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6 Best Smoke Detector Cameras: Reviews & Buying Guide

Worried about home or business security? Smoke detector cameras offer discreet surveillance, blending into any space without being noticed. With property crime on the rise, innovative security solutions are essential. These devices not only detect smoke but also provide real-time video footage, ensuring peace of mind. Adding a smoke detector camera is a smart choice for proactive safety and security management.

Here are some key factors:

  • Resolution: Look for cameras offering at least 1080p to ensure detailed footage, comparable to leading market models which provide crisp visuals even in low light conditions.
  • Connectivity: Opt for cameras with robust Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity, enabling real-time streaming and alerts to your smartphone or computer. This feature is critical for immediate response and parallels the connectivity solutions seen in top competitors.
  • Field of View: Aim for cameras with at least 120 degrees of vision to maximize the surveillance area without requiring multiple devices.

Here are the best smoke detector cameras with features and options. An extensive “buying guide” and FAQs are included to help you choose the right smoke detector camera.

Best Smoke Detector Cameras

Best Smoke Detector CamerasResolutionConnectivityBuy Now
CAMDUCK Wireless Spy Camera1080PWi-FiCheck On Amazon
MINGYY Hidden Camera Smoke Detector1080PWirelessCheck On Amazon
LUOHE Smoke Detector Cameras1080PWirelessCheck On Amazon
FORTHAUS. SM-100 Smoke Detector2KWirelessCheck On Amazon
NUNET Dummy Smoke Detector720PWi-FiCheck On Amazon
LIZVIE Smoke Detector2KWi-FiCheck On Amazon

Best Smoke Detector Cameras Reviews

1. CAMDUCK Wireless Spy Camera

CAMDUCK Wireless Spy Camera With its 4MP full HD resolution, this hidden smoke detector camera by CAMDUCK captures fine details, making it ideal for sensitive surveillance. Its 120-degree wide-angle lens gives you full coverage without losing video quality. A key feature is its 360° horizontal rotation, controlled by an app. This lets you scan the entire room. Designed for discretion, it has no indicator lights or sounds when recording. Apart from this, the night vision offered also makes it one of the best when compared to other products on this list. In regards to installation, it’s actually simple, but some may find the WiFi setup tricky. However, the battery life can be short without a constant power source, and the app can be unreliable.


  • 4MP full HD video capture
  • 360° horizontal rotation
  • 120-degree wide-angle lens
  • 265 video compression
  • Supports up to a 256GB SD card
  • Battery-powered with optional corded use
  • No indicator lights or sounds when recording
  • Night vision capability
  • Motion detection with instant app alerts
  • Wall-mounted installation


  • Extremely discreet with no operational indicators
  • High-resolution video quality
  • Wide-angle and 360° rotational view
  • Easy to mount and aesthetically unobtrusive
  • Advanced video compression for efficient storage


  • No audio recording capability due to legal restrictions

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2. MINGYY Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

MINGYY Hidden Camera Smoke Detector Combining strong surveillance features with a discreet design, the hidden camera smoke detector from MINGYY is highly effective. Its 1080p HD camera captures clear video, perfect for detailed environments. With night vision and infrared lights, it works well in low light, letting you monitor even in darkness. The motion detection feature is very sensitive, sending real-time alerts for any movement. Installation is simple with included hardware, allowing flexible wall or ceiling mounting. However, it requires a 2.4G WiFi connection, which may be an issue in areas with poor internet. The loop recording feature ensures continuous monitoring by overwriting old files.


  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • Infrared night vision
  • Motion detection with real-time alerts
  • Supports 8-128GB memory card (not included)
  • Loop recording technology
  • Wireless communication technology
  • Mounting type: Wall/Ceiling
  • Battery-powered with an option for continuous charging
  • One camera multiple users remote monitoring
  • Not a real smoke detector function


  • High-definition video capture for clear images
  • Effective night vision allows for around-the-clock monitoring
  • Highly responsive motion detection
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Disguised as a common household item for added security


  • Limited storage capacity without an SD card

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3. LUOHE Smoke Detector Cameras

LUOHE Smoke Detector Cameras Featuring a design similar to a smoke detector, the LUOHE camera delivers detailed monitoring with 2K HD video, 360-degree horizontal rotation, and a wide 120-degree angle. Despite its advanced features, the camera is easy to set up with a clear manual. It can be controlled via a mobile app and supports micro SD cards up to 256 GB, using H.265 video compression to save storage space. However, the camera requires a permanent power connection for continuous operation, as the built-in battery is only for emergencies.


