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10 Best Microphone Stands Reviews

If you’re a podcaster, musician, or anyone who relies on a microphone, having a sturdy and reliable microphone stand is essential. Microphone stands are the unsung heroes of both the studio and stage. They are frequently pushed to the dusty end of the shopping list when you’re looking for new music gear, but they are just as important as the gear they’re supposed to hold. After all, a mic that isn’t kept firmly in position may lead to disastrous outcomes. Finding the best one for your requirements might be difficult with so many alternatives on the market. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the finest mic stands for every use and price. However, there are certain important factors to consider while looking for the best microphone stand, such as stability, flexibility, durability, and usability. Keep an eye out for our “Top Picks” for the best microphone stands. Dive into the article to explore more. 

Here is the outline of the topics that are included in the article.

Best Microphone Stands

Best Microphone StandRotatable DegreesMax load MaterialBuy Now
InnoGear Microphone Arm18053oz/1.5kg.Zinc AlloyCheck On Amazon
Amazon Basics Microphone Stand ------SteelCheck On Amazon
TONOR Microphone Arm Stand3604lbs/1.8kgSteelCheck On Amazon
On-Stage Microphone Stand90up to 2-3 lbsSteelCheck On Amazon
Rode Microphone Stand360up to 4.4 lbsSteelCheck On Amazon
Samson Microphone Stand70 or 90up to 5.51 lbsSteelCheck On Amazon
Luling Arts Microphone Stand------Zinc/ABS/PlasticCheck On Amazon
Aokeo Microphone Stand36065oz / 3KGSteelCheck On Amazon
GLEAM Microphone Stand------SteelCheck On Amazon
Pyle Microphone Stand---4.54 lbsMetalCheck On Amazon
Gator Microphone Stand---2.5 lbsSteelCheck On Amazon
Moukey Microphone Stand3602.2lbRubberCheck On Amazon

Best Microphone Stand Reviews

1. InnoGear Microphone Arm

InnoGear Microphone Arm

The InnoGear Microphone Arm is a sturdy and foldable arm that can be adjustable to different angles. It has an extensible arm that can go back and forth to 135° and up and down to 180°. Therefore, you will be able to adjust the height and angle according to the requirement.

The maximum load-bearing capacity of this microphone arm is around 3.3 LB. It is a heavy-duty stand that can easily hold your microphone or WebCam without shaking or dropping. It is again upgraded to a table clamp design that has microphones stand on it. Besides, the inclusion of a sponge pad on its clamp helps protect your table from scratches.

You can stay assured about its strength as it is constructed with high-quality metals that provide stability. It is a versatile and heavy-duty mic stand that both beginners and professionals can use. It is a good choice for studios, TV stations, broadcasting, recording, and much more.

This Microphone stand has universal compatibility. It has a good microphone clip which is flexible and rotatable to 180°. So, you can easily adjust your desired angle and start using the stand for yourself. Its maximum diameter is 1.3 inches or 32MM.


  • Compatible with universal mics.
  • Ability to hold a maximum load of 3.3 LB.
  • The upgraded table clamp design makes it an easy-to-use product.
  • Designed with a sponge pad that protects and prevents the table from getting scratches.
  • It can be easily adjusted to back and forth till 135° and up and down till 180°.
  • Constructed with stable and solid high-quality metal.
  • Integrated with a flexible Mic clip for easy and desired adjustments.


  • It becomes possible to move in a range of motion.
  • An inexpensive choice.
  • Comes in robust packaging.
  • Installing the mic stand takes only two minutes.
  • Holds the mic well.


  • The dial cracked while making clamp adjustment.

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2. Amazon Basics Microphone Stand

Amazon Basics Microphone Stand

The AmazonBasics Adjustable Microphone Stand is the next great choice that has been included with adjustable height. So, depending on your needs, you can easily adjust this mic stand for your purpose. When you use it with the boom arm, you will find the horizontal extension, which can still be appropriately adjusted.

This tripod stand offers improved stability due to the rubber feet. Hence, it can reduce floor vibration, protect surfaces or bare floors, and provide improved stability. You can stay sure that the microphone stand won’t fall off incessantly. Keeping in mind the universal requirement, this microphone stand offers easy compatibility with 5/8 inches to 3/8 inches adapter. Therefore it becomes an excellent choice for use for a range of purposes.

