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The 9 Best Loppers 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

Ease up the pruning process and maintain beautiful landscapes”

Lopper is a handy gardening tool kit that helps in pruning thick and hard to reach branches easily.

They usually have long and ergonomic handles. With more cutting power, they can cut branches up to 2 to 3 inches of diameter.

These loppers are available in different styles and sizes. To pick the right option, we recommend considering the below options.

1. Blade Type –

There are two main types of lopper blades available – Anvil loppers and Bypass loppers, in which choose the right one based on the type of your pruning requirements.

  • Bypass Loppers: A common and extensively used loppers that offer a clean cut with its two blades sliding each other after done with the cutting. Its smooth cut will quickly heal the plants, yet gets jammed while cutting dry or dead branches.
  • Anvil Loppers: It comes with a straight blade that is suitable for dead wood or trims live wood and offers a clean cut. It can handle thicker branches compared to bypass loppers.

2. Cut Capacity –

The cutting diameter of the blade will change the overall performance of the lopper. Its range will be from 1 to 4 inches and pick the right one based on your cutting requirement and tool handling capacity. A lopper with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter is the most preferred option.

3. Handle Length –

Loppers come with a wide range of handle lengths of fixed and telescopic handles. The common range will be 28 inches (average height trees) – 32 inches (taller trees) to deal with most of your garden work. A short handle lopper is easy to control, yet the longer handle offer moves leverage and is hard to maneuver. Also, check out the locking mechanism of the lopper’s extendable handles.

4. Weight –

It is a must to check the weight and size of the lopper before buying it. The common weight range of loppers will be 1 – 4.5 pounds, in which lighter models are easy to maneuver that reduce fatigue and soreness during trimming. Heavier loppers are solid and offer smooth cutting, yet a bit harder to handle. A lopper with at least 2.5 pounds weight is considered ideal to deal with most of the garden works.

These are available in different designs, sizes, features, and price ranges, which causes a bit confusion on its selection. So, to clear your confusion and get a clear idea of how to pick the right one, we came up with a detailed “Buying Guide” and a list of some best-selling Loppers in the market.

Scroll down to take a closer look at those best loppers and guides.

9 Best Loppers Chart

LoppersBlade TypeLength (Inches) Cut Capacity (Inches)Weight (Pounds)HandleBuy Now
Fiskars LooperBypass28 1-1/22.86Durable steel handles
with non-slip comfort grips
Check On Amazon
Tabor Tools LooperAnvil3023.68Handle with extra comfortable grip with anti-shock rubbersCheck On Amazon
Fiskars Bypass LopperBypass3223.9 --Check On Amazon
Spear & Jackson LooperAnvil15 to 311/2 to 34.17 Tubular aluminum
telescopic handles
Check On Amazon
Corona Bypass LooperBypass301-1/23.3Handle with trapezoidal steel handlesCheck On Amazon
Thanos Anvil LopperAnvil28 to 4023.3Aluminium HandleCheck On Amazon
Corona LooperBypass311 - ¾3.8 --Check On Amazon
Igarden LooperBypass241-1/24.94Comfort grip rubber handlesCheck On Amazon
Kings County Tools LooperAnvil26 to 402 to 2.54.34Handle with 6 pin locked position stops and rubber gripsCheck On Amazon

9 Best Loppers Reviews

1. Fiskars Lopper 


This Fiskars lopper is available in an elegant black and orange colored design. This bypass lopper is suitable for easy, smooth cuts on tree branches. Moreover, it lasts longer due to durability. The hardened, precision-ground blade retains sharpness for a long time. There are no worries regarding corrosion.

The important feature includes the fully hardened, precision-ground blade. This blade stays sharp even after extensive use. The coating on the blade is rust-resistant and with minimal friction. So, the blades can slide through the wood. It can effectively cut branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

The durable steel handles come equipped with non-slip comfort grips. The non-slip comfort grips allow you to comfortably hold the lopper and carry it easily. Also, it becomes easy to maneuver when cutting at weird angles. These handles offer lasting strength through heavy use. Weighing just 2.86 pounds, this bypass lopper is one of the lightest ones on the market.

