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10 Best CPU Coolers For Ryzen 9 5900x Reviews In 2024

The Ryzen 9 5900X sits just behind the top-of-the-line 16-core R9 5950X and is a fantastic all-around CPU. It is one of the most capable if you are looking for a high-end processor with a high refresh rate for gaming or work but does not require the top-tier production efficiency of the 5950X or even the 12900K. The processor has a maximum boost frequency of 4.8GHz, a base clock of 3.7GHz, and a thermal design power of 105W.

That is great, but with so many alternatives, it was more challenging than expected to compile a list of the top CPU coolers for the Ryzen 9 5900X. We have narrowed it down to the largest and most powerful air coolers on the market and a few mid-range options. Moreover, it will be helpful for you to choose the best CPU coolers when you have a thorough idea of the following parameters.

  • Fan Size: The CPU cooler’s fans are the most important parameters as it directly affects the heat dissipating function of the unit. The fan can remove more heat from your system by pushing more air per unit of time. As more giant fans can provide more CFM or airflow than smaller ones, they typically provide higher cooling performance.
  • Cooling Method: Although a CPU cooler’s fan or radiator removes heat from the unit, considering how heavy the programs are, it may not be the best solution. You must use a CPU cooler with a water-cooling function for multipurpose setups for quicker heat dissipation. In these CPU coolers, the liquid that removes heat from the unit is cooled by the fan. By doing this, the entire heat removal capability rises significantly compared to a standard air CPU cooler.
  • Fan Speed: One of the factors to consider when buying a CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x is the RPM or speed of the fan. It plays an essential role in affecting its cooling performance. A CPU cooler that comes with a large fan but a low-speed fan will not offer good cooling performance. Therefore, with a large fan, it is essential to have a high-speed fan to cool the device properly. Usually, a speed of about 1000 to 2500 RPM of the fans is preferable.

If you want your Ryzen 9 5900x to give the best performance regardless of the weather conditions, it is essential to invest in a suitable CPU cooler. However, since there are countless CPU cooler brands in the market, you will likely get confused when it comes to purchasing a compatible product. Therefore, this post has come to your rescue by listing out the most prominent brands of CPU coolers for the Ryzen 9 5900x. Also, make sure to check out the detailed “Buying Guide” given at the end of this post.

Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 9 5900x 

Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 9 5900xMaximum Rotational Speed(RPM)Number of fansCooling MethodNoise Level
Buy Now
CoolerMaster CPU Coolers 15002Water15 240Check On Amazon
Corsair CPU Cooler21003Water34360Check On Amazon
ARCTIC CPU Coolers1800 2Water-240Check On Amazon
Noctua CPU Coolers2500 1-24-Check On Amazon
ID COOLING CPU Cooler18002Water & Air15.2 - 35240Check On Amazon
Enermax CPU Coolers2000 1Water, Fan17 120Check On Amazon
Scythe CPU Coolers8002Air4120Check On Amazon
MSI CPU Coolers2000 2Water-240Check On Amazon
DEEPCOOL CPU Coolers18501Air28120Check On Amazon
Fractal CPU Coolers2000 3Air20360Check On Amazon

Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 9 5900x Reviews

1. Cooler Master CPU Cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L V2

The Cooler Master is among the most renowned brands dealing with PC accessories like CPU coolers. Therefore, our first choice is the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L. This is an excellent alternative for anybody searching for an all-in-one CPU cooler at a reasonable price.

This highly efficient cooler takes the first place as it is well-built to keep the temperature of the CPU of the Ryzen 9 5900x under limit even when the load is high. In addition to the 240mm radiator, the twin chamber pump does an excellent job of dissipating heat from the CPU. Furthermore, the sickle flow 120mm fan moves air efficiently and quietly, and the RGB lighting adds a stunning final change.

AIO coolers are challenging to install, primarily if you’ve never worked with one. However, if you’re searching for a sleek and efficient CPU cooler, then the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 is an excellent option.

Interestingly, this option is also one of the silent CPU coolers on this list. It produces a noise level of about 15dB even though its fans operate at a speed of 1500 RPM. It also comes with a third-generation dual chamber pump which increases its cooling efficiency. Besides offering excellent performance, this AIO device with RGB setup enables you to customize it as your choice.

Best Features:

  • It comes equipped with 3rd generation pump
  • This CPU cooler boasts improved SickleFlow fans
  • It features two RGB lighting zones that can be controlled
  • Fans have improved structural stability with the new frame design
  • It uses an all-copper cold plate
  • The pump includes mounting bracket hardware


  • Affordable
  • A pump with two chambers
  • Lighting with a variety of color options


  • Noisy

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2. Corsair CPU Cooler


ID-Cooling CPU CoolerCorsair is another reputed brand on this list, mostly known for producing high-end PC accessories and components. This is the second-best option for the CPU coolers made for the Ryzen 9 5900X.

The Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix XT Liquid CPU Cooler is equipped with a 360mm radiator, copper cold plate, 3 X 120mm fans, and efficient cooler pump head with CAPELLIX LEDs (33 ultra-bright) to cool a variety of CPUs from AMD or Intel. Also, you can control the fan’s speed up to 2100 RPM and they operate quietly at a 34 dB noise level.

It offers a superior CPU cooling performance with its AF 120 RGB ELITE PWM fans that are designed with AirGuide technology to produce massive low-noise airflow. While its Anti-Vortex vanes allow for optimum heat dissipation by ensuring uniform airflow on radiator fins. With its high-performance thermal paste, the heat transfers from the high-end processor to the cooler cold plate. The Zero RPM mode in CORSAIR iCUE software will make the fans stop entirely whenever the computer won’t require active cooling and also reduce the fan noise to the least.

The iCUE COMMANDER CORE RGB lighting and fan speed controller offers precise control over the speed and lighting of up to 6 CORSAIR RGB fans. It is quite easy to install with its pre-applied XTM70 thermal past, extended tubing length (400mm & 450 mm), and modular tool-free mounting brackets. Also, it comes with an amazing 5-year worry-free warranty that lets the user have peace of mind about cooler performance. 

Best Features:

  • Wide compatibility and quick & easy installation on all modern AMD and Intel sockets.
  • Efficient and silent performing CPU cooling with RGB fans
  • Zero-RPM mode for silent operation
  • The pump head has dynamic RGB LED illuminate
  • High thermal heat dissipation
  • Works quietly with a noise level of 34 dB
  • CORSAIR iCUE software for overall control over its operation.


  • Provide superior lighting effects with RGB LEDs.
  • Cools the system efficiently and quietly.
  • Easy installation and easy usage.
  •  Allows you to upgrade the CPU cooler with the ELITE LCD upgrade kit.


  • Some compatibility issues with certain models.
  • Lacks customer service and has some software bugs.

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3. ARCTIC CPU Cooler

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240

The third-most preferred CPU cooler brand includes the ARCTIC. Its desktop cooling products face little to no competition on the market. Despite its high price range, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II has been a popular choice for many people.

The Cooling Liquid Freezer II is an all-in-one (AIO) CPU cooler. It has a 240mm radiator. It can easily sustain the high temperatures produced by Ryzen 9 5900x. With the proliferation of all-in-one computers, this item is notable for combining a CPU pump with a water block. Braided cooling lines link them to a radiator for efficient operation. It has an efficient cooling plate that increases the rate of heat transfer.

The Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II boasts a durable fan that emits lower noise levels. Impressively, the fan is PWM-controlled and can cool your base area and voltage transformers efficiently. The Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II also has high-quality hoses and built-in cable management.

Best Features:

  • It features a highly optimized fan on static pressure
  • The baseplate of Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II is made of copper
  • Compatible with CPU sockets like Intel LGA 1200, 2066, AM4 and AMD
  • It boasts a unique pump design
  • It has a top-grade 240 mm radiator
  • The in-house developed pump is suitable for all users


  • Better overclocking
  • High-Capacity Cooling Performance
  • Premium-grade thermal paste


  • The expanded thickness of the radiator
  • RPM of radiator fan should have been higher

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4. Noctua CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 CPU Cooler

The renowned brand Noctua has always concentrated solely on CPU components, fans, and several other cooling equipment. The quiet but effective operation of Noctua CPU coolers is one of its most appealing characteristics.

We cannot continue without mentioning this economical and practical CPU cooler; thus, it has taken the fourth spot on this list of the best CPU coolers for Ryzen 9 5900x. In comparison to many other air-based CPU coolers, the Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 operates at a noise level of under 23.6 dB, and hence, this is a quieter alternative. Furthermore, the small form factor of the Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 is yet another outstanding feature.

The Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 has a height of about 37 mm. As a result, you do not need to worry about how this fan will fit inside the PC cabinet. Additionally, you do not need to manage the fan’s speed since it has a PWM controller built inside, which regulates it depending on the actual temperature of the CPU. The NT-H1 thermal compound, expensive if you had to purchase one individually, is also included in the Noctua NH-L9a-free AM4’s shipping package.

