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The 6 Best Smart TVs Under $400 (Top Picks + Buying Guide)

Craving a streaming upgrade but strapped for cash? No sweat! You can totally score a sweet smart TV without blowing your budget. In this guide, we’ll break down the best smart TVs under $400, finding the perfect fit for your living room. Big screen for movie marathons? Easy-to-use interface for stress-free browsing? We’ll uncover the top TVs that won’t break the bank but still keep the entertainment flowing. Here are a few factors that you should consider: 

  • Screen Size and Resolution: Choose a screen size that fits your room. A 43-inch screen suits most living rooms; smaller spaces may prefer a 32-inch. Opt for 4K resolution for clearer, newer content over standard High Definition (720p).
  • Smart Platform: Your choice in a smart platform impacts streaming services and usability. Popular platforms include Roku, Google TV, and Fire TV. Select the one that best integrates with your streaming subscriptions for a smooth experience.
  • Picture Quality: For better viewing quality within budget, consider High Dynamic Range (HDR) for vivid colors and deep blacks. Look for a TV with a higher refresh rate, like 60Hz or 120Hz, to reduce motion blur, enhancing fast-paced scenes in sports or action movies.

When these factors are given importance, users can sort out the best smart TV amongst several options. Since smart TVs are being accepted by a large portion of consumers, the market is already flooded with several options. We have compiled a detailed list in this article to help you find a suitable smart TV for under $400. The article also includes a “Buying Guide” explaining the importance of smart TVs’ governing parameters.

Best Smart TV Under $400: Quick Comparison

best smart tv under $400Display sizeDisplay technologyConnectivity technologyBuy Now
TCL 4K UHD HDR Smart TV50 inchesLEDWiFi, Ethernet, HDMI portsCheck On Amazon
Hisense 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV65 inchesLEDWiFi, Chromecast, HDMI ports, Bluetooth, USBCheck On Amazon
SAMSUNG 43-Inch UHD 4K Smart TV43 inchesLEDWiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI portsCheck On Amazon
VIZIO 55-inch 4K LED HDR Smart TV55 inchesLEDWiFi 6E, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USBCheck On Amazon
Sony 43 Inch 4K Smart TV43 inchesLEDWiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USBCheck On Amazon
LG 43-Inch Smart TV43 inchesLEDWiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USBCheck On Amazon

Best Smart TV Under $400 Reviews

1. TCL 4K UHD HDR Smart TV


At the top of our list is the TCL 50S455 Class 4-Series Roku Smart TV. TCL, known for its great displays, offers this TV at a good price. This TV has a 50-inch LED screen that works with HDR, giving you clear 4K UHD picture at a smooth 60Hz refresh rate. It also has Dolby Digital Plus audio tech, giving you 20 Watts of sound for a great experience.

You can easily connect with WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI ports, and more. The built-in Roku OS lets you add different apps. The TV stand keeps it steady with a 37.8-inch space between the legs. You can control it with the Roku app or by voice using Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Best Features:

  • A 50-inch LED smart TV
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Dolby Digital Plus with 20 Watts of audio output
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI ports, etc
  • Uses the Roku operating system
  • Wireless control with Roku app, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Discovery +, HBO Max, Disney +, Apple TV, etc


  • It is priced lower than other options
  • It features 37.8-inch wide stands to keep the smart TV stable in its place
  • It can produce higher levels of brightness to adjust to daylight


  • The operating system feels laggy while scrolling

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2. Hisense 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV

Hisense 65-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV

Hisense is known for its reliability, ranking just behind TCL worldwide. If you’re in the market for a top-notch smart TV under $400, consider the 65A6H Class A6 Series Smart TV. Its expansive 65-inch LED screen ensures you catch every detail of your favorite movies. It also boasts of a crisp 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR for vibrant visuals. With a 60Hz refresh rate, videos come to life on the screen. Plus, it comes equipped with dedicated game and sports modes for optimized viewing.