  • 2K HD video resolution
  • 360-degree horizontal rotation
  • 120-degree wide viewing angle
  • 265 video compression
  • Supports micro SD cards up to 256 GB
  • Built-in battery with emergency backup
  • Mobile app control
  • Night vision with IR technology
  • Ceiling mount installation
  • Disguised as a smoke detector


  • Exceptional video quality with 2K resolution
  • Completely hidden camera lens for maximum discretion
  • Full room coverage with 360-degree rotation
  • Efficient storage with advanced compression technology
  • Easy to manage and operate via mobile app


  • No real smoke detection capability

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4. FORTHAUS. SM-100 Smoke Detector

FORTHAUS. SM-100 Smoke Detector

Offering discreet surveillance, the SM-100 hidden camera by FORTHAUS mimics a smoke detector to avoid detection. It’s equipped with a 5500 mAh battery, providing extended service of up to six months on standby. This model records in 1080p HD, ensuring clear and detailed video. Its sideways and down-facing lenses provide a wide view of any room, ideal for larger spaces. Setup is simple, taking only minutes, and it connects via a 2.4G WiFi network for remote viewing through a free app. Note that it doesn’t support 5G WiFi. Smart motion detection sends alerts and records clips of detected movement.


  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • Built-in 5500 mAh battery
  • Sideways and down-facing camera lenses
  • Smart motion detection with instant alerts
  • Connects to 2.4G WiFi only
  • Supports up to 128GB micro SD card
  • Night vision capability
  • Ceiling or wall mounting
  • WiFi enabled with free app control
  • Does not function as an actual smoke detector


  • Long-lasting battery life reduces maintenance
  • High-quality video with effective night vision
  • Smart alerts keep you informed of any activity
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Discreet appearance ensures it remains unnoticed


  • SD card must be purchased separately

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5. NUNET Dummy Smoke Detector

NUNET Dummy Smoke Detector This dummy smoke detector camera from NUNET blends functionality and discretion. It looks like a real smoke detector but offers covert surveillance, ideal for places where standard cameras are too noticeable. Its strength lies in its stealth, appearing entirely like a regular smoke detector, making it great for covert monitoring. However, it requires recharging every 7-10 days, which might not suit users wanting low maintenance. Installation is simple with its wireless design and included mounting equipment. You can use screws or adhesive tape. The video quality is decent, with HD color video by day and “No Glow” night vision LEDs for up to 30 feet in darkness.


  • WiFi enabled for remote video streaming
  • Concealed HD camera lens with 125-degree viewing angle
  • Starlight night vision for up to 30 feet
  • Built-in DVR with included 32Gb memory card
  • PIR motion detection with instant alerts
  • Battery powered for easy installation
  • Audio alerts (audible and visual)
  • Sensor type: Electrochemical
  • Style: Modern
  • Does not function as a real smoke detector


  • Excellent stealth with no visible camera indicators
  • Easy installation with flexible mounting options
  • Comes with a pre-installed memory card for immediate use
  • Night vision capability extends surveillance into low light conditions
  • Responsive PIR motion detection system


  • Frequent battery recharges may be cumbersome

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6. LIZVIE Smoke Detector

LIZVIE Smoke Detector For those seeking high-quality surveillance with a covert approach, the LIZVIE offers clear, detailed 2K footage housed in a smoke detector design that blends into any home setting. With a 150° viewing angle, it covers large areas, reducing blind spots. The adjustable ±10° angle offers more control over monitoring. It supports SD card recording for offline use, which is useful in areas with intermittent internet. The camera is user-friendly, with a straightforward app for real-time viewing and managing footage. However, it requires a 2.4G network and doesn’t support 5G, which may be a limitation for some.


  • 2K video capture resolution
  • ±10° adjustable camera angle with a 150° wide-angle lens
  • Supports SD card recording (card not included)
  • Motion Sensing and Alert Push technology
  • Connects via a 2.4G WiFi network
  • Built-in small battery for emergency use
  • Advanced multi-function app control
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Designed for indoor use


  • Superior video quality with 2K resolution
  • Wide and adjustable viewing angle covers extensive areas
  • Stealthy design that looks like a standard smoke detector
  • Easy to set up and manage through a dedicated app
  • Motion detection and alert notifications enhance security monitoring


  • Limited by 2.4G WiFi connectivity only

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Factors To Consider While Buying Best Smoke Detector Cameras

When purchasing smoke detector cameras, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you select a model that suits your security needs and integrates seamlessly with your home or office environment. Here are the main aspects to keep in mind:

1. Camera Resolution

Higher resolution cameras offer clearer, more detailed images, which are essential for identifying faces or other important details in the footage. Most modern smoke detector cameras offer at least 1080p resolution, but for even sharper images, look for models that support 4K.