The presence of shock-absorbing bumpers reduces the loud conclusion at the ending of cuts. These bumpers benefit you with a comfortable cutting experience.  This bypass lopper is perfect for cutting tree branches, plants, and wood.

Due to the high-quality, sharp blades, this lopper works efficiently for different applications. The 28 inches length is sufficient for simple and complex cutting tasks.  Despite being lightweight, the overall structure is well made.

What We Liked About It:

  • High-quality, toughened stainless steel blades offer a clean cut
  • The blades are replaceable
  • Can cut branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter
  • The cushioned grips on the handle and a shock-absorbing bumper provide all-day comfort
  • The non-stick coating offers a smooth cutting experience
  • Durable steel handles for long-lasting use

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Bit pricy

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2. Tabor Tools Anvil Lopper

Tabor Tools Anvil LopperGardening and irrigation are done easily with Tabor Tools. The brand has an awesome collection to meet all your gardening needs. You can find tools and machinery for digging, pruning, strikings, etc.

The lopper from Tabor Tools has the best quality Anvil blade which works effectively on hard and dry woods. The blade lets you cut through branches that have a 2-inch diameter effortlessly.

It has a 30-inch long handle, which allows you to work seamlessly around higher limbs. Furthermore, the handles are ergonomically designed to provide a perfect grip and these grips have anti-shock rubbers for extra comfort.

This lopper works with a unique compound action system, which means the lopper works with several pivot points and moving parts that combine to increase the applied force three times.

Weighing just 3.68 pounds, this user-friendly tool is lightweight for adults and bestows perfect balance while working.

What We Liked About It:

  • Distinctive compound action system
  • Extra comfortable grip with anti-shock rubbers
  • 30-inch long handle
  • Anvil blade type
  • Cut through 2-inch diameter branch
  • Can be locked on different lengths

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Handles are not sturdy enough

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3. Fiskars Bypass Lopper   

Fiskars Bypass LopperThe Fiskars Bypass Lopper is the best tool for cutting branches easily. This special gear technology is like a superpower for cutting. This tool has a special blade that prevents it from getting stuck and helps it last a long time, so it always works well. The handle has a special grip that makes it easy to hold, even when things are strong, so tough tasks become easier.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, showing how much we believe in its quality and durability. It can cut branches up to 2 inches thick, and it is three times stronger than regular loppers. This makes it a fantastic tool for both gardeners and outdoor lovers. Boost your cutting power and durability with the Fiskars Lopper is a tool that stands out in any gardens or outside.

What We Liked About It:

  • Cuts branches up to 2 inches thick with ease.
  • Provides three times more cutting power.
  • Prevents blade from sticking and enhances rust resistance.
  • Non-slip SoftGrip handle for control and comfort.
  • Assurance of long-lasting performance.

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Durable with rust-resistant coating.
  • May be relatively expensive compared to basic loppers.
  • Size and weight may not be suitable for all users.

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4. Spear & Jackson Lopper

speak and jackson

The aforementioned Spear & Jackson lopper is perfect for trimming thick and hard tree branches. It can effortlessly handle a 2-inch diameter tree branch. It is quite easy to operate with the help of its twist & lock telescopic handles. Despite being lightweight, it does not compromise on strength.

Glancing at its prominent features, this Anvil lopper comes with Razorsharp blades. These cutting blades are PTFE coated SK5 carbon steel blades. For convenient and effective pruning experience, the tubular aluminum handles are included. The weight of this Anvil lopper is 4.17 pounds.

The blades retain sharpness for longer and resist corrosion. The handles extend from 15.75 inches to 31.5 inches for extra reach when needed. Being made up of aluminum, they remain lightweight during the use. The handles come implemented with the ‘twist & lock’ mechanism. The non-slip grips are available on the handles.

Implementation of the ratchet action facilitates hassle-free cutting experience in simple steps. This aspect makes this lopper perfect for cutting hard, thick branches. With the help of ratchet action, the spring-loaded cutting blade advanced towards the Anvil blade in simple steps. As a result, the cutting process is accomplished with minimum efforts.

