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The 9 Best LED Track Lighting Reviews & Buying Guide

“Brighten up medium to large rooms without compromising the interior style”

LED track lightings are considered a great option for illuminating a specific part of the room or accent lighting.

These are easy to install, affordable, versatile, flexible, and offer a great addition to your home décor compared to other standard lighting options.

This flexible and customizable interior lighting solution fixture (also known as head) comprises a track or bar that mounts up to 8 lights, in which they can produce up to 800 lumens per lamp. These tracks come in a variety of sizes, placement, and fixture styles.

We suggest you consider the following key factors to choose the best track lighting suitable for your requirements.

Number of Lights –

Track lighting fixtures come with various lights to provide ample brightness, and they let you set the lights in different directions. Most track lighting fixtures consist of heads that hold 4 or 6 or 8 light bulbs. So, based on the specific area you want to illuminate, you have to choose the number of light bulbs.

Wattage –

Based on the type of bulbs a fixture possesses, its wattage will vary a lot. For example, track lighting holding low-wattage LED lights to use around 20 – 30 watts, while pendant track lighting fixtures with 6 bulbs of 60-watt will consume more wattage of 350W.

Brightness & Color Temperature –

Track lighting lamps are available in different color temperatures (measured in Kelvin, K), and brightness (measured in lumens).

  • The general brightness range of the track lights will be 400 – 800 lumens. A model with more lumen count will offer brighter lighting.
  • Color temperature will measure the temperature of the light (warmth or coolness) the fixture emits. Bulbs measuring 1000K – 4000K are warmer, while bulbs emit higher on a scale of 6000K – 10,000K are cooler.

Also, we recommend you read our detailed “Point Guide” to know how to select your best-suited track lighting. We have researched several products available in the market and listed the Best LED Track Lighting with a detailed description, its best features, pros, and cons.

Best LED Track Lighting

LED Track LightingNo. of LightsWattageWarrantyBuy Now
Globe Electric Foldable Track Lighting6 lights50 watts---Check On Amazon
Unicozin LED Track Lighting Kit6 lights4 watts---Check On Amazon
DLLT Led Track Lighting Kit4 lights3 watts1 yearCheck On Amazon
CANARM LTD Track Light4 lights---1 yearCheck On Amazon
LANGREE 4-Light Track Lighting Fixtures4 lights4 watts1.5 yearsCheck On Amazon
XiNBEi Light Track Lighting3 lights60 watts1 yearCheck On Amazon
Mirrea LED Track Lighting Heads6 lights6.5 watts2 yearsCheck On Amazon
LEONLITE LED Track Head Lighting4 lights8.5 watts5 yearsCheck On Amazon
DND LED Track Lighting Kit6 lights7.5 wattsLifetimeCheck On Amazon

Best LED Track Lighting Reviews

1. Globe Electric Foldable Track Lighting

Globe Electric Foldable Track Lighting

Unlike most other track lighting options stated in this article, the Globe Electric one is halogen-based and offers a different look and design than LED ones.

Even though we are here to discuss LED track lighting options, some of you might be interested in halogen ones. And that is exactly what the Globe Electric 59086 offers. With this, you get a total of 6 light bulbs installed out of the box.

All of these bulbs are rated at 50 watts of power which is quite good even for a halogen bulb. However, as you would expect from a halogen bulb, these ones are not reliable and Globe Electric does not offer any kind of warranty with it.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 6 lights
  • Rated at 50 watts per bulb


  • Uses halogen bulbs for a different look
  • Decent brightness output
  • Offers a lot of bulbs out of the box


  • Lacks any form of warranty

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Unicozin LED Track Lighting Kit

Unicozin LED Track Lighting Kit

Arriving at the next option present in this listicle, we have Unicozin that can also be considered if you want a large size LED track lighting with a lot of bulbs in it.

This Unicozin LED track lighting is one of the best looking options available in the market. Even though there are a lot of options with multiple lights, this one offers a total of 6 lights without charging a very high price for it.

