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Evga Vs Nvidia : What’s The Difference?

GPU is a must-have hardware component for your computer system. These units are essential for a system to process important graphical data and later display it on a screen. Are you upgrading or buying a suitable GPU for your computer system? It is easy to get confused while selecting the right option among several brands. You might have come across several GPU brands including Nvidia and EVGA. Today, we will be discussing these brands.

As previously mentioned, both Nvidia and EVGA are manufacturers of GPU. Nvidia might have a stronger presence in the GPU market but EVGA has also made its presence known to the consumer. Every user wants a GPU which offers better performance and will justify its price tag. This article helps you understand the brand value of Nvidia and EVGA. It will also guide you through some important differences between the products offered by both brands.


evgaEVGA Corporation is an America-based company. It manufactures a range of hardware components for computers and other devices. EVGA also develops several peripherals for computers like AIO liquid coolers, keyboards, mice, etc. EVGA was also one of the closely-tied companies with Nvidia Corporation, serving as their authorized partner.

In short, it had exclusive permission from Nvidia to sell its GPUs. EVGA offers extensive tuning in these GPUs, improving their initial performance. Apart from selling GPUs, it also offers good after-sales support to consumers. EVGA’s community forums are famous for guiding users with complete solutions for product-related problems.


NvidiaInitially named NV, Nvidia’s name is heavily inspired by the Latin word “envy”. It is also an American-based company that specializes in developing integrated circuits. It is a well-known manufacturer of GPUs for several devices. These GPUs are known for their improved performance and better reliability.

Compared to the other brands, Nvidia has occupied a large portion of the GPU market. It is also known for its graphics units for consoles like Xbox in its initial years. Nvidia has also designed and manufactured several video card modifiers. It offers a range of founder’s editions which are more premium than the regular GPUs.

Comparison Between EVGA And Nvidia

Comparison between Nvidia and EVGA brands depends on several factors. Since Nvidia supplies its GPUs to EVGA, it is known as the base manufacturer. EVGA offers customization on the GPUs procured from Nvidia and hence the specifications remain unchanged. However, a noticeable difference in customer support and pricing can be seen between both brands.

Characteristics Nvidia EVGA
Performance Best performance with stock settings Performance improves with customization
Reliability Reliability is one of the best in the segment Technically shares the same reliability as Nvidia
Pricing Base products are priced lower Customized products priced higher
Consumer Support Good customer service with warranties One of the best customer services

Comparison Between Performance

Speaking about performance between EVGA and Nvidia GPUs, both share the same specifications. No doubt the expected performance will be similar for both units. The user gets a difference in performance at the software level where optimization of the GPUs is done. Nvidia offers software like Nvidia GeForce which helps in optimizing its GPU. EVGA offers software like EVGA precision which helps in tuning the performance of the GPU. Since Nvidia supplies GPUs to EVGA, the new models are more optimized for performance at Nvidia’s end.

Comparison Between Reliability

As we are already aware that EVGA rebrands the Nvidia GPUs, the reliability of both GPUs remains almost the same. Nvidia is known for using high-quality materials and conducting several tests on its product range. This installs a quality assurance to the user by Nvidia. The same GPUs are shared by EVGA and hence the users won’t have to worry about the reliability again. When it comes to providing long-term support for its products, EVGA wins over Nvidida thanks to its extended support.

Comparison Between Pricing

The pricing of a GPU works like a deal breaker when users have to choose between multiple options. In the case of Nvidia and EVGA, the units are shared but still priced differently. The EVGA units have a premium price for the same Nvidia unit. The hike in price comes due to better after-sales support and extended warranty programs. In short, EVGA offers a better experience to their customers. Nvidia does not stay behind when it comes to pricing. Its founder’s edition GPUs are priced higher and are available before EVGA’s versions.

Comparison Between Consumer Support

A noticeable difference can be seen between both Nvidia and EVGA’s customer support. Nvidia offers extensive customer support along with a good period of warranties. EVGA excels in this department with extended warranties and flexible consumer support. With a densely spread network of service centers, consumers using EVGA products can easily access services. On top of this, EVGA has an active consumer forum where all users can seek solutions for their products. Nvidia does not stay behind and hosts various contests for its users. Nvidia however does not support overclocking like EVGA does.

Evga Vs Nvidia – FAQs

1. What is the full form for EVGA?

Ans: EVGA corporation got its name during the rise of ecommerce and hence the letter E stands for ecommerce. Being associated with Video Graphics Array used for graphics cards, the brand adopted VGA letters too. In the end, the finalized name “EVGA” was adopted by the brand.

2. Why do EVGA products carry an expensive price tag?

Ans: EVGA products are known for their premium price tags. The reason behind this is the use of high-quality materials in the products. On top of this, EVGA offers extended consumer support to its users with extensions on warranties. In short, EVGA charges more to provide a better after-sales experience to the users.

3. Who manufactures EVGA GT?

Ans: Unlike their GPUs which are manufactured by Nvidia, EVGA independently produces GT series PSUs. With the GT series, EVGA offers a range of high-capacity PSUs for computers. The design, production, and distribution of the GT series belong to EVGA.

4. Are Nvidia and EVGA the same brands?

Ans: Both the Nvidia and EVGA brands are completely different from each other. These brands however had a common connection between them: GPUs. EVGA was one of the authorized distributors of Nvidia GPUs. It rebrands the GPUs with an EVGA label along with additional after-sales support.

5. Is EVGA a good brand?

Ans: EVGA is a good brand considering positive reviews from its customers. It has gained popularity due to the better reliability of its GPUs along with good after-sales support. EVGA is also considered a good brand due to its forums and additional activities for consumers.


When a user buys a GPU from a trustworthy brand, they won’t have to worry about its reliability. Brands like Nvidia and EVGA enjoy a good position in the GPU market thanks to their distinctive characteristics. Nvidia works as the base supplier for EVGA GPUs while EVGA focuses on improved after-sales experience. With this article, we have gone through some important details regarding both brands. We have also studied comparisons between both brands which make them unique. With this information, a user can select an ideal GPU from Nvidia or EVGA.

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