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The Top 7 Best Tablets for ZBrush Reviews in 2023

ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting tool that is widely used in the field of computer graphics, particularly in the creation of high-resolution 3D models for various industries such as film, video games, and even animation. One of the key features of ZBrush is its dynamic and intuitive sculpting brushes, which simulate traditional sculpting tools such as clay, brushes, and chisels.

These brushes provide a natural and responsive sculpting experience, allowing artists to manipulate and shape their models precisely. Thus offering you a life-like creation tool for the digital screen. Therefore, this tool is highly popular in the creative industry. And if you are also looking for a tablet exclusively for ZBrush, make sure you check out the following aspects carefully before you buy one.

  • Pressure Sensitivity: Pressure sensitivity is a crucial feature of ZBrush. It refers to the ability of a digital input device, such as a graphics tablet or stylus, to detect and respond to variations in pressure applied by the artist’s hand. Having a wide range of pressure sensitivity allows artists to mimic the physical process of sculpting with sculpting materials. By applying more pressure, the digital tool in ZBrush can create deeper and wider marks, simulating the effect of pushing harder on a physical sculpting medium.
  • Connectivity Technology: Connectivity technology plays a crucial role in the ZBrush platform. So the platform you are using to access ZBrush, such as a tablet, should offer multiple connectivity options. ZBrush supports a wide range of input devices, including graphics tablets, styluses, and touch screens. Connectivity technology ensures that ZBrush can establish a seamless connection with these devices, allowing artists to leverage the full capabilities of their preferred hardware.
  • Screen Size: The screen size of a tablet used for ZBrush plays an important role in the overall user experience and workflow efficiency. ZBrush involves intricate sculpting and painting tasks that require attention to detail. A larger screen size provides more workspace, allowing artists to have a better view of their artwork and the various tools and menus within the software. A larger screen size provides a closer representation of the actual size of the artwork, making it easier for artists to maintain hand-eye coordination.

Choosing the right tablet for ZBrush is crucial to ensure a smooth and productive workflow. And to do that, you will have to consider various important factors which would be otherwise ignored for a standard tablet such as stylus performance, compatibility, customization options, pressure sensitivity, ergonomics, etc. And to help you with that, we are offering you the best tablet you can buy for ZBrush right here. We have carefully selected these options based on reviews from professionals as well as the factors we have discussed above. If you want to know more about our selection procedure, kindly refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best tablets for ZBrush.

Best Tablets for ZBrush Table

Tablets for ZBrushPressure SensitivityConnectivity TechnologyScreen SizeBuy Now
Wacom Tablet4096 LevelsUSB7 InchesCheck On Amazon
XP-Pen Tablet 8192 Levels3-in-1 cable15.6 InchesCheck On Amazon
HUION Tablet8192 LevelsUSB, HDMI13.3 InchesCheck On Amazon
GAOMON Tablet8192 LevelsUSB, HDMI11.6 InchesCheck On Amazon
UGEE Tablet8192 LevelsUSB10.6 InchesCheck On Amazon
Microsoft Tablet-Wi-Fi10.5 InchesCheck On Amazon
Fusion5 Tablet-Wi-Fi10.1 InchesCheck On Amazon

Best Tablets for ZBrush Reviews

1) Wacom Tablet

Wacom TabletWacom is one of the finest brands out there for a drawing tablet and a lot of other similar accessories. The following choice from Wacom is the most popular option that we could find for this list.

In the 1st place, we are putting the most popular tablet available right now for drawing and other similar creative applications. The Wacom Small Graphics Drawing Tablet also happens to be one of the cheapest alternatives on this list, making it an ideal choice for beginners. It is a simple tablet that comes with a dedicated EMR 4096 pressure-sensitive stylus and 4 easily accessible shortcut keys to make your daily tasks much easier. Still, this tablet is certified to work with all kinds of systems, including a chromebook.

The shortcut keys available on the tablet are fully customizable, meaning you can pair the keys with any function that you need to make your job easier. And despite being an affordable choice, the stylus of the device still features 4096 pressure sensitivity levels, making it rank at the top of our list. This tablet also comes bundled with a 3 months subscription of Bluescape, Skylum Luminar Neo, and SkillShare. And to make the deal even more fascinating, you will also receive a 2 years subscription of Clip Studio Paint Pro and 1 year of Boris FX Optics for no additional cost.

 Best Features

  • It allows 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • It allows USB connectivity
  • Display size is 7 inches


  • Most popular choice for a basic drawing tablet
  • Ideal option for beginners
  • Works with macOS, WIndows, and even ChromeOS


  • It does not have a digital display

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2) XP-Pen Tablet

XP-Pen TabletMany professional artists say you should always prefer a larger display option for a drawing tablet. Therefore, the next option on our list is the largest option we could find from XP-PEN.

