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7 Best Landscape Spotlights 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

“Here, you can explore some of the best landscape spotlight options that are worth every penny”

Want to improve the curb appeal of your home, then low voltage landscape spotlights are the perfect choice.

We use these landscape spotlights mostly to illuminate the garden area, outdoor evening parties, patios, pathway, or driveway.

These lights are available in a wide range of options that vary in terms of efficiency, brightness and features. To choose among them is not a simple task.

Here is a quick outlook of the key factors to consider before investing in the landscape spotlights.

Number of Lights –

While installing landscape spotlights around the home or garden area, you would most likely use multiple lights. So, it is always a good idea to invest in a pack of multiple spotlights. Most of these light options out there include a set of 4, 6, 8, or 10 lights in the pack. The higher the number of lights in the pack, the larger the area they illuminate.

Wattage –

Ensure that your spotlights are powerful enough to properly light up the required area. You have to check the given wattage rating of the lights to get an idea of their performance. The higher the wattage, the better the lights perform to illuminate the area brighter. For instance, a 12-watt light is going to be much brighter than a 6-watt one.

Brightness –

The light brightness is measured in lumens (lm), and you have to choose the brightness levels based on your lighting purpose (general lighting or security or decorative). A light with a higher lumen count will offer brighter lighting. Prefer to use lights with brightness up to 100 lm to lighten up narrow driveways or pathways. While lights with 500 – 900 lm brightness range are required to illuminate entire patio or garden areas.

We are here with some Best Landscape Spotlights enlisted after doing thorough research on various products. Also, to help you in making a proper buying decision, we came up with a detailed Buying Guide. Read on to ease your selection process and to pick the most suitable option.

7 Best Landscape Spotlights 2024

Best Landscape SpotlightsNumber of LightsWattageWarrantyBuy Now
Covoart Color LED Landscape Spotlights4 lights12 watts1 year longCheck On Amazon
ZUCKEO Landscape Spotlights8 lights 5 watts2 year longCheck On Amazon
Z Store Outdoor Landscape Spotlights2 lights5 watts1.5 year longCheck On Amazon
Innerwill LED Landscape Spotlights8 lights 6 watts2 year longCheck On Amazon
Sunvie LED Landscape Spotlights12 lights12 watts2 year longCheck On Amazon
VOLISUN Landscape Spotlights6 lights3 watts2 year longCheck On Amazon
Romwish Outdoor Landscape Spotlights6 lights5 watts3 year longCheck On Amazon

Best Landscape Spotlights 2024 Reviews

1. Covoart Color LED Landscape Spotlights

Color Changing LED Landscape Spotlights

Covoart is a high-end brand of landscape spotlights that you can consider if you need something powerful for lighting up a large area quite easily.

This Covoart landscape spotlight comes at the 1st position of this article because it is the most powerful spotlight stated here. As each of the included landscape spotlight has a wattage rating of 12 watts, you can expect excellent brightness output.

Speaking of the included spotlights, you will find a total of 4 landscape spotlights which is pretty decent for the given brightness output. Although, its 1-year long warranty can be a bit low if you wish to get a reliable unit.

Best Features:

  • Includes a total of 4 spotlights in the box
  • Rated wattage of 12 watts
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year


  • Excellent brightness output rating
  • Decent pack size for large areas
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Short warranty period

Buy Now From Amazon

2. ZUCKEO Landscape Spotlights

You can also consider Zuckeo and its landscape spotlights if you wish to light up a large area because of the given pack size.

Zuckeo’s landscape spotlight offers a very large pack size without charging a premium for the same resulting in a high value for money. This is due to the reason that you get a total of 8 landscape spotlights included in the box.

When combined with the 5 wattage power rating of each landscape spotlight offered by it, you can expect pretty high brightness output. While there is a 2-year long warranty included with these spotlights, the build quality offered by them is a bit average.

Best Features:

  • Includes a total of 8 spotlights in the box
  • Rated wattage of 5 watts
  • Comes with a warranty period of 2 year


  • Very large pack size
  • Perfect for lighting up large spaces
  • Decent brightness output


  • Average build quality compared to others

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Z Store Outdoor Landscape Spotlights

Z landscape spotlights can also be another viable option if you wish to get lights for installing lights around your home without paying a lot of money.

This Z landscape spotlight is the perfect choice for those who are on a very tight budget and looking for an entry-level offering. Being the cheapest option stated in this listicle, the given 2 spotlight pack size is to be expected.

