ensures that you’re always in the loop and can take necessary actions promptly. Setting up the Javiscam is a breeze. With intuitive instructions and a user-friendly interface, even those who aren’t tech-savvy can get it up and running in no time. All your recordings can be safely stored in the cloud, ensuring that your data is protected against theft or damage. The cloud servers are in the United States, offering an added layer of security and reliability.  The camera supports multiple device connections, allowing you to share access with family members. This ensures that everyone in the family can monitor and stay informed. With a built-in 2800mAh battery, the camera offers an impressive standby time of up to 100 days. Depending on the frequency of motion-triggered recordings, it can continuously work for 7-30 days on a single charge. The camera is equipped with a 6-layer polarized glass lens, ensuring that even in complete darkness, the footage remains clear and detailed. Customer Feedback  The Javiscam surveillance camera is a premium nanny cam option that many users have found invaluable. While the camera offers a plethora of features, its initial cost might be a consideration for some budget-conscious consumers.

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8. ELEFOCUS Nanny Cam

Product Specifications

  • Type of Nanny Cam: Hidden
  • Video Resolution: 1080 Full HD
  • Storage: SD Card
  • Compatibility: PC and MAC
  • Power Source: Wireless

ELEFOCUS A9 is a compact yet powerful indoor security camera designed to offer peace of mind and convenience. ELEFOCUS, known for innovation, presents the A9 with its cutting-edge image sensor, delivering ultra-high-definition 1080P live footage with a wide 150° viewing angle. This camera ensures clear imaging even in low light conditions, making it ideal for 24/7 remote monitoring. With seamless wireless connectivity to your Wi-Fi network (compatible with 2.4GHz), the A9 allows you to access real-time images via the dedicated app from anywhere, and multiple users can share access to a single camera. Not just limited to security, the A9’s portability makes it versatile for various applications, serving as a nanny cam, baby monitor, car camera, pet camera, and more. Its intelligent automatic night vision activates as ambient light decreases, capturing high-quality video within a 25-foot range. Installation is hassle-free, making the A9 the ultimate choice for effortless indoor surveillance and peace of mind. Customer Support Customers applaud the ELEFOCUS A9 for its ease of use, clear night vision, and versatile applications. It provides reliable indoor security and peace of mind. Buy Now From Amazon

What is a Nanny Cam?

A nanny cam is a discreet surveillance camera used by parents to monitor their children’s caregivers, often when they are not at home. Originally designed to keep an eye on nannies and babysitters, these cameras have evolved to offer real-time video streaming, audio capabilities, and even night vision.

Are Nanny Cameras Legal?

Nanny cameras are legal in all 50 U.S. states, but there are nuances to consider. While you can videotape without prior consent, the specifics can vary by jurisdiction. Key legal points include:

  • Consent: Most areas require informing individuals when recording in places they would expect privacy, like bedrooms or bathrooms. Without consent, such recordings might not be court-admissible.
  • Disclosure: Even in public home areas, like living rooms, it’s recommended to inform caregivers about surveillance. Written notice is ideal, fostering trust and ensuring any footage can be used legally if needed.
  • Workplace Privacy: Hiring a caregiver is transactional, so workplace privacy laws might apply. Understanding regulations around employee monitoring is crucial.

While nanny cams offer security, open communication about their use is both legally and ethically sound. Hidden cams can capture unsafe situations, but transparency can prevent them altogether.

Why is It Important to Invest in a Nanny Cam?

The primary purpose of a nanny cam or baby monitor is to ensure the safety of children in the absence of their parents. With the rise in dual-income households and busy schedules, many families rely on nannies or babysitters to care for their children.  A nanny cam acts as an extra set of eyes, ensuring that children are treated with care and respect. It is not just about catching wrongdoing; it is about ensuring that our children are in a safe and nurturing environment.

What Factors to Look For To Purchase the Best Nanny Cam?

Choosing the right nanny cam is crucial given its role in surveillance and ensuring safety. It is essential to find one that aligns with your specific needs. To assist you in making an informed choice, we have outlined key considerations below. Review them carefully to ensure you make a sound investment.

1. Purpose and Use

When selecting a nanny cam, understanding its primary function and how you intend to use it is crucial. Analyse whether you just want to monitor and record as well.

