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7 Best Humidifier For Large Room in 2023

Humidity is an important physical factor that is present almost everywhere. This physical commodity affects humans’ overall health and comfort in various seasons. Since humidity is dependent on various factors, its presence might not be constant every time. Lower levels of humidity result in dry air and, thereby, nasal or respiratory issues. To combat these issues, humidifiers are used.

Humidifiers increase the humidity level in the surrounding air by adding moisture. These devices are beneficial for human health, irrespective of the season. Depending on the size of a room, some humidifiers are tuned for efficient output. While selecting a humidifier for a large room, certain factors are considered to get the desired output and coverage from the device.

  • Water tank capacity: Water is stored in a humidifier which helps in adding the required moisture to the air. The water storage tank must be large enough to hold a good amount of water. The tank capacity ultimately governs other factors like the runtime of the humidifier. Humidifiers usually come with a tank of 3 to 6 liters capacity.
  • Room size (sq. ft): The size of the room plays a vital role in the performance of a humidifier. For a small-size room, the humidifier will have to work less to cover the whole space. Similarly, the humidifier has to work more for a larger room to cover each corner. Choosing a humidifier with more capacity than the actual room size is advised. The humidifiers for a large room can easily cover 500 to 700 sq. ft space.
  • Run time: The runtime of a humidifier is the measure of its operation before needing a refill. The runtime of a humidifier depends on various factors like the tank capacity, type of setting, etc. Various brands offer the runtime of a humidifier based on a certain setting. On average, a humidifier runs over 24 to 48 hours before needing a refill.

With the help of these factors, a user can choose a suitable humidifier. Various brands offer a wide range of humidifiers with certain configurations. To avoid confusion for the users, we have compiled a list of the best humidifiers for large rooms. A “Buying Guide” is also provided, which further explains the importance of a few humidifier governing factors.

Best Humidifier For Large Room Tabulation

best humidifier for large roomWater tank capacityRoom sizeRuntimeBuy Now
AquaOasis Humidifier2.2 Liters400 sq.ft24 hrsCheck On Amazon
Everlasting Comfort Humidifier6 Liters500 sq.ft50 hrsCheck On Amazon
LEVOIT Humidifier4 Liters376 sq.ft40 hrsCheck On Amazon
Hupro Humidifier6 Liters500 sq.ft40 hrsCheck On Amazon
Oraimo Humidifiers6 Liters753 sq.ft60 hrsCheck On Amazon
Rbioko Humidifiers6.5 Liters430 sq.ft45 hrsCheck On Amazon
Hiswelle Humidifiers17 Liters2000 sq.ft21 hrsCheck On Amazon

Best Humidifier For Large Room Reviews

1. AquaOasis Humidifier

AquaOasis HumidifierOur first product comes from AquaOasis, a well-established brand in the market for humidifiers. The products offer good performance with practical design and that too at an affordable price.

The AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier is an affordable unit. This humidifier features a transparent water storage tank of 2.2 liters capacity. With this much water, the humidifier can easily run for over 24 hours in a single refill. It can easily humidify a room of 400 sq. ft size thanks to the 360-degree rotating nozzle.

Being an ultrasonic unit, this humidifier sprays mist without creating any noise. The humidifier also has different mist settings to create a desired environment for the large room. The mist settings can be set via a maul knob. When the water levels are low, the humidifier automatically shuts off operations.

Best Features:

  • Ultrasonic type of humidifier
  • Feature a water tank of 2.2 liters capacity
  • Suitable for 400 sq. ft room
  • Offers a runtime of 24 hours
  • 360-degree rotatable nozzle
  • Multiple mist settings


  • It is the most affordable option on the list
  • The automatic shut-off feature helps in preventing unnecessary operation of the humidifier
  • This unit has a compact body


  • It does not have a dedicated remote controller

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2. Everlasting Comfort Humidifier

Everlasting Comfort HumidifierThe next product is chosen from Everlasting Comfort’s wide range of domestic comfort solutions. With good R&D and testing, the products maintain a strict quality standard.

The Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier is also an ultrasonic unit. With only 35 dB noise output, this unit is nearly inaudible. It features a tank of 6 liters capacity which stores more water to prevent frequent refills. The tank also has a level window to track the water level. Operating at the lowest setting, this humidifier continues to humidify a room for over 50 hours. This humidifier easily covers a 500 sq. ft area making it suitable for almost every type of room.

A simple dial is also provided to adjust the output of mist as per the user’s preference. The 360-degree rotating nozzle spray mist in all directions ensures all-around coverage. With the automatic shut-off feature, the humidifier stops working when the water level is low. It also features an LED night light and a separate tray for essential oils.

Best Features:

  • Ultrasonic type of humidifier
  • Water tank with 6 liters capacity and level indicator window
  • Suitable for a room of 500 sq. ft size
  • The runtime of 50 hours
  • Manual dial for output adjustment
  • Features LED night light
  • A 360-degree rotating nozzle
  • A built-in tray to store essential oils


  • This unit works silently with just a 35 dB noise output
  • It has a good storage capacity for water
  • The design looks more modern and updated


  • Cleaning the tank of this unit is a little difficult

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3. LEVOIT Humidifier

LEVOIT HumidifierLEVOIT is a consumer-centric brand that offers various products for modern homes. These products have been specially designed to offer extreme comfort to the users.

The LEVOIT Blue Cool Humidifier has a simple and user-friendly design. It features a larger 4 liters tank which holds enough water for humidification. As a result, the unit can run for 40 hours before needing a refill. It has a pair of rotating nozzles that spray mist at a rate of 300 ml/hr in all directions. Hence, the user won’t have to worry about humidifying a room of 376 sq. ft size. The mist output setting can be changed via a simple one-touch control button.

This 2-in-1 humidifier also works as a diffuser. The user can place their favorite essential oil in a dedicated tray and this unit will spread the aroma everywhere. With only 24 dB noise output, no one will ever notice this unit during working. It will also automatically shut down whenever the water level is too low. The water tank also has a wider opening to allow easy cleaning.

Best Features:

  • A 2-in1 humidifier and diffuser
  • Water tank with 4 liters capacity
  • Suitable for a room of 376 sq. ft size
  • Offers a runtime of 40 hours
  • Dual rotating nozzles with a humidification rate of 300 ml/hr
  • A built-in tray to store essential oils
  • One-touch control button to control mist settings


  • It offers quiet operations with a 24 dB noise output
  • The large opening on the tank allows easy cleaning and refilling
  • It can be used for humidification and diffusion of essential oils


  • New users might find the control button difficult to use

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4. Hupro Humidifier

Hupro HumidifierHuPro develops and manufactures various air-related solutions for indoor spaces. It offers different types of high-quality products that produce and maintain air quality.

The HuPro PRO-711 Humidifier has a modern design that easily blends with modern homes. This unit features a top filling tank that can hold over 6 liters of water at a time. With this quantity of water, the humidifier can run for over 40 hours before needing a refill. It easily humidifies a room of 500 sq. ft size with cold or warm mist. This unit offers three different levels of humidification, which can be set via an LED touchscreen.

Working at lower frequencies, it produces only 30 dB noise output. It also stored essential oil in a separate tray to diffuse them via dual nozzles, rotating 360 degrees. The automatic shut-off feature stops the humidification process when the water level is low. A 12-hour timer and sleep mode help in saving energy.

