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The 6 Best Smart TV Under $400 Reviews and Buying Guide

Having rapidly evolved, smart TVs no longer hold the title of “idiot box”. The current generation of smart TVs comes equipped with a long list of features like internet connectivity, app compatibility, operating systems, and many more. With these features, the viewing experience has also improved a lot. Thanks to the aggressive competition between brands, smart TVs are now available for under $400.

The Smart TVs under $400 may be budget-oriented units, but they do not compromise with a user’s viewing experience. Even with such a competitive price tag, users get a larger screen with multiple features. These features are integral for the TV to be labeled as “smart”. We have explained some of the features below to give you an idea about their importance.

  • Screen Resolution: Screen resolution is considered an important factor for a smart TV. It refers to the overall quantity of pixels (both horizontal and vertical) present on the screen. A higher resolution improves the quality of the content displayed on the smart TV screen. Smart TVs under the $400 range usually feature screen resolution from 720p to over 4K.
  • Display Size: A smart TV must feature a suitable display size to deliver a comfortable viewing angle to the user. The screen size helps users in engaging with the content, thereby improving the immersion level. If the display size is too large or small, the viewing experience will not be good for the user. Under the 400 USD price range, brands offer display sizes between 40 inches to 65 inches.
  • Display Technology: The display technology used by a smart TV matters for various reasons. It has to produce correct levels of brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. At the same time, display technology must be energy efficient. The viewing angle is also an important sub-factor of display technology. Majority of the smart TVs have adopted LED display technology while some units feature older LCD technology.

When these factors are given importance, users can sort out the best smart TV amongst several options. Since smart TVs are being accepted by a large portion of consumers, the market is already flooded with several options. We have compiled a detailed list in this article to help you find a suitable smart TV for under $400. The article also includes a “Buying Guide” explaining the importance of smart TVs’ governing parameters.

Best Smart TV Under $400 List

best smart tv under $400Display sizeDisplay technologyConnectivity technologyBuy Now
TCL 4K UHD HDR Smart TV50 inchesLEDWiFi, Ethernet, HDMI portsCheck On Amazon
Hisense 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV65 inchesLEDWiFi, Chromecast, HDMI ports, Bluetooth, USBCheck On Amazon
SAMSUNG 43-Inch UHD 4K Smart TV43 inchesLEDWiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI portsCheck On Amazon
VIZIO 55-inch 4K LED HDR Smart TV55 inchesLEDWiFi 6E, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USBCheck On Amazon
Sony 43 Inch 4K Smart TV43 inchesLEDWiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USBCheck On Amazon
LG 43-Inch Smart TV43 inchesLEDWiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USBCheck On Amazon

Best Smart TV Under $400 Reviews

1. TCL 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

TCL 4K UHD HDR Smart TVOur first product comes from TCL, a global brand known for its high-quality display panels and TVs. It offers a wide range of innovative products, at consumer-friendly prices.

The TCL 50S455 Class 4-Series Roku Smart TV is one of the most aggressively priced options on the list. This TV features a 50-inch LED screen which is compatible with the HDR format. It offers a stunning resolution of 4K UHD at a 60Hz refresh rate, to enhance the viewing experience for any type of content. With Dolby Digital Plus audio technology, 20 Watts of audio output makes the content more immersive.

WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI ports, etc. offer seamless connectivity to the smart TV. Users can install several applications on the built-in Roku OS. The TV stand has a separation distance of 37.8 inches to keep the TV stable after installation. Users can control the functions of the TV with the Roku app or via voice control feature paired with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

Best Features:

  • A 50-inch LED smart TV
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Dolby Digital Plus with 20 Watts of audio output
  • Connevotiy Technologies: WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI ports, etc
  • Uses the Roku operating system
  • Wireless control with Roku app, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Discovery +, HBO Max, Disney +, Apple TV, etc


  • It is priced lower than other options
  • It features 37.8-inch wide stands to keep the smart TV stable in its place
  • It can produce higher levels of brightness to adjust to daylight


  • The operating system feels laggy while scrolling

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2. Hisense 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV

Hisense 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart TVHisense aims to be the most reliable brand around the world. To achieve this goal, it designs and manufactures a range of smart TVs by identifying the problems of consumers.

The Hisense 65A6H Class A6 Series Smart TV can quickly turn your home into a movie theater. Thanks to a larger 65-inch LED screen, you will not miss a single detail of your favorite movie. The screen has a maximum resolution of 4K and features Dolby Vision HDR to play HDR10 formats. With a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, every video becomes alive on the TV screen. The TV has a dedicated game mode and sports mode to handle different types of content.

