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The 4 Best Micro ATX Motherboards 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

When choosing the right components and parts for your PC, you will find a wide range of options out there. This especially gets confusing when choosing the motherboard of your computer since it acts as the central hub for the rest of the components.

Even if you are looking for a mid-range motherboard, going with one of the best micro ATX motherboards present in this article can be a great option because of these reasons:

  • Chipset and Socket: The chipset and socket of your computer’s motherboard more or less tell you about its compatibility. As for the options present in this article, all of them are AM4 sockets along with the B450 chipset. Thanks to this, you can use almost any Ryzen processor with these motherboards.
  • Memory Slots: Since having enough RAM is important for a high-performance computing experience; you might end up installing more RAM. But, this is only possible when your computer’s motherboard has 4 memory slots, which is true for all the options present here in this article.
  • Warranty: You would expect a brand new computer to stay new for a long time without having any issues or lags. Because of this, all micro ATX motherboards present in this article come with a 3-year long warranty making them quite reliable.

Apart from these important factors, there is still more to check with micro ATX motherboards. Thus, all of these details have been mentioned in this article. You can also find a detailed “Buying Guide” related to the best micro ATX motherboards. This will allow you to get the right one by following this article until the end.

4 Best Micro ATX Motherboards 2024

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Gigabyte Micro ATX MotherboardB450ATX motherboard3 year longCheck On Amazon
ASRock Micro ATX MotherboardB660ATX motherboard--Check On Amazon
ASUS TUF Micro ATX MotherboardB550 ATX motherboard3 year longCheck On Amazon
MSI Micro ATX MotherboardB450ATX motherboard3 year longCheck On Amazon

4 Best Micro ATX Motherboards 2024 Reviews

1. Gigabyte Micro ATX Motherboard


If you are on a budget, then you should also consider Gigabyte because of the various value for money options like their micro ATX motherboard option in this article.

Being one of the most affordable options out there, this one also uses the B450 chipset and AMD AM4 socket for Ryzen CPUs. Many AMD Ryzen CPUs will work with this motherboard despite its average power delivery system.

Speaking of the power delivery, you get various internal connectors like NVME SSD, SATA ports, and various other things. This is also true for the USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, PS/2 port, DVI-D, and many others.


  • Uses the B450 chipset with AM4 socket
  • Offers 4 memory slots
  • Comes with a 3-year long warranty


  • A decent number of input and output ports
  • Affordable micro ATX motherboard
  • Includes 4 memory slots


  • No USB-C

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2. ASRock Micro ATX Motherboard

Micro ATx MotherboardAt the last option in this article, we have ASRock, which can be another great option if you want a micro ATX motherboard without breaking the bank.

Despite being the cheapest option in this article, it still uses the Intel B660 chipset DDR4 and AMD socket AM4, which is the same as more expensive options out there. Even the power delivery of this motherboard is quite decent, making it viable for many higher-end Intel core CPUs as well.


  • Uses the B660 chipset
  • Offers 4 memory slots


  • Viable entry-level micro ATX motherboard
  • Uses high-speed USB Type C ports
  • Comes with various internal ports


  • Does not have any RGB

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3. ASUS TUF Micro ATX Motherboard

The Asus TUF Gaming B550M-Plus is one of the most powerful motherboards available in the market. If you are a gamer looking to have a power-packed device, then this is the right option for you.

With an AM4 processor socket, the B550 motherboard is highly compatible with AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processors. It has DDR4 RAM technology with a maximum RAM size of 128GB. Furthermore, the motherboard has 4 memory slots providing you with sufficient storage options.

It comes with an optimized thermal solution that prevents the system from heating when you play high graphics games. It has a fanless VRM and chipset heatsink, along with multiple hybrid fan headers.

Additionally, it has AI noise-canceling microphone software. It provides you with an immersive gaming experience. The audio software is compatible with 3.5mm, USB, and Bluetooth headsets.

The motherboard has dual M. 2 slots with PCLE 4.0 connectivity. Apart from this, it has USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and Type-A ports. It supports HDMI 2 and offers a 2.5x improvement over the standard ethernet connections.


  • Uses the B550 chipset with an AM4 socket
  • Offers 4 memory slots
  • Robust build quality


  • High-end performance
  • Heat prevention with the help of a cooling system
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • AI noise-canceling mic
  • Includes RGB lights


  • A bit on the expensive side

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4. MSI Micro ATX Motherboard

MSI ProSeries AMD Ryzen 1st and 2ND Gen B450M PRO-M2 Max Micro-ATX Motherboard

If you are looking for a powerful motherboard at an affordable price, then this would suit your needs. With a B450 chipset and AM4 socket, it is compatible with all three generations of AMD Ryzen.