Despite being an affordable option, you also get a 1.5-year-long warranty and a pretty good build quality with it. Although, since each light has a wattage rating of just 5 watts and there are only 2 landscape spotlights in the box, these are not ideal for heavy-duty usage.

Best Features:

  • Includes a total of 2 spotlights in the box
  • Rated wattage of 5 watts
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1.5 year


  • Highly affordable landscape spotlight
  • Decent build quality for the price
  • Long warranty for reliability


  • Poor performance in terms of brightness

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Innerwill LED Landscape Spotlights

LED Landscape Spotlights

Innerwill is quite a popular brand of lighting fixtures like its landscape spotlights which can be a great option if you wish to light up a large area.

The Innerwill landscape spotlight comes at the 4th position of this list since you can go with this for easily lighting up a large area if you want. This is primarily possible as you get a total of 8 landscape spotlights included in the box.

As each of these landscape spotlights is rated at 6 watts, the light output offered by them is also quite decent. Since Innerwill is a premium brand of light fixtures, it has included a 2-year long warranty along with great build quality.

Best Features:

  • Includes a total of 8 spotlights in the box
  • Rated wattage of 6 watts
  • Comes with a warranty period of 2 year


  • Ideal for installing in large areas
  • Decent brightness output
  • Long warranty for high reliability


  • Slightly premium compared to others

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Sunvie LED Landscape Spotlights

Sunvie LED Landscape SpotlightsSunvie is a reliable brand that sells energy efficient lights at affordable costs. The brand continuously comes up with new models to meet consumer needs.

Sunvie’s landscape spotlights have a wattage rating of 12 watts that produce a high brightness of 900 lumens. With this brightness, you can light up your patio and garden path yard fences. You can use this landscape spotlight for both security and decorative purposes.

In a single package, you get 12 spotlights with aluminum body and IP65 waterproof design. You can install the spotlights easily by inserting the light spike stand on the ground and using the provided fastlock connectors to connect the lighting fixtures. The landscape spotlights have a 90-degree beam angle and 270-degree adjustable head so that you can position them at any angle for the perfect illumination.

Sunvie provides a 2 years warranty on this landscape spotlight from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Wattage rating of 12 watts
  • 900 lumens brightness
  • 2 years warranty


  • Easy installation and flexible positioning
  • Provides high brightness
  • Long warranty period


  • Very expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

6. VOLISUN Landscape Spotlights

Those of you who do not have any budget restrictions can go with landscape spotlights offered by Volisun since they are highly versatile.

In comparison with most other landscape spotlights in the market, these Volisun ones are highly adjustable. For starters, all of the included 6 landscape spotlights inside the box have adjustable colors allowing you to get any design you wish to have.

Other than being highly versatile, these spotlights are also fairly reliable and ideal for long-term use thanks to the included 2-year long warranty. That being said, you should look elsewhere if you need a powerful landscape spotlight as this one only has a 3-watt power rating.

Best Features:

  • Includes a total of 6 spotlights in the box
  • Rated wattage of 3 watts
  • Comes with a warranty period of 2 year


  • Highly adjustable landscape spotlights
  • Quite a long warranty period
  • Large pack of spotlights


  • Brightness output is quite low

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Romwish Outdoor Landscape Spotlights

Romwish is a fairly new brand of landscape spotlights that you can check out if you need something highly reliable made for long term usage.

The Romwish landscape spotlight is the most durable and reliable light fixture stated here. You also get a total of 6 landscape spotlights in the box which is quite good for most users when it comes to lighting up large areas.

Although, its brightness output is a bit on the average side since each of these spotlights is rated at 5 watts. Thankfully, you can count these landscape spotlights to easily last for a pretty long time because of the 3-year long warranty offered by Romwish.

Best Features:

  • Includes a total of 6 spotlights in the box
  • Rated wattage of 5 watts
  • Comes with a warranty period of 3 year


  • Excellent reliability and durability
  • Pretty large pack size
  • Easy to install design


  • Average brightness rating

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose the Best Landscape Spotlight:

To help you out in picking the right landscape spotlight, we have mentioned various spotlights (above) along with their features and details. But if you want to know further, then you can also check out this buying guide to get an idea of how to select your best option, as per your lighting requirements.

Let’s get into the details of the factors to consider while shopping for a landscape spotlight.

1. Bulb Type:

LEDs, incandescent bulbs, and solar lights are the main types of bulbs used for landscaping lights. As a buyer and user, you should know about them in detail to make a wise decision in selecting the correct option.

