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How to Connect Bose Headphones to an iPhone?

Connecting Bose headphones to an iPhone is a bit difficult task and requires valuable skill for its user. Upon its successful connection, it provides great access to a wide array of music and audio content. It delivers improved sound quality while listening with these headphones.

So, here is the ultimate comprehensive guide that explains how to connect these Bose headphones to your iPhone devices for an optimized listening experience. The simple yet effective steps outlined here will allow the user to set proper connectivity between these devices. Also, these instructions are applicable to different models of both devices, irrespective of hardware variations.

Stop worrying about technical incompatibility issues and start enjoying your favorite tunes with exceptional audio quality by following these steps.

What Do We Need to Connect Bose Headphones to an iPhone?

However, there are a few items required for the proper connection of Bose headphones to an iPhone. Initially, the correct model of Bose headphones and the latest iOS version updated iPhone is required. Also, you might require a Bluetooth adapter or audio cable for certain Bose headphone models. It is recommended to go through the product manual to get a clear idea of the setup process before you start pairing these devices. This will ensure a successful connection between your headset and phone.

After setting all these components ready, follow the pairing instructions provided by Apple. In case, if you experience any issues during this pairing process, then contact its customer service team for proper assistance to resolve the issue quickly and easily.

How to Pair Bose Headsets with iPhone

Here is a detailed explanation of how to pair the Bose Headphones to an iPhone. It involves two main methods – pairing the headset with iPhone settings via Bluetooth and pairing iPhone via Bose Connect App.

Let’s get into its details.

Method – 1: Pairing Bose Headphones with iPhone Settings Via Bluetooth

Go to iPhone Settings for Connecting Headsets –

  • Ensure that your iPhone device is configured properly to connect the Bose headphones.
  • For this, go to Settings on your iPhone and tap to select Bluetooth from the list of options.
  • If Bluetooth hasn’t turned on, then enable the switch at the top of the screen to make it turn ON.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds till the headphones appear in the list of available/compatible devices under the “My Devices” section.
  • Select the particular Bose headphone model you are using with the iPhone.
  • After selecting the headphones, ensure that you are connected properly with a blue checkmark on their name.
  • Also, press the power button on the headphones to have a confirmation notification on its connection status for its successful pairing.
  • This confirmation indicates that your headset and phone are connected using Bluetooth to have wireless audio streaming between them.
  • Finally, you can enjoy the audio from the phone that plays via connected Bose headphones rather than the phone’s speakers.
  • Apart from audio listening, this pairing will allow you to use other features like taking calls over Bluetooth and activating voice commands via Siri.
  • Following all these steps will help you to establish a successful connection between iPhones and Bose headphones.

Connect the Headphones to the iPhone –

  • After Bluetooth is enabled on the phone, then it is a straightforward process to connect Bose headphones to them.
  • For this, power on the headphones and press on pairing button for a minimum of 3 seconds till they successfully enter into the pairing mode.
  • Select the particular headphone name from the list of available devices in Bluetooth settings on your iPhone.
  • Then an authentication message appears on the headphone (the message varies for different models).
  • Tap ‘’Connect or Pair” to accept it as a trusted device; upon its acceptance, the music/audio will start playing through these connected Bose headphones.
  • For optimum performance and excellent sound quality with wireless Bose headphones, then it is recommended to upgrade both your headphones and iPhone regularly.
  • Similarly, check the battery levels by keeping track of them when listening to the audio, as it avoids unexcepted shutdowns due to low power.
  • All these tips and tricks will help the user/listener to enjoy streaming high-quality audio wirelessly through the Bose headphones from your iPhones, whenever required.

Method – 2: Pairing iPhone Using Bose Connect App

Bose-wired headsets and iPhones with audio jacks fit together (harmonize) to deliver excellent sound quality. Yet most of the modern iPhone models won’t have any audio jacks to fit and connect them properly with these wired Bose headphones. So, most people prefer the Bose wireless headphones due to the Bluetooth technology and the Bose Connect app fills this void. They got free from tangled wires and enjoying a seamless listening experience.

The dedicated app will not only make this wireless connection effective but also looks after firmware updates to enhance the overall sound quality and clear troublesome malfunctions/bugs. Here is the detailed process of how to pair an iPhone to Bose headset by using Bose Connect App.

