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Roomba Won’t Charge – What You Need to Know?

Robotic vacuum cleaners have revolutionized the way we clean our homes. iRobot is one of the popular brands which develops robotic vacuum cleaners like Roomba. Being an autonomous cleaner, users have just to switch on Roomba, and it will clean their house without human interference. Being an advanced and smart electronic device, Roomba also needs power to work efficiently. What will you do if your Roomba won’t charge?

You need not panic as there are several troubleshooting steps to fix the charging problem of Roomba. To get an ideal solution, users must first identify the issues with Roomba. After narrowing down the issue, a suitable solution can be adopted to fix Roomba’s charging problem. To assist you, this article will explain some common reasons that can cause charging problems for Roomba. We will also discuss different solutions to charge the Roomba again.

Reasons Why Roomba Won’t Charge

Different reasons contribute to the charging problem of Roomba. These issues might lie with the power supply, with Rooma itself, or with positioning errors. If you follow a certain troubleshooting process, locating the issue becomes easy. We have specified some of the common issues faced by Roomba, leading to the charging problems.

1. Dirt On Contact Points

Roomba comes with external charging features with contact points. It positions itself with the contact to initiate charging. The connection is not established when these contacts are dirty or covered with foreign material. As a result, the Roomba will not charge due to obstruction in the energy transfer.

2. Faulty Or Old Battery

Roomba uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which offer better durability and better life. These batteries are reliable yet they lose their charge-holding capacity with time. As a result, an older battery will not be able to hold a charge for a long time, even while charging. Besides this, if Roomba is using an unauthorized or non-compatible battery, charging will not be initiated.

3. Problem in Power Supply

If Roomba’s components have no problem, the power supply might be the problem. Roomba models usually run on the 110 to 240V AC power supply which is converted into DC power inside the robot. If the power supply is incompatible, it leads to slow charging or no charging of Roomba.

4. Bugs in Software

If a problem does not exist at the hardware level, chances are high that the software might be the culprit. Working on the iRobot OS, Roomba enjoys good optimization at the software level. Certain bugs from software can cause issues in the charging process. These bugs are usually detected by the software testers and fixed with a software update.

5. Physical Damages

Roomba might have a sturdy build but it is not indestructible. With a certain level of force, Roomba can receive damages. Any damage to the outer or inner components can cause problems while charging Roomba. Besides this, environmental factors like dust, moisture, heat, etc can also impact the working of Roomba.

Fixing Charging Problem For Roomba

We are now aware of the common reason behind the chagrin problem of Roomba. By keeping these reasons in mind, we can select certain solutions to fix the charging issue of Roomba. If you follow a predefined process, the solutions are effective at both hardware and software levels. Some of the solutions are discussed below:

1. Restart Roomba

Rebooting a system can sometimes solve the charging problem of Roomba. Restarting helps in canceling all the background processes and creates a fresh starting point for the device. This restart is known as a soft reboot which is different from a hard restart. To reboot Roomba, users can hold the clean, spot clean, and home buttons until the clean button illuminates. By releasing these buttons, Roomba will reboot. Depending on the Roomba models, this process changes.

2. Inspect the Power Outlet And Docking Station

If the power outlet has a problem, Roomba will not get a proper power supply for charging. Users must check the wiring and sockets before plugging in their docking station. If the base is receiving proper power input, the notification light will turn on. If users do not see a light, this means the docking station is not receiving enough power. If the power outlet is okay, the problem might be in the power adapter.

3. Clean Sensors and Battery Contacts

Roomba uses different sensors like IR light and proximity sensors. These sensors help in aligning the Roomba’s battery contacts with a docking station for charging. When the sensors or battery contacts are covered in dirt, charging is interrupted. Users can clean these components with the help of a microfiber cloth or alcohol wipes.

4. Inspect the Position Of The Battery

If the placement of the battery is not done properly, the Roomba will not charge. By inspecting the battery’s position, users can fix this problem. By turning Roomba upside down, the battery case can be accessed. The user can realign the battery position by opening this case to allow proper charging.