Best Features:

  • Designed for HTPC environments
  • Compatible with AMD and AM4 sockets
  • It features a copper base and heat pipes
  • It comes with aluminum cooling fins
  • Includes mounting bolts for a 25mm thick NF-A9
  • Ideal for CPUs with a 95W TDP


  • Most reliable option
  • Assembled and ready to go with little noise below 23.6 dB noise level
  • Silent operation is achieved with a low-noise adaptor.


  • Not a cheap option
  • Not thermally efficient

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5. ID-Cooling CPU Cooler

ID-Cooling CPU Cooler 1


By now, you must already be aware of the fundamental choices for a Ryzen 9 5900X cooler. Now, you can check out some high-performance solutions on this listicle. ID-Cooling offers one of these units that offer excellent cooling.

The FROSTFLOW X 240 SNOW is an all-in-one CPU liquid/water cooler that is perfect for all types of gamers (pros or novices) due to its 240mm radiator built. The pump head is equipped with a white LED light and 2 X 120mm PWM fans matching the PC build that offers a lot of airflow (76.16 CFM) with less noise that effectively dissipates the heat from the radiator.

With its powerful pushing motor, the pump is designed to quickly dissipate the heat with its excellent water flow. Furthermore, the fan speed can be adjusted from 700 – 1800 RPM as per the system’s need to either maximize the airflow or minimize the noise.

Both sides of the fans have de-vibration rubber for low-noise operation. It is widely compatible with various models of AMD (AM4/AM5) and Intel (LGA2066/1151/2011/1150/1156/1200/1700) CPU sockets. Since it is a water-based CPU cooler, it requires less maintenance that won’t require refilling frequently.

Best Features:

  • It supports a variety of AMD and Intel CPU sockets.
  • The pump head and fans are white-LED illuminated.
  • Efficient PWM fans offer extreme CPU cooling performance.
  • 240mm radiator offers better heat dissipation
  • The noise level of the fan will range from 15.2 – 35.2 dB


  • Versatile plug-in options and easy installation
  • Powerful cooling performance
  • Budget-friendly option with a pleasing snow-white design


  • Missing mounting bracket/backplate for AMD chipset
  • A bit noisy compared to other models in the list.

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6. Enermax CPU Cooler

Enermax Aquafusion AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

When it comes to small AIO CPU cooling alternatives, Enermax takes a position on this listicle. This is another reasonably priced choice made to work with small installations.

AIO CPU liquid coolers are rather big, making it difficult to install them in simple cabinets with little room for fans. But since it only requires a single 120mm fan radiator to work, the Enermax Aquafusion 120 provides a fantastic option for such issues. You should not be concerned even if this CPU cooler’s cooling capacity depends on a single fan. A water block with a dual chamber is also part of the configuration, which improves system effectiveness.

Additionally, you do not need to be concerned about the Enermax Aquafusion 120’s noise levels because it just has one fan running. While in use, it is expected to produce less noise than 17 decibels. However, it still delivers effective cooling due to the 2000 RPM ARGB PWM fan mounted atop the radiator. The Enermax Aquafusion 120’s guarantee is only valid for two years because it is a low-cost alternative.

Best Features:

  • Compliant with all Intel and AMD processors
  • Features 100% copper base
  • Enermax SquA RGB fan
  • Enermax RGB control panel
  • Efficient dual-chamber design
  • Thick-sleeved tubing


  • Compatible with both Intel and AMD chipsets
  • RGB Lights with Dimming Controls (supports all RGB eco-systems)
  • Powerful cooling performance


  • None

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7. Scythe CPU Cooler

Scythe Ninja 5 CPU Air Cooler

If black is your favorite color and you don’t mind seeing the top half of the motherboard, the Scythe Ninja 5 is ideal. This CPU cooler is the quietest one from the lot manufactured by Scythe. This is also one of the reasons why this CPU cooler occupies this list. Despite being a CPU cooler with a 120 mm fan, the Scythe Ninja 5 manages to get the job done silently.

Impressively, the noise level doesn’t cross 4dB, which exudes practicality to professional gamers. You can even install an extra fan of 120 mm on the other portion of the cooler if the requirement arises. The Ninja 5 can support Intel sockets from LGA775 to LGA2066. It also supports AMD sockets.

The Ninja 5 relies on cooling tower technology to keep the heat at bay. One of the key highlights of this product is its copper base. The copper base comes in direct contact with the CPU to extract its heat.

The copper pipes transfer the heat to cooling fins on the Ninja 5’s top base. The fan extracts the heat from the fins and keeps your system cool. Undoubtedly, it is an efficient CPU cooler. The Ninja 5 comes with the 800 RPM stock fan. If you are a low to medium user, this stock fan will be enough to keep the CPU cool.