For an immersive audio experience, the TV features DTS Virtual X audio technology. Connectivity is a breeze with WiFi, Chromecast, HDMI ports, Bluetooth, and USB options. Powered by Google TV, it offers a vast array of content, and the remote control even includes a handy voice control button for Google Assistant.

Best Features:

  • A 65-inch LED smart TV
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Features Dolby Vision HDR to play HDR10 content
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi, Chromecast, HDMI ports, Bluetooth, USB, etc
  • Features Google TV services
  • Wired control via remote and voice control with Google Assistant
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, Google Play Music, Twitch, HBO Max, Google Play Movies & TV, Tubi, Peacock, etc


  • It has the largest screen on the list
  • The sports and game mode transforms the performance of TV to adapt to gaming or sports content
  • The AI-assisted UHD upscaling process turns regular content into high-resolution content


  • We found this TV to have pairing issues with other hardware

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3. SAMSUNG 43-Inch UHD 4K Smart TV

SAMSUNG 43-Inch UHD 4K Smart TV

Samsung, a top display tech leader, makes some of the finest smart TVs across the board. Among them, the CU8000 Series 4K Crystal UHD stands out at #3. This TV boasts a 43-inch LED screen powered by a Crystal processor. This special processor enhances regular content to 4K UHD using smart algorithms. Plus, thanks to Motion Xcelerator, fast-moving scenes appear clearer. It automatically adjusts contrast and brightness for vibrant HDR colors.

Connectivity is seamless with options like WiFi, Bluetooth, and HDMI. The Object Tracking Sound Lite feature provides 3D surround sound by following on-screen movements. Moreover, it pairs effortlessly with Q or S-series soundbars using Q-Symphony 3.0 tech. And, a solar-powered remote with a built-in mic ensures easy TV control.

Best Features:

  • A 43-inch LED smart TV with a built-in Crystal processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Motion Xcelerator and HDR support
  • The Object Tracking Sound Lite feature for precise surround sound
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI ports, etc
  • Features Q-Symphony 3.0 and compatible with Q-series and S-series soundbars
  • Solar-powered remote with voice control support
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Samsung TV Plus, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, Xbox, Nvidia GeForce NOW, ESPN, HBO Max, etc


  • It comes with a very slim profile
  • Can receive video calls via the ConnecTime feature
  • Produces accurate colors even in the upscaled videos


  • Has limited compatibility with soundbars from other brands

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4. VIZIO 55-inch 4K LED HDR Smart TV

VIZIO 55-inch 4K LED HDR Smart TV

VIZIO is a top brand, much like TLC, known for its great smart TVs and accessories at affordable prices. Take the V-Series V555M-K01 4K Smart TV, for example. It’s got a big 55-inch LED screen and an IQ Active processor. Plus, it uses Active Pixel Tuning with Full Array LED Backlight to balance contrast and brightness perfectly. This TV supports up to 4K UHD resolution and smoothly streams HDR10 content, thanks to Dolby Vision HDR.

And when it comes to connectivity, it’s got you covered with WiFi 6E, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, and USB. You can easily mirror your devices to the TV screen using Apple AirPlay and Chromecast. Plus, with VIZIO Watchfree+ service, you’ve got unlimited on-demand entertainment. And if you prefer, you can control the TV using voice commands through the remote, Apple Home, Google Home, or Alexa platforms.

Best Features:

  • A 55-inch LED smart TV paired with an IQ Active processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Features Dolby Vision HDR for HDR10 compatibility
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi 6E, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, etc
  • VIZIO Watchfree+ services included
  • Screen mirroring via Apple AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Voice control via remote, Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa
  • Supported Apps: YouTube, YouTube TV, Apple TV+, Crackle, Discovery+, Disney+, Prime Video, Fandango, FuboTV, HBO Max, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Paramount+, Peacock, Redbox, SiriusXM, Sling TV, STARZ, Tubi, Vudu, XUMO, TikTok, etc


  • It offers several smart features against an aggressive price tag
  • The user gets many wired and wireless connectivity options
  • With a wider range of built-in apps, users won’t need to install external apps


  • The user interface faces unpredictable lags

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5. Sony 43 Inch 4K Smart TV

Sony 43 Inch 4K Smart TV

Sony has been a top player in electronics for years, especially with their TVs. The X77L Series KD-43X77L Smart TV is a great example. It’s easy to set up and has a 43-inch LED screen with Sony’s X1 4K processor. This means you can watch content in super clear 4K resolution. It also adjusts details for different HDR formats, even in dark scenes.

