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10 Best In-wall Speakers Reviews in 2024

If you want a true surround sound experience at home like a movie theater, you should place the speakers around the room perfectly. If you place the traditional speakers around your room, there will be wires all around the room, and hence, it is not a practical solution. That is where in-wall speakers can be highly useful and practical. You can install them in the surrounding walls as well as on the ceiling for perfect surround sound.

The modern home décor is designed keeping the option of installing in-wall speakers in mind. You can place the speakers inside the wall as per the space made available during home décor construction. Placing the in-wall speakers around the TV has become a common practice. There are loads of factors to keep in mind while purchasing in-wall speakers, and here are must-check points.

  • Speaker Type – The type of the in-wall speakers is determined by their placement. Even though all of them are in-wall speakers, there are some that you can install in the ceiling, and there are some that you can install even outdoors. The speakers that are suitable for outdoors can withstand moisture atmosphere. The type can also be defined by the kind of sound the speaker can produce. The in-wall speakers can produce regular, straightforward sound waves as well as surround sound.
  • Speaker Size – The speaker size is important for in-wall speakers. This is because you are likely to have spaces made in the wall to fit the speakers perfectly so that it does not leave many gaps and make the wall look weird. Generally, the in-wall speakers have a diameter of 8 inches. But there are certain in-ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers available that have different sizes.
  • Maximum Output Power – The higher the maximum output power, the louder and clearer sound the speaker can reproduce. For in-wall speakers, the range of maximum output power varies from 80W to 100W. Anything lower than 80W may not be good while you can always opt for speakers higher than 100W for even better output and handling loud sound comfortably.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are several parameters you need to check while you purchase in-wall speakers. The speakers differ from one another in terms of technical specifications. That is why we have compiled a list of parameters in the form of a Buying Guide that you need to keep in mind. We have selected the best in wall speakers for you so that you can select the perfect speakers for your home or office.

Best In-wall Speakers 2024

Best In-wall SpeakersSpeaker TypeSpeaker SizeMax Output PowerBuy Now
Micca Wall SpeakerIn -Wall(Indoor/Outdoor)8 Inches100WCheck On Amazon
Polk 2-Way In-Wall SpeakersIn-Wall (Indoor/Outdoor)8 Inches100WCheck On Amazon
Silver Ticket in-Wall SpeakerIn-Wall, In-Ceiling Outdoor6.25 Inches80WCheck On Amazon
Pyle Ceiling Wall Mount SpeakerIn-Wall, In-Ceiling8 Inches400WCheck On Amazon
Monoprice 3-Way Fiber In-Wall SpeakersIn-Wall, In-Ceiling8 Inches200WCheck On Amazon
Yamaha 2-Way In-Wall Speaker SystemWall-Mount6.5 Inches130WCheck On Amazon
Acoustic Audio by Goldwood SpeakersIn-Wall, In-Ceiling, Surround Sound8 Inches700WCheck On Amazon
Theater Solutions Home Speaker SystemIn-Wall, In-Ceiling, Surround Sound8 Inches2000WCheck On Amazon
Herdio 2-Way in Wall Ceiling SpeakersIn-Wall Ceiling (Indoor/Outdoor)5.25 inches160WCheck On Amazon
Focal in-Wall 2-Way D'Appolito LoudspeakersIn-Wall(LCR)5.125 inches120WCheck On Amazon

Best In-wall Speakers Reviews

1. Micca 2-Way in-Wall Speaker

Micca 2-Way in-Wall Speaker

Micca Electronics is a popular brand in the audio segment. They have a wide range of speakers to satisfy the wide requirements of the users. Micca 2-Way in-Wall Speaker is their best-selling in-wall speaker that you can use both indoors as well as outdoors.

The speaker is highly versatile in producing soothing to loud sound smoothly. The bass is outstanding for impactful performance. The powerful combination of Poly woofer and silk dome tweeter produces excellent sound output. They are integrated through a 12dB crossover network without any distortion. The technical specifications such as frequency range, impedance and sensitivity are well balanced.

