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10 Best Automatic Watering System for Indoor Plants Reviews

An automatic watering system is the newest smart home automation system that takes care of your plants in your absence. These devices are great replacements for people who wish to have a low-maintenance garden but have little time to take care of the plants.

An automatic watering system for indoor plants can sense how much water is needed and at what time based on conditions like the type of soil, temperature, humidity, sunlight etc. Most of the automated watering systems made for indoor plants have irrigation timers that can automatically adjust the watering cycles and schedules.

Unlike, manual drippers they work on autopilot 24/7 so all you need to do is place the water sprinklers at the base and forget about it. Here are a few things that you must not forget about when purchasing an automatic watering system for your indoor plants.

  • Timers: Timers are one of the most crucial features of automatic watering systems for your indoor plants. There are two types of timers: digital and mechanical. Digital timers are advanced, include the most features, and are more convenient to use. Mechanical timers are cheaper options and seldom require installation.
  • Capacity and length of the hose: Most indoor plant automatic watering systems have a limited capacity. Usually, they have the capacity to water 10 to 20 plants at a time. Also, look for the hose length so that it doesn’t come short.
  • Flow of water: Before you get your automatic watering system for indoor plants, you wish to check the watering frequency, the volume of water supplied and the timing of the device to make sure it’s enough for your needs.

It must be hard for a first time buyer to scroll through hundred options and decide on one. To help you make the best decision we have curated a list of the 10 best automatic watering systems for indoor plants. There’s also a Buyers Guide at the end of this article.

Best Automatic Watering System for Indoor Plants 2024

Best Automatic Watering System for Indoor PlantsCapacityFeaturesBest ForBuy Now
Raindrip Automatic Watering Kit Upto 20 plantsIrrigation Drip KitContainer and Hanging BasketsCheck On Amazon
Moistenland DIY Micro Automatic Kit15- 20 plantsMicro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit with Digital Programmable Water TimerIndoor Potted PlantsCheck On Amazon
SPlant Big Power Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit Upto 15 plantsSelf Watering System with 30 Day Interval Programmable TimerIndoor PlantsCheck On Amazon
Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering SystemUpto 10 plantsAutomatic Drip Irrigation Kit with 60-Day LED Programmable TimerIndoor potted plantsCheck On Amazon
RAINPOINT WiFi Automatic Watering System Upto 10 plantsWiFi Automatic Watering SystemIndoor potted plantsCheck On Amazon
MANGOIT Self Plant Watering Spikes12 plantsAuto Drippers Irrigation DeviceHouse PlantsCheck On Amazon
iPriro High Power Automatic Watering System15 plantsAutomated Watering Device with 30-Day Programmable Indoor TimerPotted plantsCheck On Amazon
Restmo Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants10 potted plantsMicro DIY Self Drip Irrigation Kit with Programmable TimerIndoor and Greenhouse PlantsCheck On Amazon
YITIKA Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants10 potted plantsDIY Drip Irrigation Kit with Smart Timer, Waterproof LED DisplayPotted PlantsCheck On Amazon
XIDAJIE Automatic Watering System10 potted plantsSelf Watering System with 30-Day Digital Programmable TimerIndoor potted plantsCheck On Amazon

Best Automatic Watering System for Indoor Plants Reviews

1. Raindrip R560DP Automatic Watering Kit

Raindrip R560DP Automatic Watering Kit

Raindrip is a trusted brand that has been manufacturing drips and micro-irrigation systems since 1972. This system comes with everything you need to start your drip irrigation system. You can stop worrying about watering plants with your hands.

The kit comes with a timer and supply tubing plus all the kits that you would need for setting the the watering system. It can water 20 plants at a time. You can customize this kit to water your hanging baskets or potted plants. Pressure compensating drippers comes with a flow rate of ½ GPH.

The installation process is quite simple and can be easily done by oneself. It’s all mentioned in their manual. The kit includes: Supply tubing with FHT adapter, 20 drippers, support stakes, hold down clamps, barbed coupling, elbows and tees.


  • It comes with all the essentials that you will require to water 20 plants.
  • Easy installation process.
  • The pressure regulator connected to the adapter reduces the water pressure making it ideal for drip irrigation.
  • The kit comes with an information guide and contact information to help you in the installation process.