Being a Sony product, it’s extra awesome for PlayStation 5 users. It upgrades media to near-4K quality with its 4K X-reality pro feature and smooths out fast scenes with Motionflow XR. Plus, you can connect it to other devices using WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and more. And the cherry on top? You can control it with your voice using Google Assistant or Alexa and enjoy tons of content through Google TV service.

Best Features:

  • A 43-inch LED smart TV with X1 4K processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Supports HDR format with Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature
  • 4K X-reality pro and Motionflow XR to improve gaming via PlayStation 5 console
  • Connectivity Technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, etc
  • Uses Google TV services with voice command support for Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Supported Apps: Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, etc


  • It offers a comfortable viewing angle to the users
  • The powerful processor effortlessly handles the upscaling process
  • The color and motion correction feature works better even while gaming


  • The limited refresh rate of 60Hz is not desirable for certain games

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6. LG 43-Inch Smart TV

LG 43-Inch Smart TV

LG, a long-standing TV maker, has a reputation for top-notch quality and innovation. Their latest offering, the LG Class UR9000 Series Smart TV, packs a punch with its advanced features. Powered by an AI-driven A5 Gen 6 processor, this TV enhances media to stunning 4K resolution. The 43-inch LED screen, equipped with LG’s HDR10 Pro technology, delivers vivid visuals. Plus, it adjusts brightness and contrast based on room lighting, ensuring optimal viewing.

Running on LG’s WebOS 23, this TV boasts various smart functions. Connectivity options include WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB. Users can easily navigate using the magic remote or voice commands through Alexa. Also, it offers specialized modes for movies, gaming, and sports, enhancing the viewing experience.

Best Features:

  • A 43-inch LED smart TV paired with an AI-powered A5 Gen 6 processor
  • A maximum resolution of 4K UHD with a 60Hz refresh rate
  • Features LG’s HDR10 Pro technology to support HDR content
  • Filmmaker, gaming, and sports mode
  • Connevotiy Technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, etc
  • Uses WebOS operating system
  • Control magic remote and Alexa
  • Supported Apps: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Paramount+, HBO Max, IHeartRadio, Peacock, Spotify, Youtube TV, Hulu, Apple TV, etc


  • It has a very slim profile of about 1.2 inches
  • The brightness of LED pixels is efficiently handled to enhance low-light scenes
  • The WebOS is optimized and supports a wide range of applications


  • It does not feature any Dolby Audio technology

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Smart TV Under $400

When choosing a smart TV under a budget of 400 USD, you have to give certain factors the topmost priority. If done right, the chosen smart TV will not only come at an affordable price but will also offer the best features in the segment. To understand each of these factors, we advise you to go through this buying guide. It explains the relevant factors and helps you understand their relationship with a smart TV. Here’s a buying guide to help you choose the best smart TV under $400, going beyond the basics:

Screen Size and Resolution

  • 32-43 inches: Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, or smaller living areas. A 32-inch TV is great for placing on a desk or countertop, while a 43-inch TV works well in a bedroom. Keep in mind that sitting distance also plays a role. For comfortable viewing of Full HD content, you want to be at least 1.5 times the screen size away from the TV.
  • 43-50 inches: A good mid-range size that works well in most living rooms, striking a balance between screen real estate and price.
  • 50 inches and above: Great for larger living rooms or home theaters, offering a more immersive viewing experience. However, these TVs tend to be heavier and require more space.


