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Best Gas Can Reviews In The Market Which Are Safe And Durable

Whether it’s for your trimmer, lawn mower or any other gas powered equipment, storing some extra fuel for emergencies is always beneficial. A gas can store energy fuel supplies for months and can be transported to fuel your vehicles on the go.

The best gas cans in the market are safe and durable, as well as simple to fill and pour. But, every gas can is different. Manufacturers use different safety mechanisms and pouring mechanisms. They are also made of different materials and look different from one another. So, what makes one better than the other?

Here are some tips of choosing the best gas can for your use:

  • Material: Gas cans can either be made of plastic or metals. Metals last longer than plastic. Metal is also more expensive than plastic. Plastic gas can not last as long as metal one but they are inexpensive options. While metal can rust over time plastic gas cans have a tendency to collapse in higher temperatures.
  • Capacity: Gas can is available in different sizes. Usually it varies from 1 gallon to 5 gallon. A 5 gallon gas can will hold greater capacity but at the same time it will be difficult to pour into small outdoor equipment. For fueling smaller outdoor equipment we recommend buying 1 gallon plastic/metal gas cans.
  • Safety: You should look for EPA and CARB certifications. All gas cans sold in the USA are EPA compliant. And all gas cans sold in California workplaces meet CARB requirements.

Today in this article we are enlisting the 10 best gas cans of different prices, qualities and designs. YOu can choose whatever your budget allows you. There’s also a best gas can “Buying Guide” which states all the factors required to choose the best gas can for your use.

Best Gas Can List

Product NameCapacityMaterialSafetyBuy Now
Eagle Gas Can5 gallonalloy steelEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon
GARAGE BOSS Gas Can5 gallonplasticEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon
No-Spill Gas Can5 gallonplasticEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon
Midwest 5600 Gas Can5 gallonplasticEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon
Scepter Gas Can5 gallonplasticEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon
AMZOSS Gas Can5 gallonmetalEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon
Winado Gas Can5 gallonmetalEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon
Midwest 6610 Gas Can5 gallonplasticEPA,CARB, complaintCheck On Amazon

Best Gas Can Review

1. Eagle Gas Can



Eagle 5 Gallon Red Safety Gasoline Can is the Solution for Secure Storage and Transportation.

When it comes to storing and transporting gasoline, there’s no room for compromise. This tough can is made from a metal that doesn’t have any lead. It’s like a strong shield that keeps you safe from anything bad.

This can have lots of safety things that were thought about carefully. It’s not just a regular can – it’s even better than that. The special spout it has doesn’t make sparks. It’s like a special tool that helps you pour gasoline without any problems. The lid on top closes tightly because of a strong spring and a special rubber seal. This stops gasoline from leaking out. And there’s a special handle that’s easy to hold, making it safe to use even with the tricky gasoline.

The can is checked a lot to make sure it won’t leak. It’s like passing a big test to be sure it’s safe.

Best Features:

  • Durable Alloy Steel Construction
  • Leak-Tested for Reliability
  • Safety Certified (UL, ULC, FM)
  • Flame Arrestor Screen
  • Comfort Grip Trigger Release


  • Long-lasting Durability
  • Certified for Safety
  • Flame Arrestor for Fire Prevention
  • Easy-to-Use Trigger Release
  • Leak-Tested Reliability


  • Heavier Than Plastic Cans
  • Can Get Hot in Sunlight
  • Higher Cost Than Some Plastic Options

Buy Now From Amazon

2. GARAGE BOSS GB310 Gas Can

GARAGE BOSS GB310 Gas CanAvailable in 3 different sizes the GARAGE BOSS is both EPA and CARB compliant. It’s a cheap solution for keeping your gas-powered machines running all year round. It comes with a simple Press and pour button. You need to press the button down to start the flow, then release the button when your machine is filled.

The press-and-pour button is a great solution to prevent accidental fuel spillages. It has a translucent spout which allows you to see how much fuel is being poured and offers precise control. It even allows you to unscrew the spout for a faster flow rate. It’s ergonomic design keeps it stable and makes fueling your devices super easy and clean.

It’s a far cheaper option than our 1st pick. But, It’s fully manual and doesn’t come with any auto-cut mechanisms. It also means anyone can use it. Moreover, it features a childproof mechanism.

Best Features:

  • Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Available in 3 sizes- 1, 3 and 5 gallon
  • Simple press and pour button
  • Detachable spout for faster flow rate
  • Translucent spout let’s you see the fuel flow
  • Comes with an attached dust cap
  • CARB and EPA compliant


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Childproof design
  • Different sizes available


  • It’s only available for gasoline

Buy Now From Amazon

3. No-Spill 1450 Gas Can

No-Spill 5-Gallon Gas CanNo-spill Gas Can is the best overall product on our list for a number of reasons. Firstly, it comes with this auto-stop feature that cuts off the fuel flow as soon as the can reaches its full capacity, which reduces the chances of messy fuel spills. It practically eliminates overflowing of fuel.