This mic stand has been included with two clip-on cables that provide a secure attachment. The microphone cables will stand perfectly with this microphone stand. The use of sturdy steel construction and ultra-lightweight makes it a durable and portable choice.


  • Constructed with sturdy steel material.
  • It is an ultra-lightweight and portable microphone stand.
  • Includes versatile design folds for a multitude of users.
  • The clip-on cable holders make sure of secure attachment.
  • Designed with rubber feet to reduce floor vibration and improve stability.


  • A great choice for multiple uses.
  • It is an inexpensive choice.
  • The microphone stand can easily fold into a small and neat package.
  • Tall enough to suffice a range of purposes.
  • The perfect matte black finish looks elegant.


  • The boom is shorter than it looks in pictures.
  • Not a very stable boom.

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3. TONOR Microphone Arm StandTONOR Microphone Arm Stand

The TONOR Microphone Arm Stand is created with heavy-duty, durable steel with exceptional bearing capacity. This microphone arm stand has the ability to take a load up to 1.8 kgs. The design has four times more contact area on the clamp, providing more room to attach it to the desk firmly.

The construction includes high-quality, super tension springs that improve the load capacity by 80%. It also makes sure of no vibration while it is being used. This stand has a thickness of 1MM and a weight of 12 MM, which makes it a more durable choice than others. It provides the opportunity to make 360° rotation and adjustments as per your requirements.

No longer will you have to mess around with clutters of cable with the use of this microphone arm stand. It has four cable ties that can easily and quickly fasten the wires and ensure a clean area. The inclusion of a metal adapter makes it a durable choice as it can be attached to different microphones like Snowball and Yeti.


  • Universal compatibility with standard adapter for a range of microphones and shock mounts.
  • Four times more clamp area for firm attachment on the desk.
  • Improved load capacity to 80% with no vibration while using.
  • Included with four cable ties for clean space.
  • High-grade steel rods with improved thickness and wide for better strength.


  • You can adjust it to a range of motion.
  • A sturdy choice.
  • It keeps the space clean.


  • Does not work on a curved table.

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4. On-Stage Microphone StandOn Stage Micro Phone Stand

The On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Mic Stand is designed for short-height miking applications, making it a wonderful option for streaming, podcasting, and studio talkback. 

This microphone stand comes with a detachable straight shaft that adjusts in height from 9″ to 13″. It accepts standard mic clips and accessories, making it compatible with a variety of microphones. The stand also includes a round-weighted heavy base for stability and balance, guaranteeing consistent mic support. The non-slip rubber soles reduce vibrations to prevent mic rumble. Being a model of functional simplicity, this stand makes quick work of setting up a mic on a desk (or) podium.


  • Ideal for short-height miking on a desktop (or) on the floor for amps and drums.
  • Has a compact base that fits easily on a desk, table, workstation, or podium.
  • The durable black coating is resistant to chipping and scratches for a professional presentation.
  • Compatible with standard mic clips, booms, and accessories.
  • Heavy-duty steel clutch that locks the settings for precise mic positioning. 
  • A sturdy, weighted base offers stability and balance for reliable mic support.
  • Non-slip rubber feet decrease vibrations and prevent skids.


  • Adjustable height allows for more precise mic positioning.
  • Long-lasting black finish to stay looking new while unobtrusively blending into any stage setup.
  • Suitable for lectures, presentations, speeches, conferences, studio talkback, dispatch, and public address.
  • Removable shaft mounts standard mic clips and accessories.


  • Not appropriate for taller miking applications.

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5. Rode Microphone StandRode Microphone Stand

The Rode PSA1 is the microphone stand that can be a good choice if you’re on the radio broadcasting, podcasting, looking for a microphone stand, or streaming at home. It has a professional-level boom arm that can allow you to position the stand precisely the way you need it to be.

It has a parallelogram spring design that helps to secure the microphone in a stable position. Even when you keep adjusting the arm height, this microphone stand will let you get the best recording position every time you need it. Compared to other studio arms, this microphone stand features the internal springs.

So, unlike other stands that keep making some noise, the internal spring availability on this stand ensures quiet operation. It means even when you make more significant movements; it won’t make any noise to ruin your recordings. The entire package with it will help you mount and start using it for your purpose easily.


