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8 Best Bike Locks Reviews in 2024

Are you constantly worried about the safety of your bicycle in public spaces? You’re not alone.

With bike theft on the rise, securing your bike is more important than ever – and ‘Bike Locks’ are the perfect solution for this problem.

These locks act as a first line of defense, making it significantly harder to steal the bicycle.

We understand that finding the perfect bike lock can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve simplified the process. The top main three factors to consider while making a purchasing decision are

  • Material: We recommend choosing a bike lock that is made of hardened steel or another tough metal, as it offers superior resistance against theft attempts like cutting or breaking.
  • Locking Mechanism: Choose a bike lock with a complex locking mechanism, whether it’s a key, combination, or smart lock, to ensure maximum protection against picking or unauthorized access.
  • Dimensions: Select a bike lock with suitable dimensions, ensuring it’s long or flexible enough to secure your bike properly, yet compact and manageable for everyday use.

Our expert “Buying Guide” breaks down complex security features into easy-to-understand advice, ensuring you invest in a lock that caters to your specific needs.

Plus, our unbiased reviews of individual bike locks will give you the insider knowledge to choose the best protection for your two-wheeled companion.

Roundup of the Top 8 Picks!

Best Bike Locks List

Best Bike LocksMaterialLocking MechanismDimensions
Via Velo Bike LockSteelU Lock with Cable14mm Shackle and 10mm x1.8m CableCheck On Amazon
Kryptonite Bike LockAlloy SteelU-Lock with Cable3.25" x 7" Cable Length: 4'Check On Amazon
Sportneer Bike LockAlloy Steel, ZincChain LockLength 3.2 ft
Diameter 6mm
Check On Amazon
Sigtuna Bike LockSteelU-Lock with Cable4ft/1.2m CableCheck On Amazon
Titanker Bike LockSteelChain Lock6mm, 8mm, 10mm Thick ChainCheck On Amazon
NDakter Bike Lock‎Alloy Steel, ZincChain Lock3.2 feet longCheck On Amazon
VVA Bike Lockkirsite+siliconeU-LockLength: 120cm/4feetDiameter: 11.4mm/0.45inchCheck On Amazon
Amazon Basics Bike LockPlasticCable Lockcable diameter of 8mm and cable length of 70. 87 inchesCheck On Amazon

Best Bike Locks Reviews

1. Via Velo Bike Lock

Via Velo Bike Lock

Via Velo stands out in the cycling industry for delivering durable and reliable bike security solutions. Their products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of all types of cyclists, ensuring peace of mind in any weather condition.

The Via Velo Bike U-Lock with Cable offers durable all-weather protection with its hexagonal PVC cover, ensuring the lock remains functional in water, dust, and dirt. The 14mm thick U-shackle (including rubber casing) and the accompanying 10mm x 1.8m cable allow for easy and strong locking of both your bike frame and wheels.

Its lock system includes two keys for convenience, providing a backup in case one is lost. Installation is a breeze with the high-quality mounting bracket suitable for bike tubes from 20-42mm, ensuring your lock is always with you.

The Via Velo 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Bicycle Lock System excels in seamless security and added protection across all weather conditions. Its heavy-duty build, coupled with user-friendly features like the all-weather protective cover and the ease of locking, make it an ideal companion for cyclists who value security and convenience.

It comes with a generous 3-year warranty for U.S., Canadian, U.K., and EU cyclists, along with a 90-day money-back policy and 24-hour online customer service. Should you encounter any issues or are dissatisfied with your purchase, Via Velo ensures a straightforward and satisfying resolution.

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted from hardened steel, this lock offers robust resistance to cutting and leverage attacks.
  • Locking Mechanism: The lock features a high-security pin tumbler locking mechanism, providing protection against lock picking, and bumping.
  • Dimensions: The U-lock measures 2.2 x 8.07 x 10.24 inches, offering a compact yet secure solution for your bike.


  • Robust construction with hardened steel material
  • Versatile locking with a U-lock and cable system
  • All-weather protection prolongs the lock’s life
  • Easy-to-install mounting bracket enhances portability


  • The lock might be heavier due to its durable build

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2. Kryptonite Bike Lock

Kryptonite Bike Lock

Kryptonite stands as a beacon of trust in the world of bike security. Their products are popular quality and innovative designs.

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock boasts a comprehensive array of security features. The shackle’s double deadbolt design engages both ends, increasing holding power and defending against twist and cut attacks. A sliding dust cover protects the cylinder from the elements, ensuring the lock mechanism remains operational in all conditions.