  • Can be used by any level gardener.
  • The components can work simultaneously with other products of Raindrip.
  • The kit comes with automatic watering and a timer.


  • Not ideal for very large pots.

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2. Moistenland DIY Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit


When you are not at home, the Moistenland dripping system will ensure that the plants at home are properly hydrated. It comes with a powerful pump and a timer. The pump provides your plants with the much-needed water.

The system has a compact design, and the installation takes only 10 minutes. Compared to traditional drip systems, this system can save up to 70% more water and is available in black and white. Set the timer schedule the watering and you’re done. It comes with a large LCD screen that is easy to read and a programable timer with multiple function like time dealy, auto save and mnual mode watering.

The timer automatically saves the data once you set timer on so here is no need to reset the timer everytime you go out. The automatic water system has a 2-way power method. You can either use a micro USB power or 4 pieces of AA batteries to power the system. If there is any USB fault and it stops working, the AA batteries will ensure that the pump keeps operating.


  • Provides the plants with the exact amount of water it requires.
  • The device stores the settings automatically once you set the timer.
  • Comes with a 2-way power method.
  • Saves 70% more water than traditional drips.


  • The LCD screen is bright, and easy to read, dial and text.
  • Takes only 10 minutes to install the system.
  • The system avoids both over-watering and under-watering.


  • It does not come with a real-time clock.

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3. sPlant Big Power Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

SPlant Big Power Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

If you are an existing user of the sPlant watering system, this is an upgrade to the previous version. The system is capable of watering 15 plants at once. It has the capability of providing 800 ml of water in a minute without a filter.

Plant watering system comes with a mechanical timer which needs to be installed, but in can be done within a fe minutes. The timer can internally store the watering time cycle settings. To avoid syphoning, you should place the water bucket below the pump. With only three buttons, one can set up the system.

In four simple steps, you can assemble the drip irrigation kit with the help of the included accessories. The sPlant system has a 2-way power system. You can either make use of 4 AA batteries or a USB charger. The kit includes: 33 feet hose, 15 drippers, 14 piece 3-way joints, USB wire and a filter.


  • The drip emitter comes as a voltage regulator design ensuring steady water flow to the plants.
  • The power pump of the system has 5 times more power.
  • The internal memory stores the settings of the time cycle.
  • Capability to provide 800mll of water in a minute without a filter.


  • It has a minimalistic design.
  • The system has a 2-way power system.
  • Can water 15 plants at once.


  • The system will syphon extra water if the reservoir and the pump are at the same level.

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4. Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering System

Kollea Reliable Automatic

Kollea is a powerful digital watering system that ensures a reliable plant watering experience. It comes with a pump and timer that helps in saving water. The timer features a 60-day digital automatic watering system that waters the plants an hour for 60 consecutive days.

You can set the water volume from 10-990 ml. It features a large LCD screen that is easy to read and keeps you updated about the time intervals, the amount of water supplied, and the battery life. The intelligent program memory allows the settings to be stored in the memory even when the device is switched off.

The drip irrigation kit comes with a 2000mAh in-built lithium battery and sustains USB charging. The hang buckle present at the back allows you to easily hang water buckets.

The system claim to save about 70% more water compared to traditional drip systems. Lastly, the kit includes all the necessary items like T-joitns, joints, water stakes, and a 32.8 ft hose.


  • Once you set the time interval and the water volume, it works automatically.
  • The system comes with a 200mAh built-in lithium battery that supports USB charging.
  • Even if the system’s power is off, the scheduled settings and programming stay in the memory.
  • The LED screen makes it easy to read.


  • This system saves 70% more water than traditional drip irrigation.
  • It comes with a portable and convenient design.
  • The kit comes with all the accessories you will require to set up, making the process easier and faster.


  • Need to calibrate the water level before setting it.

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5. RAINPOINT WiFi Automatic Watering System


The RainPoint automatic watering system can be controlled with the RainPoint app. The app will send you notifications when your automatic watering plan is active or when the pump runs out of water. Before you purchase this system, you should know that you can only connect with a dual router or 2.4GHz WiFi.

