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Astrill VPN Review

“A stand out VPN service with its extensive server network, advanced features like multi-hop, Onion over VPN, and robust security protocols. While the pricing may deter some, the Smart Mode, VPN Kill Switch, and VPN Sharing make it a comprehensive solution for users prioritizing privacy and performance.”

A VPN creates a secure and encrypted internet connection, protecting users from potential threats such as cyberattacks and data breaches. VPNs disguise the user’s IP address and encrypt their data by routing internet traffic through a remote server, making it difficult for third parties to track or intercept online activities. This not only protects users’ privacy but also allows them to circumvent regional limitations and access content that would otherwise be unavailable in their region. VPNs, in effect, act as digital gatekeepers, giving users with a private and secure path around the enormous internet ecosystem.

Within the market of VPN services, Astrill VPN stands out as a strong and feature-rich product. Astrill prioritizes both speed and security with a global network of dedicated servers in 113 cities across 56 countries. The service has a slew of advanced features, including as multi-hop VPN for increased anonymity, Onion over VPN for secure deep web access, and port forwarding for improved performance of programs like BitTorrent and video conferencing. Astrill’s dedication to customer privacy is obvious in its tight no-logs policy, which ensures that user online actions stay private. The diversity of protocols supported, including OpenWeb, StealthVPN, WireGuard, and OpenVPN, demonstrates the versatility and security inherent in Astrill VPN. Despite its higher price tag, Astrill’s Smart Mode, VPN Kill Switch, and VPN Sharing features combine to provide a comprehensive solution for consumers seeking a seamless balance of anonymity and performance in their online efforts.

What We Like

  • Decent Server Network

  • Multi-hop and Onion over VPN

  • Port Forwarding

  • No Logs Policy

  • Multi-Device Connectivity

  • Variety of Protocols

  • Smart Mode

  • VPN Kill Switch

  • App Guard and VPN Sharing

What We Don’t Like

  • High Pricing

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Bottom Line
Astrill VPN has a decent global network of powerful dedicated servers, offering a fast and secure browsing experience with multi-hop capabilities, Onion over VPN, and port forwarding. With a strict no-logs policy and support for various protocols like OpenWeb, StealthVPN, WireGuard, and OpenVPN, it ensures user privacy. Despite its higher pricing, Astrill stands out for its Smart Mode, VPN Kill Switch, VPN Sharing, dedicated IP options, and VIP plan with exclusive servers.

Initial Setup

Users who subscribe to Astrill’s services must download the appropriate program for their operating system, whether Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. The installation wizard walks you through each step, making configuration easier. When the Astrill VPN application is launched after installation, it prompts you to log in with your credentials. The user interface is simple to use, with quick access to key functions and server settings. Based on parameters such as proximity and server load, Astrill’s application automatically selects the best server for the user.

Users can, however, manually select a server from Astrill’s extensive network, allowing for a personalized and optimized surfing experience. During the first setup, you can also configure parameters such as protocol selection and startup behavior. Astrill’s dedication to customer comfort is clear in this setup process, stressing accessibility without sacrificing the VPN service’s comprehensive security and performance characteristics. Overall, Astrill VPN’s first setup is intended to be easy, allowing customers to quickly and successfully establish a secure connection to the internet via the service’s vast network of servers.

Security and Privacy

The foundation of security is Astrill’s strict no-logs policy, which ensures that user activities stay private by not logging any data on its servers. Support for a wide range of protocols, including OpenWeb, StealthVPN, WireGuard, and OpenVPN, demonstrates Astrill’s commitment to providing consumers with solutions that meet their security and performance needs.

With its multi-hop VPN functionality, Astrill goes beyond traditional VPN offers, allowing customers to connect to one entry server and transit traffic through another exit server. This clever solution improves anonymity and privacy by constructing a convoluted network path that makes it extremely difficult for any entity to trace the origin and destination of user data.

Astrill’s incorporation of Onion over VPN indicates their commitment to user freedom and privacy. Users can browse the deep web and .onion sites without installing Tor, guaranteeing that even the fact that they are using Tor is hidden from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governmental organizations.

Another critical component of Astrill’s security system is port forwarding. Port forwarding improves the performance of specialized services such as BitTorrent, Skype, and TeamViewer by allowing users to access device programs via Astrill IP. This feature not only assures optimal performance, but it also protects the privacy of consumers who use these applications.

The security and privacy features of Astrill VPN are complemented by its commitment to keeping the internet open. The VPN service’s design precludes the preservation of any logs on its servers, ensuring that Astrill cannot reveal information about which clients accessed certain websites even if ordered to do so. This strategy adheres to the core idea of unlimited internet access, fostering digital freedom for people worldwide.

