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6 Best Karaoke Systems For Smart TVs For 2024

Ever dream of turning your living room into a personal concert hall? A whopping 80% of music lovers in the US admit to enjoying karaoke. And with the rise of smart TVs, that dream is closer than ever. But with so many karaoke systems on the market, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Here’s the key: finding a system that seamlessly integrates with your smart TV, delivers powerful sound for a captivating experience, and caters to your singing style with features like voice effects and microphone options. So, any factors to consider before buying? Check below:  

Key Features To Consider

  1. Input Options: Ensure your system has the right connections for your TV. HDMI is ideal for high-quality audio and video, while optical or 3.5mm auxiliary cables work well for older TVs.
  2. App Integration: Prioritize a system compatible with your preferred app to unlock a vast library of songs, diverse features, and a truly immersive karaoke experience. 
  3. Speaker Wattage: For a truly captivating karaoke experience, prioritize a system with at least 50 watts per channel. 
  4. Vocal Effects: Explore systems offering echo, pitch correction, and duet mode, allowing you to refine your vocals or create hilarious voiceovers.

Keep these considerations in mind as we explore the “Top Options” on the market, helping you to make an informed decision that amps up your home entertainment setup.

Best Karaoke System for Smart TV: Table

Karaoke System for Smart TVConnectivity OptionsCompatible DevicesIncluded HardwareBuy Now
BONAOK Karaoke SystemUSBPersonal Computer, Smartphone, SpeakerMic with built-in speakerCheck On Amazon Check On Walmart
Moukey Karaoke SystemUSB, BluetoothSmartphoneDual mic, Dedicated speakerCheck On Amazon Check On Walmart
Bietrun Microphone SystemUSBsmart tv, phone stb, video playerDual mic, Wireless Microphone SystemCheck On Amazon Check On Walmart
MASINGO Karaoke SystemBluetoothRadio, Tablet, SmartphoneDual mic, Dedicated speaker, Remote ControlCheck On Amazon Check On Walmart
Sound Town Karaoke SystemBluetooth, HDMI, AUXTelevision, Personal Computer, Tablet, Home Theater, Amplifier, SpeakerDual mic, Microphone SystemCheck On Amazon Check On Walmart
Rybozen Karaoke SystemWired ConnectivityLaptop, Television, Personal Computer, Tablet, Home Theater, Amplifier, Smartphone, SpeakerDual mic, Microphone SystemCheck On Amazon

Best Karaoke System for Smart TV Reviews

1. BONAOK Karaoke System

BONAOK Karaoke System

Check Price On Walmart

We suggest the Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke by Banaok because it’s our most affordable option and has impressed many, including our editors, for its top-notch quality. It features a built-in Bluetooth module for wireless music streaming, acting as a speaker, mp3 player, and recorder. You can connect the microphone to your phone via Bluetooth or cable. Just link your phone, open a singing app, and you’re good to go.

The microphone also supports a micro SD card up to 32GB and has buttons for media control. You’ll find separate buttons for switching modes and adjusting microphone, echo, and music volume. The echo mode adds depth to your karaoke experience. The package includes the BONAOK microphone, an audio cable, charge cable, user manual, and a colorful box, making it a great gift for anyone, from kids to adults.

Best Features

  • It has a dual connectivity option
  • Built-in Bluetooth with wired connectivity option
  • Echo mode is provided
  • Support for audio customization


  • Compact and standalone device
  • Great option for hobbyists and individual use
  • Most affordable option for a karaoke experience


  • It is not truly a karaoke system, but rather a simple microphone with a speaker

Buy Now From Amazon Buy Now From Walmart

2. Moukey Karaoke System

Moukey Karaoke System

Check Price On Walmart

If you want a great karaoke experience, Moukey’s MTs 12-1 karaoke machine is the way to go. It’s packed with powerful sound and cool visual effects. The key feature is its top-notch sound quality. With a 12” woofer and 3” tweeter, it gives you stereo sound that sounds amazing. It’s got 200W RMS power, and can peak at an impressive 650W, so the bass is strong and the sound stays clear even at high volumes.

Plus, it has built-in DJ lights that change colors with the music, making any party feel electric and fun. And it’s super versatile, with Bluetooth 5.0 so you can easily play music from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Whether you’re hosting a karaoke night or just want to pump up the jams, the Moukey MTs12-1 has you covered.

