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7 Best Mailbox Alert System Reviews in 2024

Smart home systems are seemingly one of the best additions you could have for your home. Not only do these devices make your daily life a lot easier, but also add an additional layer of security and privacy to your routine tasks. Right now, you will find a smart alternative to almost every task that you would be performing regularly on a daily basis before. It includes even the most basic actions such as checking your mailbox.

You can rather install a mailbox alert system instead of manually checking the mail 3 to 4 times a day. These systems, as the name suggests, check the mailbox for you and update you when you receive mail or a package, given the increasing chances of package theft, you should definitely install a mailbox alert system at your home by checking out the following factors.

  • Features: The main reason for switching to a smart system is the wide range of features offered by the system for the user to make their lives easier than ever. Therefore, you should thoroughly check the feature set of the mailbox alert system before you select which system is right for you. It includes checking their specifications and some important factors like alert type, range of the device, compatibility, etc.
  • Size: Size can become really problematic at the time of installation, especially for smart home devices. If you have installed a smart home device such as a smart doorbell, smart camera, or motion sensor, you are probably aware of this fact. For a mailbox alert system, you need to ensure that the device you are buying is perfect for your mailbox. And you can do that by checking the physical dimensions of the product along with its specifications.
  • Warranty: A mailbox alert system surely offers a great range of features that will save you a lot of time and effort by doing your job for you. But what good a system will be if it does not work at all. It can happen if the system is damaged or a crucial component of the system fails to perform. And since the system is placed on the outside, it is even more important to ensure that you are buying a reliable product. As you can’t check the actual reliability of the product without using it, you can go with one with a longer warranty period to ensure its reliability.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best options we found on the market for a mailbox alert system. These options are carefully picked on the basis of the factors mentioned above and some more crucial information. Therefore, you can rest assured that these are the best options available for you right now. As a mailbox alert system is not something you can find in a general store, it is better to go with one of the options mentioned here as we will be explaining all of our picks in great detail. You can also find a “Buying Guide” for the best mailbox alert system present right after our picks to help you pick up the perfect option for your needs.

Best Mailbox Alert System 2024

Best Mailbox Alert SystemSizeWarrantyBuy Now
Mail Chime Mailbox Alert System4.25 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches1 YearCheck On Amazon
The Home Mailbox Alert System5.51 x 4.84 x 2.24 inches1 MonthCheck On Amazon
Briidea Mailbox Alert System5.55 x 3.5 x 2.72 inches2 YearsCheck On Amazon
MySpool Mailbox Alert System5 x 2.5 x 2.1 inches---Check On Amazon
Mail Box Mailbox Alert System4 x 3 x 1 inches---Check On Amazon
Tolviviov Mailbox Alert System7.17 x 4.41 x 1.97 inches---Check On Amazon
GRSICO Mailbox Alert System7.2 x 4.41 x 1.97 inches---Check On Amazon

Best Mailbox Alert System Reviews

1. Mail Chime Mailbox Alert System

Mail Chime

If you are looking for the most trusted option for a mailbox alert system, look no further. We will start off our list with the most popular brand for mailbox alert systems, Mail Chime.

The Mail Chime MAIL-1200 is our 1st pick for this list of the best mailbox alert system as it offers a wide range of features along with heightened levels of security. When it comes to accuracy and reliability, the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 is no different than your smartphone. With every mail activity, the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 will alert you 4 times with audio cues along with an LED light indication. Apart from a basic alert system, it also works as a theft alarm to ensure the security and privacy of your mail.

Overall, the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 converts your standard mailbox into a smart mailbox with a connectivity range of up to 350 ft. It is possible because of the advanced transmitter powering the system. You can also adjust the settings of the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 as per your needs to customize its performance to suit your routine.

Best Features

  • Measures about 4.25 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches in size
  • Comes with a year of warranty
  • Offers a wide range of features
  • Customizable settings


  • One of the premium choices for a mailbox alert system
  • Offers reliable range and compatibility
  • Works as an anti-theft security system


  • Costs almost double compared to other options

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2. The Home Mailbox Alert System

THE HOME Mailbox Notification System

THE HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE is also a fine choice for a mailbox alert system that you wouldn’t want to miss if you want an all-in-one option. It is also a premium yet feature-rich pick from our list.

In the 2nd position, we are putting the Mail Chime Mailbox Notification System from THE HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE. This is also a wireless mailbox alert system working with the help of a wireless transmitter to deliver the notification. And, you will receive visual as well as audible alerts to ensure that you get notified every time your mailbox is opened. As for the range, The HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE alert system also offers up to 350 ft range to support outdoor mailboxes.

