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7 Best SATA Cables Reviews In 2024

SATA cables are essential components in the world of computing. They play a vital role in facilitating the transfer of data between storage devices and the motherboard. Selecting the right SATA cables is crucial for optimal performance, as they directly impact the efficiency and reliability of your system.

Factors to Consider:

  • Data Transfer Speed: The SATA cable used must be capable of handling a large amount of data efficiently from the storage device to the motherboard. Upgraded SATA cables are designed to match the speed requirements of both Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  • Cable Length: The length of the SATA cable impacts its performance. Longer cables may degrade the signal over distance, while shorter ones can face interference issues. It’s important to choose a cable length that balances performance with the space constraints of your PC assembly.
  • Cable Type: There are two main types of SATA cables: power and data. Power cables transfer power, while data cables transfer data.

Here’s a list of options with their specifications. Additionally, a “Buying Guide” is provided to help clear any confusion about SATA cables.

Best SATA Cables Table

Best Sata CableCable LengthConnector TypeCables Per PackBuy Now
BENFEI SATA Cable 18-inch180-degree (straight) on both ends3Check On Amazon
Cable Matters SATA Cable18-inch90-degree (right angle) on both ends3Check On Amazon
Monoprice SATA Cable18-inch90-degree at one end, straight on the other end1Check On Amazon
SABRENT SATA Cable20-inchStraight on both ends3Check On Amazon
Ketawa SATA Cable 15.5-inchOne cable with Straight ends

One cable with 90-degree and straight ends
2 SATA cables

2 power cables
Check On Amazon
Electop SATA Cable20-inchStraight at both ends5Check On Amazon
ADCAUDX SATA Cable1.6-feet (19-inch)Straight at both ends6Check On Amazon

Best SATA Cables Reviews


BENFEI SATA Cable IIIThe first product on the list comes from Benfei. Benfei is a manufacturer of computer-related accessories. Its products range from ethernet cables, and audio solutions to SATA cables. It adopts unique designs which help in saving space.

The Benfei SATA Cable offers an easy connection between the motherboard and internal storage drives. It is a category 3 cable which is faster than the SATA 2 and SATA 1 versions. The data transmission speed of 6Gbps makes sure to handle large data quickly. The cable has a male-to-male connector with standard 7 pins. The connector comes in a 180-180 degree configuration, connecting it to the motherboard easily.

The 18-inch length of the cable keeps any interference away and helps in cable management. The cable has a stainless steel clip to secure the cable tightly with the drive connectors. It is compatible with the RAID controller host card and hence compatible with  2.5-inch SSDs and 3.5-inch HDDs.

Best Features

  • Category 3 cable with a data transmission rate of 6Gbps
  • 18-inch long cable
  • Standard male connector with 7 pins
  • 180-180 degree cable connector
  • Stainless steel locking latch
  • Compatible with 2.5-inch SSDs and 3.5-inch HDDs
  • Set of 3 cables


  • Fast data transmission rate
  • The cable is backward compatible with previous versions of the SATA cable
  • Comes with an 18-months warranty


  • This data cable does not provide power to the connected hard drives

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2. Cable Matters SATA Cable

Cable Matters SATA CableCable Matters manufactures network solutions and data management products. It has a unique design process that favors easy use in real-life applications. The quality offered by Cable Matters is a result of extensive testing of its products.

The Cable Matters SATA Cable follows a unique design language, The cable has a 90-degree connector to mate with the motherboard and the storage drives. This helps in connecting the motherboard and drives even in limited space. This cable is a category 3 cable that delivers a data transmission rate of 6Gbps. It is also backward compatible with previous versions of SATA 1,2, and 3 drives. The 18-inch long cable takes care of connecting the motherboard and drives without any signal disruption.