To use the ratchet action, just open the handles to trigger the ratchet and then close the handle beneath the cutting blade after you hear the audible click. Now open again until the next click and iterate the process.

One important thing to note is that the Anvil blade is prepared from soft metal to prevent damage to the cutting blade. Furthermore, it is serrated to prevent the branch from getting twisted.

What We Liked About It:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy handles
  • Extendable handles for easy reach
  • Non-slip grips for comfort
  • Minimum efforts during cutting
  • Can easily cut hard, thick branches

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Awkward cutting experience

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5. Corona Bypass Lopper

Corona ComfortGEL Bypass Lopper Corona is popular for making reliable power and hand tools that are perfect for DIY enthusiasts. The brand manufactures a wide range of products including loppers, hedge shears, pruners, hand saws, extended reach tools, and lawn & garden maintenance products.

Corona’s comfort gel bypass lopper features a dual arc blade design with a decent cutting capacity of 1-½ inches. The blade is non-stick and coated with a special material to maintain its sharpness even after long use. The trapezoidal steel handles have a length of 25 inches to provide extra strength for cutting hard branches.

The lopper comes with ergonomically shaped grips that provide maximum grip and control while you are cutting the branches. The grips can be extended for maximum comfort. Besides, there are integrated shock-guard-bumpers to reduce hand fatigue and strain even when you use the tool for long hours.

The lopper is lightweight with only 3.3 lbs for easy handling and a comfortable cutting experience.

What We Liked About It:

  • Dual arc blade design
  • Shock-guard bumpers reduce strain and fatigue
  • Specially coated, non-stick blades provide a smooth cutting experience
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 25-inch trapezoidal steel handles provide extra strength

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Bumpers wear-out soon

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6. Thanos Anvil Lopper

Thanos Extendable Anvil LoppersYou can explore and own the best quality hardware tools from the brand Thanos that are not only durable but also very budget-friendly. 

The extendable loppers we have here have a heavy-duty blade made of SK-5 steel coated with Japan Teflon treatment which is in fact non-stick and can guide the ratchet shears to glide through wood smoothly. It is highly resistant to rust and stays sharp even after intense heavy duty.

This lopper has a telescopic rod that can be adjusted between 27-inch to a 40-inch in length which lets you cut tall branches effortlessly. The rod is made of highly durable aluminum alloy which is rust-proof and offers a sturdy grip.

With its strong build and unparalleled performance, it is ideal for fruit tree pruning, potted pruning, landscaping, along with several other heavy-duty pruning jobs.

What We Liked About It:

  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Extendable aluminum handle
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Wide application

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Build can be a little better

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7. Corona Looper  

Corona LooperCorona SL 4264 Tree Trimmer is the best tool for taking care of trees easily. It is specially designed for top performance and user happiness; this tree trimmer is the best tool for all your needs. It can easily cut branches up to 1 ¾-inches thick, making it perfect for smaller and medium-sized trees. This trimmer is versatile and can handle all your tasks easily.

The Comforted grips are designed to make it easy and comfortable to hold and use. It goes the extra mile by using advanced technology to reduce shock. It is much smoother and more comfortable tree trimming experience with this trimmer. It reduces the effort and shaking, making it more enjoyable. Whether you are a tree expert or a homeowner who cares about trees, this tool will exceed your expectations and become the top choice for tree care.

What We Liked About It:

  • Easily trims branches up to 1 ¾-inches in diameter.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and secure handling.
  • Minimizes strain and vibration during operation.

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Not suitable for larger branches.
  • May require some maintenance over time.

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8. Igarden Lopper


This iGarden tool set works flawlessly to cut tree branches and overgrown shrubs. It is easy to cut the thick limbs on bushes. This tool set is recommended for any enthusiastic gardener or landscaper. The included blades stay sharp for longer. Overall, the tool is well-made and lasts longer.

It comes with the fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade. The built-in handles come with a comfort rubber grip. This tool weighs 4.94 pounds.