To use The HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE alert system, all you will have to do is mount a small sensor to your mailbox and connect its receiver to a power outlet in your house. With just 2 steps, you have a fast and secure mail alert system installed in your house. The HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE alert system also offers quadruple alerts for every single mail delivery along with visual aid thanks to the bright red LED installed on the receiver.

Best Features

  • Measures about ‎5.51 x 4.84 x 2.24 inches in size
  • Comes with a month of warranty
  • Premium choice for a mailbox alert system
  • Offers audible and visual notification


  • Installation and setup is very easy
  • Small sensor unit
  • Does not rely on external network


  • Warranty period is too short for the price

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3. Briidea Mailbox Alert System

Briidea 500ft Wireless Mailbox Alert

Briidea is also bringing a fine choice to our picks for the best mailbox alert system. The reason to put this option so high up on our list is its unparalleled reliability and helpful feature set.

In the 3rd place, we are putting the Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System. Unlike most other wireless mailbox alert systems in the market, the Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System is a comparatively affordable choice. And it still offers all the essential features that you would want in a mailbox alert system. The Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System offers almost 500 ft wireless range so that you wouldn’t miss any updates due to connectivity issues. Even if there are walls in between, this system can surpass up to 5 walls and still offer up to 300 ft coverage.

To ensure a long-lasting performance, the sensor of the Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Thus, you won’t have to reset the batteries of this system as frequently as others. The ultra-low power consumption of the Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System also helps with the low running costs. When the mailbox is used, the receiver inside the house will generate 10 audible notifications so that you can’t miss an update. You can also control the volume of the alerts to better suit your needs.

Best Features

  • Measures about 5.55 x 3.5 x 2.72 inches in size
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Offers 10 notifications per update
  • Ultra-low power consumption


  • Most reliable mailbox alert system on the market
  • Offers up to 500 ft connectivity range
  • Can operate between -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Other options are a bit more affordable

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4. MySpool Mailbox Alert System

MySpool Mailbox Alert System

MySpool, a leader in smart home technology, introduces the MySpool MAILBOX Alert, a revolutionary device that sends email or text notifications upon mailbox opening.

Boasting an impressive wireless range over 250 feet, it easily integrates with home WiFi. The device is user-friendly, offering simple installation and customizable online settings via Available in both External and Internal versions for different mailbox types, it operates on 3 AAA batteries (included).

MySpool’s commitment to quality is reflected in their excellent technical support and dedication to selling only new products, ensuring a seamless and secure mailbox monitoring experience.

Best Features

  • Measures about 5 x 2.5 x 2.1 inches in size
  • Works with most types of mailboxes
  • It is more of an anti-theft mailbox system
  • Alerts sent over 250 feet, offering flexibility.


  • Options for email and text alerts.
  • Operates on AAA batteries, no wiring needed.
  • Both Internal and External models available.
  • Online settings via are secure and customizable.


  • Alerts limited to one phone number.

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5. Mail Box Mailbox Alert System


Mailbox Alert is also a well-known brand for smart devices revolving around mail delivery systems. The following mailbox alert system from Mailbox Alert is one of its many offerings for such a system.

Up next, we have a great option lined up for you from Mailbox Alert. The Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime is also a wireless mail notifier system present on our list and much like most other picks, it also offers a connectivity area ranging up to 450 feet. Thus, it is an ideal choice for curbside mailboxes. However, you should probably avoid this option if you own a large metallic mailbox.

The  Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime also offers both audible as well as visual updates when you receive mail. All the things that you need to set up the Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime are included within the package along with a detailed set of instructions. So, installing and using this mailbox alert system is quite easy. Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime is also approved by FCC and UL. Thus, you are certainly going with a reliable option if you choose the Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime.

Best Features

  • Measures about 4 x 3 x 1 inches in size
  • FCC and UL approved option
  • Offers up to 450 feet range
  • Best suited for curbside mailboxes


  • All necessary apparatus is included
  • It offers volume control
  • Offers audible and visual notifications


  • Not ideal for metallic mailboxes

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6. Tolviviov Mailbox Alert System

Tolviviov Mailbox Notification System

Moving on to the affordable range of mailbox alert systems, we have a handful of options coming from brands like tolviviov. It is a dedicated brand for home security appliances and offers a wide range of alarm systems.

