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7 Best Welding Carts Reviews & Buying Guide

              “Maximize the welder’s utility and mobility a with a welding cart”

Welding Cart is a must-have accessory for welders to organize, carry and store their things properly. The designated spaces and shelves make it easy to access and use them on worksites.

An ideal welding cart should be capable of accommodating heavy machines easily. They should also be easy to move from one place to another without any issues.

They are available in various designs, features, and capacities. Here is a quick outlook of key factors to consider before investing in the welding cart.

Load Capacity –

Since most welding-related tools and accessories are fairly heavy, the welding cart you choose should be able to handle the overall weight (of welders, tools, gas cylinders, hoses, and other accessories). So, check the weight capacity based on your welding machine and other things you keep on this cart for easy movement.

Material –

Usually, there are high chances of denting or knocking the cart while working with it in warehouses or construction sites. So, you have to buy carts made from strong, durable material without going for a flimsy construction. Also, the construction material should be moisture resistant and rust- or corrosion-resistant to allow the cart to stay secure if exposed to humidity.

Number of Shelves –

Apart from being able to handle heavy tools, your welding cart should also have the design for properly organizing the items. This can be done with the help of multiple shelves or tiers in the welding cart. In general, there are 2 or 3 tiers available for the cart. We advise you to check for inbuilt drawers to store and manage smaller things.

Choosing the correct option among the wide range of options can be a mammoth task. To simplify your shopping process, we came up with a list of some popular and Best Welding Carts. For more information on how to choose the best welding cart, we recommend reading our detailed Buying Guide.

7 Best Welding Carts 

Best Welding CartsWeight CapacityTiersWarrantyBuy Now
MIG TIG Welding Cart100 lbs2 tiers2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Yaheetech Welding Cart176 lbs3 tiersCheck On Amazon
Eastwood Plasma Welding Cart350 lbs3 tiers3 yearsCheck On Amazon
4-Drawer Cabinet Welding Cart100 lbs2 tiers---Check On Amazon
SSLine 3 Tiers  Welding Cart176 lbs3 tiers---Check On Amazon
Klutch Welding Cart100 lbs2 tiers1 year Check On Amazon
KASTFORCE Portable Welding Cart1200 lbs2 tiers3 yearsCheck On Amazon

Best Welding Carts eviews

1. MIG TIG Welding Cart

MIG TIG Welding Cart

This product is developed and presented by CHICAGO ELECTRIC which is one of the reliable ones in the power tools section.

It is made of sturdy stainless-steel construction which makes it last for a pretty long time. This welding cart comes with two shelves just under the welder storage. This extra storage space helps you store power tools or any others.

The top shelf has a tilt to properly accommodate the welder controls. Apart from that, it also ensures easy access. It has four sturdy wheels which let you move it easily without any issues.

Best Features:

  • Rated weight capacity of 100 lbs
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year


  • Entry-level welding cart
  • Decent build quality
  • Two storage shelves compartment at the bottom
  • Powder coating


  • Nothing much

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Yaheetech 3-Tiers Welding Cart

Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart

While Yaheetech may be a bit new, its welding carts is still something that you should expect especially at the given price tag.

This Yahaeteek welding cart comes at the 3rd position of this article because you get a decent 176-pound carrying capacity. Unlike most other budget options, this one also includes a total of 3 tiers making it the more versatile option.

To ensure that you can still move this welding cart even at full load capacity, Yaheetech has included small wheels at the front and larger screen on the rear for smooth movement. However, what Yaheetech does lack is any form of warranty making it slightly less reliable than others.

Best Features:

  • Rated weight capacity of 176 lbs
  • Include a total of 3 tiers


  • Quite a high weight capacity
  • Extremely affordable welding carts
  • Decent build quality for long term usage


  • Lacks any form of electricity

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Eastwood Plasma 3-Tiers Welding Cart

Eastwood 3-Tiers Plasma Welding Cart

Eastwood is a highly popular brand of welding products and their related accessories where both of which offer a great experience to the user.