You will get a decent performance from the DDR4 Ram technology with a storage capacity of 32GB. It supports DDR4 memory with up to 3466+(OC) MHZ. The DDR4 delivers data signals for maximum reliability.

To prevent heating of the CPU unit, it has fan headers that rotate at high speed. With this cooling arrangement, you can enjoy a stable and uninterrupted operation of the system. It features dual M. 2 slots. When it comes to the audio quality, it is second to none. It rewards your ears with intensive sound quality.


  • Uses a B450 chipset with an AM4 socket
  • DDR4 memory up to 3466+(OC) MHZ
  • DDR4 boost for data transfer


  • Good and decent performance
  • Heat reduction
  • Intensive sound quality
  • Affordable


  • Low RAM
  • Limited connectivity options

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Buying Guide For The Best Micro ATX Motherboards

Micro ATX is ideal if you want to have a high-end performance motherboard on a budget. Their performance is on par with the ATX motherboards but cost very little. You get most of the functionalities of a full-size ATX motherboard. They are also the only option if you want a high-performance compact-sized motherboard.

However, there are several factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing a micro ATX motherboard. Each one has different needs. So, based on your intended usage of your computer, you need to find the desired micro ATX motherboard.

Below is a comprehensive list of factors that you should consider while choosing a micro ATX motherboard.

1. Size

The ATX motherboards come in three different sizes. They are ATX, Micro ATX, and mini ATX. The ATX motherboards have the largest size with a dimension of 305mm x 244mm.

Then comes the micro ATX with a dimension of 244mm x 244mm. Lastly, the mini ATX motherboards are the smallest with a dimension of 170mm x 170mm. Depending upon the size of your CPU, you should opt for the correct sized ATX motherboard.

2. RAM Capacity

The capacity of your motherboard is one of the main deciding parameters of your CPU’s performance. The ATX and micro ATX motherboards can support up to 4 RAM modules. On the other hand, a mini ATX motherboard can support up to only 2 RAM modules namely, 32 gigabytes and 16 gigabytes.

Even though the mini ATX motherboards have only 2 RAM modules, they are still good enough for gaming. However, when you have a higher budget and larger CPU, we recommend you to go for a micro ATX or ATX motherboard.

3. PCI-E Slots

This is one of the most important features that you should consider while buying a micro ATX motherboard. The PCI-E slots are used to mount graphics cards, sound cards, internal modems, and other external devices. So, always look for a motherboard with most PCI-E slots.

Generally, the ATX motherboards have 7 PCI-E slots and the micro ATX has 4. These slots should be sufficient for you to insert external devices. But, the mini ATX has only one PCI-E slot. Even in that, a heavy graphic card won’t fit into the slot.

4. Socket and Chipset

The chipset of a motherboard determines its compatibility with processors. So, you should first check the compatibility of your process and the chipset. It shouldn’t be a major problem since the chipsets support a wide range of AMD processors.

When it comes to the socket, AM4 is widely used with different chipsets. All the four micro ATX motherboards listed above come with AM4 sockets.

5. Storage Options

When it comes to storage, always go with the maximum. For bulk storage needs, you either have to go with an HDD or SATA SSD. The micro ATX motherboards come with 4 to 6 SATA slots.

Additionally, some motherboards have 1 or 2 NVME slots. These can be used to install NVME SSDs. Always, choose a micro ATX motherboard that has the maximum slots to increase your storage capacity.

6. Ports

The ports allow you to connect your motherboard to external devices. Any motherboard that offers multiple high-speed ports is going to be highly practical and handy in the long run

Apart from basic audio ports, PS/2 port, USB 2.0 ports, VGA port, DVI-D port, ethernet port, you should also look out for high-speed USB 3.0 ports, USB Type C port, HDMI port, and others.

7. Warranty

The warranty on your motherboard is one of its most important aspects. No matter how robust your micro ATX motherboard maybe, it is still prone to damage. Most micro ATX motherboards come with a warranty period of 3 years.

Always choose a micro ATX motherboard that has the maximum warranty period. This would give you some peace of mind.


Out of the various motherboard form factors available in the market, micro ATX motherboards are considered to be the most popular ones. These offer almost as good performance as larger ATX boards while having a smaller size and a lower price tag. Thus, these are great for buyers on a budget as well as for small form factor computers. Hence, we have mentioned the best micro ATX motherboards above in this article.

All of them have been mentioned, along with major features and options. You can even find a comprehensive buying guide related to these micro ATX motherboards. And based on these factors, here is one of our most favorite micro ATX motherboard recommendations:

  • Even though it is one of the affordable option present in this article, the GIGABYTE Micro ATX Motherboard offers very similar performance as more expensive options out there. This B450M motherboard comes with 4 RAM slots, NVME SSD slot, USB 3.1 Gen 2, HDMI, DVI-D and decent power delivery for most medium to high-end AM4 processors.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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