To deliver an immersive audio experience, the TV features DTS Virtual X audio technology. Technologies like WiFi, Chromecast, HDMI ports, Bluetooth, USB, etc., improve connectivity for the TV. Enabled with Google TV, users get a wider range of content to choose from. The remote controller offers a dedicated voice control button for Google Assistant.

Best Features:

  • A 65-inch LED smart TV
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Features Dolby Vision HDR to play HDR10 content
  • Connevotiy Technologies: WiFi, Chromecast, HDMI ports, Bluetooth, USB, etc
  • Features Google TV services
  • Wired control via remote and voice control with Google Assistant
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, Google Play Music, Twitch, HBO Max, Google Play Movies & TV, Tubi, Peacock, etc


  • It has the largest screen on the list
  • The sports and game mode transforms the performance of TV to adapt to gaming or sports content
  • The AI-assisted UHD upscaling process turns regular content into high-resolution content


  • The smart TV carries a premium price tag

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3. SAMSUNG 43-Inch UHD 4K Smart TV

SAMSUNG 43-Inch UHD 4K Smart TVOne of the world leaders in display technology, Samsung produces some of the best smart TVs in every segment. These TVs are loaded with modern features, making them suitable for smart-home ecosystems.

The Samsung CU8000 Series 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV is capable of turning normal content into immersive ones. This unit features a 43-inch LED screen paired with a Crystal processor. This processor uses advanced algorithms to upscale regular content to a 4K UHD resolution. With the help of Motion Xcelerator, the clarity of high-paced motions is improved. Contrast and brightness are auto-calibrated to deliver impressive colors for HDR format.

Users can choose options like WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, etc. to establish smooth connectivity. The Object Tracking Sound Lite feature creates 3D surround sound by tracking movements on the screen. The TV also uses Q-Symphony 3.0 technology to connect with Q or S-series soundbars. A solar-powered remote with a built-in microphone offers control over the TV.

Best Features:

  • A 43-inch LED smart TV with a built-in Crystal processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Motion Xcelerator and HDR support
  • The Object Tracking Sound Lite feature for precise surround sound
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI ports, etc
  • Features Q-Symphony 3.0 and compatible with Q-series and S-series soundbars
  • Solar-powered remote with voice control support
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Samsung TV Plus, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, Xbox, Nvidia GeForce NOW, ESPN, HBO Max, etc


  • It comes with a very slim profile
  • It can receive video calls via the ConnecTime feature
  • It produces accurate colors even in the upscaled videos


  • It has limited compatibility with soundbars from other brands

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4. VIZIO 55-inch 4K LED HDR Smart TV

VIZIO 55-inch 4K LED HDR Smart TVVIZIO is popular amongst consumers for its wide range of smart TVs and soundbars. The design of these products is closely monitored by specialists to improve their reliability, quality, and durability.

The VIZIO V-Series V555M-K01 4K Smart TV comes loaded with several smart features. It has a larger 55-inch LED screen paired with an IQ Active processor. It uses Active Pixel Tuning with the Full Array LED Backlight to blend the contrast and brightness levels perfectly. The unit supports a maximum resolution of 4K UHD and effortlessly streams HDR10 content, thanks to Dolby Vision HDR.

With technologies like WiFi 6E, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, etc. you won’t have to worry about connectivity anymore. Apple AirPlay and Chromecast allow mirroring of devices to the TV screen. The VIZIO Watchfree+ service offers unlimited entertainment on demand. Users can give voice commands to the TV with remote, Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa platforms.

Best Features:

  • A 55-inch LED smart TV paired with an IQ Active processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Features Dolby Vision HDR for HDR10 compatibility
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi 6E, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, etc
  • VIZIO Watchfree+ services included
  • Screen mirroring via Apple AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Voice control via remote, Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa
  • Supported Apps: YouTube, YouTube TV, Apple TV+, Crackle, Discovery+, Disney+, Prime Video, Fandango, FuboTV, HBO Max, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Paramount+, Peacock, Redbox, SiriusXM, Sling TV, STARZ, Tubi, Vudu, XUMO, TikTok, etc


  • It offers several smart features against an aggressive price tag
  • The user gets many wired and wireless connectivity options
  • With a wider range of built-in apps, users won’t need to install external apps


  • The user interface faces unpredictable lags

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5. Sony 43 Inch 4K Smart TV

Sony 43 Inch 4K Smart TVSony is one of the selective brands that have a strong presence in every type of electronic market. Even with its diverse portfolio, Sony focuses on adapting innovations in each category of its products.

The Sony X77L Series KD-43X77L Smart TV offers user-friendly installations. This smart TV  comes with a 43-inch LED screen paired with Sony’s X1 4K processor. As a result, users can stream any content in a maximum resolution of 4K. For the HDR formats, the “auto HDR tone mapping” feature finely tunes all the details, including dark environments. As a Sony product, it also has additional features to optimize video while playing on the PlayStation 5 console.

