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Bandpass Subwoofer Box Pros And Cons

If you are a true blue music lover, a subwoofer may be something that you have encountered many times. The subwoofers or subs are specially designed loudspeakers. These usually reproduce the bass and sub-bass frequencies. From home theatres to cars, subwoofers are everywhere.

However, the bass sound notes are lower than 450Hz, resulting in better resonance to a large volume. Hence, the music usually remains confined to a narrow space.

Moreover, subwoofers also offer a richer music listening experience to you without damaging your ears a lot. Hence, many people often prefer subwoofers as these are one of the best ways to enjoy music in your home, in a car, or even on the go.

In this article, you will find detailed information related to Bandpass Subwoofer. So, read till the end to learn more!

So, What Bandpass Sound Boxes Exactly Are?

These are specially designed subwoofer boxes. The woofer cones are placed inside an enclosed chamber. It ensures that the cone can generate louder bass effects with deeper and smoother sounds, with the boom effect.

One bandpass box comes with two chambers. The 1st chamber is an encased chamber that contains the bandpass subwoofer cone. On the frontal section, a ported container/box is housed in a different cavity. The enclosed and ported design makes it a formidable soundbox.

Bandpass Subwoofer Box’s Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
Efficient sound system with deeper and smoother sound and bass effect It has a higher resistance to movement, resulting in damages
Lower woofer excursions and fewer distortions with masking effects The boxes are intricate and complicated instruments, hence require expert supervision during construction
Highly durable design May not produce the ideal sound effects if the other criteria are not met
Available in different sizes and shapes Masking capability is not full-proof
Sealed & ported design Its size can cause other challenges

Pros of Bandpass Subwoofer Box

The primary pros of this subwoofer box are:

1. Better Efficiency

The bandpass subwoofers are highly efficient. These machines produce the best quality bass and sub-bass waves. The sub ports in a subwoofer usually serve the purpose of low-pass filler. The enclosures only release the desired frequency range, suitable for the environment.

Bandpass subs offer deep bass extension and produce better sound effects than other subwoofer variants. Hence, the sound level is way better even inside the limited space.

Moreover, the machine can be further customized with better chambers and fine-tuning. It offers outstanding music performance, and the bandwidth remains narrower.

Such fine-tuning can easily increase the sound level up to 8DB. But, customizing the enclosure stats for broader bandwidths to offer a suitable music listening experience in any situation (based on the people and space).

2. Less Woofer Excursion

The Bandpass subwoofers are known for their low woofer excursion. These subwoofers allow you to control the cone motion. As a result, it offers a slow excursion.

Due to the limited motion of the cone, the woofer delivers lower frequencies and higher excursion. Hence, the air circulation is lower than estimated.

The bandpass subwoofer boxes channel the airflow and air pressure through the enclosures. The controlled and rapidly changing airflow results in higher acoustic outputs without cone movements.

As a result, the subwoofers do not push the drivers to their limits, resulting in higher durability.

3. Durable

Another benefit of a Bandpass Subwoofer is its durability. These subwoofers are made with polypropylene cones. Polypropylene is a rigid and durable material. The cones are sealed in an enclosure to produce the bass.

Since the cone is fixed, it offers the best possible quality bass. Moreover, it remains enclosed in a protective case. Hence, the speaker does not get damaged easily and lasts for a long time.

4. Size Variety

Bandpass Subwoofers are available in different shapes and sizes. Their versatile size makes them an excellent choice for any music lover.

You can use a bandpass in your cars, in your home for an ideal music listening experience. On the other hand, these are also ideal for parties due to their huge sizes. So, you can find a bandpass subwoofer for every occasion and every place.

While bigger sizes are always best, in case you do not want high decibels of revelry. But, you will find different sizes like 4th order bandpass, 6th order bandpass, or even 8th order bandpass sizes as per your personal choice.

Additionally, larger bandpass subwoofers usually drive lower frequencies. As a result, you get richer sounds and a better experience.

Moreover, these are highly flexible, and you can customize the size according to your preference. Finally, you can adjust the bandwidths and also fine-tine the sub-bass waves for a better listening experience.

5. Customized design

You can also customize the design of the bandpass subwoofer boxes. Since there are different sizes and models available, you can adjust the bass effect as per your preference. The customization also helps produce the desired sound quality, which is smoother and better than other speaker variants.

6. Features of Sealed-&-Ported-Enclosure

Bandpass Subwoofers have woofer cones enclosed in a box. The sealed and ported structure makes a lot of difference in the sound quality. The ported area units sound waves which make extra booming waves. The booming even remains consistent in a confined space.

This makes it an ideal choice for rock, rap, R&B, reggae, or even hard rock or metal rock.

Moreover, the sealed construction prevents the sound waves from overlapping each other. Hence, the sound remains accurate and precise.

Cons of Bandpass Subwoofer Box

The primary cons of the bandpass subwoofer boxes:

1. Resistance to the Motion

Bandpass subwoofer boxes are known for controlled cone motion to produce the best quality bass sounds. But, this limited motion often ends up causing some damage.

