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No Power To Thermostat – Fix This Issue

What To Look At When There Is No Power To The Thermostat?

It would be quite challenging to maintain comfort in your own house without a thermostat. This essential piece of equipment works with your heating and cooling systems to keep your home comfortable.

However, a thermostat can occasionally fail, just like your furnace and air conditioner. Most things are at risk of being malfunctioned by these devices be it the damaged parts or cable issues. But when the normal issues arise like no power to the thermostat that is the most basic problem that people face.

Fix The Issue – No Power To The Thermostat

1. Power Supply

Make sure your thermostat has power in the first place. Go to the circuit breaker in your house to verify this. Electrical system supports your thermostat then the power switch button will be in the circuit box. If your house loses energy, your circuit breaker can tumble down, cutting off the power to your thermostat. Make sure the breaker powering your thermostat is turned on at your circuit breaker before proceeding to troubleshoot this. You can try to reset it if it’s off.

2. Dead Batteries

Old batteries can also be a major reason for the non-supply of power to a thermostat. The screen display and control are motorized by batteries. Batteries have a tendency to get old and run out with time. This can cause a problem if you haven’t paid attention and don’t change your batteries on time. This issue can be resolved within a small period by adding a new pair of batteries to your thermostat. The location of the batteries will be determined after uncovering the lid of the device.

3. Low Voltage

Some of the thermostats use batteries while some use transformers for 24-volt energy. It is found in your HVAC gadget. With time this technology works in different ways; a certain amount of HVAC systems generate less voltage which can be a reason for your display screen to become completely black.

If you are facing this problem by any chance, you can always go to your breaker box and see if you have accidentally stumbled upon it. It can trip again so it is better that you already consult a professional HVAC as it can be a serious problem in the future.

A bad transformer or some faulty cables can also become a reason for your thermostat not to work properly. Pests and corrosion can also be a reason so you have to check the system wires timely to note down any type of issue or you can hire a person who is a professional and knows how to get rid of these issues.

4. Fuse Issue

If the thermostat is on and you are still having trouble of black display and less or no power at all there could be a fuse problem your thermostat is facing. To find out about this you uncover the lid of the device and find the fuse. The imagery of a fuse includes a glass tube carrying on with metal pieces present at the end. Inspection can be done by working out the filament that goes through the  equipment of use. It appears to be a thin wire or thread that runs the entire length of the fuse. If the filament is broken, change the fuse immediately.

5. Thermostat Settings

If you are facing a hard time with no power to your thermostat, the setting of the device can be a major part of it. The settings could’ve been mistakenly changed as the device has a lot of options when it comes to the menu bar. To reassure about it you can go and check its settings so that everything can run smoothly. This problem mostly occurs with the equipment having touch screens. You can accidently touch some other settings while checking or anything can happen. Overlook your thermostat to check if the setting is in the right place or not.

6. Broken Equipment

If the electricity to your thermostat is out, it could mean that the time for the machine to work has just ended. Over the period of time the thermostat can rupture and their power could run out cold. If you own a very ancient variant of thermostat it may be the time that you replace it with a new one. This is the best time to upgrade as the world of technologies is getting faster day by day. Nowadays thermostats which allow you to set a timer of when to turn them on or off are easily available. Moreover, newer devices even have the ability of setting the temperature through a mobile phone.

How Do I Restore The Power To My Thermostat?

  1. First of all you have to look whether the thermostat is powered on or off as it can be accidently turned off for various reasons.
  2. You need to check your power supply of house, there is a chance that the breaker is down, put it back if it is tripped.
  3. Old batteries can be a problem for your thermostat to not work, find out if the batteries have run out and change them with new ones.
  4. You have to be accurate when the fuse inside a thermostat is working.
  5. There’s a possibility that your thermostat has not been cleaned in a while. Use dense air and thin bristled brush to wipe out dust.
  6. Wiring of the device also matters. Check if it is wired correctly. You can find the R, C, G, Y, and W, terminals and look if they are finely attached to their opposite ones correctly.
  7. Make sure that the wiring linking to the device is not damaged and is working correctly.
  8. Also check the cables linking to the device and the transformer.


It is determined that thermostats are very user-friendly devices and can work for a long period of time when taken care of in a good way. All the machines break and need some special assistance when it comes to their performance. Thermostats provide comfort for people, so people should also take care of their machines.

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