Best Features:

  • A humidifier with cold and warm mist mode
  • Features a 6-liter water tank
  • Suitable for rooms up to 500 sq. ft size
  • Offers a runtime of 40 hours
  • A pair of nozzles with 360-degree rotation
  • Three levels of humidification
  • Comes with automatic shut-off, a 12-hour timer, and sleep mode features
  • Features LED touch screen with various functions


  • It works at lower frequencies to produce a minimal 30 dB of noise
  • It comes with a 1-year buyback guarantee
  • The body design looks futuristic and blends well with the room


  • It needs pure and distilled water only

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5. Oraimo Humidifiers

Oraimo HumidifiersOraimo manufactures various smart products for modern users. Awarded for its innovation, this brand adapts the latest technologies into its product lineup.

The Oraimo OHM-H01 Humidifier is designed for faster humidification of large rooms. It sprays mist at a rate of 700 ml/hr, which can reach a height of 40 to 60 inches. To match this humidification speed, it comes with a 6-liter water tank. It can thereby humidify a 753 sq. ft room for 60 hours. The water tank has a top-fill design which allows easy refilling and cleaning. It also has a separate oil tray for diffusing essential oils.

The pair of rotating nozzles can spray cold or warm mist in a 360-degree direction. The humidifier’s 28 dB noise output won’t disturb the users at night. The sleep mode further dims all the lights and the LED screen to make the environment more comfortable. A remote control allows access to various humidifier functions from a desirable distance.

Best Features:

  • A humidifier with cold and warm mist mode
  • Features a 6-liter water tank
  • Offers a runtime of 60 hours
  • Suitable for a room of 753 sq. ft
  • A maximum humidification rate of 700 m/hr
  • A pair of 360-degree rotating nozzles
  • Automatic intelligent humidification, timer, and sleep mode features
  • A dedicated remote controller and LED screen to display information


  • It offers quick humidification of the room
  • The unit has a noise output of 28 dB, making it suitable for night operations
  • It can spray at 40 to 60-inch height to keep the floor away from getting wet


  • The remote controller has a limited range

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6. Rbioko Humidifiers

Rbioko HumidifiersRbioko is one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances. With constant feedback from the users, it continuously upgrades its product range.

The Rbioko Humidifier For Large Room has a compact design. The user won’t have to worry about refilling the unit, thanks to a transparent water tank of 6.5 liters capacity. The humidifier can spray mist with this amount of water for 45 hours. The tank also features a 95 mm opening, allowing easy cleaning and refilling.

It features a 360-degree rotating nozzle, which helps humidify a 430 sq. ft room. The humidification settings can be adjusted with a manual knob. Features like auto shut-off and night light save the overall power consumption by reducing unnecessary operation of the humidifier. It works so silently that no one will notice the humidifier.

Best Features:

  • Ultrasonic humidifier with a compact body
  • A transparent water tank of 6.5 liters capacity
  • Maximum runtime of 45 hours
  • Suitable for a room of 430 sq. ft size
  • Manual knob to adjust humidification
  • Auto shutdown and night mode


  • The tank has a 95 mm opening which helps in easy refilling and cleaning of the water tank
  • It is one of the most affordable humidifiers on the list
  • It is made up of lightweight materials


  • At higher settings, one can hear the humidifier working

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7. Hiswelle Humidifiers

Hiswelle HumidifiersHiswelle is known for its premium quality products, developed mainly for domestic use. By adapting new technologies, its product range matches the needs of modern consumers.

The Hiswelle Ultra Large Humidifier is made for users who value performance over anything. This unit has a very large water storage tank of 17 liters capacity. With enough water at its disposal, the humidifier can run at a maximum setting for more than 21 hours. You can place this humidifier in a 2000 sq. ft room, which will still humidify it easily. By detecting the real-time humidity, this unit adjusts the humidification process.

For manual adjustments, the user can control humidification with the help of 4 volume modes. All the necessary functions are accessed via a touch screen or a remote controller. It uses a sprayer tube to spray mist at a certain height from the floor. It also has an aroma box to load essential oils. To easily move the humidifier, it has 4 wheels. It also has a 5.1-16 hour timer and a sleep mode.

