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The 7 Best Lawn Mower Blades 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

A good lawnmower is characterized by two things. It’s motor power and its cutting ability. The blade of a lawnmower decides the quality and the length of trim you are going to get.

The best part about a blade in a lawnmower is that it can compensate for the motor power of the machine with its sharp edge. This means that you can have a better cut with a certain blade of length and sharpness even if your motor does not help you increase the speed of the cut.

But how do you pick such a blade? Well it all depends on three major factors

  • Length of the Blade: Obviously, the first thing that you are going to check is the length of the blade. Now there is no rule of thumb but please keep in mind that longer does not mean better. It has to fit within your lawnmower model. Most blades fall within the sizes of about 16.75 inches and 22 inches long. Most mowers can facilitate blades as long as 21 inches or 22 inches too. Pick based on the model.
  • Build Material : The build material of the blade perfectly is a choice you can make irrespective of the model of the mower. Lower metal can help you cut costs but not the grass. Please keep in mind that a blade to your lawnmower is more of a care investment and can influence the life of the mower itself. So strong stainless steel is mostly the best choice. Also, look at the paint job done on the blade so that it doesn’t end up getting rusted.
  • Deck Size: Finally, you should also take into consideration the deck size of the blade. Most of the push mowers have a deck size of the range 16 to 30 inches. Riding mowers have higher sizes of the deck as well.

Apart from these three factors, there are a bunch of more factors that you might want to check out. We have included all of them in the Buying Guide section of the article. Be sure to check them out as well.

Now let’s go and review the list of the best lawn mower blades you can buy.

7 Best Lawn Mower Blades List

lawn mower bladesTypeBlade SizeBuy Now
Maxpower Commercial Mulching BladeMulching Blade21 InchesCheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart
Toro Mower BladeMulching Blade22 InchesCheck On Amazon
Check On EBay
EGO Power+ Lawn Mower BladeHigh Lift Blade21 InchesCheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart
Honda Lawn Mower BladeN.A20.75 InchesCheck On Amazon
Check On EBay
Gator Fusion Mulching BladesMulching Blade21 and 3/16 inchesCheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart
Mtd Mulching BladeMulching Blade21 InchesCheck On Amazon
Check On EBay
8Ten Lawn Razor Hi Lift BladeHigh Lift20 and 7/8 InchesCheck On Amazon
Check On Walmart

7 Best Lawn Mower Blades Reviews

1. Maxpower Commercial Mulching Blade 

Maxpower 561713XB

Check Price On Walmart

First on our list is the MaxPower 561713XB. This is a Mulching 2 Blade set that includes 2 mulching blades lawn mower with each of the blades having 21 inches of length. This will give you a total cutting area of about 42 inches.

The blades have star-shaped mounts that will give a better range of compatibility for models ranging Husqvarna, Poulan and even the Craftsman lawn mowers. The serrated design of the blades give your lawn mower mulching power of many high levels and thus this makes it a super choice for not just munching blade replacement but also to add a significant mulching power to your lawnmower.

Specifications and Features:

  • 42 inches cut length area
  • 21 inches blade size
  • 2 blade set
  • Width of the blade is 2 and 1/2 inches
  • The holes on the blade are 5 point star centre holes
  • Made in the United States
  • Great replacement for high lift mower blades of lower power to a higher power and better lawn care
  • Star-shaped of the blade mount
  • Made out of stainless steel material


  • None too specific to mention about

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2. Toro Mower Blade 

toro mower

Check Price On eBay

Next up on our list is the Toro 5953P, a 22 inches large recycler replacement blade for lawn mowers. This blade is a perfect replacement for even 2 large Toro mowers as well. The problem with Toro mowers all over the world is that they cannot easily find a replacement part and even if they do, the blades are very long as most of the blades are for longer versions.

This 22 inches model aims to solve that problem. It can cut down a large area as the 21 or 23 inches large blade modelled lawn mowers as well. Apart from the increased cutting area, the blade is also very sharp and intuitive when mounted onto a Toro Lawnmower.