The played media is upscaled with a 4K X-reality pro feature while Motionflow XR refines fast-paced scenes. Users can connect the TV to other devices with the help of WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and other technologies. By giving voice commands through Google Assistant or Alexa, users can play unlimited content via Google TV service.

Best Features:

  • A 43-inch LED smart TV with X1 4K processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Supports HDR format with Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature
  • 4K X-reality pro and Motionflow XR to improve gaming via PlayStation 5 console
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, etc
  • Uses Google TV services with voice command support for Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Supported Apps: Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, etc


  • It offers a comfortable viewing angle to the users
  • The powerful processor effortlessly handles the upscaling process
  • The color and motion correction feature works better even while gaming


  • The limited refresh rate of 60Hz is not desirable for certain games

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6. LG 43-Inch Smart TV

LG 43-Inch Smart TVLG is one of the oldest manufacturers of television sets. Over the years, it has consistently upgraded its products with the latest technologies. Made of high-quality materials, the products offer incredible durability in every segment.

The LG Class UR9000 Series Smart TV promises optimum performance. Featuring an AI-powered A5 Gen 6 processor, the TV upscales all the media to a maximum resolution of 4K. With LG’s HDR10 Pro feature, the 43-inch LED screen becomes alive and produces detailed visuals. The TV detects room lighting levels to adjust the brightness and contrast settings automatically.

This TV runs on LG’s WebOS 23, enabling many smart features. Connectivity is established by WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, and other technologies. Users can control TV’s fiction via magic remote or voice commands (Alexa). This TV gets a dedicated filmmaker, gaming, and sports mode to optimize the video quality further.

Best Features:

  • A 43-inch LED smart TV paired with an AI-powered A5 Gen 6 processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Features LG’s HDR10 Pro technology to support HDR content
  • Filmmaker, gaming, and sports mode
  • Connevotiy Technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, etc
  • Uses WebOS operating system
  • Control magic remote and Alexa
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Paramount+, HBO Max, IHeartRadio, Peacock, Spotify, Youtube TV, Hulu, Apple TV, etc


  • It has a very slim profile of about 1.2 inches
  • The brightness of LED pixels is efficiently handled to enhance low-light scenes
  • The WebOS is optimized and supports a wide range of applications


  • It does not feature any Dolby Audio technology

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Buying Guide For The Best Smart TV Under $400

When choosing a smart TV under a budget of 400 USD, you have to give certain factors the topmost priority. If done right, the chosen smart TV will not only come at an affordable price but will also offer the best features in the segment. To understand each of these factors, we advise you to go through this buying guide. It explains the relevant factors and helps you understand their relationship with a smart TV.

1. Screen Resolution

Screen resolution as a major factor controls other factors like screen size, refresh rate, etc. Without good resolution, high-quality content will appear degraded. The terms refer to the total number of pixels contained by a screen, including horizontal and vertical ones. Looking at the TV screen closely, the pixels become visible to the human eye. Since the high density of pixels together creates a recognizable image or video, the resolution must be high for smart TVs. A higher resolution also means the TV will display an equivalent quality of output. Almost every smart TV below $400 features 4K resolution and comfortably displays 4K quality media.

2. Display Size

You might get a high-resolution smart TV but if the display size is smaller, the user will not be able to approve the content’s quality. The viewing distance is taken into consideration for any type of TV while selecting its screen size. A larger screen offers more area to display the content thereby improving the viewing experience. The diagonal length between opposite corners of the smart TV is referred to as screen or display size. Under the $400 price range, users easily get smart TVs with display sizes ranging from 40 inches to 65 inches. A larger screen size is preferred by consumers but requires more space for installation.

3. Display Technology

Display technology plays an important role in the design of a smart TV. The older generations of televisions were based on cathode ray tube (CRT) technology, making them bulkier. A slim design for smart TVs was achieved by using newer technologies like liquid crystal display (LCD). Replacing the bulky vacuum tube in CRT, LCD TVs feature several layers of filters. The current generation of smart TVs runs on LED technology which offers better sharpness, congrats, brightness, saturation, etc. in the displayed content. Since these TVs use LED emitters, their thickness is much less than TVs using other display technologies.

4. Smart Apps

A smart TV will be of no use if it does not support the installation of several apps. These units run on various operating systems like Android TV, WebOS, etc. Various brands develop dedicated applications for these operating systems to help the user install apps on the smart TV. The smart apps offer on-demand entertainment, games, additional functions, and many other features. Users can access these apps via a dedicated app store and install them on the built-in storage of the smart TVs. Users must check if the app is compatible with the TV’s operating system. Due to limited storage space on smart TVs, app size is also given equal importance.

5. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate has become a synonymous term for smart TVs in recent years. In simple words, the refresh rate tells us how many frames will be refreshed on the screen within a second. The refresh rate becomes noticeable when video is played on the TV screen. Human eyes have adapted to the refresh rate between 30 to 60 Hz. A refresh rate above 60 Hz turns the video smooth and reduces the blurring of the video. Smart TVs with a refresh rate ranging between 120Hz to 240Hz are available depending on the user’s preference. TVs with refresh rates beyond this range use image processing to boost video frames.

6. Warranty

Even if you are buying a smart TV in the $400 range, it is still an important investment. Any type of damage poses a risk of losing the functionality of your smart TV. Besides this, repairs or replacements will empty your pockets. To avoid such situations, the smart TVs come with warranty coverage. It guarantees the user with free repairs and replacements of their smart TVs till a specified time. Smart TVs below $400 price come with a minimum warranty of 1 year. Some brands also offer extended warranties of up to 4 years on selective models. The terms for warranty vary from brand to brand and hence users must check them beforehand.

Best Smart TV Under $400 – FAQs

1. Do budget smart TVs offer a worthy 4K resolution?

Ans: The 4K resolution on budget smart TVs is almost similar to the one offered on premium smart TVs. These smart TVs display images and videos in a better quality with extreme details. The 4K resolution on these TVs is also calibrated in a way to run high-resolution media without dropping frames. Users can thereby enjoy 4K resolution even on a budget smart TV.

2. What is the sound quality of budget smart TVs?

Ans: The sound quality of a budget smart TV depends on its sound-decoding hardware. The sound decoding hardware on most smart TVs can produce accurate waves of sound. They also feature surround sound technology to get a more immersive sound quality via soundbars or external speakers.

3. What is the ideal ownership period for a smart TV?

Ans: Users can own a smart TV as long as they want to if certain factors are excluded. Based on regular usage of 8 hours, an LED smart TV can last more than 6 years. The ownership is however affected by the rapid development of the smart TVs. The smart TV might feel outdated against TVs with better memory, resolution, and other additional features.

4. How to ensure reliability and durability in the budget-segment smart TVs?

Ans: To ensure that you are buying a reliable and durable smart TV, certain points must be checked. The smart TV must belong to a brand, known for its quality. Besides this, users can also check reviews about the smart TV via the internet or community forums. Apart from this, the warranty offered by brands also works as a quality assurance for the consumers.

5. Do smart TVs offer WiFi connectivity at this price range?

Ans: The smart TVs in this price range come equipped with several network connectivity options including WiFi. Being a wireless technology, WiFi is considered important for network connectivity. With WiFi, the smart TV is connected to the internet, allowing users remote access to features like casting, etc.


Due to the aggressive pricing of smart TVs below $400, users can now enjoy their favorite content on a larger screen. Even at this price tag, the smart TVs have modern features. With this article, we have reviewed a list of the best smart TVs under $400. The buying guide and FAQ section were also discussed to inform you of the important factors related to these TVs. Referring to this discussion, we have also chosen our top three smart TVs.

  • You can turn your home into a movie theater with the larger 65-inch LED display of Hisense 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV. With 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR, users will not miss any detail of their favorite content. Supporting HDR10 formats, the screen’s 60Hz maximum refresh rate breathes life into every video. The DTS Virtual X audio technology accurately recreates the audio signature for games and sports. WiFi, Chromecast, HDMI ports, Bluetooth, and USB technologies offer seamless connectivity. With the Google TV platform, users can access a wide range of entertainment content. The microphone-enabled remote helps in controlling the TV functions via Google Assistant.
  • A limited budget will not keep you away from experiencing immersive content, thanks to the aggressively priced TCL 4K UHD HDR Smart TV. The 50-inch LED smart TV can run HDR format at 4K UHD resolution, with a refresh rate of 60Hz. The Dolby Digital Plus audio technology produces 20 Watts of audio output. The TV features WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI ports, and other technologies for uninterrupted connectivity. The optimized Roku OS offers features like voice control with the help of Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can also manage TV functions through the Roku app.
  • If you want a feature-loaded smart TV, the VIZIO 55-inch 4K LED HDR Smart TV is ideal. The 55-inch LED smart TV uses IQ Active processor, Active Pixel Tuning, and Full Array LED Backlight features to calibrate the contrast and brightness levels. As a result, the TV streams content at 4K UHD resolution. The Dolby Vision HDR technology allows smooth processing of HDR10 content. WiFi 6E, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, and USB  technology keep the TV connected. Users can mirror any content on the TV screen via Apple AirPlay and Chromecast options. Voice commands are supported via remote, Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa platforms. All these features make this TV a value-for-money deal.

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