2. Connectivity Options

  • Wi-Fi Capability: Most smoke detector cameras are equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing them to connect to your home network without the need for cables. Ensure the camera supports a stable and secure Wi-Fi connection, preferably with support for 5GHz bands to reduce interference.
  • Ethernet Support: For a more reliable connection, consider a camera with an Ethernet port. This is especially useful in environments where Wi-Fi is unstable or overcrowded.

3. Field Of View

A wider field of view (FoV) allows the camera to cover more area, reducing blind spots. Cameras with at least 120° FoV are ideal for general surveillance, while those with 180° FoV provide a panoramic view and are excellent for larger spaces.

4. Storage Options

  • Cloud Storage: Many smoke detector cameras offer cloud storage services where footage can be stored remotely and accessed from anywhere. This is convenient but often comes with a monthly fee.
  • Local Storage: If you prefer to keep your data within your premises, look for a camera with an SD card slot, supporting at least 64GB, ideally 128GB, for ample storage space.

5. Night Vision Capability

  • Infrared Night Vision: Ensure the camera is equipped with IR LEDs for night vision, which should clearly illuminate areas up to 10-20 meters. This feature is crucial for continuous surveillance, regardless of the lighting conditions.

6. Audio Features

  • Two-Way Audio: This allows you to communicate through the camera, which can be useful for scaring off intruders or simply talking to family members or pets at home.
  • Noise Cancellation: Advanced noise cancellation improves the clarity of the audio, making it easier to understand conversations or detect unusual sounds.

7. Integration With Home Automation Systems

  • Smart Home Compatibility: For ease of use, select a camera that integrates with your existing home automation system, such as those compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. This integration allows for voice-activated control and monitoring.

8. Installation And Maintenance

  • Ease of Installation: Consider whether the camera is battery-operated, which offers easier installation and flexibility in placement. Battery life should ideally last several months.
  • Hardwired Options: For continuous operation without the need to change batteries, a hardwired camera might be a better choice, though it requires more effort to install.

9. Legal Compliance And Privacy

Ensure the smoke detector camera complies with local privacy laws like the GDPR in Europe or the CCPA in California. This compliance helps protect the privacy of the footage and the rights of those recorded.


How to tell if a smoke detector has a hidden camera?

Here are some ways to check for a hidden camera in a smoke detector: * Visual Inspection: Look closely for any unusual features. This could include tiny lenses, wires that don’t belong, or anything that seems out of place. * Light Check: In a dark room, use your phone’s camera to scan the smoke detector for any small, reflective lights. These might be infrared lights used by the camera.

Are there any wifi spy cameras that detect smoke?

Currently, there aren’t widely available wifi spy cameras that are designed to detect smoke. Smoke detectors are built for a specific purpose – fire safety – and  incorporating smoke detection features into a hidden camera would be complex and potentially compromise the camera’s functionality.

What cameras can see through smoke?

There isn’t a camera that can perfectly see through thick smoke. However, some high-end security cameras use thermal imaging technology, which can  be effective in low-light or somewhat smoky conditions.  Thermal cameras  detect heat signatures instead of visible light, so they can sometimes  “see” through light smoke or haze.

Do smoke detector cameras function as actual smoke detectors?

No, smoke detector cameras prioritize covert surveillance and typically lack smoke detection functionalities. Your primary smoke detectors should be functional, up-to-date models from reputable brands.

How easy are smoke detector cameras to install?

Smoke detector cameras are generally designed for easy installation, often replacing your existing smoke detector. Wireless options are especially convenient as they don’t require electrical wiring. However, installation specifics can vary depending on the model, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How long does the battery life last in a smoke detector camera?

Battery life can vary depending on usage, features employed (like night vision), and model. Some offer months of standby time, while others might require more frequent charging. Look for models with long battery life or consider wired options for continuous power.

Do smoke detector cameras offer cloud storage for footage?

Yes, some offer cloud storage plans where you can access and store recorded footage remotely. These plans typically come with a monthly or annual subscription fee.


In conclusion, for those in search of the best smoke detector cameras, we’ve tried out best to filter the best three of those listed above, considering a range of features. Here are the below options that are sure to bring a smile on your face even during the smoky times.

  • The LUOHE Spy Camera is ideal for its advanced 360-degree rotation and discreet design, perfect for comprehensive room surveillance.
  • For long-term, low-maintenance monitoring, the SM-100 excels with its exceptional battery life and smart motion detection.
  • Lastly, the LIZVIE offers a superb wide-angle view and high-resolution video, making it a top choice for users needing broad coverage and clear footage.

Each of these models provides a unique set of features to meet diverse security needs efficiently.

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