The speaker comes with mount tabs that securely grip into drywall or wooden panels and hence, making the installation super easy. The surface of the rimed grill of the speaker is paintable to match the wall color. You can make the speaker work with any home theater that you already have installed in the room.

Best Features

  • Pivoting silk dome tweeter ensures clarity in sound.
  • Poly-mica woofer for natural sound output.
  • Advanced crossover network for no distortion in transition.
  • Innovative mounting tabs for instant installation.


  • Paintable grill to disappear into the wall.
  • Suitable for soothing as well as loud sound output.
  • Compatible with home theater for instant operation.


  • Some users have found some issues with installation.

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2. Polk Audio 2-Way In-Wall Speakers

Polk Audio

Polk Audio needs to introduction because every audio enthusiast knows the brand very well. Polk Audio has been in the market for over 5 decades, and they do not settle for second-best products. Polk Audio 2-Way In-Wall Speakers are the best-selling and best-rated in-wall speakers available online.

The speakers successfully deliver the depth of sound along with crystal clarity. You can seamlessly integrate with any home theater for outstanding surround sound experience. The pair of speakers features dynamic woofer and tweeter that add to the detailed sound output. Thanks to the polymer cone and superior driver baskets, the speakers can disperse sound waves wider across the room.

The rubber seal of the speakers makes them suitable for moist environment and delivers better response. They are easy to install with a drop-in structure. The grill is paintable so that they disappear in the room. Thanks to the virtual enclosure, the speakers deliver better bass and low frequency output.

Best Features

  • Soft-dome tweeters add to sound detail and depth.
  • Dynamic Balance woofer makes sounds natural and clean.
  • Superior metal component with rubber surrounds.
  • Coated aluminum in-ceiling and paintable in-wall grill.


  • Single-cut, drop-in, instant installation.
  • Streamlined designed for consistent performance.
  • Virtual enclosure enhances bass response.


  • Not for outdoor areas though it can withstand moisture.

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3. Silver Ticket in-Wall Speaker with Tweeter

Silver Ticket

Silver Ticket is a brand that manufactures accessories for home theater. The brand has built its reputation for producing high-quality speakers to build a perfect home theater. Silver Ticket in-Wall Speaker with Tweeter is a stand-out product in this segment.

The speaker comes with high-quality poly-mica woofer and rubber edge that take care of the depth and detail of sound reproduced. The silk dome tweeter ensures the sound is smooth and natural. Besides, the 15-degree pivot system disperses the sound waves across the room. The frequency range is wide and it takes care of the low as well as loud notes.

Even though the max power output could be higher, the crossover is top-notch in quality. The construction of the speaker is superior and you can place it outdoors. It can easily withstand moisture and hence, you can place it in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. You can install the speaker horizontally as well as vertically.

Best Features

  • Woofer with rubber edge for distortion-free output.
  • Silk dome tweeter for clean and clear sound quality.
  • Wide range of frequency for all types of sound.
  • Flip-level mount system for instant installation.


  • Strong construction for outdoor usage.
  • Paintable grill with rounded corners.
  • Wide compatibility with different home theaters.


  • May not make a distinguishable surround sound effect.

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4. Pyle Ceiling Wall Mount Enclosed Speaker

Pyle Ceiling

Pyle is a renowned brand in the audio segment, and the brand is known for its superior audio products. Users aspire to opt for Pyle audio speakers, and Pyle Ceiling Wall Mount Enclosed Speaker definitely delivers as per expectation.

The powerful speaker has a max output power of 400W so that you can listen to loud music smoothly. You can even listen to soothing background music with clarity and detail. You can use the speaker with any regular receiver and amplifier. The speaker has a wide range of frequency and low impedance.

The flush mount design helps in easy installation in pre-cut openings. You can install the speaker in the wall as well as the ceiling. The full-range speaker pair has deep bass thanks to vented structure and superior tweeters. It can create stereo surround sound effect comfortably. The stylish white finish of the speaker grill is quite attractive. The grills are changeable for custom installation.