LED Bulbs – It is the most preferred and superior bulb type for low-voltage landscape lighting. These are brighter, energy-efficient (utilize 80% less power), emit cool white light, produce more lumens per watt, less maintenance, and last longer than incandescent bulbs, yet expensive compared to other bulb types.

Incandescent Bulbs – These are traditional bulbs that emit yellowish lights and are affordable, yet not energy-efficient and won’t last long. So, some people prefer this type due to its low-cost nature.

Solar Lighting Bulbs – With its small solar cell, this type of bulb will charge a battery to power up the light from evening onwards. Since they won’t need any special wiring or electricity, these are affordable, and energy-efficient, yet may not be brighter as other low-voltage lighting.

Note: We suggest you choose the best landscape spotlights that are perfectly suitable for your budget range and lighting requirements.

2. Bulb’s Runtime:

The working time of a bulb will determine the total time period it lightens and stay before it stops/fails. Usually, LED bulbs offer highly rated working time among all other bulb types. A light bulb with a higher working time will provide long-lasting lighting. For instance, a spotlight with 50,000 hours rating is a better option compared to a model rated with 30,000 hours.

3. Number of Lights:

Like other accent lights, we want to purchase landscape spotlights that come in a pack of multiple lights. This will ensure that you can light up a large space easily in terms of brightness output and aesthetics. Most of these spotlight models come in a pack of multiple lights, in which you can find them with a pack size of 4 lights, 6 lights, or 8 lights. The larger the pack size of lights, the better you can illuminate the space. If you don’t find your required large enough pack size, then simply purchase multiple packs.

4. Wattage:

Even if you purchase landscape spotlights in large pack size, you may not get enough lighting (output) unless they are not powerful enough. So, it is a must to check the performance of these spotlights by checking their wattage rating. A general rule is that the higher the wattage, the better performance you can get from the lights. For instance, a landscape spotlight with a 12-watt rating will offer higher light output than light with a 10-watt or 8-watt rating.

5. Power Source:

These landscape spotlights are powered by either plugging into a standard 12-volt outlet (or) solar energy. The power supply for solar lighting is based on the weather condition, which decides its performance. While electric-powered 12-volt lighting is easy to install and offers better reliability. Use PVC pipes or low-profile trunking to hide, cover, or protect the cables. Or simply bury these cables in lawn or paths.

Note – You need to plug into an outlet with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) while using 12-volt lights to avoid any electrical shock or fire accidents at the time of short-circuits.

6. Brightness:

Lumens (lm) are used to measure light brightness. You have to choose the brightness range based on your purpose of using these landscape spotlights (practical or decorative). For instance, dimmer lights (up to 100 lm) are perfect to lighten up narrow driveways or pathways. Brighter lights (500 – 800 lm) are perfect to illuminate patio or garden areas. The higher lumen count will produce brighter lighting.

7. Ratio of Runtime and Charge Time:

A run to charge time ratio will determine the maximum illuminating period and when to charge these lights. Usually, solar lights initially need 8 – 12 hours of charge to run them for 8 – 12 hours, yet depends on the daily sunlight hours. So, we suggest you check out the solar lighting models that have an automatic turn on/off feature to save maximum power.

8. Voltage:

While purchasing any wired devices, it is crucial to buy a low voltage transformer. The reason is that regular sockets have a high voltage rating that might damage the bulbs (especially LEDs). Moreover, it is essential to set a common rating of 12V when using these devices.

9. Beam Angle:

Whether it is a spotlight (to illuminate a narrow area) or floodlight (to illuminate a wider area), it is essential to consider and check the beam angle. Generally, light with a wider angle will cover & lighten a larger area. Some LED landscaping lighting kits feature rotatable heads, which expand the light coverage area.

10. Material:

Stainless steel, brass, and aluminum are the most preferred material used in the construction of these lights. All these fixture materials offer an excellent look and you have to select the option that is suitable for your home’s exterior.

Here is a detailed explanation of all these materials.

Brass – This durable material is made of zinc and copper that doesn’t corrode or rust. However, it turns dark eventually over time when exposed to external elements. It enhances your home’s aesthetics with its extraordinary look, which makes it most expensive compared to its counterparts.

Aluminum – The aluminum light fixtures are affordable due to their low quality and won’t hold well outdoors. If you add powder coating then it offers nice & long-lasting fixtures.