Specifications and features

  • Has a 22 inches large blade that can cut up to a good area of lawn
  • Suitable for most Toro lawn mowers (mostly preferred for the 108-9764-03)
  • The blade has a toro mulcher design
  • Narrow cutting edges
  • Has a width of 2 and 1/4 inches
  • Has a o.15 inches thickness
  • Triple holed blade


  • Dedicated for toro mowers and not exactly universal

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3. Ego Power+ Lawn Mower Blade 

ego power mower

Check Price On Walmart

The Ego Power+ AB2101 is a 21-inch lawn mower blade with an interesting high lift design. This is built specifically to fit almost all of EGO’s 21 inches lawnmower models. As it is a high lift mower blade, it can help in cutting the grass from the ground up and give you an elevated cut thus a better cut overall.

A great high lift blade option, the 21-inch long blade can give you a great cutting area promise compared to other EGO Power+ lawn mower blade models. These blades come pre-sharpened and this will give you a perfect and clean cut.

It basically makes cutting easier with no special need for sharpening the blade before using, always. Thus it helps you get right to mowing and cut maximum grass with minimum effort. High lift blades are particularly designed to provide a cut funnel grass clippings and then push them into storage bags for easier disposal later.

Specifications and features:

  • Has a 21 inches length
  • High lift design for a ground-up cut
  • The pre-sharpened model thus is ready for cut
  • Needs very low maintenance
  • Gives a maximum and clean cut with minimum effort
  • Funnel grass cut for easier storage and disposal
  • Triple holed design


  • Not recommended for using with the Mulcher plug

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4. Honda Lawn Mower Blade honda mower

Check Price On eBay

Honda is known for quality and design over anything else. The Honda 72531-VH7-000 + 72511-VH7-000 is a set of 2 blades that fit a single model type of a Honda Lawnmower. More particularly, they are fit for the Honda HRX217 lawn mower and cannot be compatible with any other version or model.

As the Honda HRX217 model of lawnmower comes with very few blade fitting options, though very limiting, this blade set is a great choice overall.

It has a great fit and an incredible swift cutting action thanks to the flat at the edge and thick at hold design. It has overall great durability.

Specifications and Features

  • One upper and lower fin of blades
  • Has a total of 20.75 inches in size
  • Triple holed and groovy design for better grip


  • Fits only the HRX mower models

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5. Gator Fusion Mulching Blades

Gator Fusion

Check Price On Walmart

Next up, we have a set of blades from the Gator Fusion G5. it is a 3 in one mulching blade that can replace any MTD blades of varieties of 742-0616, 942-0616, 742-04126 or 942-04312 and even some of the 42 inches decks, MTD, White Wards, Cub Cadet or Yard-man as well.

The Gator Fusion G5 blades come with a 21 and 3/16 inches large length and a width of about 3 inches. With just about 0.164 inches thickness, the mounting hole of the blade can fit a 6 point machine of the kind. These blades are made out of Tungsten Carbide fusion towards the edge and thus boast a superior and longer lifetime.

Specifications and Features:

  • 21 and 3/16 inches long length
  • 3 inches in width
  • 0.164 inches in thickness
  • Made out of Tungsten Carbide thus offers great quality
  • Fits a wide range of 6 point mounting hole machines
  • Can cover as much as a 42 inches large specimen
  • Long life


  • None too specific to mention

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6. Mtd Mulching Blade 

mtd blade

Check Price On eBay

The MTD 942-0741A is a replacement mulching blade for the CUB Cadet 300 and CUB Cadet 900 series pushable lawnmowers. The only exception is that it doesn’t work with cast aluminium decks.

This 21 inches cut deck cut length mulching blade is not only good enough for the 1995 MTD versions but also with the newer versions (post 1997 and beyond) models as well.

The centre of the blade is star based and is probably one of the very few replacement mulching blades that comes with a warranty. This blade has a 90 day warranty window for any defects found in the material or in the workmanship of the blade.

Specifications and Features

  • 21 inches long blade
  • Mulching blade
  • Works as a replacement for MTD 1995, CUB Cadet 300, CUB Cadet 900 walker series and beyond as well.
  • Star centred
  • Comes with a 90 days manufacturing warranty window from the date of purchase


  • None too specific to mention about

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7. 8Ten Lawn Razor Hi Lift Blade 

8ten blade

Check Price On Walmart

Last on our list is the colourful and multi mower compatible high lift type blade from 8TEN. The LawnRAZOR is a set of two 21 inches large sets of blades.