The Eastwood welding cart is one of the best picks stated here since it is the perfect option for heavy-duty usage. For starters, you get a weight capacity of 350 pounds which is probably more than what you will need. You also get a total of 3 tiers with this welding cart for easily managing and storing your belongings.

Just like many other welding carts, this Eastwood one also includes smaller front and larger rear wheels for even smoother movement. Because this Eastwood welding cart is made for heavy-duty usage, its given a 3-year long warranty making it a viable option for long-term use.

Best Features:

  • Rated weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Include a total of 3 tiers
  • Comes with a warranty period of 3 year


  • Quite large
  • Supports a very heavyweight
  • Long warranty for peace of mind


  • Lacks any form of drawer

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4. 4-Drawer Cabinet Welding Cart

4-Drawer Cabinet Welding CartIf you want to organize all your welding tools and supplies effortlessly, then you should take a look at this 4-drawer cabinet welding cart.

This welding cart is another viable option for all those who need more storage space along with a decent weight capacity. Starting with its weight capacity, this welding cart can easily handle up to 100 lbs of weight which is quite good. Since it has heavy-duty tough steel construction and perfect satin black powder-coated finish, you can use this cart for years to perform your work with a MIG welder or plasma cutter.

However, the 4 sturdy drawers will let you load various small to medium tools or accessories as extra storage, while you can load, sort, or manage other tools onto this 2-tier welding cart. Its 6-inch rear fixed wheels and 2.5-inch flexible front wheels will offer a smooth rolling to move this cart around your workplace. Yet the main drawback is that this welding cart doesn’t come with any manufacturing warranty.

Best Features:

  • Rated weight capacity of 100 lbs
  • Include a total of 2 tiers
  • Comes with 4 drawers, in which the top one has a lock facility
  • Portable, reliable, and durable option


  • Offers a lot of storage space
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Smooth-rolling casters to move around
  • Perfect addition to a plasma cutter or MIG welder
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with a satin black finish


  • No information is available on its warranty.
  • A bit difficult to assemble.

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5. SSLine 3 Tiers  Welding Cart


SSLine 3 Tiers  Welding CartSSLine offers a wide range of home accessories and products that can be highly beneficial for all kinds of usage, including its welding cart.

This welding cart from SSLine is one of the cheapest options available out there. It is made of premium metal and PVC wheels along painted finish to withstand rust and wear for long-lasting heavy-duty usage. This strong and durable cart manages to handle up to 176 pounds of weight, which is quite good to store and carry around.

Since it is a 3-tier welding cart, you will get ample storage space to organize and load various tools and accessories, including a plasma cutter, ARC, or MIG welding machine. Its tilted top shelf provides quick access to the tools, while there is a shelf built specially for tank storage at the rear.

This welding cart has 4 PVC castors, in which 2 big rear wheels for stability and 2 front 360° swivel wheels for smooth movement in any direction. With all these features, this welding cart is the perfect option for both DIYers or Professionals to use in workshops or home garages.

Best Features:

  • Rated weight capacity of 176 lbs
  • Include a total of 3 tiers
  • Solid structure with premium steel body and PVC casters
  • Comes with a 30-day return guarantee


  • Built-in wheels for easy and smooth movement
  • Durable, and reliable option for long time usage
  • Ideal option for professionals or DIYers
  • Offers decent weight capacity and storage option


  • Lacks warranty information
  • Does not have any form of a drawer.

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6. KASTFORCE 2-Tiers Welding Cart

KASTFORCE KF3002 Portable Welding Cart

Kastforce makes a wide range of tools and machines that are used in large heavy-duty projects and industrial usage which includes a heavy-duty welding cart.

With this Kastforce welding cart, you can expect a great experience since this is the best-performing option present here. This is because it can handle up to 1200 lbs of weight which is much higher than others. However, you still get limited storage options due to its 2 tier design.

A unique thing about this welding cart is that it also allows you to attach more things to it using its ⅝ inch threads. Being a welding cart made for heavy-duty usage, Kastforce has included a 3-year long warranty.