  • It provides you the freedom to make a 360° rotation.
  • Professional studio desk boom arm.
  • Designed with internal springs for a quiet operation.
  • The parallelogram spring design ensures stability.
  • An excellent choice for a perfect recording.


  • The presence of internal springs is a great inclusion to look sharp.
  • Use of solid springs can support heavy loads on this stand.
  • Included with fasteners makes it a handy choice.
  • Designed with internal cable routing is a great idea.


  • Quality is not excellent enough.
  • Assembling the joints can be more complicated.

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6. Samson Microphone StandSamson Microphone Stand

The Samson MK10 microphone stand is perfect for any microphone application, especially in live and studio settings. The Samson brand has long been known in the music business for producing high-quality items, and the MK10 is no exception.

The MK10 Lightweight Microphone Boom Microphone Stand blends lightweight durability with an appealing and useful design. This compact boom stand with a tripod base folds up effortlessly for storage and transit. It also has a road-ready steel structure for enhanced stiffness and positioning flexibility. Its attractive yet subtle presence is enhanced by its smooth black finish.


  • Its lightweight and flexible tripod base makes it easy to carry anywhere. 
  • Durable steel construction provides sturdiness and reliability.
  • Comes with a built-in mic clip to simply attach the microphone to the stand.
  • Perfectly suitable for miking a guitar amp, drum kit, or for vocal performances.


  • It is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of sound sources, making it ideal for different events. 
  • Perfect for professionals who commute regularly.
  • Roadworthy steel construction and sleek black design.


  • You may need to utilize extra accessories to alter the sound source because of the limited tilt and extension range.

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7. Luling Arts Microphone StandLuling Arts Microphone Stand

The Luling Arts Store Microphone Stand is a professional microphone stand that can easily adjust in a range of positions. It has the double layer pop filter, shock mount, table Mountain clamp, and a sponge pad to make it the perfect choice for various purposes.

Included with a mic clip holder for standard microphones can quickly secure the microphone with the stand. It is an excellent choice for using universal microphones and supports a maximum weight of 2 kgs. The professional suspension mount eliminates the physical vibration and supports a range of diameters.

You can quickly tighten the screw if you feel that it is a little shaky. Being constructed with zinc alloy material, this microphone stand can be a valuable inclusion. It also has an anti-scratchpad to prevent any kind of scratches on your table.


  • Supports mic diameter from 5 to 6cm.
  • It can bear a weight of 2kgs.
  • The mic clip holder keeps your microphone secured.
  • A sturdy zinc alloy construction with an anti-scratch pad.
  • Engineered with professional suspension for noise reduction.


  • It comes with a tiny adapter to fit the mics.
  • The stand looks great.
  • Feels like a sturdy choice.
  • Assembling and installation with screws are easy and make the stand stable.


  • Bad quality pop filter.

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8. Aokeo Microphone StandAokeo Microphone Stand

The Aokeo AK-35 Microphone Desk Stand is another excellent choice constructed with high-quality steel materials. This fantastic stand has anti-rust capability and durability, which makes it different from other standard stands. It is also included with super spring support for easy back and forth bending to ensure ease while using.

You can be sure that this microphone stand would not sink or deep. You will be easily able to move this microphone stand to the desired angle and fix it. It is included with the boom arms stand that provides a universal fit for different requirements. In case the microphone has a separate adapter clip, all you need is to detach and then attach it with your microphone adapter clip. You’re ready to use your microphone.

This newly designed one has a desktop clip that can attach to any desk up to 6 cm thick. It also helps you to rotate the microphone to 360° and use it for your recording. The microphone arm can take a maximum load of 2 kgs.


  • Constructed with high-quality steel material.
  • Has an anti-rust property which makes it more durable than other stands.
  • You can bend the arms back and forth swiftly.
  • The desktop play allows you to attach it to any desk up to 6 cm in thickness.
  • It will enable you to rotate the stand to 360°.
  • The stand can approximately hold a maximum load of 2kgs.


  • Fits perfectly with the Blue Yeti mic.
  • The boom arm is a great value.
  • Installation is effortless.
  • Making adjustments is also straightforward.


  • Some design issues.