It comes with three stainless steel keys; one with an LED fob for visibility in low light. This lock is rated 7/10 on Kryptonite’s security scale, ideal for quick stops in urban areas or prolonged use in less risky locations. The inclusion of the patented FlexFrame-U bracket enhances the convenience of transportation, making this lock a versatile choice for various settings.

Registering this product online activates the optional Anti-theft Protection, offering reimbursement up to a certain value if your bike is stolen due to lock failure. The Key Safe Program ensures that if you lose your keys, Kryptonite will ship you two new ones, anywhere in the world, free of charge.

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 comes with a warranty and a promise of quality customer service. Users can enjoy a 3-year warranty for US, CA, UK, and EU cyclists. The 90-day money-back policy and 24-hour online customer service ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted from 13mm hardened max-performance steel, the shackle is built to resist hand tools, bolt cutters, and leverage attacks.
  • Locking Mechanism: The high-security disc-style cylinder lock is pick and drill resistant, fortified with a new “pass-thru” crossbar design for enhanced anti-rotation.
  • Dimensions: With interior locking dimensions of 3.25″ x 7″ and a 4′ cable length, this lock offers ample space and flexibility for securing your bike.


  • Robust material and construction deter theft attempts
  • high-security disc-style cylinder and double deadbolt
  • Convenient transportation with the FlexFrame-U bracket
  • Additional peace of mind with Key Safe Program and Anti-Theft Protection
  • New sliding dust cover
  • Three stainless steel keys


  • The weight of the lock might be a consideration for those requiring lightweight options

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3. Sportneer Bike Lock

Sportneer Bike Lock

Sportneer is a renowned brand, recognized for its dedication to crafting high-quality, innovative sporting goods. Their products are designed to blend security with convenience, offering peace of mind to the active and outdoorsy individual.

The Sportneer Bike Lock stands out with its keyless secure lock mechanism, eliminating the worry of lost or forgotten keys. The lock’s 5-digit combination offers a higher security level than standard 4-digit locks, with 100,000 possible combinations making it nearly impossible to crack. The lock cylinder, constructed from robust zinc alloy, resists damage effectively, enhancing the security of your bike or scooter.

Finish Type and Recommended Usage: This bike lock features a durable cut-resistant cable and a long, flexible chain, measuring 3.2 feet, suitable for locking one or two bikes together. It’s not just for bikes; you can also secure electric scooters, strollers, or other valuables against theft. The lock is designed with a waterproof and dustproof cover, making it suitable for all weather conditions and ensuring a long lifespan.

It is thoughtfully designed with user convenience in mind. It features an easy-to-set/reset mechanism for personalizing your combination, backed by a one-year warranty service. The flexible cloth sleeve, made from high-quality polypropylene fabric, not only prevents rust but also shields your bike from scratches and sawing attempts. The lock plug is reinforced with ABS, known for its strength and toughness, further enhancing the lock’s security.

Sportneer offers a one-year warranty service for the bike lock, ensuring peace of mind for your purchase. For any issues or assistance with resetting the lock, customers are encouraged to contact Sportneer’s dedicated customer service team.

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted from 0.24-inch-thick manganese steel, providing robust cut resistance and a protective zinc-plated coating to prevent scratching.
  • Locking Mechanism: Advanced keyless 5-digit combination lock, offering up to 100,000 possible codes for heightened security against potential breaches.
  • Dimensions: Compact and efficient with dimensions of 5.9 x 3.93 x 2.16 inches, making it a portable and convenient security solution.


  • High-security 5-digit combination lock with 100,000 possible codes
  • Durable, cut-resistant manganese steel construction with a protective coating
  • Long and flexible chain suitable for securing multiple items
  • Waterproof and dustproof cover for all-weather use
  • Easy to set and reset personal combination


  • Heavier than standard locks due to robust construction.

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4. Sigtuna Bike Lock

Sigtuna Bike Lock

SIGTUNA is a brand born from a passion for biking, with a commitment to providing high-quality security solutions for cyclists. Originating in Stockholm and now serving a global audience, SIGTUNA is synonymous with robust, reliable bike locks designed to protect your ride wherever you go.

The SIGTUNA Bike U-Lock is not just a lock; it’s a fortress for your bike. With an impressive 85/100 security rating, this lock is engineered to withstand cut and leverage attacks, thanks to its robust 16MM steel construction. The high-security disc-style cylinder and double deadbolt locking mechanism ensure that your bike remains where you left it.