This 3-piece combo garden tool set contains lopper, hedge shear, and bypass pruner. All these tools provide easy, smooth cuts on tree branches. It feels comfortable to use and lasts longer.

The included steel blade stays sharp for longer.  There is a corrosion-resistant coating with minimal friction. It simplifies the cutting experience.

Every included tool functions well for the desired purpose. The blades come sharp and help you accomplish the desired tree pruning tasks easily. Even if you own a lot of yards, you can use this tool set for effective trimming. Also, it can be used for landscaping.

All three tools serve their purpose and there is no need to break the bank to buy them. Overall, the lopper works excellently and provides good leverage on branches that are tough to cut. The blades stay sharp for a long time.

What We Liked About It:

  • Elegant design
  • Comes with very sharp blades and no jagged cuts
  • No fatigue to hand and shoulders during its use
  • Kit comes with three effective tools – lopper, hedge shears and pruner shears
  • Retains sharpness for longer
  • Good for the price

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • The blades bent after a few uses

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9. Kings County Tools Lopper

heavy duty

The Anvil lopper mentioned above is well-known for its heavy-duty construction, telescopic handles, comfortable grip, and excellent cutting capacity. It is easy to extend its handles, according to the requirements. The sharp blades are equipped with coating.

Looking at the special features, it comes with sharp blades with coating. The included handles can be extended from 26 to 40 inches in length. These handles come with the 6 pin-locked position stops. To provide comfortable cutting experience, the rubber grips are included. The weight of this Anvil lopper is 4.34 pounds.

The cutting jaw capacity varies in range from 2 to 2.5 inches. It is usually observed that this lopper is suitable for cutting dry wood. During the use, the double ratcheting mechanism makes a huge cutting force. This ratcheting mechanism is easy to maneuver.

If you are in search of a lifetime quality tool for trimming tree branches, this lopper is a good solution. For any kind of heavy work, this tool is a recommended choice. It can work flawlessly for trimming dry wood.

The offered cutting strength is excellent for cutting any soft or thick tree branch. Moreover, most customers admire the lightweight design and portability. The extension handles are quite easy to extend, in order to reach higher branches for trimming. This feature is useful for tree branches high up to 1-2 inches.

What We Liked About It:

  • Comfortable grip and weight
  • Excellent cutting jaw capacity up to 2.5 inches
  • Sharp blades with ratcheting action make trimming of larger branches convenient
  • Ratcheting mechanism for powerful cutting force
  • The extendable handles are comfortable in hands
  • Lasts longer and work flawlessly

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • The blade does not last longer

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How to Choose the Best Loppers:

With its wide-open two handles, the loppers manipulate scissor-like blades and can easily prune shrubs and trees. To pick the right one for your requirement, you have to check some of the features while shopping for loppers.

1. Types

Based on their blades, the loppers are categorized into two main types – bypass or anvil. Each type suits best for a variety of pruning. Pick the right one as per your pruning requirement.

  • Anvil Loppers 

Anvil loppers have a stationary base with a groove, in which it has a movable sharpened blade to press the groove while trimming branches. This type of lopper is perfect to cut dry, brittle branches and dead stems, snapping into the half with ease. However, they won’t optimal to trim soft green branches, yet they come with a propensity to crush and slit the branches instead of making a clean cut.

  • Bypass Loppers 

Just like scissors, its two sharpened blades overlap for making a clean cut. This type of lopper is the best option to make sharp, clean and even cutting on green, soft branches, which quickly heals on live plants. If you use these bypass loppers to cut through hard, dead branches, then it makes its blade gets dull. So, you have to pick this blade to trim green growth, like shaping an overgrown shrub.

Its main drawback is that its blades may bend and gets jammed while cutting dead or dry branches, and thereby makes it ineffective. If the bolt holding lopper has any looseness, then small materials get jammed between the blades and result in a bit difficult to close or open.