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9. GLEAM Microphone StandGLEAM Microphone Stand

The GLEAM Microphone Stand is a known brand that offers a great experience to every musician and creator. This microphone stand has excellent length and height, which can be expanded as per the occasion requirement. The design includes a tripod boom that can securely hold the microphone in one place.

It includes excellent height adjustment and a long boom arm that can be used for different performance requirements. The ultra-lightweight design makes this microphone stand a portable choice for creators on the move. The exceptional and foldable designs help to use this Mic stand on this arm.

The product includes three-wire hoops that are generally used for tying the microphone cables so that you don’t trip over them. It also keeps the space clean and tidy. The height adjustment of the bracket can be made between 23 to 43 inches. So whether you are standing or sitting, it can adjust as per the situation. The length of the pipe can be adjusted from 4 to 30 inches as per your desires.


  • Quality tripod boom microphone to hold your mic securely in one place.
  • Easy height and an adjustment for meeting different performance needs.
  • Availability of a carrying bag to make transport easy.
  • Provided with three microphone clips for keeping the wires in place.
  • A great foldable design for the straight mic stand.


  • Great value for money.
  • A heavy-duty choice.
  • Absolutely fantastic for studio use.
  • The carrying bag is a great thing.


  • Stability is a huge issue.

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10. Pyle Microphone StandPyle Microphone Stand

The Pyle Foldable Tripod Microphone Stand is an adjustable heavy-duty stand that you can adjust according to your need. You can quickly raise or lower the microphone stand from 37.5″ to 65.0″. Therefore, whether you want to use it in-studio or on stage, this microphone stand can be a valuable inclusion.

The extendable boom arm with the telescopic height makes it the perfect choice for the industry. The quick and easy height adjustment makes this stand one of the easy-to-use and flexible stands on the market. A 28 inches boom arm with clutch availability helps the microphone stay elevated in the position for long.

The tight clutch clamps can help to get rid of unexpected slips from the stand. With this foldable yet stable tripod leg base, this mic stand can ensure precise balance and stability without collapsing. It can hold up to 4.54LBS. It has a very convenient design that can be ideal for universal microphones. The complete glossy, matte finish and lightweight, durable metal construction help it last forever.

The Moukey Microphone Stand is a sturdy tripod base that is designed with a stable tripod structure. It is constructed with superior steel material and includes an ergonomic clutch in the Centre to get fantastic stability. The non-slip rubber feet on this stand can protect your floor from scratch and the stand from falling. The painted steel makes sure to sustain for years.

The new and upgraded design supports a dual-mic stand which helps you to make group performance easier. It can be extended from 31.5 to 52 inches and the boom arm to 30 inches. It offers 360° rotation, and when locked into position, it remains secure.

The stand has been designed to meet the carrying needs. It has lightweight equipment which can be easily folded, assembled, and then transported to store in a small compartment. The high-end mic foam covers for both the mics protect the microphone from moisture, and the cable holders prevent cable clatters.


  • The microphone stand has easy and quick adjustment from 37.5 inches to 65 inches.
  • You can easily adjust the angle for comfortable use.
  • Telescopic height adjustment makes this the most flexible choice for a microphone on the market.
  • It includes a heavy-duty clutch that prevents unexpected slipping.
  • A foldable tripod leg base makes it easier to carry.
  • The mic stand would not collapse and would provide maximum stability.


  • It is an excellent value for money.
  • The microphone stand is sturdy enough.
  • It is lightweight yet a heavy-duty material.
  • An inexpensive and excellent choice for the best performance.
  • Great cable management clips.


  • Tightening the knobs can be a little harder.

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11. Gator Microphone Stand

Gator Frameworks

The Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand comes with a soft grip height adjustment to make it ideal for various purposes. Whether you want to use it for desktop, recording, streaming, and podcast, this telescopic boom my stand can provide you the ultimate comfort.

This microphone stand has the ability to hold up to 1.5 LBS. It is designed with a heavyweight base to provide stability and take the mic loads. It is included with a telescopic boom arm that helps you to make an independent adjustment to get the right angle and length.

It has a maximum height of 14.25 inches, which lets you use it in a desirable way. The 27 inches telescopic boom arm can be a valuable choice. It also includes a twist clutch for getting a desired angle and height. It also comes with clean cable management and ensures no slipping because of the gasket present underneath its base.