The irrigation plan can be customized according to humidity, weather, weeks, sunset or sunrise, or temperature. You can set the water duration from as short as 6 seconds to as long as 30 minutes. It also allows you to set the watering frequency from 1-24 hours or 1-7 days.

The flow of water is steady at about 30L/hour. The RainPoint app allows adding several users to the family allowing them to co-manage the watering system. You can even choose from 10 different irrigation conditions. For eg weekly irrigation, and irrigation with temperature. Irrigation with humidity etc. The timer also includes features like delay start, smart senses etc.

The watering system can accommodate 10 plants on max and comes with necessary equipment like a 32.8 ft hose, micro drippers, 3 types of bar fittings, and a USB cable. The only drawback is the lack of an LCD screen.


  • The remote-control app allows you to manage watering plants remotely.
  • It allows you to customize your irrigation plan according to different conditions.
  • You can decide the water duration and the water frequency.
  • It comes with a 2-way power mode.


  • Family members can co-manage the app.
  • The system saves 70% more water compared to irrigation spray.
  • The kit comes with all the accessories needed for easy installation.


  • It has a narrow tubing.

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6. MANGOIT Self Plant Watering Spikes

If you are a frequent traveler and want your plants to be watered properly look no further. The self-watering drippers are an effective and simple way to water your plants. The drippers keep the soil at the finest moisture level inside the pots.

You can control the water’s flow rate. The device has a control valve that allows you to control the speed of dripping from 0 to 60 seconds per drip. The longevity of the sustained release drip is between 1 to 15 days.

You can provide different amounts of water for different flowers and plants with an accurate volume. The mouth of the bottle is 1.1-inches. This is suitable for beverage bottles but not pure and mineral water bottles. If you are using the dripper to water large pots, it is advised to use two drippers.


  • Maintains optimum moisture level of the soil inside the pots.
  • It has an accurate water volume.
  • You can control the flow rate of the water.
  • No installation hassles.


  • Effective and simple to use.
  • The dripper is suitable for most beverage bottles.
  • The control valve allows you to control the dripping speed.


  • For large pots, you need two drippers.

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7. iPriro High Power Houseplants Automatic Watering System


If you have an existing iPriro watering system, it has an upgraded pump. The upgraded water pump solves the problems related to water pressure and ensures a strong water supply. It drips water at a speed of 80 ml/min.

With the correct settings, the system provides a steady water flow to the plants. If you wish to control the water flow, you can change the number of drip emitters. The drip emitter comes in a voltage regulator design.

It can water 15 plants at a time. Includes 33 feet hose, three-way joints, filter, and a USB cable. The automatic water system stores its program in its internal memory. It has a manual watering mode but lacks other features like delay start, also an LCD screen.

We appreciate that has a two-way power supply- 4 AA batteries and a USB cable charging. Besides, the digital panel makes it easy to read, and the three-button system makes it easy to set.


  • The internal memory automatically saves the time cycle settings.
  • Easy to customize and automatic watering for the plants.
  • For easy setting, it has three buttons and a digital panel.
  • Can be easily installed in 4 steps.


  • Saves 70% more water.
  • Can water your plants at a scheduled time, with a specific watering frequency and time.
  • All the included accessories make it easy to install.


  • For some people, the timer did not work properly.

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8. Restmo Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants

Restmo Automatic Watering System

The automatic irrigation grip by Restmo comes in an innovative design. It is a combination of a timer and a water pump. The system is capable of watering 10 plants simultaneously and can reach a height of 16 feet.

The digital watering system has an Ok button and two adjustment buttons. It gives you the freedom to set the water frequency ranging from 1hr to 7 days and water duration from as less as 6 seconds to 30 mins. One of the best features of this system is it comes with a delay button. The delay button allows you to delay watering plants from 0 to 24 hours.

The LCD screen is large, which makes it easy to control and read. It alerts when the pump runs out of water and displays big characters and icons for the upcoming watering cycle. It is a 2-way power device that can run on a USB cable or 4 AA batteries.


  • The system has a delay timer.
  • Controlling the system’s settings is easy with the Ok and two adjustment buttons.
  • It is a 2-way power device.
  • Comes with 18 months free warranty.