  • High Definition (720p): This is the most affordable option, but it won’t provide the sharpest picture quality. It’s suitable for watching casual content or using the TV as a secondary display. However, with the rise of streaming services offering high-quality content, even budget-conscious users might want to consider a higher resolution.
  • Full HD (1080p): The most common resolution for TVs under $400. It offers a good balance of price and picture quality, and you’ll find a wide selection of content available in 1080p.
  • Ultra HD (4K): Offers the sharpest picture quality, with four times the resolution of Full HD. However, 4K content can be more expensive to stream, and you’ll need a fast and reliable internet connection to enjoy it. If you plan on watching a lot of 4K content or are a gamer, then a 4K TV is a good option. However, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind a slightly less sharp picture, then a 1080p TV is a perfectly reasonable choice.

Smart Features

  • Smart platform: Most smart TVs under $400 will come with a built-in smart platform, such as Roku, Fire TV, or Google TV. This platform allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and music from a variety of apps. Roku is known for its user-friendly interface, Fire TV integrates well with Amazon’s ecosystem, and Google TV offers a personalized experience with Google Assistant integration.
  • Apps: Consider which apps are important to you and make sure the smart TV you choose supports them. Popular options include Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, and HBO Max. You can usually find a list of supported apps on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Voice control: Some smart TVs also support voice control, which allows you to control the TV with your voice. This can be a handy feature, especially if you’re using the TV to stream content or control smart home devices.

Other Features to Consider

  • HDR: High Dynamic Range (HDR) TVs offer a wider range of colors and contrast than standard TVs, resulting in a more realistic and immersive viewing experience. However, HDR content can be more expensive to stream and not all TVs under $400 support HDR. If you plan on watching a lot of HDR content, look for a TV with HDR10 or Dolby Vision compatibility.
  • Refresh rate: The refresh rate determines how often the image on the screen is updated. A higher refresh rate is better for watching fast-paced content, such as sports or action movies, as it reduces blur and judder. Most TVs under $400 will have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is fine for most casual viewers. If you’re a gamer or cinephile, you might want to consider a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother motion.
  • Ports: Make sure the TV has the ports you need to connect your devices, such as HDMI, USB, and optical audio. HDMI ports are essential for connecting streaming devices, gaming consoles, and cable/satellite boxes. USB ports allow you to connect external storage devices, such as flash drives and hard drives, to play back your own media. An optical audio port is useful for connecting the TV to a soundbar or home theater system.

Best Smart TV Under $400 – FAQs

1. Do budget smart TVs offer a worthy 4K resolution?

Ans: The 4K resolution on budget smart TVs is almost similar to the one offered on premium smart TVs. These smart TVs display images and videos in a better quality with extreme details. The 4K resolution on these TVs is also calibrated in a way to run high-resolution media without dropping frames. Users can thereby enjoy 4K resolution even on a budget smart TV.

2. What is the sound quality of budget smart TVs?

Ans: The sound quality of a budget smart TV depends on its sound-decoding hardware. The sound decoding hardware on most smart TVs can produce accurate waves of sound. They also feature surround sound technology to get a more immersive sound quality via soundbars or external speakers.

3. What is the ideal ownership period for a smart TV?

Ans: Users can own a smart TV as long as they want to if certain factors are excluded. Based on regular usage of 8 hours, an LED smart TV can last more than 6 years. The ownership is however affected by the rapid development of the smart TVs. The smart TV might feel outdated against TVs with better memory, resolution, and other additional features.

4. How to ensure reliability and durability in the budget-segment smart TVs?

Ans: To ensure that you are buying a reliable and durable smart TV, certain points must be checked. The smart TV must belong to a brand, known for its quality. Besides this, users can also check reviews about the smart TV via the internet or community forums. Apart from this, the warranty offered by brands also works as a quality assurance for the consumers.

5. Do smart TVs offer WiFi connectivity at this price range?

Ans: The smart TVs in this price range come equipped with several network connectivity options including WiFi. Being a wireless technology, WiFi is considered important for network connectivity. With WiFi, the smart TV is connected to the internet, allowing users remote access to features like casting, etc.


Great choices for smart TVs are out there under $400! You’ll get a good picture for movies, shows and games. Focus on size, resolution, and brand to pick your perfect fit. Want some help? Consider the below recommendations: 

Top 3 picks for smart TVs under $400:

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