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Best Marathon Training Apps & Tools

Participating in a marathon is a great initiative, but reaching the finishing line is a bigger accomplishment. You need to train and prepare yourself so that you can participate and finish a marathon without any health issues. Training for marathons needs commitment and consistency. This is where a marathon training app can be highly useful for you. A marathon training app acts like a virtual personal trainer.

From planning your training per your life schedule to keeping track of your training goals, workouts, and overall progress, you get all the features readily available in a marathon training app. Here is a list of the best marathon training apps you can install on your smartphone.

Top Marathon Training Apps

1. Marathon Trainer

A smartwatch is a great gadget when you are training for a race. Marathon Trainer app is the only app for marathon aspirants which is compatible with Samsung and Fitbit smartwatches. The app has a couch to 5k plan highly recommended for beginners. The plan is for twenty weeks and should prepare a first-time racer physically and mentally.

The first-week program is completely free; after that, you must pay to continue following the program. The guided program features personal voice coaching and timely alerts to motivate you to stick to the plan. You can keep an eye on the distance covered and calories burnt. Most importantly, you can map the route for running. Moreover, there is a beautiful music library for runners.


  • Personal voice coaching for guidance.
  • Complete the 20-week program with proper planning.
  • Music library, and route mapping.


  • Best app for full marathon aspirants.
  • Access to different marathon programs.
  • Compatible with Fitbit and Samsung wearables.


  • Relatively fewer metrics to keep track of.
  • The overall rating is a slight concern.

2. Run with Hal

If you want the trainer app to take factors like your fitness, daily schedule, and practice routine into consideration while planning your training, Run with Hal is the ideal app for you. The app is popular for its adaptive plans instead of a fixed and rigid training plan. It also decides the running speed based on your fitness level. Once you improve, the plan gets upgraded accordingly. Hence, this is the closest you can get to a personal trainer.

The app assesses your performance and gives a rating on the overall quality and progress of the training plan. It also suggests personalized workouts and daily tips for improvement. You can add marathon events, and the app sets your training plan accordingly. For complete personalized training, you need to opt for its Plus membership.


  • Personalized and adaptive training plans.
  • Daily workout, training, and proper guidance.
  • Check training status, historical records, and progress.


  • Perfect personalization and customization of plans.
  • Programs for all levels of marathon aspirants.
  • Updates plan based on your current fitness and schedule.


  • Nothing negative to point out.

3. Half Marathon Trainer

Half marathon trainer app is an alternative to the marathon trainer app we have already discussed first. The app is designed by the same company, and it has identical features. The app is perfect for beginners who want to participate in half marathons(13.1 miles) which are becoming widely popular worldwide. You get fourteen weeks of training plan instead of the usual twenty weeks.

There is a personal voice coach to assist you thoroughly throughout the training plan. You get to track the distance you cover along with calories burnt for fitness level. Besides, you can map your route for running, and the app is available on Samsung and Fitbit smartwatches. You will also have access to its music library to listen to while running.


  • Exclusive 14-week training plan with guidance.
  • Map your route for running and audio coaching.
  • Dark mode, access to the forum and social media.


  • Best app for half marathon aspirants.
  • Proven training plan for 14 weeks.
  • Curated music collection for motivation.


  • The overall rating is concerning.

4. Runmaster GPS Running Tracker

If you are looking for a free marathon training app, this should be at the top of your list. There is no registration process, and you can get started immediately. The app basically tracks your outdoor activities and follows your progress. A music library is available, and you can avail a voice coach for guidance.

The app interface is simple, and it represents your running activities graphically. You can track the map of your running route, and the app has a dark mode for better visibility. Apart from that, you can check the weather forecast of the area where you run. You can compare your progress with different previous sessions for improvement.


  • Tracks routes, forecasts weather, and monitors heart rate.
  • Live tracking and built-in music player for runners.
  • Add plans for reminders, check stats, and search history.


  • Completely free with no registration.
  • Check the weather of the planned route.
  • Voice Coaching and live tracking are premium.


  • Some users have reported inaccurate tracking.

5. Final Surge

Final Surge has everything you need to train for upcoming marathons like a pro. There are coaches, programs, and clubs to prepare properly and stay motivated. There are different views available, such as daily, weekly, and quick views, that will help you in tracking your workouts and running activities. Apart from the usual metrics, the app considers your emotional status for proper improvement.