Best Features

  • It offers powerful sound output
  • Dynamic disco lights are very innovative and aesthetically pleasing
  • It offers versatile connectivity options
  • It supports truly wireless stereo functionality


  • This is a complete karaoke system
  • It offers nearly 14 hours of playback
  • Needs only 6 hours of charging period


  • Very expensive choice for a karaoke system

Buy Now From Amazon Buy Now From Walmart

3. Bietrun Karaoke System

Bietrun Microphone System

Check Price On Walmart

The Bietrun Wireless Microphone is super easy to use. It’s a plug-and-play device, so you don’t have to deal with any complicated setups. You get two handheld wireless karaoke microphones, each with simple controls and a big LED display. This display makes it easy to adjust settings and check information without any hassle.

Another great thing about these microphones is that they use a professional UHF wireless karaoke system. This means you get excellent performance. You can move around up to 160 feet without losing sound quality, which is pretty impressive. Plus, they connect via Bluetooth 4.2, with a range of 10 meters. The frequency response of these microphones is between 50 Hz to 18 kHz, and they have a Signal-to-Noise ratio higher than 95 dB. And, to top it off, the Wireless Microphone Receiver has a safe plug certified by UL, which is perfect for kids.

Best Features

  • It offers plug-and-play convenience
  • Professional UHF wireless technology for clear sound output
  • Multi-function connectivity for different connections
  • Package includes multiple accessories


  • Connectivity options are pretty good
  • Best option for those who already have powerful speakers
  • Microphone has wireless support


  • It does not include a speaker or any other audio output hardware

Buy Now From Amazon Buy Now From Walmart

4. MASINGO Karaoke System

MASINGO Karaoke System

Check Price On Walmart

The MASINGO Karaoke Machine is a versatile entertainment system perfect for all kinds of events. It comes with a powerful 40-watt Bluetooth speaker that delivers great sound, so everyone can enjoy singing along. Besides karaoke, it also works as a portable PA speaker system, which makes it handy for parties and gatherings.

One of its best features is how easy it is to move around. It has wheels and a telescoping handle, so you can take it wherever you need to go, giving it a cool yet professional vibe. In the package, you get two handheld microphones for duets and group performances, along with all the necessary cables for connecting to a TV or other devices. It also has USB connectivity and even car charging cables for karaoke on the move. The microphones are wireless with built-in rechargeable batteries, and they come with a small display to check volume and battery levels. Plus, there are buttons for adjusting echo, pitch control, and other settings.

Best Features

  • It is a complete karaoke system
  • Set includes 2 wireless microphones
  • Easy to connect with multiple devices including a smart TV
  • Aesthetic elements are added such as disco lights and illuminated sphere


  • Best option for a premium karaoke system
  • All necessary accessories are included
  • Microphones also have a compact display to check the battery status


  • Overall battery performance could have been better

Buy Now From Amazon Buy Now From Walmart

5. Sound Town Karaoke System 

Sound Town Karaoke System

Check Price On Walmart

If you’re still on the hunt for a top-notch microphone, consider checking out the Sound Town SWM15-PROS. It’s designed to seamlessly connect with various devices, offering flexibility for different setups. Plus, it comes with multiple input/output options like HDMI ARC, 3.5 mm, and optical combo output, which means it can easily hook up to smart TVs, home receivers, and soundbars.

One handy feature of the SWM15-PROS is its HDMI ARC function, allowing you to effortlessly pull audio from your TV to the mixer. Additionally, it offers different audio output choices. You can use the Audio Out port as either an AUX or optical output, thanks to the included adapter. This makes it compatible with many soundbars from popular brands such as Bose, Samsung, and Vizio.

Best Features

  • It has HDMI ARC Integration
  • Dual audio output option is great to have
  • Detailed customization is available for volume adjustment
  • Connectivity range is pretty good


  • Microphone quality is on par with studio-grade options
  • Easy-to-control knobs available on the control system
  • Microphone build quality is pretty good


  • Speaker is not included in the package

Buy Now From Amazon Buy Now From Walmart

6. Rybozen Karaoke System

Rybozen Karaoke System

The Rybozen Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System is our final pick for the best karaoke system compatible with smart TVs. It’s not just for karaoke; it’s versatile for various audio needs. This system connects directly to your Smart TV, home theater, or other sound systems via HDMI or 3.5mm Aux in/out connections. It comes with two wireless handheld microphones and two ports for wired microphones, giving you options based on your preferences.

One standout feature is its impressive wireless range of up to 100 feet, thanks to UHF technology. This ensures a strong signal even at longer distances. Each UHF microphone can be set to different frequencies, reducing interference. The controller has five dials for adjusting music volume, microphone volume, echo, and tone quickly. This control allows users to customize the audio output to their liking, ensuring clear and high-quality sound.