Verdict – Based on the type of your garden work, you have to select the right type of blade. For heavy-duty garden work, a model having anvil blades are the best option. For precision pruning or trimming, go with the bypass model. We suggest you use a pruning saw for cutting anything thicker than 2-inches.[/su_note]

2. Blade Material

The cutting efficiency of the lopper depends mostly on the type of blade material. Usually, its blades are made of either carbon steel or stainless steel, in which carbon steel blades are considered the best due to their strength, reliability, and durability. Most of these blades are coated to prevent rusting (or) offers a slippery surface to easily glide the blade through the dense wood.

  • Carbon Steel Blades 

The lopper blades made from carbon steel are the toughest and can perform their best in cutting thick branches. It is a bit hard to sustain its exerting force. The blade’s dullness is sharpened easily by using a basic sharpening stone.

Its drawback is that they easily get rust compared to their counterparts. So, it is a must to wipe clean the blade after each use. A titanium or Teflon coating will protect the blade from rust and thereby holds its sharpness a bit longer.

However, the coating won’t cover the blade’s edge, which means sharpening don’t remove the coating.

  • Stainless Steel Blades 

Stainless steel is not durable as carbon steel and bends easily if used on dry, hard branches. They won’t get rust easily and cut sharply, which makes it a bit pricier, yet it is not easy to sharpen the blade when once it gets dull.

3. Blade Quality

It is essential to check how closely the blades pass while closing and opening them, in which the closer one is a better option. Loppers with the best quality blades will let you alter the tightness of the cutting mechanism and confirms the blades are held tightly against each other.

Also, the cutting blades should be flat without any burrs, rough spots, or bends on the blade surface or cutting edge. However, poor quality blades will slightly bend, particularly while using on thicker branches, and thereby causes further damage with pruning cut and impair the cutting branch.

So, it is vital to check their cutting surface’s sturdiness while looking at blades. The construction and design of most high-quality loppers come with thick, short blades having curved components.

4. Cutting Capacity

The cutting diameter of the blade can alter the overall performance, result or capacity of the loppers. For instance, professional loppers offer a cutting diameter that is more than 1.5 inches, yet can go up to 3 – 4 inches. However, it depends on the loppers’ focus.

A lopper saw offers a cutting diameter of more than 3.5 inches. In contrast, one can find small cutting heads for loppers less than 1-inch. Yet, we suggest picking one that cut most branches of at least 1.5 inches, and anything below 1.5 inches will be little that won’t perform well. While a cutting diameter of 2-inches is sufficient for thicker branches, which is hard to cut.

If you look for loppers with a cutting diameter of less than 1.5 inches, then it offers less cutting capacity to trim many branches and is quite ideal for small plants or similar ones. If you choose a lopper over 2-inches, then you may require more strength to handle the device and cut branches. So, grab the right one by considering all those requirements.

5. Types of Mechanisms

Choosing the right lopper is quite essential to maintain proper garden landscaping. There are four types of mechanisms available for proper cutting and maintenance – ratchet, compound, gears, and saws. However, these 4 types are effective, yet operate differently and are used for different purposes.

Let’s know about each of these types in detail.

  • Ratcheting 

A latch in the ratcheting lopper clicks when closing the handle. This type of mechanism exerts more pressure while cutting, delivering a secure grip. Whenever you close the handles, the latch clicks and maintain the blade closed. After the click, again open the handles without opening the blade that pumps to attain more cutting force. It is not vital while cutting anything for the first time.

This mechanism will help those who suffer from normal scissor-like loppers, which makes cutting thick branches or hardwoods easily. So, loppers with this mechanism are often has a cutting diameter of 2 – 2.5 inches. One can find models with telescopic handles rarely.

  • Geared 

These are like the heir of the classic loppers design that contains a gear in the blades to move freely and attain high leverage before cutting. Its gear is placed below the blades and gear keep both the cutting blade and dull blade together, yet moves smoothly. Other than that, open this mechanism for the highest cutting possible.

The gear turns to allow both blades to move with handles whenever you open the handles. If you close the handles, then it does the same that keep together the edges, yet attain higher leverage. Their design is much close to a traditional scissor, which makes it easy to use but won’t offer much more cutting capacity than other mechanisms without extra effort.