Best Features:

  • Humidifier with a 17-liter water tank
  • Maximum runtime of more than 21 hours
  • Suitable for a room of 2000 sq. ft size
  • Function control via touch screen and remote controller
  • 4 modes to adjust mist volume
  • Features 4 wheels, 5.1 to 16 hours timer, and sleep mode


  • It comes with 1-year quality assurance and 120-day free exchange
  • A separate sprayer tube spray mist at height to keep the floor from getting wet
  • Humidity level detection automatically starts and stops the humidifier, thereby saving energy


  • It is the most expensive humidifier on the list

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Buying Guide For The Best Humidifier For Large Room

Humidifiers are a must-have device for your home to maintain moisture content. Due to their efficient circulation of humidity in large rooms, the users experience comfort in dry weather. We have already gone through a detailed list of such humidifiers for large rooms. Before moving on, we should be aware of certain parameters that affect a humidifier’s performance and selection process.

1. Water Tank Capacity

White selecting a humidifier for a large room, the tank capacity is given importance. To cover a larger space, a continuous supply of water is needed. Hence, a large amount of water must be readily available for the humidifier to continue its operations. The humidifiers are fitted with larger water tanks, which helps increase the runtime. A larger tank doesn’t need frequent refills. The humidifiers for large rooms have a capacity of 3 to 6 liters which ultimately gives a runtime of 24 to 48 hours. Increasing tank capacity also increases the size and weight of a humidifier, which affects its portability.

2. Room Size (sq. ft)

Power, humidity settings, and coverage of humidifiers are designed by keeping a certain room size in mind. These factors ensure that a large room will humidify in less time while maintaining constant humidity. To ensure efficient coverage, a humidifier with more coverage areas is chosen. For example, for a room of 600 sq. ft size, a humidifier with a capacity of covering 700 to 800 sq. ft is chosen. This ensures efficient coverage even with unavoidable leakage of moisture. On average, humidifiers are suitable for large rooms of 500 to 700 sq. ft size.

3. Run Time

The runtime of a humidifier gives the user an idea of how long it can operate on a single refill. The theoretical runtime is calculated by running the humidifier in a controlled environment. The actual runtime, however varies due to factors like humidification setting, size of the room, tank capacity, etc. When set for higher humidification, the humidifiers will eventually run for less time. The specified runtime on humidifiers is usually recorded at the lowest setting. Some humidifiers also have automatic cut-off features to increase the runtime further. On average, a humidifier for a large room easily runs for 24 to 48 hours.

4. Type Of Humidifier

There are various humidifiers with different working principles, pros, and cons. The most popular humidifiers are ultrasonic, evaporative, and steam units. Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most recent type of humidifier. They use very high-frequency vibrations to create tiny water droplets. These units are used for their silent operations. Evaporative humidifiers are one of the most common types used for large rooms. They use a wet wick and blowing fan to circulate moisture. These units are effective but louder due to the blower fan. The steam humidifiers release steam by boiling water from the tank. These units are also quiet, but the hot steam poses a risk of burns.

5. Maintenance

Humidifiers are in contact with moisture for the majority of their operations. This condition is favorable for the build-up of bacteria and molds on parts like blowing fans, etc. The metallic surfaces of the modifier and water tanks also experience a build-up of minerals that needs cleaning. A humidifier must offer easy cleaning with a lower maintenance cycle. Some units also use filters that can be either cleaned or replaced within given time intervals. A facility to replace the water is provided to prevent the circulation of stagnant water. Users are provided with instruction manuals that aid in properly maintaining the humidifier.

6. Type Of Control

To access various functions of humidifiers, different types of controls are provided. The most common type of control is manual control. Various control knobs, buttons, and switches are provided on the humidifiers, which control the humidity level and other functions. For the touch control units, a touch-enabled screen is provided with a functions menu. To offer remote access to the humidifier’s functions, a dedicated remote controller is also offered by some brands. Wireless control is also achieved with the help of a smartphone app. Latest technologies like voice control have made it easy to control humidifiers via the user’s voice.