While the given wattage rating of 4 watts may not be the highest, it still results in pretty good brightness output thanks to the number of bulbs that this LED track lighting uses. However, if you want something reliable, this one may not be for you since it lacks any form of manufacturer warranty.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 6 lights
  • Rated at 4 watts per bulb


  • Great looking design
  • Good brightness output
  • Uses a lot of LED bulbs


  • Misses out on a manufacturer warranty

Buy Now From Amazon

3. DLLT Led Track Lighting Kit

DLLT Led Track Lighting Kit

DLLT can be another viable option if you are on a budget and want a cheap yet effective LED track lighting for your home or office.

Since the DLLT LED track lighting is on the cheaper side, it uses only 4 lights in total. Thankfully it still looks quite great with its brushed nickel finish and a very creative design which makes it ideal for almost any interior space.

Unfortunately, this LED track lighting is not for you if you want something highly powerful and bright since each light only has a wattage rating of 3 watts. Fortunately, you do get a 1-year warranty with this lighting fixture which is better to have than nothing.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 4 lights
  • Rated at 3 watts per bulb
  • Offers a warranty period of 1 year


  • Entry-level LED track lighting option
  • Creative and nickel finish design
  • Uses multiple LED bulbs


  • Average brightness output

Buy Now From Amazon

4. CANARM LTD Track Light

CANARM LTD Track Light

Canarm is a fairly new brand of lighting solutions and other related accessories which even offers a few LED track lighting options like the one present here.

As you would expect from a lesser-known brand, Canarm is also an affordable one that offers equally affordable lighting solutions. Talking about its LED track lighting offering, you get a total of 4 bulb sockets with this one.

Even though this unit can work with up to 50 watts bulbs, you do not get any bulbs included in the box which results in a poor value for money and also requires the user to spend more time installing the bulbs themselves. The LED track lighting fixture itself comes with a 1-year warranty which is quite similar to other options at this price range.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 4 lights
  • Rated at 50 watts in total
  • Offers a warranty period of 1 year


  • Supports powerful bulbs
  • Decent design
  • Good build quality and warranty for the price


  • Does not include any bulbs

Buy Now From Amazon

5. LANGREE Round 4-Light Track Lighting Fixtures

LANGREE Lighting Fixtures

Langree can be a viable LED lighting brand if you are on a budget but still want a pretty good looking LED track lighting fixture.

The Langree LED track lighting comes at the 5th position of this list since this can be a viable option if you are on a budget and want something affordable. Being the cheapest option in this article, you get a total of 4 lights included in this LED track lighting fixture.

However, the given wattage rating of 4 watts does limit its total brightness output. Thankfully, a great thing about this LED track lighting system is that it is quite reliable for the given price as you get an included 1.5-year warranty with it.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 4 lights
  • Rated at 4 watts per bulb
  • Offers a warranty period of 1.5 year


  • Pretty affordable LED track lighting
  • Decent warranty period
  • Good build quality


  • Not the brightest option out there

Buy Now From Amazon

6. XiNBEi XB-TR1213-3 Light Track Lighting

XiNBEi Light Track LightingXiNBei is a versatile lighting brand that manufactures a wide range of lights for different purposes. The brand sells chandeliers, pendant lights, vanity lights, track lights, table lamps, and living & dining room lights.

XiNBei’s LED track lighting comes with 3 light heads that make it perfect for bedrooms, kitchen, entryways, bathroom, and living areas. It has a curved shaped tube design for a modern yet minimalistic look. It features medium base light sockets that support LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.

The LED track lighting features alabaster glass with a brushed nickel finish that goes well with any decor. The track heads can be adjusted to provide illumination to all parts of the room. The track lighting is ETL listed and is backed by a 1-year functional warranty from the original date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Comes with 3 light heads
  • Rated at 60 watts
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Light heads can be adjusted
  • Lasts longer


  • Only 3 light heads
  • Lights have to be purchased separately

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Mirrea LED Track Lighting Heads

Mirrea LED Track Lighting Heads

Unlike most other brands that offer LED track lighting fixtures for lighting up a room, Mirrea offers one for decorative purposes with its warm color bulbs.

The Mirrea LED track lighting comes in this position of this listicle as you can go with this if you want something great looking yet function at the same time. Since this LED track lighting is made for looks, you get a total of 6 lights included with it.