Designed with the cyclist’s convenience in mind, this lock comes with an easy-to-install bike lock mount and a protective coating to preserve your bike’s paintwork. It’s an ideal choice for mountain bikes, ebikes, scooters, and more, ensuring your peace of mind during stops in urban or high-risk areas.

The SIGTUNA Bike U-Lock distinguishes itself with not just two, but three laser-cut Abloy keys, ensuring you always have a spare. The 100% money-back guarantee underscores SIGTUNA’s confidence in its product, promising quality and satisfaction or a full refund.

SIGTUNA offers a limited lifetime warranty on this U-lock, demonstrating their long-term commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. For product assistance or support, customers can easily connect with SIGTUNA’s dedicated customer service team, known for their responsiveness and helpfulness.

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted from 16MM High-Performance Steel, offering extensive holding power and resistance to cutting and leverage attacks.
  • Locking Mechanism: Features a high-security disc-style cylinder and double deadbolt, providing certified protection against leverage attacks.
  • Dimensions: The lock measures 9.45 x 6.97 x 1.89 inches, providing a substantial locking area for secure bike storage.


  • Constructed from high-performance steel for maximum security
  • High-security locking mechanism
  • Comes with three keys
  • Easy-to-install mount for convenience
  • Protective coating to prevent damage to your bike’s paint.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for long-term assurance


  • The size may be bulky for those preferring a more compact security solution
  • As a premium lock, it might come at a higher price point compared to basic locks

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5. Titanker Bike Lock

Titanker Bike Lock

Titanker offers a range of high-quality bike locks designed to protect your valuable possessions, ensuring peace of mind in various settings.

The Titanker Bike Chain Lock prioritizes your bike’s security without compromising on convenience. The lock allows key removal only when locked, preventing key misplacement. The 8mm thick heavy-duty chain links are made from cut-resistant steel, offering robust protection against theft. Regular lubrication of the lock hole and keyhole is advised to ensure longevity.

This bike lock is encased in a protective cloth sleeve, shielding the chain from rust and scratches, and a dust cover to protect the keyhole. While the lock offers significant security, it’s wise to avoid leaving your bike locked in high-crime areas for extended periods. Despite robust security features, no bike lock is entirely theft-proof.

The lock’s portable size, 3.3 feet in length with 1.97-inch links and a 0.32-inch thickness, makes it versatile for bikes, motorcycles, gates, and more, while maintaining a manageable weight of 2.6 pounds.

Titanker offers this lock in three thickness options (6mm, 8mm, and 10mm) and three colors (black, blue, and purple), allowing you to choose according to your security needs and personal style. The weather-resistant nylon sleeve and zinc coating on the steel chain protect your bike and lock from the elements.

Key Features

  • Material: Constructed from heavy-duty steel, recognized for its resistance to cutting and tampering.
  • Locking Mechanism: Utilizes a key lock system, providing a secure, user-friendly locking experience.
  • Dimensions: Compact and convenient, measuring 6.8 x 6.3 x 2.3 inches, making it an ideal companion for safeguarding your bike on the go.


  • Robust cut-resistant steel construction
  • Key lock mechanism with two keys for added security
  • Protective cloth sleeve and dust cover to prevent rust and scratches
  • Available in different thicknesses and colors for personalization
  • Versatile enough for use with bikes, motorcycles, and more


  • Not specified as weatherproof, which might limit its durability in harsh conditions.
  • Warranty is not explicitly stated

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6. NDakter Bike Lock

NDakter Bike Lock

Founded in 2018, NDakter is a pioneering brand specializing in cycling accessories and bicycle security equipment. Committed to innovation, R&D, and customer satisfaction, NDakter focuses on delivering safety, top-notch functionality, and an enhanced user experience, aiming to make cycling a secure, healthier, and more enjoyable activity.

NDakter’s bike chain lock is a fortress of security. The 5-digit combination allows for 100,000 possible codes, making it nearly impossible to crack. The lock is designed with a hardened alloy steel chain and a sturdy zinc alloy lock cylinder, ensuring your bike stays where you left it. The lock mechanism is smooth, preventing incorrect password settings and ensuring a high level of security.

The chain lock is encased in a high-quality protective cloth sleeve, providing scratch-proof and wear-resistant protection to the chain and your bike’s frame. This feature, coupled with the lock’s durability and versatile length, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from bikes and scooters to gates and fences.

NDakter’s bike chain lock offers not just robust security but also user-friendly features. The keyless convenience of the 5-digit combination lock saves you from the hassle of carrying keys, while the precise, smooth rotation of the digital shaft ensures easy setting and resetting of your personal code. The heavy-duty chain and lock components are designed for longevity and resistance to theft attempts.