Best Features:

  • It fits all Intel and AMD processors
  • Dual fan design with push and pull setup
  • High memory compatibility
  • Easy installation with HPMS 3
  • Excellent heat dissipation Kaze Flex fans
  • Extremely low noise level of 14.5 dB


  • Best CPU cooler for budget gaming PCs
  • Efficient cooling technology
  • One of the quietest CPU coolers


  • Stock fan RPM is not satisfactory

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8. MSI CPU Cooler

MSI MAG Core Liquid Air Cooler

The MSI MAG Core Liquid air cooler has everything you’re searching for in a liquid cooler. As a user, you can even enjoy perks like ARGB lighting and a 270-degree rotating blockhead. MSI is a well-known brand, and its popularity lies in offering premium-grade products. The MSI MAG Core Liquid is one of the top AIO coolers you can use for a CPU like Ryzen 9 5900x.

It is also one of the most reliable AIO coolers as it has a ceramic bearing. The ceramic bearing boasts 100000 hours of operation. The MSI MAG Core Liquid AIO is powered by two 120 mm fans. These two fans are present on the 250 mm radiator. One of the key highlights of these fans is their ability to provide up to 2000 RPM speed when required.

And if you perform lighter tasks, these fans will operate at their essential 500 RPM speed. Another area where the MSI MAG Core Liquid rises over other AIOs is its looks. The customizable RGB fans are suitable for both casual and professional gamers.

Best Features:

  • The cold plate may be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Blockhead can be turned up to 270 degrees
  • Innovative radiator pump design
  • High thermal dissipation
  • Tubing is evaporation proof
  • Extensive compatibility with Intel and AMD processors


  • Ideal for heavy users
  • Complies with most processors
  • Good-quality ceramic motor bearing


  • Not for budget PCs

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The DeepCool AK620 has made a huge difference in my gaming. It keeps my computer cool and runs quietly, which makes playing games even more enjoyable.  It gives great cooling my computer without making any noise. It helps me concentrate on my games without any disturbances.

Installing the cooler is easy, thanks to the included mounting hardware. Even as a beginner, I found it easy to set up and get running in no time. I’m impressed by the AK620’s performance.

The AK620 is compatible with a wide range of sockets, making it versatile for future upgrades. It helps me keep my computer running smoothly and at the right temperature. With a 5-year warranty, I have peace of mind knowing that the AK620 is built to last.

It makes your computer stay cool, even when you’re playing intense games or doing heavy tasks. It works really well and keeps your computer from getting too hot. It’s compatible with many computers and is worth investing in for your gaming setup.

Best Features:

  • Heat dissipation up to 260W TDP
  • Features seven sintered heat pipes
  • It uses a fixed torsion plate
  • Compliant with various Intel and AMD sockets
  • Mounting hardware is nickel plated
  • Twin 120mm fans


  • Easily adjustable fan RPM
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Sharp design without lighting


  • Expensive as an AIO

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10. Fractal CPU Cooler

Fractal Design Celsius S36 CPU CoolerThe Fractal Design Celsius S36 is the last AIO for this reason and some good reasons. It is an AMD Ryzen-ready AIO that effectively maintains CPU cooling. It is one of the few AIOs in the market with dedicated AM4 support.

The Fractal Design Celsius S36 is based on the Asetek 6th generation pump design. The Fractal Design Celsius S36 has intelligent temperature-controlled auto or PWM modes for accurate speed control. It also features an integrated fan hub with concealed cable routing.

The Fractal Design Celsius S36 boasts a standard radiator with ¼ inch thread for maximum compatibility. And like most standard AIOs, it comes with a warranty of five years, which is pretty good. It has an aluminum radiator that is ideal for low to mid-level use. The RPM of the fans lies in the range of 500 RPM to 2000 RPM. The 120 mm fans are ideal for keeping things cool when your processor is overworking.

Best Features:

  • Tinted glass pump face
  • Smart auto control mode adjusts fan and pump speeds
  • ARGB-enabled PWM hub places
  • Sleeved tubing with concealed wiring
  • Pre-applied thermal paste ensures optimal performance
  • Optimized fan geometry


  • Offers top-tier performance
  • AM4 support
  • Fairly quiet


  • No RGB LEDs

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Buying Guide for The Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 9 5900X

Choosing the best CPU coolers for Ryzen 9 5900X can be challenging if you’re unaware of the buying parameters. You need to take several factors into consideration to get your hands on the right product. Thus, here’s a brief rundown of these buying factors for you to complete your quest to handpick the most compatible CPU coolers:

1. Type

The CPU coolers are available in various sizes and shapes. You will come across a variety of units in the market. However, the most common ones include air and liquid coolers. These CPU coolers use air and liquid to keep your entire gaming device cool. These two kinds mainly differ from each other in terms of their features. For instance, air coolers consume less space and are quieter. On the contrary, the liquid or AiO coolers offer better cooling but consume more space. So, you must choose the cooler based on your requirements and preference.