It even comes with a push-start/stop button, which controls the fuel flow. This simple mechanism allows you to start and stop the flow with just a push of a button. All you need to do is insert the spout into the tank’s opening, then press the button to start the flow and release the button. It will automatically stop as the tank reaches its capacity. Or, you can manually stop the flow by releasing the button.  It’s entirely user controlled.

We love how skillfully it has been designed. The wide bottom keeps it stable while reducing the chances of accidental tipping in any case. It has one of the fastest fuel flow rates which dispenses 3 gallons per minute. Hence, it will significantly cut down on your time filling tanks. Moreover, it’s made in the USA and meets EPA, California, and CPSC guidelines. It’s available for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.

Best Features:

  • Push-start stop button
  • Auto-stop feature
  • Fuel flow 3 gallons per minute
  • Large opening allows you to visually inspect while dispensing
  • EPA and CPSC certified
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 15″ HT x 10″ W x 15″ D


  • Very easy and safe to use
  • Stable wide base prevents accidental spillage
  • Fast flow rate, 3 gallon/min


  • Little expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Midwest 5600 Gas Can

Midwest 5600 Gas CanWith this Gas can you will no longer fear hydrocarbon emission. It’s safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Made of HDPE and barrier materials this gas from the Midwest won’t tip, rust, dent, or corrode. You will be pleased as it surpasses both EPA and CARB standards.

It features a border base compared to others and has a lower centre of gravity which eliminates the chances of tipping over while using. It was designed with two handles so that you can have someone to help you while pouring oil. Moreover, there’s a tipping safety mechanism that automatically locks the spout in case of improper handling.

The unit measures 12.50″ x 9.75″ x 14″ L, H, W and holds 5 gallons of fuel.

Best Features:

  • Capacity: 5 gallon
  • Rustproof, dent proof, resistant to corrosion
  • Made of HDPE with barrier materials
  • Mets EPA and CARB requirements
  • Broader base
  • Safety lock


  • Affordable
  • Features a broad base that prevents tipping
  • Comes with 2 handles for ease of use
  • Has a safety lock that automatically seals the mouth in case it tips over


  • Difficult to fill it up

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5. Scepter FSCG552 Gas Can

Scepter FSCG552 Gas CanThe Scepter Gas Can is another widely popular option for you. It comes with a SmartControl mechanism that makes it safe and easier to pour fuel. You can adjust the flow speed by adjusting the pressure of the Smart Control mechanism. It even comes with a Flame Mitigation Device (FMD), which prevents the risk of vapour ignition inside the can.

It’s one of the safest gas can available on the market. thanks to its 5-layer construction that ensures durability and safety. It prevents any vapour leaks hence preserving your fuel for longer.

The flow mechanism, especially the nozzle, can be a little hard to push, but it’s a full child-proof construction. First, you need to unlock it by pressing the dark green tab (safety lock) forward. Then gently squeeze the light green block with the palms of your hands to release any fumes. Then squeeze the block to pour.

You can adjust the flow rate for small gas-powered equipment or increase the rate up to 3 gallons/min for bigger equipment. It’s both EPA and CARB-compliant.

Best Feature:

  • Capacity: 5 gallon
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Maximum flow rate 3 gallon/min
  • Child-safety lock
  • SmartControl mechanism
  • Comes with Flame Mitigation Device
  • EPA, CARB compliant


  • 40 lbs gas can
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Safe and leak-proof


  • The nozzle is hard to press

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6. AMZOSS 20L Gas Can

AMZOSS 20L Gas CanThis 20 L gas can from AMZOSS is made from cold rolled steel and has welded seal seams to make sure it’s reliable,  stable and lasts long. Each of these cans measures 13.78″ x 6.5″ x 17.91″ and weighs around 6.6 lbs only, which is significantly lightweight as compared to steel gas cans. The compact design doesn’t take too much space and is very easy to store or carry as fuel backup.

The spout comes with a safety lock-pin that seals up the cap and prevents any changes of fume or oil leakage. It has a bucket and safety latch system for double protection against spillage. Moreover, it has a sealing rubber gasket to reduce the chances of oil leakage. The pouring spout is made of metal but comes with a flexible rubber extension which makes pouring easy and safe.