The cable profile is low and thin, making cable management easy. The connector has a grip surface and houses 7 copper pins that allow a higher data transmission rate. The stainless steel clips tightly secure the connection even when transporting. The cable is compatible with 2.5-inch SSDs, 3.5-inch HDDs, RAID controllers, and optical DVD drives.

Best Features

  • SATA 3 cable with 6Gbps data transfer speed
  • 18-inch long thin profile cable
  • 90-degree connector with 7 copper pins
  • Stainless steel latching clips for locking the connectors
  • 3-cable pack


  • Wider compatibility with SSD, HDD, optical drives, and RAID controllers
  • Backward compatibility makes it easy to use with older versions of drives
  • The flat profile of the cable helps in easy installation and improves cable management


  • The profile of the connector might leave little space for adjacent plugs

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3. Monoprice SATA Cable

Monoprice SATA III CableMonoprice has been in the electronic accessories market for over two decades now. It has a good reputation for providing affordable products with uncompromised quality.

The Monoprice SATA Cable is one of the most affordable options on the list. It is a revision 3 SATA cable. This means it is capable of transmitting data between the motherboard and the drives at a speed of 6Gbps. The cable has one connector plug at a 90-degree angle and the other connector is a straight one. This helps in a male-to-male connection even in tight space conditions.

The 18-inch length of the cable takes care of cable management. The cable is also backward compatible and works fine with SATA 1 and 2 versions. The cable has a locking latch at both ends to tightly secure the connection. It does not loosen the connection even when transporting. This cable uses high-quality materials that automatically increase its durability.

Best Features

  • 18-inch long cable
  • SATA 3 version with 6Gbps transfer rate
  • 90-degree connector plug at one end and straight connector plug on the other end
  • Latch clip to lock the connectors
  • Compatible with tablets


  • Backward compatibility makes it ideal for older versions of storage drives
  • The price of the cable is very low compared to the other options
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Only one cable comes in the pack

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SABRENT SATA III Straight Data CableSabrent is one of the leading electronics accessories manufacturers. It offers durable products that qualify for the standard quality level. It has a development process that works side by side with innovation, resulting in a creative product range.

The Sabrent SATA Cable has straight connectors at both ends. It has a male-to-female connector setup. It is a SATA 3 cable that is capable of transmitting data at 6Gbps speed. The 20-inch long cable is made up of high-quality conducting wires that help in lossless data transmission. The cable is backward compatible and easily works with previous versions of SATA connectors.

The connectors have a metal latch that locks the connectors with the motherboard and drives.  It keeps the cable steady in transportation or under vibrations. The cable is compatible with HDDs, SSDs, optical drives, and other host controllers. Since 3 cables come in a single pack, a spare cable becomes easily available.

Best Features

  • 20-inch cable with high-quality copper wires
  • SATA 3 version capable of 6Gbps data transfer rate
  • Compatible with SSD, HDD, optical drives, and host controllers
  • Straight connector plugs
  • Metal latches for secure locking if the connectors
  • 3 cables in a pack


  • The cable delivers lossless data transmission
  • Backward compatible with SATA 1 and SATA 2
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • This data cable does not supply power

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5. Ketawa SATA CableKetawa SATA Data Cable and Power Splitter

Ketawa offers a range of products that helps in data transmission. Using high-quality materials, the cables made by Ketawa offer improved efficiency.

The Ketawa SATA Cable uses high-quality copper wire. It enhances the data transmission over the 15.5-inch length of the cable without any signal loss. It comes in 2 different configurations. One configuration has straight connectors on both sides of the cable. Other configurations have 90-degree connector and straight connector combinations. This helps in using the cables for different applications based on space limitations.

Being a SATA 3 cable, it can deliver a data transfer speed of 6Gbps. The cables are downward compatible and can be used with SATA 1 and 2 connector drives. The plugs are locked by the latch to ensure no movement of the cable. The pack also includes a 7.9-inch power cable. It has a 15-pin connector and splits into two cables, powering 2 different drives. A 4-pin Molex cable is also provided to connect a SATA power adapter.