Best Features

  • Moisture-resistant material construction.
  • Changeable grills for custom installation.
  • Full-range stereo and dynamic sound reproduction.
  • Titanium dome tweeters for full-range stereo sound.


  • Deep bass and wide frequency response.
  • Flush mount system for easy installation.
  • High max output power for loud sound.


  • Not that good for low end sound.

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5. Monoprice 3-Way Fiber In-Wall Speakers


Monoprice is a relatively new brand in the home theater accessory segment. The company has been producing world-class audio products. Monoprice 3-Way In-Wall Speakers are the best product you can purchase if you want to install in-wall speakers.

The speakers deliver outstanding bass for all those loving loud sound. The superior transducer of the speakers ensures distortion-free and natural-sounding output. The pivoting titanium tweeters provide detailed and clean sound waves, and you can listen to dialogs and lyrics clearly. It can handle max output power of 200W comfortably.

The speakers feature adjustable crossover switch for better sound reproduction. You will get paintable grill that you can repaint as per the wall color to make it disappear. Additionally, you get a one year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. The product is highly compatible with home theaters and speaker systems.

Best Features

  • Superior woofers for distortion-free sound.
  • Large magnets for impactful bass.
  • Silk dome tweeters for clear sound.
  • High-quality transducer for natural vocals.


  • Wide range of frequency response.
  • Affordable price for powerful sound.
  • Removable and paintable grill.


  • The installation process can take some time.

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6. Yamaha 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System


Yamaha has an awesome line up of very high-quality audio speakers. Yamaha 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System is an extremely popular and outstanding speaker that you can install in any room and get superior sound output. You can use the speaker in right, left, and center channels of the entire speaker system.

The speaker comes with paintable grill and protective cover for eye-catching look and durability. The woofers have low impedance and wide frequency response range. The soft dome tweeter produces natural vocals and sound quality.  The maximum power output is around 130W and hence, it can reproduce all the sound waves perfectly.

The low profile design of the speaker ensures easy installation. The speaker can produce surround sound effect. You can slide the speaker in the pre-cut opening and install them quickly. The sound clarity is outstanding and the bass produced is adequate. The sound distortion is also negligible.

Best Features

  • Superior woofers for high performance.
  • Soft dome tweeter for smooth and natural sound.
  • Low profile design for convenient installation.
  • Wide frequency range for reproducing all sounds perfectly.


  • Versatile applications in all channels.
  • Paintable grill and protective cover.
  • Affordable price for surround sound effect.


  • The sound dispersion is not very wide.

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7. Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Home Theater 7.2 Speakers

Acoustic Audio

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood is a brand that focuses on start-of-the-art technology and premium-quality material for designing outstanding audio products. Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Home Theater 7.2 Speakers is a complete system that you can install in a large room for enjoying surround sound effect.

There are nine high-quality speakers in the package, and four of them are wall speakers, two ceiling speakers, two wall sub speakers, and one wall center speaker. This setup is quite common in any 7.2 speaker system but this system clearly stands out. The speakers have woven fiber woofers for excellent clarity. The butyl rubber surrounds produce and enhance the surround sound effect.

The pivoting titanium tweeters are absolutely top-notch in quality, and they add to the depth of the sound reproduced. There are aluminum white grills available, and you can repaint them if you want to. The flush mount system helps in easy installation in pre-cut openings. The low profile housings make the entire system compact and occupy less space in the wall.

Best Features

  • Pivoting titanium tweeters for depth and clarity.
  • Woven fiber cones for outstanding sound output.
  • Butyl rubber surrounds for an immersive
  • Different structures of speakers for precise audio quality.


  • Paintable frames and grills.
  • Flush mount wall-lock system.
  • Includes cut out templates.


  • Need a separate amplifier to power the passive sub speakers.

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8. Theater Solutions Home Theater 7.2 Speaker System

Theater Solutions

Theater Solutions is renowned for its wide range of home theater products that can bring a movie theater-like feeling to your home or office. The company produces different types of items for theaters, but their audio products are extremely popular. Instead of single or dual speakers, if you want to install an entire speaker system, Theater Solutions Home Theater 7.2 Speaker System is a great option.