  • Monitoring: This allows you to watch live footage from the camera. It is like tuning into a live TV channel where you see events as they happen. This is particularly useful if you want to check in on your child or caregiver at specific moments during the day.
  • Recording: In addition to live viewing, some cameras have the capability to save the footage for later. This means you can go back and review what happened at a particular time. This feature is beneficial if you want to ensure that your child received proper care throughout the day or if you need to revisit certain events.

2. Type of Nanny Cam

Nanny cams are categorized into three variants based on their setting. We have explained them clearly below for your reference.

a. Standalone Indoor Cameras

These are individual units primarily designed for indoor surveillance. Offered by many home security brands, they have become popular choices for monitoring caregivers. Modern versions are typically wireless, allowing real-time video streaming to mobile devices via WiFi.

b. Integrated Home Security Cameras

These cameras are a part of comprehensive home security system. When you invest in such a system, you can incorporate one or more indoor cameras. If you choose professional monitoring, these cameras can also act as sensors, triggering alerts to a central dispatch when unexpected movement is detected.

c. Hidden Cameras

Craftily hidden within everyday household items, these cameras capture footage without being noticeable. They provide genuine insights into the behavior of individuals unaware of being observed. While they offer a unique perspective, it is essential to be aware of legal considerations when recording unknowing individuals, even if the primary intent is to oversee children’s well-being. Make a choice based on your preference of monitoring.

3. Video Quality

The clarity of video or live streaming is paramount when it comes to a nanny cam. You must check the resolution details to understand the video quality. Remember that higher the resolution, the sharper and clearer the video will appear. Most recommended options include 1080p and 4K. choosing among them depends on your preferences.

  • 1080p: This is often referred to as “Full HD.” It provides a resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, offering clear and detailed footage suitable for most monitoring needs.
  • 4K: Also known as “Ultra HD,” 4K resolution offers a pixel count of approximately 3840 by 2160, which is four times the detail of 1080p. This means even finer details are captured, and you can zoom in on footage without significant loss of clarity.

And the next factor to look into is Night Vision. Many of the key moments you might want to monitor, like bedtime or nighttime feedings, occur in low light conditions. Night vision uses infrared (IR) technology to capture video in the dim or dark lighting conditions. The camera releases infrared light that reflects off the objects and returns to the camera, letting it to produce a clear videos or pictures even in complete darkness. This ensures that you can monitor your child or caregiver effectively, regardless of the lighting conditions.

4. Two-Way Audio

Beyond just video, some nanny cams come equipped with audio capabilities. Two-way audio means not only can you hear what is happening in the room, but you can also speak through the camera. This feature is especially handy if you want to comfort your child from another location or communicate directly with the caregiver without making a phone call. It adds an interactive element to the camera, making it more than just a passive viewing device.

4. Camera View

Based on your room’s dimensions, consider nanny cams with broad-angle lenses or those with swiveling camera heads to ensure every corner is within view.

5. Storage

When choosing a nanny cam, consider how footage is stored and accessed. Cloud Storage saves videos on remote servers, often for a fee, allowing access from anywhere but raising potential privacy concerns. Local Storage, like SD cards, keeps data on the device, offering more privacy but limited space, risking data loss if the device is damaged.

6. Power Source

The power source of a nanny cam plays a pivotal role in its functionality and placement: They come in two variants – wired and wireless.

  • Wireless – These cameras are powered through batteries. As they are not tethered to a power outlet, allowing you to place them virtually anywhere, from a bookshelf to a kitchen counter. You can easily move them around, adapting to changing monitoring needs. Since, they rely on battery life. Once the battery depletes, the camera stops working until recharged or batteries are replaced.
  • Wired – They draw power continuously from an outlet, ensuring they remain operational without interruption. There is no risk of the camera shutting off unexpectedly due to a drained battery. Their placement is restricted to areas near power outlets, and they might require more intricate installation to hide wires.

7. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many cameras use WiFi, letting parents view footage on their phones. However, this can expose cameras to hackers. If choosing a WiFi nanny cam, ensure it has strong security encryption to prevent the data from getting hacked or accessed without permission.

8. Compatibility

This refers to the camera’s ability to work seamlessly with specific devices or systems. It’s crucial to check if the nanny cam can operate with the operating system of your devices, such as iOS or Android. Additionally, if you have other smart home setups, like lighting or security systems, it’s beneficial for the camera to integrate with them, ensuring a unified and efficient home automation experience.