  • It can be adjusted to a maximum height of 14.25 inches.
  • The stand has a maximum of 1.5 LB weight capacity with 2.5 LB of counterweight.
  • The stand is perfect for Euro mic clips and US mic.
  • Telescopic boom on design enables independent adjustment for angle positioning and length.
  • It can be used for a range of purposes.


  • The base is heavy and stable.
  • Knobs are super easy to adjust.
  • Cable management is integrated.
  • The entire piece feels very solid.


  • Changing clips can be big harassment.

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12. Moukey Microphone Stand

Moukey Microphone Stand

The Moukey Microphone Stand is a sturdy tripod base that is designed with a stable tripod structure. It is constructed with superior steel material and includes an ergonomic clutch in the Centre to get fantastic stability. The non-slip rubber feet on this stand can protect your floor from scratch and the stand from falling. The painted steel makes sure to sustain for years.

The new and upgraded design supports a dual-mic stand which helps you to make group performance easier. It can be extended from 31.5 to 52 inches and the boom arm to 30 inches. It offers 360° rotation, and when locked into position, it remains secure.

The stand has been designed to meet the carrying needs. It has lightweight equipment which can be easily folded, assembled, and then transported to store in a small compartment. The high-end mic foam covers for both the mics protect the microphone from moisture, and the cable holders prevent cable clatters.


  • Made with high-quality ABS plastic to improve its durability.
  • Adjusting the stand is easier to suit your diverse use.
  • Constructed with superior steel products.
  • The use of non-slip rubber feet protects the stand and floor.
  • Supports dual mics.
  • The main stand can be extended from 31.5 to 52 inches.
  • It can be easily rotated to 360°.
  • A collapsible design that can be folded and easily carried.


  • A lightweight design that feels sturdy and light.
  • Two separate mic holders make it great for dual performance.
  • A value for money.


  • Not strong enough for regular use.

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What Should you Look for When Purchasing a Microphone Stand?

Having the best microphone stand can propel your performance to the next level. Well, there are a few things to consider such as the type of microphone you have, your intended use, and personal preferences while choosing a suitable microphone stand. However, we have compiled a list of the essential factors that must be kept in mind for your reference. 

Buyer’s Guide 

1. Stability

A microphone stand must be sturdy to avoid tipping over and causing damage to your microphone. That’s why look for a microphone stand with a robust base and legs that won’t wobble (or) sway around easily. You can even consider a tripod base with rubber (or) non-slip feet to prevent skidding (or) damaging floors.

2. Adjustability

You may want a microphone stand that can be adjusted to different heights and angles as per your needs. This is especially crucial if you intend to use the stand with multiple microphones (or) in different situations. So, I prefer the mic stand that is flexible and can be adjusted at various levels depending on your requirements. 

3. Portability

There might be times you may need to use your microphone stand in various places, wherein you must carry the stand easily. So, look for stands that are lightweight,  foldable, and come with a carrying case (or) bag.

4. Durability

If you plan on conducting regular setups and packdowns in the studio or on stage, choose a mic stand that is sturdy and has moving components that can withstand a lot of abuse. All of the stands on this list are made of metal tubing, and many of them include interchangeable components, which eliminates the need to buy a completely new stand if just one element wears out. 

5. Type of Microphone Stand

Since all the mic stands are not designed for all situations (or) events. Following are the most common categories of microphone stands you should be aware of before making a purchase. 

  • Tripod stand: These are the most common three-legged stands that are employed for general-purpose activities such as recordings, performances, etc.
  • Tripod boom stand: These are also popular three-legged stands featuring an additional boom arm for more positioning options than regular tripod stands.
  • Round base stand: They are microphone stands with a round base rather than legs, making them excellent for singers on stage as they take up less floor area and are less likely to trip over than tripod stands.
  • Desktop stand: They look similar to low-profile stands, but are intended more for podcasting and bedroom recording.
  • Low-profile stand: These low-lying three-legged stands are often employed for kick drums and guitar cabs.
  • Overhead stand: They are the largest and most expensive of all stands and are utilized in professional environments when high heights and angles, such as with drum overheads, are necessary.