5. Cleaning Wheels Of Roomba

The wheels of Roomba are not only essential for its movement but also play a major role in charging. These wheels have a certain height, which helps place Roomba in the docking station. As dirt accumulates over the wheel, the overall height increases with time. This interferes with the placement of contacts on the Roomba with the docking station. Users can clean the dirt layer on the wheels with a moist cloth.

6. Inspect Battery Health And Replacement

Battery health is an important factor for the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used in Roomba. With time, the charge-holding capacity of these batteries starts to degrade. Users must check if the battery’s health is good or not. If the battery is getting discharged quickly, chances are high it is degraded. The user can replace the battery with a new unit in this case. The new battery must be compatible with Roomba.

7. Check For Damages

Internal or external damages can significantly affect the charging of Roomba. In case components like the charging port, battery terminals, etc, are damaged, Roomba will not charge. In this case, the user must inspect the external and internal areas of Roomba for damage. If found, users can visit an authorized iRobot service center to repair Roomba.

8. Checking App

Roomba has a dedicated app connectivity that displays vital information about the unit. Users can receive this information on their smartphones. When Roomba is experiencing any problem or errors, the app will instantly display it. Users can refer to the error message or code to find a solution for the problem.

9. Temperature Error

Roomba is designed to operate in a certain temperature range. When the temperature conditions exceed this limit, it affects the performance and charging of the Roomba. To prevent hazards with batteries at high or low temperatures, Roomba automatically stops charging. To solve this issue, users must operate Roomba at a controlled temperature.

10. Factory Reset

Roomba can function properly again if it returns to the factory settings. Users can perform factory reset by app or manually. In the iRobot app, the settings menu offers factory reset options. Users can press the clean and dock buttons for a manual reset until Roomba plays a beep tone. After releasing the buttons, the user can plug in the charging adapter to check whether the Roomba is charging.

11. Contact Technical Support

If all solutions fail, users can contact iRobot technical support as a last resort. A team of technicians will help you fix Roomba’s charging problem. Users can find the contact details in the manufacturer’s manual or on the official website of iRobot. Users must be aware of their Roomba’s model to simplify the troubleshooting process with technicians.

Roomba Won’t Charge – FAQs

1. What is the average charging time for Roomba?

Ans: Depending on the model, a Roomba can charge within two or more hours. It is advised to fully charge the room before setting it into cleaning mode. Roomba comes with a notification LED light which turns green when fully charged. Usually, a fully charged Roomba can clean for 60 to 80 minutes.

2. How to check if a Roomba’s battery is bad?

Ans: You can pay attention to certain signs to check if a Roomba’s battery is bad. If the battery is discharging quickly after charging, it might have degraded. Similarly, users can also check battery health on iRobot’s app.

3. What is the lifespan of Roomba’s battery?

Ans: Depending on the usage of Roomba, its battery can last for a long time. The battery is rated for 400 to 450 charging cycles. If maintained properly, it can last for 2 to 4 years or hundreds of charging cycles, before showing signs of degradation.

4. What to do when the home base light is on, and Roomba is still not charging?

Ans: If the home base’s light is on, it is receiving the power supply. If Roomba is not charging, the problem might lie with battery contacts. Improper placement of the Roomba over the charging dock also prevents charging. Users can clean the wheels and battery contacts to ensure uninterrupted transfer of power.

5. Can you charge Roomba without the home base?

Ans: Roomba is designed in a way to be charged with the home base. It is thereby not possible to charge Roomba without using the home base. Certain models of Roomba come with charging ports that support charging via a dedicated power adapter.

6. Does the light of the charging dock stay on while charging Roomba?

Ans: The light on the charging dock does not stay on while charging. It will, however, flash for certain seconds to alert the use of charging. The flashing time of light is kept shorter to reduce power consumption.


Cleaning indoor spaces with a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner adds comfort to the user. These smart robotic cleaners can automatically adjust the cleaning cycle and require zero intervention from humans. But like any electronic device, Roombas can develop issues like charging problems. This article tries to educate the users about the reasons behind this issue. It also offers several solutions which the user can try, before approaching the service centers. With this knowledge, users can easily fix their Roomba’s charging eros and keep their homes clean.

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