The geared type of lopper offers a cutting diameter of 1 – 2.5 inches, which need a lot of space when you require to achieve sufficient cutting power with your arms.

  • Compounding 

This compounding lopper is a bit complex that is similar to ratcheting yet has an overall secure grip. It has several moving parts that include gears and pivot points. They maintain the blade together to achieve perfect grip while using. Since they achieve higher leverage, they are termed lever-action loppers.

Mostly, this mechanism demands careful pumps to work or else it bounces and won’t close at all. Also, it is perfect to precisely cut thick branches. It is like a combination of ratcheting with geared loppers, which makes it more effective than both of these mechanisms. These loppers have a cutting diameter of 2-inches that offers precision cutting.

  • Saw 

Mostly, this lopper mechanism will act as a saw rather than a lopper. Yet it is not the same as other mechanisms, as it is just a saw having a bar and chain that turn for cutting branches. The cutting diameter of these models will be 4-inches or more, which makes it perfect to cut large tree branches and similar things. It is not entirely a saw that has a limitation in overall branch diameter.

If looking for an electric lopper, then pick saw loppers to make overall operation much easier and more effective, which makes it expensive with a higher price tag.

6. Handle Length

It is a must to check out the handles while buying loppers. Usually, loppers offer a wide range of handle lengths, with fixed and telescopic handles. If having trees of average height in the yard, then pick the lopper with a 28-inch handle to do your lawn work. For dealing with taller trees, go for the model having a 32-inch handle. Also, telescopic handles can reach up to a 40-feet height that allows cutting the tallest branches.

However, shorter handles are easy to control, particularly in tight spaces. The longer handles will offer more leverage on the blades, yet hard to maneuver the loppers. Thus, it allows you to cut through 1.5-inch branches but needs to be more careful while cutting. So, the customization of extended or telescopic handles is a better option but needs to pay extra for its functionality.

Check for the locking mechanism when extending the arms of the lopper. Most experts suggest picking a single locking model rather than twisting telescopic lock, why because the twist locks wear away ultimately and thereby reduces the lock on the loppers. Thus, results in a one-side lock while the other won’t, which reduces the safe usage of the lopper and its accuracy while cutting.

Telescoping handles are not solid, yet they are tubular that may bend or warp easily while cutting thicker wood. We suggest you avoid using extendable or telescopic handles, and in case if you want to trim taller trees, then invest in a ladder for gardening and use loppers with 28 – 32 inches handles while choosing heavy-duty loppers for your garden work.

7. Build of Handles

Aluminum and fiberglass are two main types used to build lopper handles. Though both of these works well and are quite useful, yet it is good to know about their variations.

  • Aluminum 

Aluminum is lightweight, cheaper, and has excellent strength but won’t last longer or lighter than fiberglass. The aluminum handles bend over time upon continuous usage or cutting through thicker branches. When you want to choose a lopper with an aluminum handle, then ensure that it has a shock guard. Since these stoppers prevent handles from hitting each other and thereby rises the overall durability of the tool.

  • Fiberglass 

Loppers with fiberglass handles are more expensive, which makes it less popular than aluminum handles. These are lighter and durable that won’t lack strength while cutting, which means much more effective for cutting/trimming and a perfect choice. With all these pro factors, it is a bit expensive than aluminum handles.

8. Grips

Most loppers feature padded rubber or foam grips to prevent hand fatigue, slippage, and blisters. Though the soft foam handles are great for your hands, yet are more likely to tears and nicks. If you extensively using loppers, then go with molded rubber grips to hold up extra work. Whereas, padded grips with gardening gloves will make pruning tasks more comfortable.

Also, it is a must to check the size of the grips, as some are shorter with limited hand placements on handles while pruning. Using bright colored grips helps to locate tools in the garden, especially when misplaced.

9. Bumper

Almost all lopper models come with a bumper or other cushioning mechanism near the blades. It prevents handles from getting together till you complete your cutting process. Also, ensure that the bumper deters the user’s hands from touching while cutting and close the loppers forcefully to check how the bumper works well and absorbs shock.