7. Warranty

Humidifiers for large rooms often come with a warranty to guarantee quality to the user. Since humidifiers are electrical units and are in contact with moisture, they are bound to get damaged. Brands thereby offer a limited warranty period to assure users of free repairs or replacement of damaged parts. Most humidifiers come with a minimum of a 1-year warranty period. Users can also opt out of extended warranty schemes provided by the brand, for peace of mind. Warranty on parts like motors, fans, etc, is also provided by the brands.

Humidifier For Large FAQs

1. What features should a user look for in humidifiers for a large room?

Ans: While buying a humidifier for a large room, a user must consider basic features which might be helpful in the longer run. The humidifiers must have a good humidification capacity, matching the size of the room. It should be equipped with a water tank with enough capacity to offer longer run times. The unit should also offer controller options to access the humidifier’s functions.

2. How to decide the size of a humidifier for a large room?

Ans: The size of a humidifier totally depends on the actual size of the room. Measured in sq. ft, the large room is about 400 to 900 sq. ft in size. A humidifier is designed to cover a certain size of the room. Its power, humidification process, tank capacity, etc are thereby kept according to the room size. Hence, it is advised to buy a humidifier that covers more area than the actual room.

3. Can you use tap water in humidifiers for a large room?

Ans: Tap waters are safe for humidifiers if they do not contain certain minerals. Hard minerals like calcium, iron, etc are added to the tap water which is not good for humidifiers. These minerals cause the formation of mineral deposits on the inner surface of humidifiers. The suspended minerals can damage or clog the filters of the humidifier. Hence, it is advised to use distilled or RO water to keep humidifiers safe from damage.

4. Is it safe to run a humidifier all night, in a large room?

Ans: Humidifiers for large rooms are designed for continuous operation. These units can humidify surrounding space without needing intervention from the user. Some units come with features that keep the operation safe for humans. The humidity monitor keeps a track of moisture in the room and adjusts the humidifier. The automatic shut-off feature also saves power consumption without needing the user’s help.


Humidifiers for large rooms are surely one of the best devices to have in modern homes. These units not only maintain the moisture level of the inner space but also promote health benefits to the user. A list of such humidifiers has been made available in this article. The buying guide and FAQ section further explain the importance of a few governing parameters. With the help of this discussion, we have chosen our favorite options from the list.

  • For better performance, the Oraimo Humidifier is engineered to quickly humidify spacious rooms. It releases mist at a rate of 700 ml/hr to effortlessly humidify a 753 sq. ft room. It features a 6-liter water tank which extends the runtime to 60 hours per refill. It also has a separate oil tray for essential oils. The pair of rotating nozzles disperse cold or warm mist in a 360-degree direction. During the night, the device remains silent with an output of 28 dB. The sleep mode reduces the brightness of all lights and the LED screen. A remote controller is included to manage various functions from a distance.
  • For larger rooms of 2000 sq. ft size, the Hiswelle Humidifier is an ideal option. A 17-liter water tank provides enough water to operate the humidifier for more than 21 hours, at maximum setting. It also comes with a real-time humidity level detection feature to adjust the mist flow accordingly. It has four different volume modes, which are accessible via a touchscreen or remote controller. A sprayer tube is used to release mist at a specific height from the floor. It also comes with a separate aroma box, 4 wheels for transportation, and a sleep mode function.
  • For a limited budget, the AquaOasis Humidifier is an ideal option. It comes with a 2.2-liter tank to store ample amounts of water. As a result, the humidifier runs for more than 24 hours on a single refill. With its 360-degree rotating nozzle, it effectively humidifies an area of up to 400 sq. ft. Being an ultrasonic unit, this humidifier operates without generating any noise. Users can select different mist settings with a manual knob, to create a comfortable environment for a large room. The humidifier has an auto-shutoff feature that activates when water levels are low. The availability of these features at an aggressive price tag makes it an affordable choice.

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