In the 2nd position, we are putting the XP-PEN Drawing Tablet. Considering this is one of the premium options on this list, it would be fair to say that this is a perfect option for professionals. This drawing tablet has many decent features, such as pro tilt support, 120% sRGB color grading, and support for up to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. You will also find 8 customizable shortcut keys on the tablet along with a dial in the center for precise actions.

Even though it has a very large display, you don’t have to worry about the display quality since it comes with an IPS display panel offering a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Apart from a crisp resolution, it also maintains up to 178 degrees of viewing angles, making it possible to use the tablet in any orientation without losing the visual quality. As for the compatibility, this tablet is also suitable for Windows and ChromeOS, along with many creative platforms such as Photoshop, Painter, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

 Best Features

  • It allows 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • It allows 3-in-1 cable connectivity
  • Display size is 15.6 inches
  • It has an IPS display


  • Display quality is very good
  • Many shortcut keys are available
  • Complete package with all necessary accessories


  • Very expensive option compared to other choices

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3) HUION Tablet

XP-Pen TabletMany other options are available in the premium selection for a tablet that you can use with ZBrush like the one designed by HUION. There are a lot of benefits of going with this tablet considering its a premium choice.

Our 3rd choice for the best tablets for ZBrush is the HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Drawing Tablet. This is also a relatively large tablet with a laminated 13.3 inches display and a completely battery-free pen. The pen allows 8192 pressure sensitivity levels which are to be expected at this price point. You will also find 8 customizable keys on the tablet, making it much easier to streamline your workflow.

Unlike many other standard tablets, this option offers an IPS display panel with an FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution to give you the best output. It is capable of offering 16.7 million colors along with a 120% sRGB color gamut and 178 degrees viewing angles to allow the best output. On top of that, it supports 60 degrees of tilt function and 266 pps of report rate, making it possible to draw with ultimate precision.

 Best Features

  • It allows 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • It allows USB, HDMI connectivity
  • Display size is 13.3 inches
  • The display is capable of showing 16.7 million colors


  • Relatively cheaper option with great features
  • Display size is pretty good
  • Pressure sensitivity is amazing


  • Shortcut buttons are small

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4) GAOMON Tablet

GAOMON TabletIf you are looking for a drawing tablet with a digital screen under an affordable price range, the following option from GAOMON will be perfect. It is a fairly popular brand that designs drawing tablets as well as its accessories.

The GAOMON PD1161 is yet another budget choice that we are choosing for our list of the best tablets that can be used with ZBrush. Even though this is a budget choice, it still offers an IPS display panel with FHD 1080p resolution to offer a sharp picture and crisp display quality. The display is also rated for 100% sRGB color gamut and offers viewing angles ranging up to 178 degrees which is pretty much standard for an IPS panel.

This is also one of the most ergonomic options that we have listed today as it has a tolt support which allows the laptop to be moved in 60 degrees. You can also freely adjust the 8 shortcut keys to perform any action you want on ZBrush as per your convenience. The included stylus of this drawing tablet supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which is pretty amusing considering it’s what you get with premium options.

 Best Features

  • It allows 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • It allows USB, HDMI connectivity
  • Display size is 11.6 inches
  • It has an IPS display panel


  • Pressure levels are pretty good for the price
  • Display quality is very good
  • High quality stylus is included


  • Overall build quality could have been better

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5) UGEE Tablet

UGEE TabletUGEE is also bringing one of the budget alternatives for a drawing tablet that you can prefer if you are a beginner. This is also a fine choice for those who are going to use ZBrush for basic drawings and designing.

The UGEE M708 is yet another affordable yet versatile option for a tablet which can be ideal for ZBrush. This tablet measures about 10 inches in size and comes with 8 customizable shortcut keys that list most premium options on the market. It also supports 8192 pressure sensitivity levels that will help you bring out the best of your creation. The display also supports 266 RPS report rate, making it possible to register even the slightest of stylus movement with ultimate precision.

You also get the option to rotate the device in 180 degrees to allow multi-hand usage without any trouble. It is also compatible with most operating systems out there to make it possible to use the drawing tablet on whichever machine you are. So, you can use the drawing tablet with Windows, macOS, and also other software platforms such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Infinite Stratos.

 Best Features

  • It allows 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • It allows USB connectivity
  • Display size is 10.6 inches
  • The display supports 266 RPS report rate


  • It has 8 customizable shortcut keys
  • Display size is good enough for basic applications
  • It supports multi-hand usage


  • It does not have a digital display

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6) Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft TabletEven though dedicated drawing tablets are available out there, they aren’t much of a use outside a certain scope of application. Therefore, many buyers prefer a tablet that can be used for all tasks.