The speaker system consists of 4 rectangular speakers, 2 circular speakers, 2 passive subwoofer speakers, as well as 1 center speaker. The pivoting tweeters ensure detail, clarity as well as depth of sound. Along with tweeters, the crossovers help in proper integration without any distortion. The passive subwoofer speakers have surround drivers while the wall center speaker has woven fiber cones for better sound delivery.

You can get a home theater feel with its surround sound effects and you can use them in the wall as well as in the ceiling. All the installation instructions are included. There are paintable grills also available that you can paint as per wall color. Together, the entire speaker system can achieve 2000W of max output power. You can pair the system well with a reliable receiver for outstanding audio experience.

Best Features

  • Different types of speakers for surround sound.
  • Premium components for durability and better sound.
  • High-quality cone, crossover, and drivers for excellent output.
  • Versatile installation options for suitability in any room.


  • Paintable grill and easy installation.
  • Compatible with popular receivers.
  • Excellent tweeters for depth and clarity.


  • It is a relatively new product in the market.

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9. Herdio 2-Way in Wall Ceiling Speakers

Herdio 2-Way

Herdio is a dedicated brand in speaker manufacturing. Over the years, the brand’s main focus has been on producing products of excellence. Herdio 2-Way in-wall ceiling speakers come in a pack of four. These speakers can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and you can place them in the wall as well as ceiling.

The speakers feature 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, and the combination produces clean and clear sound performance. Thanks to its flush mount design, the speakers are easy to install inside pre-cut openings. The speakers have white grill cover for protection as well as aesthetics. You can even paint them to match your home décor.

The speakers have a durable ABS plastic basket and aluminum grill. The silk dome tweeter ensures detailed sound waves so that the sound reproduced is natural and soothing to the ears. The bass of the woofer is outstanding in ensuring impactful audio quality. You can integrate a subwoofer with the speakers if you want to.

Best Features

  • Silk dome tweeters generate clean and detailed
  • Indoor and outdoor, in-wall and in-ceiling
  • Flush mount design for instant and easy installation.
  • Aluminum grill is paintable to match the wall color.


  • Outstanding and impactful bass.
  • Seamless integration with subwoofer.
  • Set of 4 speakers for complete surround sound.


  • Some users have reported average performance.

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10. Focal in-Wall 2-Way D’Appolito Loudspeakers

Focal is a French brand which has made a place in the international market comfortably thanks to its high-fidelity speakers. The company has been manufacturing speakers for over 4 decades and has steadily become a renowned and reliable brand with its wide range of high-quality speakers.

Focal in-Wall 2-Way D’Appolito Loudspeakers are literally beast in their performance. The structure is compact, but the output is outstanding with 120W max output power. You can place the speakers in stereo systems, home theater systems as well as distributed systems as per the room requirements. The loudspeakers come with an adjustable tweeter along with a metal inverted dome for better sound delivery.

Besides, the Polyglass cone ensures low distortion. You can place the loudspeakers in the center, left as well as right channel. The innovative frameless square structure with a circular grill makes the product compact and attractive. Ideally speaking, the speaker is suitable for small to medium rooms.

Best Features

  • Three different types of placement for versatile applications.
  • Aluminum dome and adjustable tweeter for better output.
  • Polyglass cone for low sound distortion.
  • Frameless structure for easy installation.


  • Outstanding acoustics performance.
  • Compact and durable structure.
  • Clear and loud sound reproduction.


  • It is a relatively new product.

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Buying Guide For In-Wall Speaker

You have already seen that the in-wall speakers differ from one another in terms of different parameters. We have already provided you with the best in-wall speakers but you have to select the perfect speakers ultimately. To find the perfect in-wall speakers, you need to have complete knowledge about all the technical specifications. Here is the complete guide for assessing the in-wall speakers perfectly.