Best Features

  • 5-inch long cable with high-quality copper wires
  • Two SATA 3 cables with a data transfer rate of 6Gbps
  • Two configurations for connectors: 90-degree to straight and straight to straight connectors
  • The 15-pin power cable of 7.9-inch length
  • 4-pin Molex to SATA connector cable


  • Downward compatibility makes the cables suitable for SATA 1 and 2 connectors
  • 4-in-1 value pack takes care of everything, from data to power
  • Compatible with SSD, HDD, and many other drives


  • Connectors are prone to damage if not handled carefully

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6. Electop SATA Cable

Electop SATA CableElectop is a brand that produces automotive accessories and consumer electric accessories. It has a manufacturing process focused on quality. The products, therefore, qualify the consumer expectations.

The Electop SATA Cable comes with the latest 3.0 iteration. It is capable of transferring large data between the motherboard and internal drives at a rate of 6Gbps. The cable is 20-inch long and has copper wire embedded, allowing a lossless data transmission. It has a 7-pin connector plus which easily fits with other 7-pin ports. Being backward compatible, this cable can run with SATA 1 and 2 ports too.

The cable has a braided nylon cover that keeps it away from damage. Each connector has a locking latch that keeps the connectors in place. The cable is suitable for standard SSDs, HDDs, RAID controllers, etc. The cable is easy to use and does not need any external software installation. With 5 cables in a single pack, the need for a spare cable is eliminated.

Best Features

  • 20-inch long cable with braided nylon cover
  • SATA 3 version capable of data transmission at 6Gbps speed
  • 7-pin connectors at both end
  • 5 cables in a pack
  • Latch on both ends to lock the connectors in place


  • Wider compatibility including SSDs, HDDs, RAID controllers, CD writers, optical drives, etc
  • The cable can be used with SATA 1 and 2 ports due to reverse compatibility
  • Easy to install and offers a secure connection


  • The braided nylon design makes the cables less flexible

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ADCAUDX SATA-III CableAdcAudx develops high-quality cables for personal computers. The cables can deliver a good performance, making them ideal for server-based applications. It also incorporates unique designs to offer multi-tasking operations.

The AdcAudx SATA Cable is performance-tuned. It is a category 3 SATA cable that offers a data transmission speed of 6Gbps. It can maintain such a higher speed over the 1.6-feet length (approx 19-inches). The connectors of the cable are straight at both sides allowing easy connection between the motherboard and the storage drives. A locking latch holds the connectors in place and avoids disconnection of the cable.

The 7-pin connectors on both ends of the cable allow a female-to-female connection. A total of 6 cables are bundled together with the help of a braided nylon cover.  The cables are labeled from P1 to P6 for easier identification in a bunch of wires. These cables are suitable for high-performance applications such as bitcoin mining or server computers.

Best Features

  • Category 3 SATA cable with a data transfer speed of 6Gbps
  • 7-pin female connector on both ends of the cable
  • Wire length of 1.6-feet (approximately 19-inches)
  • Identification tags for each cable
  • 6 cable bundles into a single unit with a help of a braided nylon cover


  • Suitable for high-performance applications like cloud servers, bitcoin computers, etc
  • Compatible with SSDs, HDDs, optical drives, and host cards of RAID controllers
  • Easy to install and needs no external software


  • It has a price tag higher than the other available options

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Buying Guide For The Best SATA Cable

SATA cables have been popular for over two decades now. They efficiently replace the dated PATA cables with many advantages. Their increased data transmission speed eventually leads to faster PC operations. The above-mentioned list tried to cover the best SATA cable options available in the market. To keep your selection process free of doubts, this buying guide is being discussed.

1. Data Transfer Speed

The data transfer speed is the most important factor for a SATA cable. To handle the large data from the storage disk, the cable must possess a high data transfer speed. The cables which come with the motherboards are sufficient to handle the normal hard disk drives. When the system is upgraded with Solid State Drive (SSD), the cables must match the performance of these fast drives.