10. Weight and Size

The lopper’s weight is another essential consideration while choosing the best lopper, and it should be ideal for you to use and do the task comfortably.

The lighter lopper options will make the tool easy to maneuver and comfortable to use for a longer time. As it reduces user fatigue and prevents their shoulders from getting sore while trimming. Also, lighter loppers are of inferior quality than loppers feel heavier in the hands. While heavier loppers feel solid and provide a smooth cutting action to trim branches.

Coming to its size, the short loppers of about 15-inches from the tip of the cutting blade to the end of the handles will weigh around 11 ounces, which makes it a perfect choice to prune narrower branches. The lengthier loppers of about 32 inches (or more) are quite handier if you have to reach high branches without using a ladder. These longer models are heavier and weigh more than 4 pounds that liable to cause arm fatigue.

Most experts suggest you choose a lopper with at least 2.5 pounds (or more) to have a decent quality durable product. If looking for reliable and easy to use loppers, then select a model with less than 4.5 pounds. The reason is that weight high or low then this range will make the tool ineffective or uncomfortable to use properly.

10. Single Lopper or Combination Sets

Some lopper manufacturing brands feature combination sets. If you want to buy a lopper, pruning or garden shears, then instead of buying them separately, we suggest you pick a combination set. It is somewhat dangerous to cut smaller branches with the help of loppers and may even result in damaging the bushes or shrubs.

It is quite helpful when pruning small shears. Then use loppers having shorter handles to complete this task, which is a perfect choice to prune small trees. In case, if you have gardening or pruning shears, then you don’t require this combination set and go with a single lopper tool.

12. Availability of its Replacement Parts

It is a common thing that some parts of the lopper will wear off easily and gets ineffective. Thus, it makes you either purchase a new one or check for replacement parts. However, getting a new one is a bit expensive, instead, you can get lopper replacements which are easily available in the market. The availability of replacement parts will tell a lot about the lopper’s quality. Usually, a high-quality lopper should offer replacement parts that are available from the distributors or manufacturers easily.

13. Durability

The tool should be strong, reliable and durable to handle the wear and tear that happens upon regular usage. As it has to deal with regular trimming and cutting sturdy branches. So, a lopper made of quality materials like steel or metal will ensure that it won’t break down easily and can last longer by delivering faultless output.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Loppers

Irrespective of the brand or product quality, one has to take proper care and maintenance tips to extend the proper working function of the tool. Here are some of the tips that help you to maintain the lopper working.

  • Consistent Sharpening of Blades – Blades getting dull over time regardless of their design or material is a common issue. Blade sharpening with a file is an easy and effective way.
  • Clean Every Time After Usage – Residues of wood and vegetation stay on the blade’s surface while using loppers. If not cleaned, they create build-up and mold on the edge that reduces the cutting efficiency. So, clean the loppers after every use by rubbing a soft cloth with alcohol on the handles and blades.
  • Lubricate Regularly – Loppers are stored in the garage, basement, or toolbox for months or years. If stored and not using, then its mechanisms get stiff and may lose strength. So, we recommend lubricating with non-corrosive 3 in 1 oil to the mechanisms and gears each time you store and take out to reuse.
  • Use Loppers Properly – One has to use them safely without expecting more than it offers. So, avoid cutting big logs, flowerbeds, grass, or weeds except for a branch. Thus, it won’t let you overuse or misuse the tool, which results in premature wearing.

Safety Tips While Using Loppers

It is essential to follow some safety tips while using any tools for a safe and effective operation. Loppers are sharp and can cause any threat/danger to you or your hands if not operated properly. Here are some safety tips.

  • Wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves to keep your hands safe while operating. Also, it helps while handling plants that have thorns.
  • While using bigger loppers, we advise you to buy a cover to keep this tool away after completing its usage, especially if having pets or a little one at home.
  • Wear goggles as eye protection to prevent any debris from getting into the eyes.
  • Avoid using the loppers with tall or telescopic handles until it is a must to cut branches of tall trees. Instead, use a ladder and a lopper having normal handles.
  • Never prune the garden with a lopper having dull blades, as it won’t offer the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to sharpen the loppers?