Apart from having a lot of bulbs you also get a pretty good brightness output from them because of the given wattage rating of 6.5 watts. And as you would expect at the given premium price tag, Merria offers a 2-year warranty with this LED track lighting fixture.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 6 lights
  • Rated at 6.5 watts per bulb
  • Offers a warranty period of 2 year


  • Great looking design
  • Comforting and warm color output
  • Quite a powerful option


  • A bit on the expensive side

Buy Now From Amazon

8. LEONLITE LED Track Head Lighting

LEONLITE LED Track Head Lighting

Leonlight is quite a popular brand of lighting fixtures that are generally known for being highly powerful and ideal for lighting up a large room size.

This Leonlite LED track lighting comes at the 8th position of this article because it is one of the most powerful LED track lighting options available out there. That being said, you only get 4 lights in this fixture which can be a bit low for some buyers.

Thankfully, you still get a pretty high brightness output from this LED track lighting option thanks to the wattage rating of 8.5 watts offered by each and every bulb. Another great thing about this offering from neon light is that you get a 5-year warranty included by the manufacturer.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 4 lights
  • Rated at 8.5 watts per bulb
  • Offers a warranty period of 5 year


  • Pretty affordable LED track lighting
  • Decent warranty period
  • Good build quality


  • Only comes with 4 bulbs

Buy Now From Amazon

9. DND LED Track Lighting Kit

DND LED Track Lighting Kit

While DND may not be the cheapest option out there, it is certainly one of the most reliable ones that also offer pretty decent performance.

DND’s LED track lighting system is the most durable and reliable LED track lighting option stated in this article that can easily last for a pretty long time. Apart from that, it also looks pretty good since you get a total of 6 bulbs included in the box.

Being a premium offering, DND also offers a pretty high wattage rating of 7.5 watts with each of these bulbs. Since you get a lifetime warranty with this LED track lighting fixture you can expect it to last even longer than the light bulbs themselves.

Best Features:

  • Comes with 6 lights
  • Rated at 7.5 watts per bulb
  • Offers a lifetime warranty period


  • Excellent durability and reliability
  • Large-sized LED track lighting option
  • Great brightness output


  • Premium lighting fixture

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best LED Track Lighting:

The LED track lighting has various LED lights fixed on a single track, which aids in a great decorative design that lights up the area. With the availability of several options in the market, it would be a bit difficult to choose the best one.

The following are the must to consider various key factors while shopping for track lighting. Go through this guide to get a clear idea of how to pick the right option suitable for your requirements.

1. Types:

The LED track lighting is available in three different kinds – linear, flexible, and pendant. Each type of track is used on specific occasions. So, as a buyer/user, you have to know about these three tracks to make a proper buying decision.

  • Linear – This track lighting has multiple light fixtures upon a single straight track, which means it holds a large number of lights and is positioned to move easily around on the bar.
  • Flexible – These tracks can be easily curved to produce a rounded shape, which suits the style of any room. As the name suggests, this type of track lighting can be fitted in any place to have pleasant lighting.
  • Pendant – With these lights, you can extend the track from a down rod to a set height. You can set every pendant to a different height for producing a different and more interesting lighting effect.

2. Number of Lights:

It is quite common to have multiple lights on a track lighting fixture that offer versatility and ample brightness. With these multiple light setups, you can aim these lights in diverse directions to highlight specific features in a room or generate ambient lighting. Usually, different LED track lighting options out there offer a different number of bulbs within a single track. Mostly, these tracking mounts will hold 4, 6, or 8 lights.

3. Wattage:

Based on the type of bulbs your LED track lighting fixture possesses, its wattage will vary greatly. For instance, track lighting with low-wattage LED bulbs to use around 20 – 30 watts, while pendant track type of lighting fixture running with six 60-watt bulbs will consume more than 350 watts.

4. Brightness:

The light brightness is measured in lumens (lm). Alike other lighting, the LED track lighting offers different levels of brightness. The general brightness range of these track lighting will be 400 – 800 lumens. A model with more lumens count will deliver brighter lighting.

For example, track lighting fixtures using 50-watt halogen bulbs generate about 500 lumens per bulb, whereas fixtures using 60-watt incandescent bulbs will produce 800 lumens per bulb. Most experts suggest you choose the brightness of LED track lighting based on the size of your room and the required intensity of brightness. So, it is essential to consider the brightness of the track lighting fixture before making its purchase.

