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Do Solar Panels Make Noise ?

When you are considering environmental friendly or affordable power solutions for your home, then installing solar panels on your roof can be a great idea. Such solar panels allow you to produce electricity for free without taking up any space if you are installing them on your roof.

However, if you have checked details about installing solar panels at your home, then you may have heard about issues where solar panels create noise during operation. And since your solar panels will always be installed on your roof, this can be a serious issue. Hence, make sure to go through this guide to learn everything about solar panels and whether solar panels make noise or not.

Can Solar Panels Create Noise During the Day?

If you’re wondering about whether solar panels create any noise when they are producing electricity during the day, then you will be glad to know that a perfect solar panel installation will not create any night. Since a solar panel has photoconductors which convert sunlight into electricity, there is no noise produced because of it.

Although, there might be scenarios where your solar panels may create slight noises due to poor installation, faulty inverter, improper connections, or other similar issues. But overall, solar panels are definitely not loud which makes them perfect for home installation.

Can Solar Panels Create Noise at Night?

Even if your solar panel is making a slight buzzing or crackling sound during the day, it will be fine in most cases. However, things are completely different when you’re talking about solar panel noise at night. Since solar panels are installed on the roof or your home, the last thing you would want is to have a constant noise coming from your solar panels when you’re trying to sleep.

Fortunately, since solar panels only create electricity during the day, there won’t be any noise at night even if you have a faulty solar inverter in your home. Just make sure that your solar panels are properly installed and you won’t hear any noise from your solar panels at night.

Solar Panel Noise Types: Causes & Solutions

By now we have covered the potential time frame when solar panels can create noise and up to what extent. And while the slight noise produced by solar panels may not bother everyone, you may still want to fix the noise coming from your solar panels completely. In that case, you can simply check out all these major types of solar panel noises along with their major causes & solutions:

1. Banging & Popping Noises

While it is not quite common, sometimes you may hear a banging or popping noise coming from your solar panels. If you’re also facing the same, then it is most likely caused due to contraction & expansion. Such an issue is caused because of contraction and expansion issues with your solar panel. To overcome this issue, you need to make sure that there is enough space between your solar panels.

2. Creaking Sounds

Usually, if you hear creaking sounds coming from your solar panels, then it means that the solar panels are being bent and flexed. And for most, this will be caused due to fast winds forcing the solar panels to bend. Because solar panels are fairly flexible, you need to make sure that they are installed properly to prevent such an issue.

3. Hitting Noises

If you hear that something keeps hitting your solar panels again and again, then it is most likely a wire which is moving due to wind and hitting your solar panels. Thus, you should check all the wiring of your solar panels and make sure that all the wiring is installed properly and nothing is loose.

4. Running or Falling Sounds

In some rare cases, you may hear sounds of something running or falling on your solar panels that are installed at an angle. This is due to the reason that a bird or a small insect is most likely moving around your solar panels. And if you’ve been facing this issue quite often, then you may consider installing your solar panels flat instead of at an angle.

5. Shaking or Bowling Noise

When you’re living in a windy area and using solar panels on the roof or your home, then you may hear a shaking or bowling noise quite often. Usually, such a noise is created when there are fast winds in your area which can shake up your solar panels. Fortunately, overcoming this issue is fairly easy by adding rubber pads under your solar panels for vibration absorption.

6. Rattling Sounds

Similar to shaking sounds, a rattling sound also comes when your solar panels are moving because of wind. However, unlike a shaking sound, rattling sounds are much louder and are caused by extremely poor installation. So, simply reinstall your solar panels properly to ensure that you don’t get any rattling sounds.

How to Fix Solar Panel Noise?

Now that you know the different kinds of noises your solar panels can create, you may want to fix the same if you’re facing one of them. But by now, we have already covered the most common types of solar panels noises out there. In fact, we have also given their possible causes and viable solutions along with them. With these, you should be able to easily fix the noise from your solar panels.

However, if you’re still hearing noise coming from your solar panels, then it can be quite likely that it is something else as mentioned down below.

Common Types of Solar Panel Noise

If you’re completely sure that your solar panels are installed properly, then the most common type of noise that you may hear coming from your solar panels is going to be from the solar panel inverter.

As the electric voltage offered by your solar panels and the one needed in your home are different, you also need to use a solar panel inverter along with your solar panels. And in some cases, this solar panel inverter can also create constant noise when your solar panels are producing electricity from sunlight.

How to Fix Solar Panel Inverter Noise?

Even though the noise produced by most solar panel inverters is not quite loud, it is definitely an irritating noise. This noise will be created by most solar panel inverters throughout the day as long as your solar panel batteries are being charged and yoru solar panels are producing electricity. As a result, fixing the same is quite important.

If your solar panel inverter is making any kind of beeping sound, then it is most likely giving out some sort of signal. And to decode to the beep based signal, you can check the manual of your solar panel inverter to understand the same. Although, if your solar panel inverter is making a buzzing like sound, then there is definitely something faulty with it. In that case, you will need to get your solar panel inverter checked and fixed by a professional technician.

Will you Experience Noise from Solar Farms as well?

Since solar panels are considered as one of the best options out there in terms of producing environmentally friendly electricity, they are used in more places than just your homes. These days, you can also find a lot of solar farms around your city for both residential and commercial power requirements. These solar farms are essentially a large collection of solar panels for producing electricity at a large scale.

But if you’re worried about noise being produced by solar panels, that is going to be an even bigger issue here because of the large number of solar panels being used. Fortunately, almost all solar farms will have proper installation for all their solar panels.

More importantly, the only components of solar farms that can potentially produce noise include the transformers, cooling fans, and high voltage power lines. And almost in all cases, all of these components are installed as far as away from public areas as possible. So even if your area has a solar farm, the noise coming from it shouldn’t be an issue in most cases.

Can you use Solar Lights Work during Winters?

As you must know, the amount of sunlight we get is definitely decreased during winters. Not only is the intensity of the sunlight affected, but even the sunlight duration is lowered because of the shorter days that we experience during winters. And due to this, you may think that your solar panels or solar light may stop working during winters.

Thankfully, that is not an issue at all since modern solar panels are highly efficient. Even though the total amount of electricity will be affected, your solar panels can still produce electricity even with a little bit of light. As a result, even on a bad weather day, your solar lights will keep functioning without any issues.


Whether you already have solar panels installed in your home or want to do the same, you must now know everything related to solar panel noise. In this guide, we have already discussed important details regarding solar panel noise including common types of solar panel noise, solar panel noise causes and solutions, noise from solar farms, etc. Most importantly, we have even talked about how to fix solar panel inverter noise which is the common type of solar panel noise. If this guide has been helpful to you in anyway, make sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section down below.

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