It’s both EPA and CARB-approved. It comes with a child-safety lock, it’s leakproof and coated with anti-corrosive layers both inside and outside. For your ease of use, the can design has incorporated 3 handles that can be lifted up by 1 or 2 people.

Best Features:

  • Capacity: 20 L/ 5 Gallon
  • Made of cold rolled steel
  • 3 handles for easy grip
  • Weighs 6.6 lbs when empty
  • Comes with a rubber extension
  • Bucket buckle and safety latch systems
  • Sealed with rubber gasket
  • Measures 13.78″ x 6.5″ x 17.91″


  • High-quality jerrycan
  • Safety latch system equipped
  • EPA and CARB approved
  • Metts USA guidelines


  • Little expensive for its quality

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7. Winado 20L Gas Can

Winado 20L Gas CanThis gas can from Windado has 20 L capacity which provides you with enough fuel and its compact design is very easy to store. It doesn’t take up too much space and can be easily stored, used, and carried.

It’s made of high-quality cold-rolled steel with superior welding and sealing mechanisms to ensure robustness and reliability. You don’t need to worry about damaging a fuel tank during rough off-roading.

The best part is you can use it for fuel oil, diesel, petrol, or any type of fuels and liquor. Moreover, there’s an additional fuel injection spout with an extended pipe sealed with a rubber gasket, which allows you to quickly and easily pump oil. The rubber gasket also prevents oil leakage and spills.

Also, it features a unique air breathe technology that empties the canister in a matter of a few minutes. Plus, there’s a safety lock pin in the mouth which helps in avoiding accidental bending and prevents oil from leakage. It’s both EPA and CARB-approved.

Best Features:

  • Capacity: 20L/ 5 gallon
  • Made of cold rolled steel plate
  • Additional fuel injection nozzle
  • Includes an extended nozzle sealed with rubber gasket
  • Safety lock pin in the cover


  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry and store
  • EPA and Carb approved
  • Safety lock-mechanism


  • Few issues with spout leakage

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8. Midwest 6610 Gas Can

mid west

Quick-Flow Spout Mid West Can 6610 Solution for Safe and Effortless Gasoline Storage and Dispensing. It is Carefully designed to meet your storage needs, this smart container raises the bar for usefulness and safety.

Created with you in mind, this Spout gasoline can is steady and won’t tip easily and to keep you even safer, it has a super advanced flame shield. With a dual-layered protection mechanism, accidental fires become a worry of the past.

This is made from strong plastic that lasts a long time. You can be sure that the can is safe – it goes beyond what CARB and EPA say is needed. Right in the center of the smart design is a special spout that makes pouring gasoline super easy and smooth every single time.

It’s a simple and reliable Can suitable for homeowners, mechanics, and anyone who needs to store gasoline.

Best Features:

  • Enhanced Stability Design
  • Exclusive Flame Shield Safety System
  • CARB and EPA Compliance
  • Universal Fit


  • Safe and Stable Design
  • Double-Layer Fire Protection
  • Environmentally Compliant
  • Versatile Fit


  • Heavier Weight (9.5 pounds)
  • Lack of Color for Identification

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Gas Can Buying Guide

The best gas cans are made safe, leak-free and are always easy to use. The gas can you use should also depend on your use and preferences. There are some gas can safety standards that you must know. Other factors that you must consider are capacity, portability, and cost. So, for those who want to know something extra to pick the best gas cans out there, we are enlisting a series of factors for you.

1. Material

Gas cans are usually made of either plastic or metal. Both of them have certain pros and cons.

Metal gas cans are comparatively more durable, and they can store fuel for a much longer time. On the other hand, metals can be prone to rust and corrode. They might also leak and bloat. Metal cans that are OSHA-compliant are certified for use in the workplace.

Plastic: Many consumers prefer plastic gas cans because they are affordable and usually cost much less than metal cans. But they might collapse due to temperature change, or bloat in higher temperatures. Another issue with plastic gas cans is that the fuel inside may leach into the fuel kept inside. Despite all these, good plastic can last for 6 months to 1 year. Look for EPA and CARB certifications.

2. Capacity

Usually gas cans come in 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon capacities. However, there are gas cans that can hold 10 gallons or more. They are less common and if you don’t need to store fuel for 6 months, such big cans are really not necessary.

A bigger can will be better if you need to fuel various vehicles and equipment or run a shop. Remember, the bigger the gas can, the heavier will be, which means it will be difficult to move. A large 5-gallon gas can will be much more difficult to manage when filling smaller equipment. Bigger cans will also take more space to store in a car. If you deal with smaller equipment, a 1-gallon gas can will be a better bet.