  • It can water 10 plants simultaneously and reach a height of 16 feet.
  • The angle LCD makes it easier to read.
  • It alerts when the pump runs out of water and the upcoming water cycle.


  • While setting the time, you need to consider adding the time that the pump requires to get through the tubing.

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9. YITIKA Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants

YITIKA Automatic Watering System

YITIKA has developed an intelligent program for their automatic watering system that has gone through several tests in the laboratory. The watering frequency can be adjusted once in 6 hours to once in 15 days. The duration of the watering can range from 1 to 10 minutes.

You can adjust the terminal’s dropper similar to a faucet. The system is designed in such a way that you can assign different water levels for different terminals. The large LED and intuitive buttons in the system make operating the automatic water system quite easy.

The system comes with a powerful motor that rejects the syphoning effect. There is no restriction from the water source, allowing you to keep the system at any given height. The growth of moss is prevented by the black tube.


  • The system can provide different levels of water at different outputs.
  • Has a powerful motor.
  • The large LED and intuitive buttons make it easier to work with.
  • The terminal’s dropper can be adjusted like a faucet.


  • Has been programmed after conducting several tests in the laboratory.
  • It rejects the syphoning effect.
  • The black tube prevents moss from growing.


  • Cannot withstand heavy rain.

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10. XIDAJIE Automatic Watering System

XIDAJIE Automatic Watering System

The irrigation system by XIDAJIE helps you avoid flooding or overwatering your plants. The system is easy to install and comes with drip heads, timers, pumps, and pipes. It has a scientific design that allows you to save 70% more water in comparison to traditional sprinkler heads.

You are just two steps away from hassle-free plant watering. The two things you need to perform are setting the watering time and water frequency. There is no need to reset the program as it gets stored in the system’s memory, even when the power is off.

It comes with a large LCD screen that makes reading and programming the system easier. The system is capable of watering your plants for 30 days in your absence.


  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories.
  • Large LCD screen makes it easy to read and program.
  • The timer settings get stored in the memory.


  • Saves more than 70% water compared to sprinkler heads.
  • Two steps are needed to program the system.
  • Capable of watering plants for 30 days.


  • To modify the time in the timer, you need to wait for the right time.

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Buying Guide

Buyers tend to get confused with the varieties of automatic water systems available for indoor plants. Some of them do not fit the kind they want, while others might not be able to water the number of plants they wish to water.

Then, some automatic water systems do not fit in the required space. Some important features may be absent in certain models making those models not ideal. So, we have listed some features to check before finalizing your ideal automatic water system.

1. Timer

A timer is one of the crucial features when buying an automatic water system. The timer sets the intervals at which the plants need to be watered.

Water flow rate:

Types of Timers: Some basic timers for watering systems are mentioned below.

  • Mechanical: This kind of timer is an old type but is still very popular. They are very handy and comprise a spout, faucet, or/and water source attached to it, which regulates the water flow according to the need of the user. The installation of these timers is seldom required and they are also cheaper. Some drawbacks are that they are not very precise. Also, as they rely on a faucet, drop in water pressure or temperature fluctuation can lead to its malfunction.
  • Digital: Here, the digital timer is a small and battery-operated alternative. It is so compact to even fit in the box. It makes your life easier as you just need to find an electrical connection and plug it in. It can control the water flow according to the humidity levels and presets the schedules. This timer even lets you set more than one watering cycle for your green friends. Some drawbacks are that they always need electricity to operate and you need to change them at yearly intervals.
  • Smart Timers: The Smart Timers are an additional feature that makes your life as a plant lover easier. With the help of this feature, you can control and customise the watering schedule from your smart device like a tablet, laptop, or phone. You can also adjust the time for watering according to the site conditions like the season, weather, and water availability. You can also feed advanced watering algorithms to create and optimise watering schedules, which will help to save both time and money. You can also receive real-time notifications and water usage reports. Also, you can connect it to top smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc.

2. Capacity

Before you get your automatic watering system for indoor plants, you want to calculate the quantity of water you will need. It’ll ensure you don’t waste water or come short of it. Automatic water system watering capacity varies from 1 to 15 pots. You should choose your product according to the number of pots you wish to water simultaneously.