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 can be an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-in-one tablet that you can use for ZBrush and other similar programs, along with many other computing tasks. This is pretty much an entire Windows computer designed in the tablet form factor with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD. It supports WiFi for wireless connectivity and weighs only 1.2 lbs, making it the best option for outdoor usage. It also has a 10.5 Inches display which adds up to the tablet’s portability.

What’s more important is that this tablet lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge, making it perfect for outdoor use, even when traveling. You will also receive a stylus with the tablet, which makes it pretty easy to work with it, especially when using the built-in tilt stand. As for its computing power, you have nothing to worry about, considering an Intel Core i9 7740x CPU powers it.

 Best Features

  • Powered by an Intel Core i9 7740x CPU
  • It allows Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Display size is 10.5 inches
  • Approximate battery life of up to 10 hours


  • Complete desktop-level performance in a tablet form factor
  • Storage and memory are pretty good
  • Battery life is perfect for traveling


  • It does not offer special pressure level sensitivity like other tablets

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7) Fusion5 Tablet

Fusion5 TabletOur last option will be perfect if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a Windows tablet. This is also a Windows tablet designed by Fusion5 which you can use for ZBrush.

Our last choice for the best tablets for ZBrush is the Fusion5 FWIN232 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet. Like our last choice, this is also a computer in a tablet form factor, making it an ideal choice for all types of work, including ZBrush and other similar programs. However, it is a relatively cheaper option; it comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage capacity. You will also find a 10.1 inches IPS display panel on the device with a 1280 x 800 display resolution, which is not bad for this size.

One of the best features of this tablet is its slim form factor which is usually not available with Windows tablets. And still offers a wide range of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, SD card,  and even a headphone jack. You will also get 2 months of warranty on this tablet, allowing you to test the product completely and claim free-of-cost repairs and replacement if required.

 Best Features

  • It has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage capacity
  • It allows WiFi connectivity
  • Display size is 10.1 inches
  • It has 2 months of warranty


  • Cheaper option for a Windows tablet
  • Many connectivity options are available
  • IPS display panel


  • Display resolution could have been better

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Buying Guide for the Best Tablets for ZBrush

There are a lot of options available for a tablet that you can use for ZBrush. But, not all options would be ideal for you as many variables affect the performance and compatibility of the unit. The perfect tablet should provide high-pressure sensitivity levels and an accurate stylus for precise sculpting and painting, along with optimal screen size and resolution for better visibility and workspace.

A lot of premium options for a tablet for ZBruush also offer customization options and shortcut controls for improved efficiency, better compatibility, and connectivity with ZBrush and other similar software. However, you should prioritize ergonomics, comfort for your tablet, and the standard features to make an ideal companion for long working hours. And to make it possible for you to choose such an option, we have prepared this helpful buying guide for the best tablets for ZBrush.

1. Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity is a factor that has a major effect on the tablet’s performance regarding ZBrush and the tools you will use on the platform. Basically, the platform tries to replicate the tactile experience of traditional sculpting and painting. So with variable pressure sensitivity, artists can vary the intensity of their strokes by applying more or less pressure, enabling them to create intricate details, smooth gradients, and varying textures.

This additional control enhances the realism and precision of an artist’s digital artwork, enabling them to sculpt with precision and achieve a more organic and natural look. Pressure sensitivity in a tablet for ZBrush also empowers artists to express their creativity with subtlety and finesse, resulting in more immersive and visually captivating digital sculptures and paintings.

2. Connecting Technology

Connectivity technology is of utmost importance in a tablet used for ZBrush as it enables wired or wireless integration between the tablet and the software, expanding the creative possibilities. The ability to connect with various hardware and software components ensures compatibility with graphics tablets, styluses, and other input devices, which you can use to harness the platform’s full potential.

Furthermore, connectivity technology facilitates the integration of plugins and external software, enabling access to specialized tools, advanced rendering engines, and vast libraries of textures and resources. It also enables collaboration and sharing among artists, seamless data exchange with other 3D modeling applications, and access to online communities, tutorials, and support. Therefore, you should always pick up a tablet with a wide range of connectivity options, especially if you plan to access the platform on the go.

3. Screen Size & Resolution

Screen size and resolution are crucial considerations when selecting a tablet for ZBrush as they significantly impact the user’s ability to work with precision and clarity. A larger screen size provides more workspace, allowing artists to see intricate details and interface elements without excessive zooming or panning.