Kill Switch and Website/App Filter

Astrill VPN protects its users’ privacy with a critical feature: the Kill Switch. The Kill Switch functions as a fail-safe device, preventing the leakage of a user’s residential IP address in the event of a VPN disconnection. If the VPN connection fails, Astrill immediately stops sending or receiving internet data, guaranteeing that the user’s original IP address remains hidden. This capability becomes critical in situations where technical faults, intermittent internet connectivity, or protocol instability may result in unexpected disconnections. The Kill Switch is a crucial defender against inadvertent gaps in VPN protection for customers involved in torrenting or other activities where disclosure could expose their identity.

In addition to the Kill Switch, Astrill offers an enhanced version known as App Guard for Windows users. While both features protect against IP exposure, App Guard adds a layer of flexibility. Users can selectively prohibit some applications from accessing the internet while allowing others to continue operating normally even if the VPN is disconnected. This is extremely useful for applications such as BitTorrent or online forums, where keeping IP privacy is critical, but users may require unlimited internet access for other purposes. The automatic activation of App Guard at system starting offers continuous protection.

Astrill VPN’s Website and App Filter functionality gives users extensive control over their VPN tunneling options. Users get control over which traffic is routed over the private VPN connection and which can access the internet directly using their residential IP address by selecting “Tunnel all apps,” “Tunnel only selected apps,” or “Exclude selected apps.” This level of personalization is offered across a variety of protocols, including OpenWeb, OpenVPN, StealthVPN, and WireGuard, demonstrating Astrill’s dedication to providing a personalized and safe online experience.

VPN Protocols

Astrill VPN distinguishes itself with a diverse set of VPN protocols, each tailored to unique user requirements while emphasizing security, speed, and adaptability. Astrill invented OpenWeb, a proprietary protocol that operates on TCP and incorporates numerous security encryption and authentication levels, in 2009. Its connection-less feature allows for quick server hopping without the need for lengthy reconnections, making it suitable for users in censored areas. OpenWeb’s encryption, which employs the industry-standard AES-256, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who value both speed and security.

StealthVPN, a proprietary protocol inspired by OpenVPN, adds an extra layer of obfuscation to traffic, making it undetectable by automated firewall systems. This consistency applies to both UDP and TCP modes, assuring dependability and security. StealthVPN is an advanced alternative for those looking for a secure and discrete connection, with data streams protected by AES-256 and robust authentication via certificates.

Astrill chose WireGuard because of its simplicity, speed, and current design. It is a general-purpose VPN protocol that can be used in a variety of settings. WireGuard provides a performant alternative to established protocols such as IPSec and OpenVPN by utilizing cutting-edge encryption such as the Noise protocol framework, Curve25519, ChaCha20, and others. Its reputation for speed, simplicity, and dependability stems from a comprehensive scholarly evaluation and conservative design decisions.

OpenVPN, a highly adaptable and extensively used open-source protocol, caters to users with varying tastes. OpenVPN links smoothly with third-party clients, allowing users to set up VPN connections without the need for Astrill software. It is compatible with both UDP for speed and TCP for reliability. While its transparency makes it vulnerable to detection by automated firewall systems, OpenVPN compensates with continuous examination by security specialists throughout the world, resulting in an ever-improving and secure protocol.

Smart Mode

Smart Mode, a strategic element of Astrill VPN, emerges as a strategic feature aimed to optimize internet consumption while keeping regional IP addresses, promoting high-speed connectivity, and preserving user anonymity. When users connect to a VPN, their devices are often issued foreign IP addresses, which can occasionally result in a decrease in internet speed and may result in blocking by authorities. Astrill’s Smart Mode intelligently addresses this issue by allowing users to connect to the internet using regional IP addresses, reducing the risk of suspicion. This not only ensures that internet speeds remain high, but it also provides piece of mind, which is especially important in countries with stringent rules and censorship, such as China.

The versatility of Smart Mode extends to a variety of settings, which is especially useful for consumers in countries with strict online rules. Smart Mode becomes a useful tool in contexts where governments implement IP filtering, allowing users to surf websites and services without the continual fear of IP addresses being prohibited. Furthermore, Smart Mode improves overall security by making it far more difficult for authorities, ISPs, or applications to detect and ban VPN services.

Dedicated IP

With Dedicated IP function, Astrill VPN delivers an enhanced degree of customisation and control, offering users with a unique and exclusive IP address for their online activity. By default, while using a VPN service, customers share an IP address with other users on the same server, which improves anonymity but may limit certain features. Astrill’s Dedicated IP option, on the other hand, provides users with a private IP address that is entirely dedicated to their online presence. This exclusivity is advantageous in certain situations, such as when customers need to forward ports on their VPN IP for services such as P2P applications or to make local services accessible via the internet.

A dedicated IP address is very useful for customers who want a more stable and consistent online experience, especially while doing things like online gaming or running servers. It allows users to forward ports on the VPN IP, which is essential for programs such as torrent clients, resulting in increased speed and faster downloads. The ability to select between a shared IP and a dedicated IP allows customers to personalize their VPN experience to their own needs.