2. Budget

The AiO or liquid coolers always provide better cooling than the air coolers but are more expensive. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly cooler, choosing a dedicated air cooler will be a wise decision. Surprisingly, even the most premium air coolers are cheaper than the cheapest AiO coolers. If money is not an issue, you may want to go with an AiO cooler to keep the temperature inside your PC even lower.

3. Efficiency

Always make sure to check the efficiency of the cooler for your Ryzen 9 5900X. This is because each cooler comes with a specified efficiency rating or TDP (Thermal Design Power). So, if the specified TDP is less than your Ryzen 9 5900X, it will be insufficient and result in overheating or a forceful shut down. Therefore, you may want to look out for the cooler with a higher TDP rating.

4. Compatibility

Not all CPU coolers are compatible with Ryzen 9 5900X. Each cooler comes with a varying mounting procedure and dimensional aspects. So, this is a critical factor to bear in mind. It is because an incompatible CPU cooler will be of no use if you cannot mount it to the 5900X, even if it is the best one. Moreover, improper mounts result in overheating and deteriorate its performance further.

5. Radiator Size

The radiator size attached to the cooler is an essential factor to consider when looking for a CPU cooler. After checking the compatibility of the cooler with the CPU, check the compatibility of the cabinet with the cooler. You may do so by checking the size of the radiator, such as 120mm, 240, 280mm, and 360mm. Although a large radiator can offer higher cooling efficiency, installing it in a compact cabinet can be difficult. So, choose the radiator size that fits your unit perfectly.

6. Noise Level

Gaming computers are better when they produce less noise. However, specific components present in the unit may give rise to noise while affecting your focus. For example, an incompatible CPU cooler can be one such component that can produce a loud noise. The mechanical fans present in this equipment rotate at a higher speed to generate more airflow to dissipate the heat. Therefore, during its operation, the cooler creates noise, just like any other mechanical device.

The high ram CPUs can produce a louder noise than the ones with low rams. However, the AIO coolers use water to extract heat and hence, the fans do not need to overwork. Consequently, the AIO coolers are less noisy than the air coolers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a stock cooler included with the Ryzen 9 5900X?

Ans: You will need to purchase an aftermarket cooler since AMD, regrettably, does not supply a thermal solution or a cooler ready to use out of the box.

2. Does the Ryzen 9 5900X overheat?

Ans: Many users may encounter overheating and high temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius. However, these are average temperatures for this processor and won’t have an impact on the CPU’s lifespan.

3. Which cooler is ideal for Ryzen 9 5900X?

Ans: Since both air and AIO liquid CPU coolers often deliver performance that is comparable to one another, the decision ultimately comes down to one’s personal preference.


Whether you have recently purchased a Ryzen 7 5800X or are thinking about making the purchase but want to first research CPU coolers, you can’t go wrong with any of the three options shown below. A high-quality CPU cooler is essential given the 5900X’s high TDP and serious performance intentions.

  • Scythe, a business specializing in twin-blade cooling systems, has just introduced its newest thermal assassin, the Scythe CPU Cooler The Ninja 5 presents itself as an imposing Heatpipe tower with near-silent operation thanks to its two low-speed 120mm fans and interleaved, two-tone cooling fin stack. Still, it falls a bit short in absolute thermal performance for a cooler of its size.
  • With its 240mm AiO, Arctic is widely renowned for producing some of the most significant liquid coolers and the best thermal compounds on the market. Depending on your preferences, the ARCTIC CPU Cooler will amaze you with personalized light displays. Along with the new A-RGB fans designed to be run at static pressure, Arctic has created an award-winning in-house pump that exhibits record-breaking efficiency.
  • The Fractal CPU Cooler Prisma is one of the top silent AIOs. Even when the CPU is put through extreme strains while overclocked, the Celsius+ S36 Prisma boasts excellent thermal performance and is utterly silent.

So, that’s all about the best CPU coolers in the market for Ryzen 9 5900X. Hopefully, this article has helped you get a thorough idea of each product suitable for your requirements and a comprehensive guide to purchasing them.

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