If you are buying a smart home accessory, it is always better to go with a brand like tolviviov that deals with home security appliances. The tolviviov Mailbox Notification System is a real-time alert system for your mailbox that offers loud alerts when the mailbox is accessed by a stranger. However, the installation of the tolviviov Mailbox Notification System is pretty straightforward and can be done within minutes.

This mailbox alert system offers up to a 200 ft connectivity range which is more than enough for basic applications. The sensor of the tolviviov Mailbox Notification System will also offer uniform performance along with weather resistance as only its antenna will be exposed to the surrounding area. With that, this option becomes a viable choice for metal mailboxes as well. The battery backup of the tolviviov Mailbox Notification System ranges up to 48 hours, acting as an emergency backup when the power supply is disconnected.

Best Features

  • Measures about 7.17 x 4.41 x 1.97 inches in size
  • Offer up to 48 hours of battery backup
  • Suitable for metallic mailboxes
  • Installation is pretty easy


  • One of the affordable options for a mailbox alert system
  • Offers real-time notifications and alerts
  • Great anti-theft device for your mailbox


  • Connectivity range should have been longer

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7. GRSICO Mailbox Alert System

GRSICO Mailbox Alert System

GRSICO, a brand synonymous with innovative security technology, introduces the GRSICO Mailbox Alarm, a robust solution for enhancing mailbox security.

This device, characterized by its ease of installation and practical design, emits a 120db alarm instantly when the mailbox is opened, acting as a deterrent against mail theft. With a notable transmission range of 200 feet, it ensures timely alerts.

The package includes an alarm station, a sensor with an antenna, and necessary installation accessories. Ideal for most flip-top mailboxes, the GRSICO Mailbox Alarm, controlled via an app and powered by batteries, is an essential security upgrade for modern households.

Best Features

  • Measures about 2 x 4.41 x 1.97 inches in size
  • Generates 120 dB alarm
  • Offers up to 200 feet range
  • Convenient smartphone app operation.


  • Loud alarm scares off thieves.
  • Works well over distances.
  • Fits most flip-top mailboxes.
  • No need for external power.


  • Regular battery changes required.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Mailbox Alert System

Online shopping has always been a convenient option for users to buy the product they want right from the comfort of their homes. And in recent years, it has become more of a necessity since browsing the market for a particular product wasn’t an option for many. Thus, we have seen an ever-increasing growth in the frequency of package delivery in the last few years. And with that, the reports of packages being stolen from the porch of buyers have also increased at an alarming rate. It simply happens because users forget to check their mailbox or can’t get home in time to secure their orders.

But, it can be easily avoided if you have a monitoring system at your home such as a mailbox alert system. This system works as a watchful protector for your mails and packages and alerts you as soon as you receive one. With that info, you can receive your package instantaneously, or get it to a trusted individual right away. Therefore, a lot of users are getting a mailbox alert system installed in their houses. If you are also looking forward to getting one, make sure you check out this buying guide before you do so.

1. Range

For any smart device, one of its major factors is its range. It basically defines the effective coverage area of the smart home device or system and lets you know whether it is the right option for your application or not. In the case of a mailbox alert system, the range is definitely a crucial factor since it affects its installation, especially if your mailbox is rather far from your front door.

If you do have a mailbox farther away from your door, make sure you install a mailbox alert system that can cover up for the distance and offer timely updates without any problem. Failing that, you might notice irregular updates from the system, and even miss updates on some crucial mail delivery. On the other hand, if your mailbox is right outside your door, you don’t have to worry about the range that much. It can easily connect to your network in such a case and you will receive the updates without any problem.

2. Installation

Smart home systems used to be a bit complicated and they were a hassle to install when they were first introduced. But with the latest technological advancements, installing and setting up a smart home system has become really easy and you will be able to do so without any professional help. However, you still need to be aware of the installation procedure to ensure whether you are buying the right option for your home or not. It can be done by referring to the instructions provided by the manufacturer along with the package.

Here, you will find the requirements of the system and step-by-step instructions to install the system in your home. For a mailbox alert system, the most difficult part is to install the sensor which is in charge of alerting you when you receive mail. If that is done correctly, then the system will perform as expected without any problems. So, make sure you check the installation procedure of the system before you finalize your pick. And if you don’t have any previous experience in installing such a system, you can also ask the manufacturer or provider of the system to do it for you.

3. Notification System

As the main function of a mailbox alert system is to alert you when you receive mail, the notification system used by the system becomes an important part of the process. There are multiple options available when it comes to the notification system used by the alert system. Some mailbox alert systems are quite advanced and use your local area network to connect to the internet and deliver the notifications directly to your smartphone. This way, you can acknowledge the delivery of the mail wherever you are.

