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5 Best Back-to-School Classroom Speakers For Teachers

Hey, pedagogues. Are you looking to pump up something new in your class today? Well, as the students always enjoy listening to coursebook audio, podcasts, audiobooks, and music in class, you can play them for effective classroom engagement. Trust me, teachers adding a perfect pair of speakers with outstanding sound quality for your classroom is one of the finest things you can do for your class and stimulates your pupils to learn. In fact, they are an excellent tool to have when screening a movie that corresponds to a book you read in class. 

Of course, many tutors have various motives for employing a speaker in their classroom teaching. Whatever the reason it may be. We have got your back. Embrace our comprehensive guide on “Best Back to School Speakers” that are a perfect amalgamation of sound quality and modern technologies. In this article, we will be reviewing the best classroom speakers for teachers that are tailored to meet the needs of students, including “Top Features” such as portability, sound quality, and affordability. Let’s dive into the dale of classroom speakers and find the perfect one for you. 

Read on if you want to surround your class with superior sound quality or if you want something compact! The top 5 classroom speakers available on Amazon are shown below.

Classroom Speakers For Teachers: Comparison Table

Our PicksWater ResistanceBattery CapacityMaximum Output PowerPower SourceBuy Now
Cambridge Soundworks SpeakerYes2200 mAh12 wattsBattery poweredCheck On Amazon
INSMART SpeakersNoNo5 wattsUSB cableCheck On Amazon
AmazonBasics SpeakersNoNo2.2 wattsCorded electricCheck On Amazon
Tribit SpeakerYes4400 mAh16 wattsBattery poweredCheck On Amazon
LENRUE SpeakersNoNo10 wattsCorded electricCheck On Amazon

Best Back-To-School Classroom Speakers Reviews

1. Cambridge Soundworks SpeakerCambridge Soundworks Speaker

Cambridge Soundworks is a prominent provider of affordable, high-performance portable Bluetooth speakers that can enhance your family gatherings. The Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker combines elegant design with high-quality engineering. Plus, this Bluetooth speaker has delighted hundreds of consumers worldwide due to its unparalleled blend.

The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker provides outstanding audio performance and loudness, with no distortion even at maximum volume settings. It is a great wireless speaker for various situations, and it promises an excellent music experience.

  • OontZ Angle 3 is a petite, lightweight, and portable speaker designed to provide powerful, crystal clear, and deep bass for an ultimate listening experience. 
  • Connect devices wirelessly to enjoy continuous music indoors and outdoors up to 100 feet.
  • This Bluetooth speaker is IPX5 water resistant and can be positioned horizontally (or) upright, giving you a variety of positioning choices to suit your needs.
  • With the built-in microphone, you can enjoy hands-free calling without interruption, even when you’re engaged with everyday tasks.
  • Equipped with a 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lets you enjoy your favourite tunes all day long. 
Product Specifications
Brand Cambridge Soundworks
Model OontZ Angle 3 
Speaker Type Outdoor
Connectivity  Wireless
Mounting Type Floor standing
Water Resistance IPX5
Compatibility Laptops, Computers, TVs, Smartphones, Tablets
Battery 1 lithium-ion battery
Weight 9.4 Ounces
Size 5 Inches
Check availability on Buy Now From Amazon


  • High-quality sound indoors and out
  • IPX5 waterproofing
  • Wireless connectivity up to 100 feet
  • Versatile
  • Budget-friendly
  • Plays uninterrupted music all-day

2. INSMART SpeakersINSMART Speakers

INSMART develops wonderful tech products that enhance gaming, music, and everyday life. It intends to enrich users’ lives by providing a more intensive game experience. At the same time, they are committed to making high-quality products and offering exceptional after-sales support.

INSMART Computer Speakers are designed to fill your room with amazing louder sound and superb acoustics. The maximum power of 5W*2 assures that the audio is clear, bright, round, balanced, and thick. 

  • Integrated RGB lights change colors automatically to enhance the ambiance and improve your listening experience while movies, taking online sessions, or playing video games. 
  • The simple knob on the front of the speakers controls the on/off switch, LED light, and volume.
  • It is compatible with most devices thanks to its USB drive-free audio and 3.5mm AUX audio dual mode input.
  • Also has a headphone plug for privacy when you do not want to bother others while doing your routine work. 
Product Specifications
Model YM-130
Speaker Type Computer
Connectivity  Auxiliary, USB
Mounting Type Floor standing
Compatibility Laptop, Phones, Personal Computer, iPad
Battery  Not included
Weight 1.81 Pounds
Size 3.1 Inches
Check availability on Buy Now From Amazon


  • Great sound quality
  • RGB cycle illumination
  • Stereo pairing
  • Plug and play
  • One-knob control and easy to use
  • 60-degree surround sound

3. AmazonBasics SpeakersAmazonBasics Speakers

The Amazon Basics Computer Speakers provide portable, USB-powered functionality. These USB-powered 5V computer speakers deliver clear, bright sound despite their diminutive size. You can quickly turn on the speakers and adjust the volume, including the On/Standby feature, using a simple volume control conveniently situated on the front of the speakers for hassle-free audio control.