Best Features:

  • Rated weight capacity of 1200 lbs
  • Include a total of 2 tiers
  • Comes with a warranty period of 3 year


  • Excellent for heavy-duty tasks
  • Very high weight capacity
  • Quite a long warranty for reliability


  • A bit on the expensive side

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Klutch 2-Tiers Welding Cart

Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart

Klutch is a sub-brand of the highly popular NorthernTool company which has been offering all sorts of tools, machines, and various handy accessories like a welding cart.

The Klutch welding cart comes at the 1st position of this list since you get a fairly large size from it even at the given price tag. While you may only find 2 tiers on this welding cart, you still get a lot of storage space thanks to its inbuilt safe. This welding cart is rated for 100 lbs of maximum weight capacity which is decent.

You also get 2-inch front and 6 inch rear wheels with this welding cart for allowing you to use it wherever you like. Because Klutch is a sub-brand of a highly popular brand, you also get a 1-year long warranty for peace of mind.

Best Features:

  • Rated weight capacity of 100 lbs
  • Include a total of 2 tiers
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year


  • Entry-level welding cart
  • Decent build quality
  • Large-sized storage compartment at the bottom


  • Drawer can be a bit too large

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How to Choose the Best Welding Cart:

Welding carts are all designed with similar basic functions, yet some features (maneuverability, durability, or capacity) will differentiate them and enhance your usage, and safety. To help you in selecting the best option, we recommend you go through the following must-to-consider features or factors while shopping for a welding cart.

Let’s get into its details…

1. Load (or) Weight Capacity:

The load capacity of a specific cart will determine the maximum weight it can hold or support without hooking. It is essential to check the weight of equipment, including heavier gas cylinders and welders before purchasing a welding cart.

Most cheaper models consist of thin steel, which makes them unable to hold the weight of 2 welders, a gas cylinder, and other tools. Thus, the capacity will give you a clear idea of the cart’s weight limitations and thereby help you to purchase the correct cart.

For instance, purchasing a welding cart supporting 100 pounds will not be the best option when your welding machine weighs around 100 pounds. You should look for a cart having more load/weight capacity to handle the machine’s weight along with hoses, shielding gas bottles, and other accessories.

Almost all welding carts come with a weight capacity ranging from 100 pounds to 200 pounds depending on the model you choose. If you have a heavy-duty welding machine, then find larger cart models that can hold weight/load up to 1000 pounds, which is ideal for industrial usage.

2. Storage Capacity:

Another key feature to check while buying a welding cart is its storage capacity. Ensure to pick a cart that provides enough space you require to store all your welding essentials. The main thing that comes first is your welding machine and then other tools and accessories.

Hence, it offers a dedicated space to hold the welding machine, and then extra room or shelves for additional tools. In general, welding carts provides 2 – 3 shelves, which means you have to check and buy them that suit your requirement.

A model featuring lockable compartments/shelves is the utmost option while using the cart in a factory or workshop. So, you have to look for a welding cart whose storage capacity can easily make you place all your welding tools and accessories in it. If using a small or portable welder, you can use a small pushcart instead of a large welding cart for space-saving in your warehouse or garage.

3. Material:

The build quality and the construction material of the welding cart will play a crucial role in its durability, and longevity. Make sure to buy a cart made of strong and durable metals to withstand the high risk of denting the cart, especially while working in the warehouse or garages.

Plastic elements are included in some cart manufacturing, which causes trouble if they perish or crack. Also, consider the weight of the welder while checking the cart’s material, because selecting a filmy construction won’t work and easily gets damaged. So, check the build material and choose the strong one that sustains the knock or dent when working on the construction sites and workshops.

Furthermore, the material of the cart should be moisture-resistant and rust- or corrosion-resistant, if exposed to high levels of humidity.

4. Number of Shelves or Tiers:

Unlike a tool chest, a welding cart makes everything easily and quickly accessible with its readily accessible tiers or shelves. Usually, the welding carts offer 2 or 3 shelves to place or store the welding equipment.