Stainless Steel – With its chromium-oxide layer, the steel light fixture offers a modern look and prevents them from rusting, but this type of fixture material might be damaged due to dirt and sand. So, it is a must to have occasional cleaning for maintaining its great look.

11. Motion Sensors and Timers:

Usually, you can’t connect these light devices (especially solar lights in the garden) to household switches to turn on them whenever needed. So, to lighten up these devices at a particular time, we rely mostly on light sensors, motion sensors, and timers.

Lights with the motion sensor feature will turn on the light automatically whenever someone is moving around its range. While lights featuring light sensor and timer will turn on the light at night time (dark) and turn off in the morning.

12. Color Temperature:

The color temperature of any light is measured by the Kelvin (K) scale. It ranges from warm white (2000K) to daylight (6500K, or more) that generates the feel and look of the lighting. Generally, the lights with a higher Kelvin rating (5000K) are cooler and the same as daylight which produces brighter illumination for proper working. Whereas, lights with a lower Kelvin rating (2500K) are warmer and produce white light to have a cozy feel.

Landscape lighting used at night-time produces a color temperature of 2000 – 3500K that will offer some visibility but won’t expect the lighting effect from the football stadium.

Most people use landscape spotlights for decorative purposes, which means these spotlights are available in different colors. Most models out there come with either warm white or cool white color options. Prefer to choose landscape spotlights that have multiple colors to change the light to your required color and thereby enhance your aesthetics.

13. Weather Resistance:

Being an outdoor lighting source, the landscape spotlight must tolerate the external elements and work properly. Aluminum is a tough material that can easily sustain sporadic impacts from lawnmowers, feet, or trimmer lines, and also has natural rust- & corrosion resistance. So, it is the most preferred material used in the construction of landscape lighting. Some well-light models (a type of landscape spotlights) have shock-resistant tempered glass.

Since these landscape spotlights have electrical wiring, it is essential to check the weather resistance feature in your model before buying them to know whether they resist water and impact or not. The IP code is used to rate the protection offered by an outdoor electrical device to its components from water or dust.

Generally, each solar and wired landscape lighting comes with a rating of IP65 or more. Simply, the light has resistance against dust particles and spouting water (like from rain or sprinkler). For instance, well lights must have a higher rating of IP 67, as they are buried in the ground and has to undergo temporary underwater submersion.

14. Size & Style:

Landscape lighting is available in different sizes and styles, in which each one is suitable for specific requirements. Here is a detailed explanation of every size and style of landscape lighting that let you know how to select your best option.

Garden – With its beneath lighting style, this garden light is a perfect option for pathways or as flower bed lights. We install them on a post from a height of 18 – 24 inches with canopy shade for light reflection from the bulb towards the downside.

Bullet – A narrow beam of light is directed from this bullet light (same as a spotlight) to lighten up specific things like a water fountain, sculpture/statue, or tree’s trunk. Its beam width is measured in degrees, in which light with lower degrees will emit a brighter and narrower light beam.

Wash – This lighting style is mounted near the structure’s base to shine towards up. So, this light will illuminate broader spaces like fences or walls.

Downlight – Alike moonlight, this lighting come with a cylindrical shade around the bulb that shines downwards to deter side glare. It is mostly mounted on the side of the home or tree to create shadows on the pathway or lawn.

Well – Mostly, these lights will shine upwards, in which they are installed in the ground like tree’s base to illuminate branches or near foundation to lighten the frontage.

Floodlight – Similar to wash or normal floodlights, these lights direct a wide beam to brighten broader space is mounted on the home’s eave for proper visibility and security purpose. So, these are mounted on a façade, fence, or wall for brighter lighting.

15. Installation:

Even a novice or DIYer can easily place, set, and install these lights without much effort. All you need is to mount these light fixtures in the ground or attach them to trees. Now run its wires from one light to another till to the transformer. Since these are low-voltage lighting systems, they might have a risk of getting electric shock. So, you have to be careful in its installation.

Solar spotlights won’t require any electrical wiring or transformer, which makes them quite easy to install compared to their counterparts. For these lights, you have to install them by staking into the ground in a location where it easily grabs direct sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours daily.

16. Location:

You can use these landscape spotlights anywhere on the garden, patio, pathway, backyard, or driveway. Yet, here are some suggestions that help you in proper usage of these lights to make them useful in a better-sophisticated way. You can use them in places like lawn ornaments, façade, trees, backyard patios, and gardens and beds.