NDakter provides a one-year warranty for this bike chain lock, reflecting their confidence in the product’s quality and durability. For support or assistance, customers can easily reach out to NDakter’s dedicated customer service team.

Key Features

  • Material: The lock is constructed with 0.24-inch-thick hardened alloy steel chain links and a zinc alloy lock cylinder, offering high resistance against cutting and technical unlocking attempts.
  • Locking Mechanism: Features a smart 5-digit resettable combination, providing superior security with 100,000 possible code options and keyless convenience.
  • Dimensions: Measures 39.37 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches, providing ample length for securing one or multiple bikes.


  • 5-digit combination offering 100,000 possible codes.
  • Made of hardened alloy steel and zinc alloy
  • Versatile and portable
  • Protective cloth sleeve prevents scratches and wear
  • One-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction


  • The combination lock might not appeal to those who prefer traditional key locks.
  • Heavy-duty construction may add to the weight

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7. VVA Bike Lock

VVA Bike Lock

VVA is a brand that stands out for its commitment to providing robust and innovative security solutions, specifically tailored for bicycles. Their products are designed with a focus on both security and user convenience, ensuring that your bike remains safe wherever you go.

The VVA Bike U Lock is a premium security solution for your bicycle. It features a 0.86-inch heavy-duty shackle that is resistant to heat and hydraulic shears. The lock is built with an imported c-grade pure copper look cylinder, certified to resist leverage attacks, ensuring top-notch anti-theft performance.

The lock is equipped with a 0.10-inch silicone cover, effectively preventing scratches, and ensuring safety protection for your bicycle. This lock is versatile and suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and more. This U Lock Bike Lock from VVA comes with a unique combination of heavy-duty construction and practical design. It includes a flex cable and mounting bracket, offering comprehensive protection for your bike. The lock is also lightweight and portable, making it convenient for cyclists on the go.

Key Features

  • Material: The lock is made from kirsite and silicone, offering strong resistance to heat and hydraulic shears.
  • Locking Mechanism: A combination lock with a key provides dual security.
  • Dimensions: The U Lock measures 8.32 x 6.3 x 2 inches, offering a substantial locking area.


  • Dual locking mechanism with a combination lock and key for enhanced security
  • Made from heat and hydraulic shear-resistant materials
  • Easy to install and use with a user-friendly design
  • Lightweight and portable, suitable for various types of bicycles


  • The specific warranty details are not provided, which may be a concern for some customers

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8. Amazon Basics Bike Lock

Amazon Basics Bike Lock

Amazon Basics offers a range of reliable, high-quality products at an affordable price. Their bike lock embodies the brand’s commitment to practical, everyday solutions, providing a straightforward and efficient approach to bicycle security.

The Amazon Basics Bike Cable Key Lock is designed for ease of use and durability. The weather-resistant plastic coating ensures the lock withstands the elements, maintaining functionality and appearance over time. The keyed lock mechanism is straightforward, coming with two keys for peace of mind.

The easy-lock mechanism allows you to snap the lock shut without needing a key, saving time when you are on the go. The cable’s generous length provides flexibility in securing your bike to a range of objects, from bike racks to posts, while its rugged construction ensures long-lasting strength and reliable performance.

This bike lock stands out for its simple yet effective design. The easy-lock mechanism enhances convenience, allowing for quick securing of your bike. Its weather-resistant finish ensures the lock remains effective and durable, even in adverse conditions, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

As with most Amazon Basics products, this bike cable lock likely comes with a limited warranty, ensuring protection against manufacturing defects. For warranty claims, product inquiries, or any other assistance, Amazon’s customer service can be easily contacted through their official website or customer support hotline, providing reliable and prompt responses.

Key Features

  • Material: Constructed from durable steel and plastic, offering a balance of strength and lightweight design.
  • Locking Mechanism: A key lock system ensures your bike stays secure, with two keys included for convenience and backup.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 7 x 4 x 1 inches, with a cable diameter of 8mm and a cable length of 70.87 inches, it offers versatility for securing your bike.


  • Affordable and from a trusted bran
  • Durable material with a weather-resistant coating
  • Easy-lock mechanism for quick securing
  • Comes with two keys for added convenience
  • Black finish and easy to use


  • The plastic material might not be as robust as metal-only locks

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How to Choose the Best Bike Lock?

Here is a detailed buying guide considering the crucial elements to consider while purchasing the best bike lock. Go through the information provided carefully to choose only the best option.