  • AmazonBasics USB-powered speakers have an ergonomic and lightweight design that naturally adapts to your ecosystem, whether on a computer desk, a bookshelf, or a wall. 
  • It includes On/Standby modes for turning on speakers and adjusting volume with a single knob.
  • Just plug into any of your devices, including your PC, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, Kindle, MP3 player, etc, and listen to music (or) presentations.
  • Also features a 3.5mm jack for inserting headphones to facilitate privacy and focused listening.
Product Specifications
Brand Amazon
Model AmazonBasics
Speaker Type Computer
Connectivity  USB
Mounting Type Floor standing
Compatibility Laptop, Phones, PC, MP3 players
Battery  Not included
Weight 1.46 Pounds
Size 5.3 Inches
Check availability on Buy Now From Amazon


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Wider compatibility
  • Portable
  • Simple to setup
  • No external drivers needed
  • USB-powered for quick connection

4. Tribit SpeakerTribit Speaker

Tribit was founded with an unwavering aim to provide incredible beats to the public. Tribit, as a Wireless Audio brand, excels in terms of both sound quality and design. In fact, it has become one of the fastest-growing audio brands in North America due to its finest services and products.

The upgraded Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speaker delivers rich, clear, room-filling sound like you’ve never heard before. It unifies high-quality full-range drivers and passive radiators to offer an aural experience that is a sensory joy.

  • XSound Go is built with a tough exterior coating and solid internal frame to protect it from scratches, drops, and regular wear and tear. 
  • Thanks to its compact design and tear-resistant strap that lets you carry them everywhere with you to the beach, on the road, on your next camping trip.
  • With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device within 100 feet of your smartphone and move it away from the music without losing it.
  • Keep the party flowing with a 4400 mAh rechargeable, long-lasting battery that can run for up to 24 hours. 
  • Plus, thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating making it ideal for all weathers, Wireless Stereo Pairing for huge stereo sound, and a built-in mic for hands-free calling & voice control
Product Specifications
Brand Tribit 
Model TS-BTS20
Speaker Type Outdoor
Connectivity  Wireless
Version Bluetooth 5.0
Mounting Type Floor standing
Water Resistance IPX7
Compatibility Laptop, Phones, PC
Battery 1 lithium metal battery
Weight 13.4 Ounces
Size 2.3 Inches
Check availability on Buy Now From Amazon


  • Wall shaking sound
  • Built-in Xbass technology
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • True Wireless Stereo pairing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 24 hours playtime
  • Hands-free communication
  • Wireless connectivity range up to 100 feet

5. LENRUE SpeakersLENRUE Speakers

The LENRUE A39PRO Computer Speakers provide noiseless, clean sound for your desktop (or) laptop computer, as well as the colorful breathlight design for a more immersive music and movie experience. It comes with three wires for easy connection. The desktop speaker includes a 3.5mm AUX headphone plug and jack, as well as a 3.5mm AUX microphone plug and jack, allowing you to connect your wired headphones to the speaker for quiet gaming, music, and movie time. 

  • The PC speaker uses upgraded 2x5W technology to produce a clean and crystal-clear sound that enhances the listening experience. 
  • It is compatible with any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone connection, including PCs, laptops, and tablets.
  • With the volume knob on the top of the speaker, you can easily control the volume (or) adjust it accordingly. 
  • The control button on the sound bar allows you to switch on/off the light to enhance the pleasant mood in your home, workplace, or business. 
Product Specifications
Model A39PRO
Speaker Type Soundbar
Connectivity  USB
Mounting Type Tabletop
Compatibility Laptop, MP3 Player, Phones, Personal Computer, Tablet
Battery Not included
Weight 1.15 Pounds
Size 2.5 Inches
Check availability on Buy Now From Amazon


  • Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • Wider compatibility
  • USB-powered
  • Plug and play
  • Color breathlight design
  • Ease of use

What To Look For When Purchasing Classroom Speakers?

Adding the right speaker set to your classroom teaching can really make your class more engaging and effective. Well, here are some of the essential factors that must be considered when purchasing classroom speakers. 

Buyer’s Guide

1. Sound Quality

Sound Quality is paramount while taking virtual classes, addressing gatherings, or participating in live sessions. Speakers with high-quality audio ensure that students can hear and grasp the instructions and educational content without any distortion, enhancing comprehension. Always opt for speakers that offer clear and crisp sound quality for effective class engagement and accurate content delivery. 

2. Portability

Portability is crucial for teachers who need to move between classrooms or outdoor settings. Undoubtedly, larger speakers do generate wonderful music with great bass. But carrying these speakers around is difficult. In light of technological development, current lightweight and compact speakers are also built with high-quality components to provide fantastic sound. Also, their svelte and flexible designs provide you the freedom to set up your audio equipment anywhere you need to. 

3. Connectivity

Classroom speakers, often come with multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AUX, etc. Look for a speaker with a reliable connection to your smartphone and a long-range Bluetooth connection, since this will allow it to reach all of the pupils in the class.