17. Other Features:

Some additional features found in some landscape lighting models will offer ease of its use. Some models provide a remote control that allows the user to control the device from any part of the house. A few models feature various colors that have interchangeable colors for outdoor parties. While some models feature adjustable solar panels to enhance the collection of solar energy. Thus, a light with extra features is quite useful and we suggest you choose them for more enhanced functionality.

18. Price:

The price range of these landscape spotlights will be from $2 – $50 (or more). We also suggest you invest in a high-quality, and durable product even at a bit more price to make it last longer, rather than cheap models.

19. Warranty:

If you want to ensure that your landscape spotlight remains functional for a longer time, then considering its included warranty is a good idea. Almost all these landscape spotlights models come with a 1-year or a 2-year long warranty. Some more reliable landscape spotlights are available in the market that offers a 3-year long warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it safe to use this low voltage lighting?

A step-down transformer is used to lessen the household’s 120V electrical supply to 12V in the low voltage lighting. Thus, there is around a 90% reduction in the electrical charge, which makes it safe and easy to install and use these lighting.

2. How many lumens are required for proper landscape spotlights?

It depends on the area you want to illuminate and the brightness output. Usually, lights with 50 – 300 lumens are enough for general lighting purposes. While other landscaping lights like floodlights require up to 700 lumens, wall lights require 50 – 185 lumens.

3. What is the maximum distance you can run these landscape lights?

The light’s wattage and wiring’s gauge will determine the distance you can use these landscape lighting. Most of the lighting has a 12-gauge wire, and a total load of 100 watts (or below) will let you run the lights for up to 100 feet with no drop in voltage.

4. How long will these solar landscape spotlights last?

It all depends on the amount of solar energy/sunlight absorbed by the light during the daytime. If it is a sunny day, then it illuminates for 8 hours at night. Since few models offer different light modes, you can extend its runtime by reducing its brightness.

5. Is it necessary for low-voltage wiring to be in conduit?

Basically, it is a low-voltage that won’t have any risk of getting electric shock compared to 120-V household wiring. So, it is not at all required to be in conduit.

6. How many hours will the solar landscape lights last?

Even though the type of weather/environment you are using these lights (cold or hot) will reduce their lifespan, their batteries can easily run for up to 3 years before replacing them. While LEDs can easily last for 5 – 10 years.

7. What is the depth to bury these wires?

You have to bury this low-voltage wiring of around 6 inches deep when it crosses an area or lawn. You won’t experience any electric shock risk, yet lawnmower blades and foot traffic might damage these wires.

8. How many lights are installed on the transformer?

It depends on the specific type of lights and transformer. For this, you have to know the watts your transformer holds and then calculate how many watts each light fixture utilizes to illuminate. Ensure that the total wattage consumed by every fixture should be less than the total watts hold by the transformer.
This will let you know the number of lights you can place/run on a single low-voltage transformer. In case, if the total watts of the light fixture exceed the watts holding the count of the transformer, then buy a second transformer for its proper illumination.

9. Is it necessary to cap these low-voltage wires?

Cap on your wires will help them not to expose and result in electrical short circuits. Also, the exposed wires get in contact with any of the high-voltage systems, then this increased voltage might damage the lights, which are attached to this low-voltage system.


A landscape spotlight can be used to easily light up the landscape around your home or office quite easily. Not only are they highly handy during night time, but you can even use them for decorative usage.

That being said, if you are still confused and want to pick up the right landscape spotlight for you, consider going with one of the following recommendations for the best landscape spotlights:

  • In comparison to most other landscape spotlights in the market, the Covoart Landscape Spotlights are highly powerful. Even though there are only 4 spotlights included in the box, you can easily light up a large area thanks to the given wattage rating of 12 watts per bulb. All of these color-changing lights are also backed by a 1-year long warranty for reliability.
  • Speaking of reliability and long term use, the Romwish Landscape Spotlights are the most durable ones stated here. Other than offering an excellent build quality, you also get a 3-year long warranty. Thus, you can expect this pack of 6 spotlights to last for a pretty long time. As for the brightness output, each light is rated at 5 watts which is fairly decent.
  • If you wish to cover up a large area using your landscape spotlights, then the Zuckeo Landscape Spotlights might be just for you thanks to the given pack size of 8 spotlights. There is also a 2-year long warranty included with these LED lights that are quite reliable and decently powerful at the same time thanks to the given wattage rating of 5 watts for each spotlight.

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