3. Safety Standards

Gas can sold in the USA must meet the EPA requirements. These guidelines were put into effect in 2009 and state that gas cans cannot be self-vent. This means it can be sold all over the US which are EPA compliant and has a self-closing valve to prevent leaking of gas, fumes, and vapours.

Not all gas cans that are sold in the US are OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and CARB ( California Air Resources Board) standards. For a gas can to be used lawfully in the workplace, OSHA criteria must be satisfied, and in the state of California, gas cans must also comply with CARB regulations. Cans that satisfy these criteria may give you peace of mind regarding safety and pollution controls, even if you just intend to use your can at home and outside of California.

4. Color

Some gas can manufacturers make gas cans that can store only one type of fuel while some others can be used to store several styles of fuel.

Make sure never to use one gas can for a variety of fuels even if the manufacturers say it’s compatible to store. YOu should never mix one fuel type with another.

To keep it simpler, manufacturers have colour-coded these gas cans. For example

  • Red: Gasoline
  • Green: Oils
  • Yellow: Diesel
  • Blue: Kerosine

5. Cost

Small gas cans are available for less than $20, but a lot of them do not adhere to the necessary safety standards.

Although there are gas cans with prices ranging from $25 to $35, and even though many of them will comply with industry standards and safety requirements, you must look for seals and certificates before selecting one.

And lastly, the premium gas cans that are available for $40-50 are large, durable and pack all the safety seals and meet requirements set by both EPA and CARB.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are metal gas cans better than plastic ones?

Ans: Metal gas cans are superior to plastic for long-term fuel storage. With plastic gas cans, there’s always an issue of plastic breaking down into the fuel inside. And plastic might also collapse in higher temperatures. Metal gas cans may rust but they generally outperform plastic ones.

2. How long can I store gas in a gas can?

Ans: Gasoline naturally degrades and loses its combustibility with time. It’s because the volatile compounds inside evaporate and cause oxidation. When properly stored in a tightly sealed plastic or metal can gasoline can last for 3 to 6 months easily.

3. Is it okay to mix gas with old gas?

Ans: If you have fuel stored in the gas can for long enough to be contaminated, you should completely replace it with a new one. It’s not recommended to mix old gas with new gas as the old gas can degrade the quality of the new gas and your engine will perform poorly.

4. How long does unleaded gas last in a jerry can?

Ans: Unleaded gas can easily last for 3 to 6 months when properly stored in a tightly sealed metal or plastic gas can. But after 6 months it may start deteriorating. If you want the fuel to last over 6 months you can add additives and stabilizers to increase the shelf life of unleaded gasoline. But, generally, it is not recommended to store gasoline for over a year.

5. What’s the purpose of the vent on a gas can?

Ans: The vent allows air to enter the gas can as fuel is poured out, preventing a vacuum from forming. This ensures a smooth flow of fuel without gurgling or splashing.
Remember, always prioritize safety when using and storing gas cans. Follow guidelines, adhere to regulations, and exercise caution to prevent accidents or mishaps.

6. Do gas cans have expiration dates?

Ans: Gas cans themselves don’t have expiration dates, but the gasoline inside can degrade over time. Consider using fuel stabilizers to prolong the shelf life of stored gasoline.

7. How do I prevent children from accessing a gas can?

Ans: Store gas cans in a locked or elevated location out of reach of children. Educate them about the dangers of gasoline and emphasize that it’s not a toy.


When choosing a gas can always look for safety standards. Make sure they are EPA or CARB-certified. And for workplaces, you will need an OSHA certification. You can choose both metal and plastic ones depending on your budget as both of them have some pros and cons. You should also keep in mind not to use 1 gas can for storing different types of fuels. And maintain the color-codes set for gas cans. Like red for gasoline, blue for kerosine, yellow for diesel, and green for oils.

So, which gas can you buy? Wait, are you still confused about your purchase? Here are our top three recommendations:

  • If you are looking for a 5-gallon plastic gas can then a No-Spill 1450 Gas Can is a perfect choice. It has an auto-stop feature that cuts off the flow as the vessel reaches its capacity. Also, there’s push start/stop button, and other important safety features. It boasts a stable wider bottom and it’s both EPA and CARB and CPSC compliant.
  • If you think you should buy a steel gas can then go with AMZOSS 20L Gas Can. The 5-gallon Gas can is made of cold rolled steel plate. It features a compact design, safety-lock system, and extended rubber nozzle for easy pouring. It meets EPA and CARB requirements.
  • If you want a smaller 1-gallon gas can then you can pick GARAGE BOSS GB310 Gas Can. It’s both EPA and CARB-compliant. And comes with all the necessary safety features to prevent accidental spillage.


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