Whereas, higher resolution refers to the overall visibility, accuracy, and control when sculpting and painting. Moreover, a higher screen resolution also ensures sharper and more accurate visual representation, enabling artists to discern fine details and color nuances accurately. Together, optimal screen size and resolution in a tablet for ZBrush create a comfortable and immersive environment that facilitates the artist’s ability to bring their creative vision to life with precision and artistry.

4. Pen or Stylus & Shortcut Keys

The pen or stylus provides a natural and intuitive way to interact with the digital canvas, allowing for precise and nuanced sculpting and painting. Its pressure sensitivity enables varying brush strokes and textures, adding depth and realism to the artwork.

Additionally, shortcut keys provide quick access to frequently used tools and functions, reducing the need for constant menu navigation and enhancing the performance and your efficiency when working with the tablet. Together, the pen or stylus and shortcut keys empower artists to unleash their artistic potential, streamlining their workflow, and enabling them to focus on their creative vision without interruptions.

Best Tablets for ZBrush – FAQs

1. Are there any specific features I should look for in a tablet for ZBrush?

Ans: Yes, there are specific features you should consider when looking for a tablet to use with ZBrush. These features include aspects like pressure sensitivity, stylus quality, screen size, compatibility, and shortcut customization. All of these factors will collectively affect the performance of your tablet as well as your results when you are using it with ZBrush. You can refer to our buying guide for the best tablet for ZBrush if you want to know more about these features.

2. Can I use a tablet with ZBrush on both Windows and macOS?

Ans: Yes, you can use a tablet with ZBrush on both Windows and macOS operating systems without any problem. ZBrush is designed to be compatible with both platforms, allowing artists to use their preferred tablet on either Windows or macOS devices without any compatibility issues. This flexibility enables artists to work seamlessly with ZBrush, regardless of the operating system they choose to use.

3. Can I use a wireless tablet with ZBrush?

Ans: Wireless tablets offer the convenience of freedom from cables, allowing you to work more comfortably and move around your workspace without restrictions. Many wireless tablets use Bluetooth to establish a common connection available on a laptop. This ensures a seamless and reliable connection. However, it’s important to check the compatibility of the wireless tablet with your operating system and ensure that it is supported by ZBrush to ensure proper functionality.

4. Can I use a tablet with ZBrush for 2D drawing and painting?

Ans: When you are using a tablet with ZBrush, the only limiting factor is the artist’s creativity. While ZBrush is primarily known for its powerful 3D sculpting capabilities, it also offers robust 2D drawing and painting features. With a tablet and stylus, you can use ZBrush’s various brushes and tools to create digital illustrations, concept art, textures, and more. The pressure sensitivity and precise control offered by a tablet make it an excellent tool for 2D artwork in ZBrush.


Selecting the right tablet for ZBrush is crucial for a smooth and productive workflow. Several key factors should be considered, such as pressure sensitivity, stylus performance, screen size, resolution, compatibility, and customization options, while you are choosing an option if you wish to get the best performance with the tablet. But choosing one can be a daunting task since hundreds of choices are available, which can easily confuse someone who has not used the platform before. So, we are here to ease the task for you with our selection of the best tablets for ZBrush. In this guide, we have discussed the best options available out there that you can buy right now for a perfect tablet for the ZBrush service. We have also picked out some recommendations so that you can quickly choose an option.

  • Many artists would suggest you go with a larger screen for a tablet for ZBrush. Therefore, our 1st suggestion is the XP-PEN Drawing Tablet. This is the largest drawing tablet from our selection today offering a 15.6 inches display along with 120% sRGB color display. It can offer up to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for a realistic output and 8 customizable shortcuts for quick access to your favorite tools. On top of that, you will be getting an IPS display on this tablet which offers realistic color output along with up to 178 degrees wide viewing angles.
  • However, if you are a beginner in the field and are looking for a basic option to try out the platform, we suggest a basic option such as the Wacom Drawing Tablet to get started. This drawing tablet without a display has 4 customizable shortcut keys and a battery-free EMR 4096 pressure-sensitive pen. And since it is a beginner-friendly unit, it is bundled with a 3 months subscription to Bluescape, Skylum Luminar Neo, and SkillShare. On top of that, there is a yearly subscription available for Boris FX Optics and 2 years for Clip Studio Paint Pro as well.
  • Lastly, we will suggest something you can use for ZBrush and many other routine applications without any problem. The Microsoft Tablet developed by Microsoft which is one of the best tablets on the market right now. It is backed by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD, allowing you to use the program directly on the tablet. It also offers an approximate battery life of up to 10 hours, making it possible to use the tablet on the go. And as for entertainment, you can surely enjoy your favorite content on its 10.5 inches wide display.

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