9. Additional Features

  • Motion & Sound Detection: Get alerts when the camera detects movement or specific sounds like crying.
  • Temperature & Air Quality Sensors: Some advanced models offer environmental monitoring.
  • Privacy Features: Some cameras come with covers or “off” modes to ensure privacy when not in use.
  • Playback Features: Ability to fast-forward, rewind, and zoom can be beneficial for reviewing footage.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Ensure whether the camera can integrate with devices like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Facial Detection: The camera has the capability to distinguish between people, animals, and objects.
  • Baby Cry Alert: A camera with a baby cry alert can detect the sound of a carrying baby and notify you to keep you alert.

How To Secure Nanny Cam from Hacking?

While nanny cams enhance security, they can be vulnerable. To shield against potential breaches:

  • Camera Registration: Register your device with its manufacturer. This ensures you are alerted about any security updates or vulnerabilities.
  • Robust Passwords: Avoid default or simplistic passwords. Choose a complex combination of at least 12 characters, incorporating numbers and symbols.
  • Wi-Fi Encryption: Safeguard your home network by encrypting your Wi-Fi, making it challenging for unauthorized access. Follow FTC guidelines for optimal wireless security.

Nanny Cam – FAQs

1. Should I hide nanny cam from the baby sitter?

Ans: While some parents prefer hidden nanny cams, we advise placing them openly. Clearly set guidelines for children and caregivers about staying in observed areas and using features like two-way communication. Setting clear boundaries fosters trust with both caretakers and children, ensuring you can oversee your home when absent.

2. Can nanny cam be hacked?

Ans: Yes, it can be. While the risk is low, it’s essential to safeguard your device. Choose a camera from a reputable brand known for security. Implement security features such as multifactor authentication, local storage, and video encryption. Additionally, opt for cameras with privacy screens or physical covers for added assurance when not in use.

3. What is the difference between a nanny cam and a security camera?

Ans: The term “nanny cam” refers to the camera’s purpose, not its design. Smart security cameras, video baby monitors, or other cameras can serve as nanny cams. Typically, I suggest nanny cams for their monitoring and communication capabilities, not for their concealment features.

4. How much does a nanny cam cost?

Ans: Nanny cams have varying costs based on features like 24/7 streaming, night vision, and lens quality. Prices typically range from $50 to $150, with cheaper options offering fewer features.

5. Where can I hide my nanny cam?

Ans: You can discreetly place a nanny cam in bookshelves, wall clocks, picture frames, potted plants, or air purifiers. Ensure it has a clear view, and consider legal and ethical implications before hiding it without informing the caregiver.

6. What is the best hidden nanny cam?

Ans: The best discreet nanny cam depends on your setting. Generally, wireless cameras are less noticeable. For optimal concealment, consider cameras integrated into everyday objects.

7. How do I ensure my hidden nanny cam is legal?

Ans: Legal use of a hidden nanny cam varies by state. Many states prohibit cameras in private areas like bathrooms or a live-in nanny’s room. Also, be aware of regulations about recording conversations without notification.


Choosing the right nanny cam depends on individual needs. Consider factors like resolution, viewing angle, mobile compatibility, motion detection, and microphone capabilities.

Ask yourself: Do I need night vision? Two-way communication? Continuous recording? Set a budget and decide if high-tech features are essential.

Our buying guide provides a comprehensive overview to aid your decision. If you’re still unsure, here are three top picks:

  • For Discreet Monitoring: The DIVINEEAGLE Nanny Cam is budget-friendly and perfect for those who prefer undisclosed surveillance. It’s compact, records in 1080p HD, and doubles as a USB charger.
  • The Amcrest Nanny Cam offers a good combination of features for a nanny cam at an affordable price. Its pan/tilt functionality, human and pet detection, and motion tracking make it ideal for monitoring larger areas and keeping an eye on your little ones. However, the lack of local storage and 5Ghz compatibility might be drawbacks for some users.
  • This javiscam Nanny Cam offers strong technical features like high resolution, long battery life, and AI motion detection. However, its hidden nature and lack of audio monitoring make it less suitable for traditional nanny cam use. Consider recommending it for other security or monitoring purposes where privacy is less of a concern.

Remember, the best choice aligns with your specific needs and budget. Which nanny cam did you choose? Did you opt for hidden nanny camera? Share your feedback below.

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