Multi compatible in nature, these blades can be used for Deck Craftsman, Poulan AYP, Husqvarna and many a more 21 inches mowers. The centre hole of the blade is a 5 point star one. It has a massive deck size of 42 inches and yet is sleek enough to get the job done. The thickness of this blade is about 0.157 inches wide.

As it is a high lift blade, it is great for bagging up grass and then throwing it away a very long distance. The blade can give you a bottom ground-up level cut and thus a great and clean lawn. Perfect for thick grass but not so good for loose soil conditions.

Specifications and Features:

  • 20 7/8 inches large length
  • 0.157 inches in thickness
  • 2 and 1/4 inches wide in width
  • 42 inches deck size
  • High lift type blade design
  • Great for clean cut and bagging of the grass


  • Not so good for loose soil conditions

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Buying guide: How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower Blade?

Given that a lawnmower blade is important in deciding the quality of the cut, the life of your mower machine, it is important and vital that you pick a good quality one. In this buying guide, we will be discussing a few key factors that you should be considering while buying a new lawnmower blade.

1. Length of the blade

The first and foremost thing that you need to look for in a blade is its length. The typical lawn mower will have a blade length. General lawn mower blades fall within the blade length range of about 16.75 inches to 22 inches long.

While you will find a lengthy 21 inches or 22 inches blade to be convenient, please do not be misguided by taking longer blades thinking they are better but that’s not true. But they have to be of adequate size and the ones that fit properly. Shorter may not cut wider but wider may not fit easily too.

2. Width of the blade

The next thing to consider is the width of the blade. The typical width of the blade falls between 2.25 inches to about 3.5 inches. But as mentioned above, too wide of a blade might not fit in or end up damaging the mower. Also, too shallow of a blade can not help you cut better as well. Choose the size proposed by your lawnmower manual.

3. Size of the Deck

The next important thing that you need to consider is the size of the deck. This usually falls between the range of about 16 inches or 30 inches but longer is considered a bit better. But then again, like the width, check the fit as well. If you have a riding lawnmower, the size is picked better upside from there.

4. Total Number of Blades

This is more of a riding lawnmower thing but some handheld mowers too require multiple blade settings too but most of the time, they need just a single blade.

For riding mowers, you might want to have better push on the cut and this pick a total number that will match perfectly with the width of the deck of your mower.

5. Blade Holes

The holes in a mower blade refer to the latching holes that will grab onto the opening. Most of the blades have about 5 point opening whereas a few others come with 6 point openings.

Depending on the type and model of the mower you are using, you will pick the various type of blades with different holes. This information is neatly mentioned in the product literature of your lawnmower. Please make sure that you are choosing something that fits perfectly within the openings of the holes and the mower.

6. Blade Shape

The next important thing that you will consider is the shape of the blade. When you are buying a set of replacement blades, most of the times, we tend to replace the exact same type of blades we had previously. You need not necessarily buy blades that exactly resemble the original blades.

All you need to do is check if the original blades have a perpendicular blade shape or a parallel blade shape. Now you need to buy a batch that will match the shape type of the blade you currently have. It is ideal, but not a mandatory thing.

7. Build material

The last thing that you should want to consider is the material using which the blade is built. This is important as it can decide the life of your lawnmower machine as well. Treat the build material as an investment and then you will be gravitated towards picking a strong build material.

Stainless steel is the most preferred build material as it will aid in getting you a brilliant and sharp cut of the grass while not getting rusted easily as well. For the rusting part, good painting is preferred on the surface.


The Maxpower commercial Mulching blade set of 2 blades that are built for 42 inches cutting area. It is suitable for Poulan, Craftsman, Husqvarna for a variety of model numbers. It has star-shaped mounts with better range and great stainless steel build that makes it one of the best replacement lawn mower blades that you can buy online.

While that was our list, we are intrigued by your thoughts and choices. What did you think of our list? Did we miss out on anything? Or do you want us to add or remove anything? Or is it that you have some questions regarding lawnmowers and their accessories? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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