Categorized in 3 different types, the cables have different data transmission speeds. The SATA 1 cables were the earlier versions, capable of giving a 1.5Gbps transfer speed. The improved version, SATA 2 had advancements in the data transfer process leading to a speed of 3Gbps. The latest iteration of the SATA cable is SATA 3 which easily gives a data transfer rate of 6Gbps.

2. Length

The SATA cable’s length ultimately affects the data transmission process. They have different lengths as per their applications in laptops, PCs, DVD players, etc. The length of the cables must be kept optimum. Sorter cables help in space management. But shorter cables are prone to signal interference, leading to noise in data transmission. Longer cables on the other hand experience loss of signal beyond a specific distance. Hence these cables are mostly available in sizes ranging from 0.3 to 1 meter (12 to 40-inches).

3. Cable Type

SATA cables have been divided into two types at early stages. The SATA power cables focussed on the power-supplying application. The SATA data cables on the other hand were designed for data transmission. These cables can be differentiated easily by the number of connector pins they possess. The data cables have fewer pins (around 7) while the power cable has double the amount of pins (around 15). A combined version of the power and data cable is also available which powers the connected disk and also allows data transmission. The latest type called eSATA cable is also available which is compatible with external peripherals disks.

4. Device Compatibility

The SATA cable is designed by keeping the application in mind. They are used for various devices and hence they must adapt to various factors. The cables used for PCs have a standard pin connector which is compatible with the hard disk ports. The cables used in PC also adapt to the complex wiring keeping the overall airflow maximum. To connect external hard disks, e-SATA cables are used. For the laptops, the storage devices are mostly attached to the motherboard. If not, the space constraint makes the storage device placement near the motherboard, thereby making short SATA cables ideal for them. The laptops use a flat and thin-shaped cable which does not take place or hinder the compactness of the laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does SATA cable length matter?

Ans: The cable length matters for obvious reasons. The optimum length of a cable leads to lossless data transmission. A short-length cable undergoes interference due to internal reflections. A very long cable has weaker signals since the signals degrade over length. Hence, the cable length is usually kept between 12 to 40-inches.

2. What does the SATA 3 cable mean?

Ans: SATA cables have many upgraded versions of their previous interfaces. These versions have increased data transfer speed from their previous versions. SATA 3 cable is the successor of the SATA 2 cable. Hence, it can give a data transfer rate of 6Gbps which is higher than the 3Gbps speed of the SATA 2 cable.

3. Are SATA cables better than PATA cables?

Ans: Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA) cables were an earlier standard for connection between computer and storage devices. The SATA cables are their improved version. They excel over PATA cables in data transfer speed since they dedicate one single bit to the process. SATA cables offer multiple connections and take less space compared to PATA cables. Hence they are more preferred now.

4. Is SATA cable compatible with HDD and SSD?

Ans: SATA cables are compatible with HDDs and SSDs as long as these drives have the same interface. The SATA cable version must match the current storage drive’s speed. If the storage drive has SATA 3 support and is connected to a SATA 1 Cable, it will still work. But the data transfer speed will automatically downgrade to the SATA 1 cable speed (from 6Gbps to 1.5Gbps).


When it comes to selecting the best SATA cables for your system, prioritizing quality and reliability is important. After careful evaluation, three standout options emerge as top recommendations:

  • BENFEI SATA Cable is known for its durability and performance, ensuring smooth data transfer. It’s strong build and secure connections make it a reliable choice for various uses.
  • Monoprice SATA Cable is notable for being affordable yet high-quality. It delivers dependable data transmission and works well with many devices, suitable for personal or professional needs.
  • Ketawa SATA Cable stands out with its fast data transfer and strong design. Engineered for excellent performance, it’s ideal for demanding computing tasks, offering peace of mind.

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