4. Compatibility

It’s vital to pick speakers that are compatible with the devices you use in the classroom, such as laptops, tablets, projectors, or smartphones. Refer to the product details printed on the bottom of the product (or) user manual to learn about the compatibility information. 

5. Wireless Microphone

A wireless microphone system provides ease and mobility by allowing teachers to wander about the classroom untethered from the speaker. It guarantees that your voice is clearly heard by all pupils.

6. Battery Life

Battery life plays a major role when you plan to get a Bluetooth speaker. Usually, speakers with powerful rechargeable battery offers longer battery life for uninterrupted teaching sessions all day. Therefore, choose speakers with extended battery capabilities to avoid disruptions during your classes or presentations. Some batteries now feature advanced rapid charging technology that charges them instantly. Going with this functionality will also be advantageous. 

7. Budget

Firstly jot down the essential features and your maximum budget before making a purchase. Then try visiting various stores (or) websites and look for the models encompassed with the desired features. Unlike before, now most speaker models are built with advanced features and technologies that come at an affordable range. 

8. Extra Features

Speakers with added features like touch control, voice assistant, remote, and low latency mode can make your experience more convenient and improve your listening experience. So, choose speakers with these additional features based on your needs for greater convenience. 

9. Brand

Since the reputed brands focus mainly on producing high-quality products without compromising on sound quality (or) engineering. So, they always use premium materials that stand the test of time. Moreover, they also provide a warranty on the hardware components to satisfy the users.

10. Customer Reviews

Reviewing the customer’s feedback is quite helpful in making the right choice. Look for reviews on multiple online shops and official websites to learn about the speaker’s performance, perks, and downsides.  

We hope our detailed buyer’s guide helps you understand the significance of every feature and make a proper decision. Besides these pick the speakers with other options like waterproofing, shockproof casing, and LED lights to enthrall your sessions with a wonderful light show. 


As we conclude, investing in the best back-to-school speakers for teachers has the potential to significantly improve the educational experience. These high-grade speakers, carefully selected for their great sound quality and adaptability, are ideal teaching aids. They improve classroom engagement and make learning more pleasurable by providing crystal-clear audio and user-friendly features. As instructors prepare to inspire a new generation, these speakers serve as dependable allies, ensuring that each lesson is heard clearly and loudly.

Back-To-School Classroom Speakers – FAQs

1. What connectivity possibilities should I look for in back-to-school classroom speakers for teachers?

Ans: Consider Bluetooth, AUX, and USB connection while shopping for back-to-school speakers. Bluetooth allows for wireless connectivity to smartphones and tablets, whilst AUX and USB ports enable adaptability for a variety of devices.

2. What is an appropriate sound level in a classroom? 

Ans: The sound level should be at least 15 decibels above the usual classroom noise of roughly 60 decibels at 6 meters, i.e. the rear of the class, therefore less than 30 watts is unlikely to be loud enough, and any more than 30 watts is likely to be too expensive (so aim for 15 Watts RMS per channel).

3. Are portable speakers suitable for classroom use?

Ans: Yes, portable speakers are suitable for classroom use. They allow teachers to move freely and may be utilized both indoors and outside. For easier transport, look for lightweight and compact options.

4. Why should I pick a Bluetooth speaker for my classroom teaching?

Ans: Well, here are some of the key benefits of including Bluetooth speakers for your classroom teaching. 
*Improved sound quality enhances the overall listening experience.
*Increased flexibility and portability.
*Control the volume and other settings with a simple touch (or) tap.
*Play audio files or videos from any device and share it with the class.
*Increased Accessibility.

5. How important is battery life for back-to-school classroom speakers?

Ans: Battery life is critical for uninterrupted teaching (or) presentations. Longer battery life means that speakers do not lose power throughout long lessons or outdoor activities. Consider speakers with long-lasting batteries.

6. Do back-to-school speakers have a warranty?

Ans: Many high-quality back-to-school speakers have warranties. It is best to select items that come with warranties and dependable customer service. This guarantees that any difficulties or malfunctions are addressed as soon as possible.

7. How many watts of speakers are needed for classroom teaching?

Ans: A compact PA system with 5 watts of power, for example, may be appropriate for small classes in your school, but a PA system with at least 20 watts of power is required for a bigger classroom of 50 to 75 pupils.

8. What kind of speaker should I choose for my classroom training?

Ans: Active speakers with built-in amplifiers minimize the amount of wiring and equipment expenditures while also being quicker and easier to install. Plus, speakers with steel grilles, rather than the more conventional fabric grilles, prevent students from harming the speaker cones with their fingers, pencils, or missiles, thus extending the system’s life.


As we conclude, investing in the best back-to-school speakers for teachers has the potential to significantly improve the educational experience. These high-grade speakers, carefully selected for their great sound quality and adaptability, are ideal teaching aids. They improve classroom engagement and make learning more pleasurable by providing crystal-clear audio and user-friendly features. As instructors prepare to inspire a new generation, these speakers serve as dependable allies, ensuring that each lesson is heard clearly and loudly.

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