Besides, the app tracks vital body metrics like blood pressure and sleep quality. You can pair the app with wearables and workout gear for better tracking. There are options for internal communication with coaches, teams, and groups. Additionally, the app has power metrics, and it can sync with training platforms like Garmin Connect. The app is apt for marathon aspirants, professionals, and coaches.


  • Different views to monitor your metrics and progress.
  • Interaction with coaches and teams for marathon training.
  • Keeps track of all the health parameters and power metrics.


  • The perfect combination of coaches and clubs.
  • Constant communication for advice and motivation.
  • The user interface is minimalist and intuitive.


  • Very new in the app market, with less downloads.
  • No proper training plans are available for marathons.

6. Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is one of the most popular apps among those serious about fitness and health. The app has over 10 million downloads and still maintains a 4.5-star rating. Garmin is a popular smartwatch brand; this is the official app to sync with the devices. The app lets you design programs for upcoming events, plan workouts and create challenges to compete with friends.

You can track all your health data with a personalized view. You can analyze the statistics and review the metrics. The app offers badges for completing goals which keep the users motivated.  The user interface is very cool, so it is widely popular among the youth. The app also tracks factors like stress and hydration, which are crucial for fitness.


  • Keep track of all the different health data in depth.
  • Customized training plans and workouts sessions.
  • Compare your activity analytics with other users.


  • Reputed health monitoring and fitness improvement app.
  • Includes tracking of stress and hydration.
  • Different badges for fitness accomplishments.


  • No dedicated plans for marathon runners.

7. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is another popular marathon training app that is mostly used by professionals. But it is equally useful for beginners because there are guided runs for 5k to 10k miles of running. The app tracks distance, speed, route, heart rate, and elevation. It is compatible with Android smartwatches and fitness trackers.

The guided runs are very useful for beginners who take time to get into the habit. There are programs for all levels of runners. Starting from 4-week programs to 12-week programs, you can get any of them as per your requirements. There are various mental and physical recovery tips and pieces of advice available. Besides, the challenges are there to keep yourself motivated.


  • Wide range of training plans and guides.
  • Personalized and customized plans for different marathons.
  • Different motivational challenges to keep pushing yourself.


  • Completely free with different analytics.
  • Specific programs for all levels of aspirants.
  • Compatible with different fitness wearables.


  • Reports of glitches by some users.

8. Running App

This is the best-rated running app with over 10 million downloads. The rating reflects the quality of the app in terms of features. A wide range of training plans is available for different levels of marathons. Apart from marathons, you can opt for programs for weight loss and increasing pace.

You can set goals and analyze your running sessions. Besides, you can map your route and get voice bites from coaches for improvement. You can easily compare your performance with statistics; the user interface is classic. The app is an all-rounder as it can satisfy all the different requirements.


  • Different training plans for weight loss.
  • Strategy to improve pace and endurance.
  • Complete run tracker with route mapping.


  • Wide range of metrics to track your progress.
  • Scientific approach for improvement.
  • Suitable for different fitness accomplishments.


  • Nothing negative to highlight.

9. The Daily Run

This app is a must-try if you are looking for guided training plans for 5K to full marathon events. From workouts to running, the app offers daily guided audio for better performance. You can track your route and improve your running techniques for more stamina. There is training advice available for different types of marathon events.

There are different strategies present for strength training, specifically for runners. Experts design the exercises to enhance calorie burning and weight loss. Free training videos are present, and you get access to the training forum to connect with coaches for advice. The members can chat with coaches personally and get access to different programs and workouts for marathons.


  • Guided workouts and runs on a daily basis.
  • Tracks routes and states running techniques.
  • Experts’ advice on weight loss and body strengthening.


  • Get help from training coaches.
  • Different badges and prizes for challenges.
  • Focus on injury prevention and training strategies.


  • Relatively new app in the market.
  • Training programs are exclusive for members.

10. Fitbit

Fitbit is one of the most popular brands in the smartwatch segment. Not just wearables, the Fitbit app is highly functional and useful for marathon aspirants. Fitbit app focuses on making users fit for any race gradually. You get a 90-day trial on the Premium membership that gives you access to fitness programs and workout videos.