Since the high acoustic pitches are released without the Over speed of the cone. It usually does not counter the excursion limits.

But, the cone comes with a certain speed limit. Even if the cone moves at the suggested speed, the woofer’s motor may not work with the required limit. The motor may not be able to elevate the speed of the woofer cone.

The motor maintains the highest possible speed of the cone to make sure the bandpass subwoofer always makes the best sounds.

Hence, the subwoofer may get damaged sometimes. It happens when the woofer is not moving physically fast, but the sound requires it to move faster than its present speed limit. It often causes resistance to the cone’s movement. It makes the subwoofer much more vulnerable.

The resistance and conflict cause the pressure of air in a bandpass woofer box. It, in turn, pushes the motor to cause movement resistance. This resistance force damages the suspensions of the bandpass subwoofer box. The continuous resistance also damaged the glued joints. Hence, the box can break with time or even develop some cracks.

That means, if the box has more power supply, the drivers will get damaged within a few months.

The best way to prevent this is to use the energy supply properly. Hence, if you plan to purchase a bandpass subwoofer or have bought one, you need to take proper care of the power supply. The electric supply should be under the prescribed limits to ensure the subwoofer lasts longer.

2. Difficult to Construct

Subwoofers, especially bandpass subs, usually look like simple models. But looks can sometimes be deceiving. These machines are intricate ones and are hard to assemble.

The subwoofer boxes come with multiple ports or different port sizes. Moreover, the vents and woofers should be connected properly and in the right way.

Hence, the boxes require expert supervision, and even the slightest faulty design can cause the sound quality to be detrimental.

3. Can Generate Low Sound Quality

Bandpass subs are known to be excellent music instruments. Their distinct bass sounds make these an ideal choice for any music lover. But, not all woofers are good. Some even are duds.

The subwoofer boxes work on optimal conditions when enclosure stats are adjusted for smaller bandwidth. However, in the case of wider bandwidths, often, the sound waves distort, resulting in decreased efficiency of the listening experience. Such boxes also do not produce the perfect bass sounds.

Suppose you like to get the optimal bass effect. Always check the sub before you purchase it. Additional extensions if the perfect bass is needed in a larger space because the wider bandwidth will not work great.

4. Masking Distortion

Distortion can be common in the case of music boxes. For a bandpass subwoofer, however, the distortion is not usually felt. The woofer cone is placed within the internal chamber, which helps in masking any distortions during music play.

But, it can be fatal in some cases. Distortions can also cause damage to the woofer cone. Even though subwoofers are long-lasting, distortions cannot be nullified completely.

With distortions, the cone motion can be damaged. Therefore, you must keep a close eye on the motion to check any audible signs of distortions; Continuous distortions can decrease the lifespan of the bandpass sub.

So, if you want to have a machine that lasts longer and offers the best music listening experience, you must choose wisely.

5. Requires time to get adjusted

Due to their design and masking effect, it becomes impossible to check for any damages or problems inside the subwoofer. Moreover, the music usually comes from the front chamber only. Hence, it requires some time to get adjusted with its maintenance and smaller details.

6. Box My Be Impractically Huge

Subwoofers offer better sound and bass effects. But, their size can be a hazard and problem sometimes. Therefore, these boxes are usually larger.

The bigger boxes effectively pass lower frequencies, resulting in optimal sound conditions. But, extremely large subwoofer boxes can also create other challenges like transportation, maintenance, or even space challenges.

On the contrary, a smaller box may solve the space problem but fails to produce sound like its larger counterparts.

But, in general, the smaller machines are efficient and offer satisfactory performance. On the other hand, the larger bandpass subwoofers are ideal for deeper and smoother bass sounds with smooth tunes.

In the end, the choice is yours.

 Types of Bandpass Subwoofers

There are variations of the bandpass subwoofer boxes. These are-

Single Reflex Bandpass Subwoofer Boxes

Single reflex bandpass subwoofer boxes have the sealed port in their backside, on the other hand, the ported chamber or the music chamber is placed in the front part. In the case of single reflex bandpass boxes, the transient rate is better. In addition, it comes with a frequency range of 12/DB/octave.

If someone wants to go for a bandpass sub that offers the best music, even in a small space, the single reflex boxes are ideal. The boxes have a compact design and keep the music confined inside even a small space. You can even fit a single Reflex Bandpass sub inside your car or RV!

Dual Reflex Bandpass Subwoofer Box

Dual Reflex Bandpass subwoofer boxes are different in design. The woofer cone is placed in the rear while the music chamber is placed in the front. But, these two different compartments are connected to the listening area with a port.

These variants are known for emitting sharper sounds. It happens due to their high-frequency rate of 18 to 24GB per octave. If you have a larger place and want to ensure the music is equally audible in every corner of the larger enclosure, Dual reflex bandpass subs are the best option.


Bandpass subwoofers are ideal for the deep and smooth bass sounds, which create the “boom effect.” Hence, these are ideal for hip hop, rap, metal, and rock music.

The woofer cone is placed inside the dual enclosed chamber while the music releases from the sides of the box, resulting in a smoother bass effect without any distortion. Hope this article will give you some valuable information.

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