Based on your welders, tools, and accessories, you have to choose the model with the required number of shelves. For instance, if you have two welders, then go with a three-shelved cart model. Apart from tires, you should also look out for welding carts that come with inbuilt drawers/lockers. These are useful to store and manage smaller tools and accessories easily.

Also, measure the shelves’ dimensions to know whether the plasma cutter or welder will fit perfectly in them or not. If your welder features a door chart, then check it should have sufficient room to open the door for easy access.

5. Wheels:

You can move the whole thing in a welding cart around your workshop or garage with its amazing wheels.

Rubber wheels for the cart will make it work silently without much noise, and they tend to last longer. Also, the cart with rubber wheels will roll smoother, even on bumpy and uneven surfaces. Its back wheels will easily spin in every direction to enhance its mobility.

We advise you to check the alignment of the wheels to confirm that your cart offers even weight distribution to have easy maneuverability. In general, a cart will come with smaller front wheels and larger back wheels. Here the small wheels on the front will pivot and let you easily turn and move the cart to any place where you need to go.

In several cases, you can find the front wheels ranging from 2 to 4 inches in diameter, whereas the rear wheels can range from 4-inch to 10-inch. For the best smooth experience, it is highly recommended to thoroughly check the wheels for proper and easy mobility of welding.

6. Maneuverability:

Selecting the cart with precision wheels will allow you to maneuver the welding cart in and around the workstation. However, two swivel wheels in the front are for changing direction, whereas the back two big wheels are for smooth and quick mobility. Also, you have to consider the maneuvering handle, which is a crucial feature lacking in most of these carts. It provides portability competence.

7. Angle of Welder:

It is not an easy task to place the welder properly on the cart. The angle you set for the welder should make the front part of the machine tilt upwards and thereby offers easy access to all the knobs and settings on the welder’s panel. Also, you can access these settings through a slanted welder. However, put a small block at the cart’s backside to make the welder not hit the cylinder, which rests on the back.

8. Shielding Gas Shelf:

There should be some room for shielding gas bottles in your cart, most preferably having gas cylinders at the back of the cart. This allows you to remove and refill easily, whenever needed. Ensure to go with a welding cart that has safety chains to maintain gas cylinders steady without falling or moving, when you move the cart around.

9. Wire Hooks:

It is quite common in a worksite to have a lot of wires due to the usage of several types of machinery. Thus, there is a risk of tripping over these wires or might get tangled. But it is not with this welding cart. The wire hooks feature on the side of the cart will manage the wires to help you stay safe in your workplace.

10. Gas Cylinder Storage:

It is a must to have gas bottles which are heavier welding equipment. Usually, a single installation is required for the tank in welding carts, which means you have to thoroughly check the size and weight of the gas bottle on mounting magnitudes to confirm its proper fitting.

Carts feature built-in chains to safeguard the gas bottles for safety while rolling. Some models come with a single chain, while others offer 2 protective chains to improve their safety and security (a classic welding cart). Choose the apt trolley based on your welding requirements.

11. Ease of Assembly:

A new cart with a lot of parts that are a bit hard to install without proper instruction details is not at all the best option for anyone. Ensure to pick a welding cart that comes with a simple design and is easy to assemble with fewer steps. Check that all those bolts are fastened together tightly without loose bolts after having their proper installation.

12. Room for Tools:

Welding with some spare room for placing and storing your tools and accessories is quite useful. Mostly, the bottom shelf is used to place welding helmets, while the middle one is to store spare gloves, wires, or pliers. However, a welding cart having drawers/lockers helps organize the workplace and also prevents them from getting dust.

13. Dimensions:

If you are going with 2- or 3-tier welding carts, not all of them offer the same amount of space. Therefore, you should check the dimensions of the welding cart. For instance, a cart of 30-inch X 20-inch X 40-inch will offer much more space than a 20-inch X 15-inch X 25-inch one, especially if it has multiple tiers.