Best Features

  • Versatile integration with other systems
  • Microphones support wired and wireless functionality
  • Extended wireless range
  • Precise sound control is available


  • One of the best pair microphones on the market
  • Microphone range is pretty great
  • Multiple I/O options are provided


  • Speaker is not included in the package

Buy Now From Amazon

How To Choose The Right Karaoke System For Your Smart TV

Karaoke systems have become increasingly popular for entertaining guests at gatherings and parties. They offer a fun activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their singing abilities. With more affordable and user-friendly options available, setting up karaoke at home has never been easier. Here’s what you need to consider when selecting the best karaoke system for your smart TV:

1. Connectivity

Look for a system that offers various connectivity options such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This allows for easy access to song updates and software upgrades. Multi-device connectivity is also handy for group performances and virtual events.

2. Sound Quality

Sound quality is vital, aiming for systems with speakers that deliver clear, full audio and microphones that ensure your voice is crisp and distinct. Features like adjustable tone and echo can further enhance your singing, making each performance feel studio-quality. High-quality sound enriches the karaoke experience, blending music and vocals smoothly for an enjoyable performance.

3. Song Library and Interface

A vast song library with an easy-to-use interface is essential, offering immediate access to a wide range of genres and hits that cater to all musical tastes. The interface should be intuitive, allowing for quick searches and seamless navigation, ensuring you spend less time browsing and more time singing. Compatibility with updates or additional song packs can keep your library fresh and exciting.

4. Device Compatibility

Ensure that the karaoke system is compatible with your smart TV and other input devices like microphones and remote controls. Seamless integration enhances the overall user experience.

5. Audio Sensitivity

Choose a system with high audio sensitivity to accurately capture vocal nuances and instrumental details. This enhances the singing experience and overall audio quality.

6. Polar Pattern

Opt for microphones with cardioid polar patterns for karaoke settings. These patterns isolate the singer’s voice while minimizing background noise, ensuring clear and focused sound during performances.

By considering these factors, you can find the best karaoke system that suits your needs and enhances your entertainment experience with your smart TV.

Best Karaoke System – FAQs

1. Can you do karaoke on a smart TV?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to do karaoke on a smart TV, but the ability to do so may depend on the features and capabilities of your specific smart TV model. Many modern smart TVs come equipped with various connectivity options, apps, and features that can make karaoke possible. But, it is only possible if your preferred karaoke application is supported on the TV operating system. Also, you should be able to connect an external microphone to your TV as well considering most TVs do not have a built-in microphone. However, despite these features, a karaoke performed on a smart TV won’t be as fun as a dedicated karaoke system due to the lack of portability.

2. What is the difference between karaoke and videoke?

Ans: In a traditional karaoke setup, participants sing along with pre-recorded music tracks that include backing music and lyrics displayed on a screen. In contrast, videoke systems offer an enhanced karaoke experience by displaying the lyrics and music videos or animated visuals on the screen while participants sing. Videoke systems often have larger screens, better graphics, and more dynamic visuals compared to traditional karaoke setups. The addition of visuals can create a more immersive experience and make singing along even more enjoyable.

3. Are there karaoke systems that come with a microphone included?

Ans: Yes, many karaoke systems have at least one microphone in the package. These bundled microphone options are often tailored to work seamlessly with the karaoke system, ensuring compatibility and optimal sound quality. When purchasing a karaoke system, it’s common to find options that include one or more microphones as part of the package. Some systems come with a single microphone, while others may offer multiple microphones, allowing for duets or group performances.

4. How to choose the right microphone for a karaoke system?

Ans: Choosing the right microphone for a karaoke system involves considering various factors to ensure optimal sound quality, compatibility, and user experience. While picking up a microphone for your karaoke system, you will have to consider the type of supported microphone such as wired or wireless, the polar pattern of the microphone, frequency response, and sensitivity of the microphone. But instead of looking for a 3rd party option, it is always better to find a replacement option for the microphone that was shipped with the package to avoid compatibility issues.


In summary, the best karaoke systems for smart TVs offer a seamless integration with your television, providing high-quality audio output and a wide selection of songs. With features such as wireless connectivity, user-friendly interfaces, and compatibility with popular streaming services like YouTube and Spotify, these systems enhance the karaoke experience at home, making it easy and enjoyable for users to sing along to their favorite tunes with friends and family.

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