Speaker Type –

Even though you are essentially purchasing an in-wall speaker, there are different categories of in-wall speakers available. The traditional ones are very popular, and they come in the shape of a rectangle. You can make pre-cuts in the wall around the TV or across the room and install the in-wall speakers quickly.

Apart from the traditional in-wall speakers, they are flush mount speakers available that you can install easily inside pre-cut openings.  These flush mount speakers are useful when you install them in the ceiling.  Among in-wall ceilings, there are indoor as well as outdoor speakers available. The outdoor units can withstand moist environments and produce outstanding sound quality.

Speaker Size –

There are two types of shapes in in-wall speakers. Generally, the speakers are rectangular in shape, but the flush mount design is circular in shape. Therefore, the shape size is determined by the woofer diameter. Most of the in-wall speakers have 8-inch diameter, and accordingly, you have to make a pre-cut in the wall.

However, it is better if you select the in-wall speakers beforehand and check the external diameter before making any cut and dent in the wall. There are as small as 5.25-inch speakers available as well as 16-inch speakers available to choose from. The reason for the bigger size is that there could be multiple speakers with a woofer instead of the regular one speaker structure.

Maximum Output Power –

The maximum output power is the highest amount of power it can provide as output without getting damaged. Since you could be playing loud sound on the speakers, you will need to opt for speakers that have high max output power. The average max output power of the in-wall speakers is around 100W.

If you do not listen to loud sound, you can opt for low max output power speakers, and it is likely to cost you less. However, it is always recommended to opt for high max output power so that even when you play loud music at times. The occasional loud sound waves can be handled well without any distortion.


The construction of the in-wall speakers is quite important. Starting from the cone to the grill, the material of the speakers matters a lot. The materials used can determine that weight as well as the sound quality and durability. There are some speakers available with paintable grills so that the speakers can match the wall color where you are going to use them.

There could be some ABS plastic parts, but metal construction is always preferable. The material of the cone of the woofer and dome of the tweeter can ensure low distortion and better output performance. Besides, if the speakers come with a rubber edge it can enhance sound performance.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. Do in-wall speakers sound good?

There is no doubt that in-wall speakers sound great and hence, they are becoming a regular part of the modern décor. People place them around the TV as well as across the room including the ceiling for surround sound effect.

2. Do I need a receiver for in-wall speakers?

If the in-wall speakers are passive speakers, you will need a receiver. In general, most in-wall speakers are passive in nature. Hence, there is no need for an external power source as they all connect to the receiver or the amplifier directly.

3. How do you mount in-wall speakers?

First of all, you should keep the speakers nearly 2-3 feet away. Similarly, you should place them at least 150 cm from the floor. For the best results, you should place the speakers at ear level depending on your seats.

Conclusion –

If you have a modern home or office, you should definitely consider in-wall speakers instead of traditional speakers. You should have pre-cut openings and spaces in the wall as well as ceiling. You can have the perfect home theater at your home or office like a movie theater. You can get surround sound effect comfortably by installing speakers across the room.

We have handpicked the best in-wall speakers for you to choose from as per your preference. We have also provided you with a buying guide where you can find the important parameters to assess speakers. If you are still confused which in-wall speaker to choose, here are our recommendations for you.

  • If you are looking for the best in-wall speaker, we recommend Polk Audio 2-Way In-Wall Speakers. The brand is highly reliable and the product has proven its performance. It is the best-selling and best-rated in-wall speaker on the list. It is suitable for in-wall, in-ceiling, indoor as well as outdoor placement. The performance is outstanding while the install is super easy.
  • If you want to install an entire speaker system, we recommend Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Home Theater 7.2 Speakers. You get 9 speakers and they are powerful enough to create surround sound effect. You can feel like you are in a movie theater with excellent output quality. You can install them instantly across the room and enjoy superior musical experience.
  • If you are looking for an in-wall speaker for loud music, Pyle Ceiling Wall Mount Enclosed Speaker. You get a pair of speakers that have maximum output power of 400W. Therefore, you can listen to very loud sound without damaging them. The speakers also produce deep bass along with stereo and surround sound.

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