14. Durability:

The construction material of any tool/product will determine its durability. So, we advise you to choose a cart built with durable material like steel. Besides the construction material, you have to check the wheels (prefer PVC-made wheels) to assure a free and easy movement while using the cart regularly. Hence take a deep look into the material, and wheels while shopping for this cart.

15. Price:

Most of these welding carts are affordable that don’t make you to spend much on their purchase and maintenance. The general price range will be from $50 – $100 (or more). Based on your required features and budget range, you can choose the best option among several models available on the market.

16. Warranty:

A product made of the best quality material will make you expect durability, reliability, and longevity. Yet, we suggest you check the warranty of the welding cart to ensure that is a reliable one without manufacturing defects. Most models out there come with a 2-year or 3-year warranty. The longer the warranty, the better you can use them with peace of mind. Also, check the terms and conditions along with online ratings and reviews before buying a cart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which one is the better option – welding table or welding cart?

It completely depends on the type of your work and the place where you need to work. For instance, if you are looking to weld on small items then a welding table will be your best option. While working on larger items, where you have to move around the workplace, then you need a welding cart with wheels. The main difference between them is that the table stays stationary (without any movement), whereas the cart is mobile (easy to maneuver).

2. Why does the welding cart angle?

The main reason why this welding cart is angled is to notice the machine controls directly. Mostly the welding process is done at a lower level, which means it is hard to look up for a clear view of the welder. Also, it is an essential step to perform your work efficiently. In case, if dealing with an overhead project, the welder should be set in such a way to face the controls upwards for proper sightline.

3. Can I use a wood cart for the welding cart?

Yes, you can use it. In general, wooden carts are a heavier option compared to metal carts. Yet the main drawback of using these wooden carts is that they capitulate to moisture, which in turn makes the wood swell and thereby hard to open the drawers or lockers.

4. How do we build a cart?

Here is a step-by-step procedure that helps you in building a cart all by yourself.
*The essential things required for the construction of the welding cart are castors, framing material, handle, and shelve-building material.
*Before starting the process, you have to measure the welding machine to know the exact dimensions required.
*Since the welding machine is a bit heavier, you have to choose the best material for the construction shelves and frame, as it should easily withstand these heavyweights.
*Ensure to construct the frame and set the castors (wheels) before you start setting the shelves. Usually, pivoting castors should be in the front, and large wheels should be at the back of the cart for its easy movement (mobility).
*After that, construct the shelves in such a way that they are far enough for easy access to the things stored on them. Also, it is a must to angle the top shelf for easy to reach the controls on your welding machine.
*Finally, keep some space for shielding gas cylinders to move them on the cart, and attach some safety chains to protect and secure these gas cylinders.

5. How much distance should be there for two welding tank carts?

The recommended distance of 10 feet has to be applied to acetylene and oxygen. This means you should store these gases 10 feet away from each other. Thus, you can safely return these gas bottles to their storage places.


While working in a workshop or a garage, it is highly important to organize all of your tools and accessories that you regularly use. But if you also wish them to be easily accessible when you are doing things like welding, then getting something like the best welding carts present in this listicle can be a great idea.

To help you in buying the best welding cart for you, the various carts present above also have their important details and features along with a complete buying guide. Although, if you are still confused, here are some of our favorite picks for the best welding carts:

  • When compared with others, the Kastforce KF3002 welding cart is the best pick here which is made for heavy-duty usage. While you only get 2 tiers with this welding cart, it is surely a large one for doing different projectors. And the best feature of this welding cart is that it can handle up to 1200 lbs with ease. Being such a premium brand, Kastforce also includes a 3-year long warranty for peace of mind.
  • If you wish to properly organize your tools and accessories, then the Goplus welding cart is the perfect one for you. Even though it only has 2 tiers, you surely get a great experience with its 4 inbuilt drawers. When filled up, this welding cart can handle up to 100 pounds of weight capacity which is quite good.
  • The Yaheetech welding cart is the most affordable option stated down here. And for the given price, you get a lot of things like a maximum weight capacity of 176 pounds, a 3 tier design, high-quality steel construction, and more. Unfortunately, being a budget option it does not come with a warranty.

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