Astrill VPN provides a NAT Firewall capability for Dedicated IPs to increase security. On torrent-optimized servers, users can set NAT Firewall to close all ports or allow specific ports to pass through. This additional layer of security ensures that only the necessary ports are accessible, mitigating potential vulnerabilities. While the Dedicated IP option costs an extra $5 per month, it offers users a level of personalization and reliability that goes above and beyond the normal VPN services.

Servers and Speed

Astrill VPN has a global network of powerful servers strategically located in 113 cities across 56 countries, forming a strong infrastructure that provides stable and high-performance connections for customers all over the world. Astrill’s vast server network is a crucial strength, allowing customers to choose from a varied choice of locales for their VPN connections. This ubiquitous presence allows for better routing, reduced latency, and quick access to geo-restricted content or services.

Furthermore, Astrill VPN introduces an exclusive VIP package, giving customers access to additional VIP servers that are tailored for speed and low latency, especially for Asian users and gamers. These VIP servers, which are located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and China, prioritize traffic on all servers, resulting in an uninterrupted and high-speed VPN experience.

Astrill achieved remarkable performance metrics during a speed test with our 300Mbps ISP plan. Without a VPN, download and upload rates reached 288Mbps and 285Mbps. When using the WireGuard protocol to connect to Astrill VPN, the download speed remained consistent at roughly 260Mbps, proving the efficiency and speed of this current VPN protocol. However, the upload speed was significantly reduced to 120Mbps, underscoring the inherent trade-off between encryption and speed.

The download speed was around 240Mbps when using OpenVPN with TCP, providing a dependable and secure connection. In contrast, the upload speed reached 150Mbps, striking a balance between speed and stability. Switching to OpenVPN with UDP maintained similar download rates of 225Mbps, however upload speeds were reduced to 60Mbps. The most intriguing result came from OpenWeb, where download speeds peaked at around 270Mbps and upload speeds settled around 40Mbps. This result demonstrates the efficacy of Astrill VPN’s patented OpenWeb protocol in offering customers with a mix of fast surfing and safe connectivity.


  • Network of powerful servers: 113 cities across 56 countries
  • Multi-hop VPN
  • Onion over VPN
  • Port forwarding
  • No logs policy
  • Connect unlimited devices
  • VPN Protocols: OpenWeb, StealthVPN, WireGuard, OpenVPN
  • Client compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Routers
  • Smart Mode
  • VPN Kill Switch
  • App Guard
  • VPN Sharing
  • Dedicated IP VPN
  • VIP plan with exclusive servers
  • NAT Firewall
  • Website and App Filter
  • VPN port forwarding
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Ultra-fast VPN servers
  • Free apps for various platforms
  • Unlimited bandwidth & server switches
  • VIP servers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea, China
  • Speed test results with WireGuard, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), and OpenWeb
  • Pricing: Monthly, 1-year, 2-years plans


Astrill VPN provides its users with a variety of subscription plans that provide flexibility and options to meet a variety of demands. However, it is crucial to know that Astrill VPN pricing tends to be on the pricier end of the VPN market. Users can choose a $30 monthly plan for those who desire a short-term commitment. Astrill, on the other hand, offers affordable long-term subscriptions, such as a one-year subscription for $180, or $15 per month, and a two-year subscription for $300, or $12.5 per month.

All subscription options, regardless of duration, provide a full collection of features. Users get 24/7 customer service, ultra-fast VPN servers in over 50 countries, free apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and routers, unlimited bandwidth and server switches, and the option to connect an unlimited number of devices in their home. The addition of VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, StealthVPN, OpenWeb, and WireGuard expands the offerings.

While Astrill VPN’s pricing is on the pricier end, the extensive feature set, global server network, and commitment to user privacy and security all add to the perceived value.

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Final Verdict

In the competitive environment of Virtual Private Networks, Astrill VPN comes as a powerful and feature-rich option. Astrill prioritizes both performance and anonymity with a worldwide network of powerful servers spanning 113 cities in 56 countries. Astrill is a dependable alternative for those looking for top-tier protection thanks to its comprehensive collection of features, which includes multi-hop VPN, Onion over VPN, port forwarding, and a strict no-logs policy. The ability to connect an endless number of devices across many platforms increases its adaptability, catering to households with varying connectivity requirements.

The VPN protocols available, which include the proprietary OpenWeb and StealthVPN protocols, as well as industry-standard options like WireGuard and OpenVPN, demonstrate Astrill’s commitment to offering users with a variety of solutions tailored to their tastes. Smart Mode takes a novel technique to retaining regional IP addresses, which improves both security and internet speed. The addition of a Kill Switch, App Guard, and website/app filters strengthens Astrill’s commitment to user privacy and control.

While Astrill VPN’s pricing is on the higher end, the plans include a slew of extras, such as access to VIP servers for faster speeds and lower latency. The Dedicated IP option adds an added degree of personalization, underscoring Astrill’s dedication to providing a customized VPN experience. Astrill performed admirably in speed testing across multiple protocols, contributing to a favorable overall user experience.

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