1. Material

The material of a bike lock is very important for keeping your bike safe. Most of the best locks are made from hardened steel, which is very strong and can resist attacks like cutting or sawing. The thicker the lock, the harder it is for thieves to break it.

So, when you are choosing a lock, go for one that is thick and heavy. This kind of lock is good at protecting your bike, especially when you must leave it in places where it might get stolen.

2. Locking Mechanism

The core of a bike lock’s security lies in its locking mechanism. A diverse range caters to different preferences, including key locks, combination locks, and innovative smart locks.

Key locks should boast intricate internal structures, thwarting lock-picking attempts. Combination locks are advantageous for their keyless convenience, and their security strength correlates with the number of possible combinations.

Smart locks elevate protection with advanced features like theft alerts and location tracking, offering a sophisticated, modern approach to bike security.

3. Dimensions

The lock’s dimensions play a pivotal role in practicality and versatility. A longer chain or cable lock provides the flexibility to secure your bike to various structures, but this often comes with increased weight and reduced portability.

On the other hand, compact U-locks offer robust defense in a more manageable size, making them tough for thieves to manipulate. However, their smaller dimensions might restrict the range of objects you can lock your bike to.

Balancing the lock’s size and length with your specific needs and parking situations is key to choosing an effective bike lock.

4. Security Features

Additional security features can significantly enhance a lock’s effectiveness. Look for locks with double-locking shackle mechanisms, anti-drill or anti-pick protection, and reinforced lock cylinders. Some locks also feature tamper alarms or have a non-corrosive coating to withstand harsh weather conditions.

5. Finish Type

The lock’s finish is not just about aesthetics; it also contributes to durability and bike protection. A lock with a scratch-resistant coating protects the lock’s integrity and prevents it from damaging your bike’s frame. Rubber or silicone coatings are common and provide an excellent balance between protection and durability.

6. Recommended Usage

Not every lock is suitable for every situation. Consider your typical bike parking scenario. High-security locks are heavier but ideal for areas with a high risk of theft. Lighter locks or those with medium security might be sufficient if you are parking in a supervised or low-risk area for a short time.

7. Warranty

The warranty duration reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Look for locks with an extended warranty period, which ensures that you are covered in case of manufacturing defects or failures. Some companies also offer a theft protection warranty, which may compensate you if your bike is stolen due to lock failure.

Best Bike Locks – FAQs

1. How effective are bike locks at stopping theft?

Ans: Absolutely, bike locks are a strong deterrent against theft, though they cannot make your bike theft-proof. The key is to always lock up your bike, even if you are leaving it for just a moment.

2. Should I consider buying a cheaper bike lock?

Ans: If you are watching your budget, a U-lock (D-lock) is a reliable, cost-effective option. Be wary of lower-priced chain, folding, or cable locks, as they might not provide sufficient protection.

3. Is it a good idea to use more than one lock for my bike?

Ans: Yes, doubling up on locks can significantly enhance your bike’s security. Choose well-lit, public spaces with bike racks and surveillance cameras for added safety.

4. Where is the best place to attach the bike lock?

Ans: For optimal security, start by locking the bike frame, then secure the back wheel, and the front wheel last. When using a D-lock, attach it near the bike’s lower section, like the bottom bracket or seat post, and avoid locking it to the top tube.

5. What is the recommended thickness for a secure bike lock?

Ans: A lock with a thickness of at least 13 mm is advisable, but opting for one that’s 15 mm or thicker is even better. Thicker locks pose a greater challenge for thieves, often requiring heavy-duty tools that draw attention.

6. How can I recognize a high-quality bike lock?

Ans: A superior bike lock is typically heavier and thicker, offering increased security. We recommend to park your bike in a place where there is more traffic or visible area to deter potential thieves.


A robust bike lock not only acts as a deterrent against theft but also serves as a worthwhile investment in the longevity and protection of your bicycle.

Whether you prioritize durability, ease of use, or advanced security features, the market offers a range of options to suit every cyclist’s needs.

Selecting the right bike lock is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your bicycle and peace of mind for you. By considering the key factors such as material, locking mechanism, and dimensions, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and cycling habits.

Our top recommendations for the best bike locks are

  • Via Velo Bike Lock – Known for its sturdy construction and resilient material, offering maximum security against theft.
  • Kryptonite Bike Lock – Features innovative locking mechanisms and anti-theft protection, setting the industry standard for bike security solutions.
  • Sportneer Bike Lock – Combines ease of use with solid construction, making it a popular choice among casual and serious cyclists alike.

Always lock your bike securely, and enjoy the ride knowing that your trusty two-wheeler is well-protected.

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