5. Color Temperature:

The color temperature of a light is measured in Kelvin (K) on a Kelvin scale. It is a measure of the temperature (coolness or warmth) a light bulb or fixture emits. For instance, bulbs/fixture lighting that measures low on this scale (like a candle or campfire lighting), ranging from 1000K – 4000K are warmer, whereas bulbs producing higher lighting (like daylight) on the scale, ranging from 6000K – 10,000K are cooler. So, choose the color temperature a track lighting produces that suits perfectly to your room décor.

Color Temperature Recommended Rooms
Warm whiter lights Bedrooms and living rooms
Bright white lights Workspaces and kitchens
Daylight lights Reading books or study purpose

6. Types of Fixtures:

Generally, fixtures come in both track head (linear) and pendant types. Though both these fixture types offer excellent brightness and enhance your atmosphere, you have to know about them in detail to know which type suits your requirement.

  • Attach track head fixtures to the track and they come in a variety of colors, styles, and beam angles. They create ambient light or tightly focused spotlights to highlight different parts of the room.
  • Attach pendant lights to the track and you can extend them from rod or wire below it. This will generate softer lighting and a more elegant look.

7. Light Bulb Compatibility:

While shopping for the light bulbs, you have to ensure that they are compatible with the heads of the track lighting. In general, most track lighting uses either dichroic, reflector or GU10 bulbs. If you are using pendant heads of track lighting, then you have to include a brighter pleasing bulb, such as an Edison bulb or carbon filament bulb.

8. Light Bulbs:

Light bulbs matter most in these track lighting. Other factors related to the light bulb that includes lumens, color temperature, and wattage will play a key role in the quality of light in your area/room.

Light-emitting diode (LED) and halogen are common bulbs for track lights. Among them, LED track lights are considered the best option, why because they are energy-efficient, affordable, cool to touch and result in causing less damage to artwork.

9. Adjustability:

With multiple light fixtures on a single track, the track lighting can produce ample lighting all over the room. Yet these fixtures can be adjusted to target different places of the room. In general, some fixtures are locked to their spot on the track, while others are moved at any point in the track that offers more versatility.

For creating ambient lighting, you have to adjust the individual lighting fixtures that offer normal illumination in the room (or) to target particular items like furniture or artwork.

10. Design:

Track lighting is considered one of the cost-effective ways to enhance the interior design of your home. These are noticeable at sizes up to 8-feet long. Coming to its design, these track lights are available in various styles that range from traditional to rustic farmhouse. Thus, you can go through these several designs and find the best and most unique option easily that suits your home décor.

Remember that designer track lighting is a bit higher price. If you are not a budget freak, then ensure to check how the style of your chosen track lighting fixture will enhance your home décor.

If you want to avoid clunky old track lights, then go with slim profile lighting. For instance, check models that match up or contrast to your ceiling. While choosing a sharp black fixture on white walls to have a modern look. However, a single track having adjustable heads is always contemporary.

11. Installation:

For a perfect installation, you have to mount the track lights approximately 18 – 24 inches from the wall, from where you want to illuminate the area with these lights. Yet it is recommended to refer to your manufacturer’s instruction (user manual) to get a clear idea of its proper installations, safety tips, warning or caution information. The reason is that it is a bit different in the installation of products of various brands. In case, if you have any doubts, then consult a qualified electrician or company person.

12. Shades and Finishes of Track Lighting:

Track lights are available in various shades, in which linear track heads are metal designed to match the track rail. Whereas, fixed and flexible track lights are decorative that come in glass shades.

Here are some popular track light shades…

  • Amber Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Champagne Glass
  • Tiffany-Style Glass
  • Colored Glass (White, Black, & Brushed Nickel).

Finishes –

You have to choose the track lighting finishes based on your home’s existing finishes. For instance, if the cabinet hardware and door handles come in brushed nickel, then prefer to select a trim in a complementary finish. If looking for a track light that blends in with the ceiling, then go with the white finish.

Here are some popular track light finishes…

  • White
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Black
  • Polished Chrome
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze

13. Low Voltage Vs. Line Voltage Systems:

It is essential to know which type of voltage your track system will use for its functioning before you choose and purchase them. In general, there are two types of voltages available – line voltage system and low voltage system.