You can track your progress directly through the app. If you have a Fitbit smartwatch, you can pair it with the app for better tracking. The app tracks all the vital parameters not just about the workout but also about sleep quality. There are audio tracks present to lower stress. Besides, you can keep a check on your diet. Hence, the app is a complete all-rounder to get you fit for marathon events.


  • Graphical representations of data for better impact.
  • Tracks every activity – workout, sleep, and even stress.
  • Workout videos, audio assistance, and advanced metrics.


  • Most complete training app with highest downloads.
  • Accurate tracking of activities with Fitbit wearables.
  • In-depth metrics for complete day analysis.


  • Premium membership is needed for advanced metrics.

11. Map My Run

Map My Run is among the best-rated apps, with over ten million downloads. If you are a beginner in the marathon training journey, you will find the app highly useful. The app offers personalized training plans and audio tips for improvement from coaches. Map My Run has a popular community of millions of runners across the world, and you can get access to the community to stay motivated.

A wide range of workouts are available to take your fitness to the next level. You can customize the training plan as per your goals and fitness level. There are various workout and running challenges available. You can connect the app with your wearables for better tracking. The app shows advanced running metrics so you can quickly improve them. There is a wide range of activities available for proper tracking.


  • Complete route tracking with bookmarks.
  • Custom training plans and workout routines.
  • Live tracking, audio coaching, and active community.


  • Best-rated marathon training app.
  • Personalized training plans from advanced metrics.
  • Proper integration with social media platforms.


  • Training plans only for members.

12. Running Coach & Home Workouts

If you want marathon training with guided videos, this app has everything for you. You get to watch weekly training videos for workouts, racing, and training for marathons. You can learn different running and body-strengthening techniques. There are different exercises demonstrated, and experts conduct programs for the users. The strategies are extremely useful and unique for faster improvement.

If you opt for the membership, you will get programs for daily workouts to prepare your body for the marathon. There are proper training programs for half and full marathons. Besides, you get to chat with coaches and trainers. You can even talk to fellow runners to keep motivating yourself. Moreover, you can earn prizes and get badges for completing challenges.


  • Wide range of programs for everyone.
  • Free weekly and paid daily training videos.
  • Badges and prizes for challenge winners.


  • Professional and intuitive user interface.
  • Clear demonstration of techniques from experts.
  • Focuses on running, workout, and body strength.


  • Programs are reserved for members only.
  • Relatively new app in the market.

13. ASICS Runkeeper

Runkeeper is one of the most popular apps with over ten million downloads and over a 4-star average rating. Starting from beginners to professionals, the app is suitable for everyone. Training plans and workouts are available that are flexible as per your schedule. Besides, the availability of running challenges every month makes the app interesting for runners.

You can set goals for running as well as training for a marathon. The app will track your progress, and you can access the running community for motivation. Different running stages are available, starting from 5k miles to a full marathon. You can track your indoor activities and workouts besides live tracking and activity insights.


  • Guided plans with training coaches.
  • Advanced metrics for in-depth tracking.
  • Various Challenges for motivation.


  • Can customize training plans for suitability.
  • Active community to stay connected.
  • Clean and intuitive user interface.


  • Advanced features are for paid members only.

Best Marathon Training Apps – FAQs

1. How many weeks do I need to prepare for a marathon?

Ans: If you are preparing for a full marathon, opt for a 20-week program for the best outcome. If you are going to participate in a half marathon, a 12-week program will be the best.

2. Are marathon training apps really useful?

Ans: Yes, marathon training apps are useful for marathon aspirants and professional runners. These apps come with proper plans to improve fitness, pace, and get ready for the events. You can get advice from coaches for improvements. There are communities and challenges to keep you motivated.

3. Can I track my progress with a marathon training app?

Ans: Yes, marathon training apps are designed to track your running sessions along with health metrics. You can compare with previous sessions and track your progress to improve accordingly.


A marathon training app is necessary for everyone who wants to participate in any type of marathon. You can follow dedicated programs to enhance your fitness, lose weight, increase your pace, and attend to your goals. We have handpicked the most effective and feature-rich marathon training apps, and you can choose anyone that appeals to you. You do not need a physical trainer if you rigorously stick to the programs of these marathon training apps.

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