But, this is only possible with a system that offers WiFi connectivity. On the other hand, other options rely on a local notification system where the system will trigger an alarm of sorts to notify you about the mail delivery. These options are less effective for when you are not home but are highly reliable as they are not dependent on external network connectivity to operate. Therefore, you can get the best option for your needs by checking out the notification system used by the mailbox alert system.

4. Warranty

Lastly, we will suggest you check the warranty of the system before you place your order. As you may already know, electronic devices are prone to get damaged by rain, snow, and even harsh sunlight in some cases. All these factors affect the product in full force when they are installed outdoors. Therefore, the mailbox alert system is no exception for that. On top of that, the performance of a mailbox alert system depends upon the functionality of a sensor, one of the most intricate parts of an electronic circuit.

So, you have to be even more careful while picking up a mailbox alert system for your home. While it is not possible to individually check the build quality and reliability of each and every product you find suitable for your budget, you can simply go with one that offers a long warranty period. These options are usually well built and offer a longer lifespan. And in the event of damage, you can always avail free services from the brand to ensure a proper working mailbox alert system in your home.

Mailbox Alert System FAQs

1. Can I connect the mailbox alert system to my smart home network?

Ans: Thanks to the wide range of compatibility and versatility of current-gen smart home networks, it is possible to connect any smart system to your network, even a mailbox alert system. All you will have to do is find the skill for the system for your artificial assistant, which won’t be a problem if the product is certified by the smart home system like Alexa or Google Home. Once you are past that, you can easily get updates on any of the smart devices connected to your smart home system.

2. What to do if the sensor is missing updates?

Ans: One of the major reasons behind the sensors not offering proper updates is improper installation of the unit. It usually messes up the coverage area of the sensor and conflicts with its working. So, your sensor won’t be able to notify you about the delivery because it simply can’t detect the arrival of the mail. If that isn’t the case, make sure you check the sensor and check whether it is powered or not. In some cases, changing the batteries of the unit resolves the issue.

3. Why is my sensor not getting detected?

Ans: If you are facing problems while connecting your mailbox alert system to your network, it may be caused by your mailbox. Usually, mailboxes are made up of steel which is not ideal for wireless networks. And due to the varying distance between the house and a mailbox, most mailbox alert systems are designed to work via wireless connectivity technologies such as WiFi or Z-wave. Therefore, it affects the connectivity of the sensor to your network. If you are also facing the same issues, you can simply place the sensor outside the mailbox and try again. But, make sure that it is covered by a shade or a different type of enclosure to prevent the effects of rain or moisture.


With the new and advanced smart home appliances, our daily lives are becoming easier and smarter every day. Gone are the days when one had to manually check the mails frequently to make sure that they don’t miss an important mail with the arrival of mailbox alert systems. These are cheap and reliable systems that have only one function – to alert you when you receive mail or a package on your doorstep. It does that by using a sensor to detect the activity in front of your door or on your mailbox.

So, you will get notified in your house or directly on your smartphone when you receive a package. If you are also interested in installing a mailbox alert system at your place, kindly check out our list of the best mailbox alert systems present in the market right now. These are the best options that we shortlisted based on many important qualities. You can learn more about these factors in our buying guide for the best mailbox alert system. We will offer some of our favorite picks from this list right here.

  • If you are not expecting a lot from a basic mailbox alert system, we will suggest you check out the Mail Box Mailbox Alert System.
    This is the cheapest option we have on our picks today, and it certainly does not disappoint when it comes to features and compatibility. The Mail Box  Mailbox Alert has a 450 ft range so connectivity is not a problem for this system. 
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for an all-in-one mailbox alert system, take a look at the Mail Chime Mailbox Alert System. This is one of the smartest options in the market as it works just like a smartphone. Apart from a sharp alert system, the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 Mailbox Notification System also offers a built-in theft alarm to offer even more security. It is also equipped with an advanced transmitter that can send signals for up to 350 feet to ensure ease of installation.
  • Lastly, we will suggest going with the Briidea Mailbox Alert System if you are looking for a highly reliable option. This is one of the few options in the market that offer a long-lasting reliability and a long warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase. On top of that, it also has a 500 ft long connectivity range to ensure perfect compatibility with various installation locations. The sensor unit of the Briidea Mailbox Alarm is powered by 2 AAA batteries, ensuring a reliable battery backup so that you won’t miss any mail update at any point.

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