Low Voltage System – In this system, the track lights use a transformer to step down or convert the household regular current to lower voltage (12-volts). They provide a controlled, focused beam of light.

Line Voltage System – This system lets you connect them to your household standard 110V or 120V feed. They run on a voltage like ceiling lights.

14. Decorative Vs Task Lighting:

It is obvious that track lighting will serve more than a single purpose. Most track lighting kits produce a wide beam of lights that offer a decorative look. Thus, it makes them perfectly suitable for general lighting purposes.

Monorail and linear systems have track heads offering a more focused light beam, which makes it a perfect option for task lighting in workspaces and for spotlighting plants, art, or architectural features.

15. Price:

As we already know the price of any product will depend mostly on its features, warranty, brand, and build quality. However, the general price range of these LED track lighting will be $25 – $300 (or more). Based on your requirement and budget, you have to select the product.

16. Warranty:

To ensure the durability and longevity of your chosen LED track lighting, you have to check the warranty offered by the particular manufacturer on their lighting fixture before buying them. While most models come with a 1-year or 2-year warranty, some others might offer a 5-year or even a lifetime warranty. A model with a longer warranty will offer peace of mind, why because they easily last longer with proper functioning.

Also, experts suggest you check the customer service along with online reviews and ratings on the particular product before making its purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to change the heads of track lighting?

Ans: All you need is to press down on the locking tab of the fixture, and then turn in counter clockwise to release this track light fixture from the track. For adding a new lighting head, you have to press it into the locking tab and turn it in the clockwise direction.

2. Is a junction box required for track lighting?

Ans: Yes, a junction box is required to install many track lighting. Since these track lights come with multiple fixtures, you can easily wire the overall fixture with the help of a single junction box.

3. How many lights do we need to place on the track lighting?

Ans: Simply, it is based on a particular fixture. Generally, track lighting will consist of light bulbs that range from 3 – 8 bulbs. A few models offer a bit more lights in their track. We suggest you choose the number of lights depending on the area of the room/place you want to install this fixture.

4. What’s the difference between L-style and J-style track lighting?

Ans: Observe the contacts on the light heads to know the difference between L-style and J-style track lighting. If the contacts are around 0.78 inches away, then they are mostly L-style track lighting, whereas if the contacts are 1-inch apart, then they are a J-style lighting fixture.

5. How to replace or remove this track lighting?

Ans: Alike other light fixtures, you have to unscrew the fixture from the electrical box, then disconnect all the three wires and remove the fixture for a successful replacing of the track lighting.

6. What sort of bulbs shall we use in the track lighting?

Ans: Based on the light fixture, the usage of light bulbs will vary a lot. MR16 halogen bulbs are quite commonly used light bulbs in most track lighting fixtures. Then GU10 size LED bulbs to come next in the list, while others use standard incandescent light bulbs. Yet ensure to check the pack of the fixture to know which light bulb will fit properly in it or if the bulbs come with the unit before making its purchase.

7. Shall we replace the fluorescent lights with track lighting?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can replace these lights. All you need is to connect the track lighting to the same wiring as a fluorescent light without any need to rewire them for its working.


Just like most other home appliances out there, even lighting fixtures have improved a lot over time. This even includes track lighting fixtures which now use LED light bulbs for better brightness output at a lower power consumption for better efficiency. And since these lights look great apart from being highly efficient, we have offered some of the best LED track lightings in this listicle. And based on all of this information, here are some of our preferred recommendations for the best LED track lighting fixtures:

  • Starting with one of the most reliable options out there, the DND LED track lighting is the only option stated above that includes a lifetime warranty. You also get a total of 6 LED lights and a wattage rating of 7.5 watts per bulb which is quite high for most users
  • Speaking of the wattage rating, the Leonlite LED track lighting system is among the most powerful ones. With each bulb, you get a wattage rating of 8.5 watts that offers a pretty good brightness output with the given 4 light setup. You also get a pretty good 5-year warranty included with this fixture for long term usage.
  • Just in case you are on a budget and want something affordable, then the Langree LED track lighting is just for you. Even though it has a pretty low price tag, you still get 4 LED bulbs inside it where each bulb has a wattage rating of 4 watts. Unlike most other budget offerings, this one even comes along with a 1.5 a warranty for decent reliability.

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