3. Valve Outlets Numbers

The more valve outlets will allow you to set different watering programmes for different parts of the garden. For instance, if one part of your garden needs more water during the summer as they are likely to grow fungus growth and the other section needs more water during winter. With more than one valve outlet, one can  easily control the device by setting different watering programs for different sections.

4. Setting Multiple Watering Durations

Water duration is an important aspect to consider while setting the watering programs for the garden. The water duration requirements can be any amount of time from 5 minutes to 5 hours. Having multiple watering outlets and several water durations, you can set the timer for 15 minutes in one section and 30 minutes in the other.

More Features:

5. Rain Delay:

Rain delay feature is essential for any hose timer. The advantages of a rain delay feature square measure varied. Contrary to the soil moisture detection sensors, which can detect the amount of moisture in the soil, the rain delay feature can sense rains and the weather and is programmed to adjust the watering timing depending on the weather conditions.

6. Manual Timing Feature

Even though the hose timers are capable of auto-adjusting the watering timing and schedule, it  doesn’t suggest that you are not allowed to set manual watering cycles.

A number of mechanical timers lets you to manually set the time for watering schedules that are specific to your garden. Therefore, choose a hose timer that auto-adjusts the watering times and still permits you to manually set the specified cut-off date.

7. Waterproof Construction

This might not come cheap, but it’s always safe to go for a hose timer that has a waterproof body. It should be made of high quality plastic and sometimes copper which is rust-proof and resistant to moisture. Most of the digital timers are not made waterproof.

So, you need to be extra careful while working with them. As there will always be a chance of the water getting inside the battery charging port causing damage to the internal parts of the timer. On the other hand, there’s no chance of such incidents with mechanical timers.

8. LCDs Screen

As you have already found out, many auto watering systems now have a timer with an LCD display. With a bright LCD screen you can pre-program a watering schedule with ease. You can set up manual and automatic watering cycles.

Many of you might find a digital LCD timer complicated, but it’s the opposite. They are convenient, easy to operate once you find out the keys and have a futuristic appeal. If you still find them confusing you can opt for the ones that come with a simple dial for setting the timing and schedule.

9. Length of the Hose

Length of the hose that comes with the automatic watering system is another fact you must consider. These systems can come with variable hose lengths. For example, the ones which are made for indoor plants may have a shorter hose while the ones that are made for the outdoor plants or potted plants can have hose as long as 100 feet. Usually, a hose that is 25 feet in length should suffice home use. The hose size will also depend on the area of your garden that needs watering.

However, most automatic watering systems let you increase the hose length by adding new hoses. However, you should still consider buying a model with hose length that can cover all of your plants without the need of buying an extra hose. To be on the safer size, it’s advisable you measure the length of your garden before purchasing an automatic plant watering systems.

10. The Flow of Water

The water flow rate is another important factor to consider. If you buy a system whose water flow rate exceeds what you need, the plants will die because of excessive water. But, if the water flow rate is slower than what you need, the plants will not get sufficient water and will wither away.

11. Power

You should go for a system that will ensure that it keeps working when you are not present. The 2-way power is a good choice as it ensures that the system keeps running if one of the two power methods fails.

12. Price

It’s best to travel through the various products available within the market. you may find that an automatic water system comes in numerous price ranges. Having knowledge of the products in several price ranges will facilitate your stay within your budget and not go overboard.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is the disadvantage of an automatic watering system?

The biggest disadvantage of a watering system is costly equipment, installation, and maintenance. Nobody ever guarantees the reliability of the merchandise after human installation. This increases maintenance costs.

2. How long does an automatic water system last?

An automatic water system will confirm that your plants get the correct amount of water even in your absence. The automated water system must work properly for 3 months. Only then can the system be guaranteed to water your plant in your absence.

3. What are the categories of automatic water systems for indoor plants?

There are different kinds of indoor automatic water systems available. The various types are mentioned below:
Plant watering globe and spikes
Drip watering system
Self-watering containers and pots
Self-watering pot reservoir
Self-watering mini pots
Vertical herbal garden wall
Stackable self-watering containers

Final Word

Out of so many options, choosing the correct automatic water system for indoor plants can be very challenging. To make the best choice, read about all the products and the pros and cons attached to them. Look for the timer, capacity, the water flow rate, and the power of the system.

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