Ans: However, there are various ways to sharpen the lopper and based on the type of lopper you are using, you have to pick the sharpening method. Most models are sharpened with the help of whetstone/grindstone.

Before using this stone to sharpen the lopper, you have to wash away the rust that may remain on the lopper by using wet soapy water or other suitable sprays. Thus, it ensures the lopper is completely rust-free and perfect to use further or sharpen by using the right tools.

So, make sure to couple your whetstone with a lubricant that makes you not to scratch the lopper without sharpening. In most cases, you may harm the tool rather than cleaning the lopper. It is better to do some research beforehand, to ensure the perfect cleaning/sharpening of the lopper by using the correct cleaning methods.

While sharpening the steel blades, then use a fine metal file to restore the blade edges. If not having a file, then take loppers to your local garden center to get sharpened lopper blades.

2. Can we replace blades when they are dull?

Ans: No, not required. We suggest you replace blades when it is broken, split or unable to sharpen. Or else, you can simply, sharpen the blade to get back its perfect sharp cutting edges.

3. Shall children or older people use this lopper?

Ans: Lopper is not an easy tool to use and can be dangerous with its sharp blade edges. So, we suggest you keep these loppers away from the elderly people and children, as they are unable to operate them safely and may cause injury to themselves and others.

4. What are the best brands of loppers to choose from?

Ans: However, all the above-mentioned products are the best brands, and among them, Tabor lopper is one of the best models which offers the ideal value and quality for its price range.

5. Can we replace the handles of the lopper?

Ans: Most often, the handles are not replaceable like nuts, grips, and blades. In case if the handle of your lopper breaks, then it’s better to purchase the new loppers.

6. Is it recommended to oil the lopper?

Ans: Loppers are considered seasonal tools, especially used in the growing season. After the season ends, you have to pack and store them in the shed for months. So, it is good to oil the cutting head and gears of the loppers before storing them. Oiling lopper is vital while having a compound lever cutting head with moving parts. Also, oil all parts of the lopper before storing it for the next usage.

7. How much can a set of loppers last?

Ans: Usually, the loppers have a longer lifespan, as they can last for a lifetime without any issue. All you need is to replace its nuts, blades, screws, or grips whenever required for its proper functioning.

8. How to ensure the proper working of loppers?

Ans: Loppers require sharp blades to cut through branches. Generally, blades get dull over time upon their usage. If you do plenty of pruning last season, it is always good to sharpen the loppers either at home or outside sharpening center for garden tools.

9. What are the different cutting mechanics in loppers?

Ans: If you are in the lookout for the best loppers for different kinds of trimming then you need to choose the right cutting mechanism. The loppers with ratcheting cutting mechanism are equipped with a latch that clicks whenever you close the handle.

The geared cutting mechanism features a gear inside the blades that allow free movement. The compounding loppers come with a secure grip overall.

10. Is it necessary to lubricate a lopper?

Ans: The majority of the loppers can stay in the garage, basement, or toolbox for several weeks, months, or years. When they are not used, the cutting mechanisms become stiff and lose strength. Hence, it is recommended to lubricate their gears as well as mechanisms every time before using it. You can use non-corrosive oil for lubrication.

11. How to keep loppers always working effectively?

Ans: The sharpness of the blades is the key to its effectiveness. Make sure the blades stay sharp consistently. It happens that blades get dulled over time. This situation arises irrespective of the design and material. It is recommended to sharpen the blade using a file. This is the simplest and most effective approach to keep lopper working for long.


Each day you find a branch that has to be cut or trimmed. In such a case, all you require is the best pruning lopper that can make your life a little easy. These are cost-effective and come with great warranties as well. So, you can make a secure purchase without any doubt in your mind.

From this article’s discussion, the Fiskars Lopper  is good in terms of its capability to convey smooth and clean cuts, Shock-absorbing bumpers, sharp blades, and lightweight design.  The Spear & Jackson Lopper is famous for its heavy-duty construction, telescopic handles, comfortable grip, and large cutting capacity.

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