  • Go to the Settings application on your iPhone to check whether Bluetooth is enabled or not. If not, then ensure to turn it ON.
  • Download the Bose Connect app from the iPhone’s App Store. Ensure to search for this app by typing the keywords “Bose Connect” on your Apple App Store.
  • Flip the switch on the right earpiece from red to green, as it will turn on the Bose Bluetooth-compatible headset. Thus, it enables Bluetooth pairing of your phone and headsets.
  • Then open the Bose Connect App on your iPhone to search for available devices and automatically detect your desired Bose headphones. If they are within the range and got paired successfully, then an image of your headphones appears on the phone’s screen with a message showing ‘’Drag To Connect’’ with them.
  • Swipe down on the phone screen to initiate the connectivity process and complete the pairing process of your desired Bose headphones with your iPhone. In case of experiencing any trouble in connecting them (or) if your headphones are not detected, then look at the tips offered onscreen to resolve the issues you are having in its proper connectivity.
  • When the app is successfully installed and connected to the iPhone. Connecting symbol is displayed on the screen’s bottom. Upon successful connection, you need to tap on Ready to Play to make them connect properly and enjoy all the audio content (music, podcasts, or more) on your Bose Bluetooth Headphones from your iPhone.
  • Also, the user can quickly and easily switch between multiple compatible devices by using this Bose Connect app. A simple press of the button on the headphones will allow you to have seamless switching between any of the two devices without reconnecting or disconnecting several times.

With all these features, you can enjoy a powerful and crisp sound quality with clear treble and deep bass offered by top-of-the-line Bose headphones.  

How to Pair Bose Headphones with a Non-Bose Device?

It is simple to pair Bose headphones with a non-Bose device. Initially, enable Bluetooth on the device. Then turn off the power switch of the headphones and turn them on back again to activate the pairing mode. Upon the activation of the pairing mode, the LED light on the headset will flash rapidly.

Then search for the available/compatible devices in the Bluetooth settings of the non-Bose device. Select your desired Bose headphones from that list and then follow the instructions (if appeared on the screen). Finally, enjoy the audio from the headphones after they are connected properly till they are powered off or disconnected.

Yet some Bose headphone models need to download an extra app to get paired with a non-Bose device. Though the app is free to download and easy to use, yet it is worth checking before to know whether the app exists for the specific model you are using.  

By following these steps, the user can easily connect their Bose headphones to a non-Bose device wirelessly without any difficulty and experience listening to excellent audio.

How to Check if the Headphones are Connected?

After connecting the Bose headphones to an iPhone, it is quite essential to check whether they are connected properly or not. For its confirmation, you need to enable Bluetooth on your iPhone by selecting Bluetooth from the Settings menu. Then turn on the headphones and wait for a few seconds to make them appear in the list of available or compatible devices. There you can see Bose (with its model name) as one of the options as an indication of the successful pairing of headphones with your device.

Once the connection is done, then open up any media player like Apple Music or Spotify and click on some audio to play. If you hear the sound coming out through headphones, then it confirms that they are properly connected. Also, check the flashing of the LED light on the back of the right earbud as an indication of a successful connection between Bose headphones and your iPhone.  

Tips to Strength the Connection:

Creating a strong and reliable connection between the iPhone and Bose headphones is achieved by following these simple yet effective tips that let you enjoy the best quality sound.  

  • Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both these devices (iPhone and headsets) – activate Bluetooth on the Settings menu and toggle it on.
  • Place these two devices in proximity to each other for better connection.
  • Configure the applicable settings (like audio quality levels or audio codecs) before its connection.
  • Press a button on any of these devices to initiate the pairing mode and then pair them together when triggered.  
  • After its successful connection, adjust the sound volume as desired via the iPhone or headphone controls (for instance, settings – Sounds & Haptics).
  • Relocate the device closer to the router location for enhanced wireless coverage and optimal performance. The reason is that interference from other electronic devices will deteriorate the signal strength and also reduces its battery life.
  • Ensure to update your iPhone with the latest software version to keep a stable connection between these devices.

What to Do if You Can’t Connect Bose Headphones to Your iPhone?

Establishing a proper connection between the iPhone and Bose headphones is essential for their effective functioning. However, there are some causes that make you unable to connect them. Among them, check the settings on both devices – Go to iPhone Settings to ensure the Bluetooth is enabled. In case, if the headphones don’t appear in the list of compatible/available devices, then press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds till the lights turn off to reset the device.

Alternatively for headphones, press and hold down the multi-function button (MFB or center button) and volume up (+) of the Boss headphones together for at least 5 seconds to lighten up one or more LEDs as an indication that the pairing mode is activated. Then select Bose Headphones on the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings menu among that list of devices. Follow the instructions given on either device for its connection.

In case, if these steps won’t work, then simply restart both devices before trying for any other connection procedures.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, it is quite easy to connect Bose headphones to an iPhone. For its proper connection, the user has to check and confirm that the settings and components are configured accurately on the device, including the Bluetooth enabled properly for the pairing process. Then follow the pairing instructions given by Bose to connect their headphones easily and quickly with the iPhone.

After its successful pairing, the user can adjust certain settings like equalizer adjustments or volume control to enhance the sound quality. Also, the audio icon in Control Center will allow its users to check whether the headphones are connected or not. If experiencing any connectivity issues between these devices, then follow some troubleshooting steps like checking the charging levels of both devices, (or) turning off the Bluetooth connections of other nearby electronics.

We hope the above-mentioned procedures and tips will help you to connect the Bose headphones to your iPhone effectively without any issues. Don’t hesitate to share your queries or thoughts with us in the below comments section. We are happy to hear from you and respond promptly. 

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