6. Height Range

Almost all microphone stands can be adjusted in height, however, the range varies greatly. Some supports are built to go significantly higher and lower than the normal range of 35′′ to 65′′. A mic stand low enough to hold a mike in front of a kick drum varies from 8′′ to 12′′, which is insufficient for drum overheard mics. 

7. Pop Filters

There’s no need to omit the pop filter if you’re going to record vocals. A decent pop filter will preserve your recordings from unfixable plosives while also preventing your talent from choking on the microphone and incurring an awful proximity effect. Pop filters range from basic stretched nylon to foam coverings to expanded metal construction, and while the metal version normally performs better, even a low-cost nylon type is far superior to none at all.

8. Shock Absorption

Using a shock mount (or) isolation system can potentially reduce unwanted noise if you are using the microphone in a live environment (or) in a situation with vibrations or movement. Further, a shock mount is an alternative to a clip for securing your microphone and is often built to support larger, diaphragm microphones. They are typically made of two concentric rings connected by a cradle-style arrangement of elasticated bungees and are intended to insulate the microphone from any vibrations transmitted via the stand’s body. 

9. Solidity

It is critical that your microphone be firmly fastened and does not move about while in use, especially while recording. Moreover, some heavier mics can induce sagging when attached to extended boom arms on some lower-priced stands. 

10. Versatility

Some stands come with multiple clips and adaptors for optional shock mounts, but not all do, so make sure you know whether you’ll need to buy extra accessories to utilize your selected stand with a certain microphone. Thread adaptors are important for converting between the two typical thread sizes used on the ends of boom arms – 38″ / 9.5mm and 5/8″ / 15.8mm.

11. Build Quality

Build quality plays a major role when choosing a mic stand. You will always try to change the height range of the stand according to your requirements. While doing so, the stand should be robust and sturdy to withstand rough handling and wear and tear. For that reason, choose the one that is made of quality materials that endure a long time. 

12. Extendability

Check that the stand you are thinking about purchasing is appropriately versatile for your needs. A short tripod boom stand is ideal for kick drums and guitar combinations, but not for miking up drum overheads since it doesn’t reach high enough.

13. Price

Microphone stands generally range in price from $10 to $500+. Consider all of the models, their distinct features, your requirements, pros, and drawbacks, and then figure out your budget. However, even high-end devices with premium features are now available within your price range. 

Best Microphone Stands – FAQs

1. Can I use any microphone stand for my specific microphone model?

Ans: Not all microphone stands are designed to be universal, and compatibility is important. Some stands have microphone clamps or mounts built for certain microphone types. Before purchasing a stand, be sure it is compatible with your microphone model and has standard threading that fits the mounting mechanism on your microphone.

2. Is it worth it to use a shock mount in a live setting? 

Ans: A shock mount can be beneficial if the live performance is in a studio and the microphone is in an isolation booth. However, mics are subjected to so much extraneous noise on a noisy stage that shock mounts wouldn’t help much. They would be more of a physical obstacle than anything.

3. How much weight should a microphone stand support?

Ans: A microphone stand’s optimal weight capacity is determined by the weight of your microphone, shock mount, and any other accessories. To maintain stability and minimize any tipping or drooping, consider a stand that can withstand at least 1.5 to 2 times the weight of your microphone system.

4. What role does a microphone shock mount play?

Ans: A shock mount securely secures a microphone while separating it from the stand or boom to which it is attached. This isolator protects the microphone from stress i.e. mechanically transferred noise and secures it to its stand or boom arm.

5. Are tripod stands (or) boom stands better for recording vocals and instruments?

Both tripod stands and boom stands can be used to record voices and instruments, but the decision is determined by the recording arrangement and needs. Tripod stands are more sturdy and appropriate for stationary recording scenarios. Boom stands provide more positional freedom for microphones, making them suitable for recording instruments or reaching over obstacles.


Finally, choosing the right microphone stand is crucial for achieving the best possible sound quality. Well, whatever the mic stand you choose, it is critical to evaluate your unique requirements and preferences. Study the features and benefits of each choice to discover which is best for you. With the products listed in this article, you can find a perfect fit for their specific needs with features such as durability, adjustability, and ease of use. Overall, investing in a high-quality microphone stand is a wise decision for any musician, podcaster, or content creator looking to take their recordings to the next level. We hope this article is beneficial, and we wish you success in your search for the best microphone stand for your needs. 

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