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8 Best Electrical Box For Safe And Efficient Wiring

When you need to install electric switches and outlets in outdoor areas, you need to protect them from outdoor weather conditions. It covers switches, outlets, and wiring connections and protects them from short-circuiting.

Here are Factors to consider:

  • Material: There are two main types of electrical boxes metallic (aluminum, steel, cast iron) and non-metallic (PVC, plastic). Metals are durable, while non-metallic are for indoor use and corrosion resistance.
  • Box Type: Choose based on your needs. Handy enclosures are for small setups, junction ones for larger circuits. New work and old work suit different installations, and outdoor enclosures are weather-resistant.
  • Box Size: Consider width, height, and depth, from 2x2x4 inches to larger. Pick a size that fits components securely with room for future changes.

Consider the material, type, and size for the best electrical box. Check our “Buying Guide” for detailed comparisons and recommendations for a safe, efficient system.

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Best Electrical Boxes Tabulation

Best Electrical BoxMaterialTypeDimensions(inches)Buy Now
Southwire Electrical BoxPolyvinyl ChlorideOne Gang Device Box3.39 x 2.24 x 3.82Check On Amazon
Sealproof Electrical BoxAluminumRectangular Exterior Outlet Box4.63 x 2.88 x 2Check On Amazon
Raco Electrical BoxAlloy SteelOctagon Box39 x 4 x 4Check On Amazon
Hubbell-Bell Electrical BoxAluminumSingle Gang Outlet2 x 2.75 x 4.5Check On Amazon
OLD WORK Electrical BoxThermoplastic, Polyvinyl ChlorideOutlet Box3.63 x 2.32 x 4.13Check On Amazon
Thomas & Betts Electrical Box‎Polyvinyl ChlorideSwitch/Outlet Box11.92 x 15.95 x 12.2Check On Amazon
Sigma Electrical BoxPlasticOne Gang Box2.26 x 2.8 x 4.5Check On Amazon
ENERLITES Electrical BoxMetalOne Gang Box2.05 x 2.83 x 4.57Check On Amazon

Best Electrical Boxes Reviews

1. Southwire Electrical Box

Southwire Electrical BoxSouthwire is a renowned brand in the power segment, and they have a selected range of electrical components. Coming specifically to their electrical boxes, they have the strongest boxes that last for years without maintenance.

Southwire One Gang Device Box has polyvinyl chloride construction for sustenance. It belongs to the new work category of electrical box, and you can use it in new locations where the final wall finish is still uncertain. The installation is easy with the stud-mounting option. You can mount it to wood as well as metal studs comfortably.

One of the features of the electrical box is that its depth is adjustable. It is ideal for placing wires as it comes with built-in wire clamps. The construction has very thick PVC material for rigidity. As far as the safety measures are concerned, the product has RoHS compliance. Besides, it has a UL fire rating, which proves that the product is highly safe for commercial usage. You get a one year warranty on this electrical box.

Best Features:

  • Adjustable depth for versatile applications.
  • Highly safe product with RoHS compliance.
  • Easy installation and heavy-duty construction.
  • Mountable on different wall materials.


  • Suitable for accommodating different electric components.
  • Equally applicable in old work and new work locations.
  • Thick construction for rigidity and durability.


  • The space and depth may not be enough.

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2. Sealproof Electrical Box

Sealproof Electrical BoxSealproof has a wide range of industrial-grade electric boxes. The company manufactures metal electrical boxes and is a renowned electrical and hose industry brand.

Sealproof Rectangular Exterior Electrical Outlet Box is a highly rated product. The design has a professional look and outlet holes for easy operation. The die-cast aluminum construction makes the product durable as well as suitable for outdoor conditions. The ergonomic structure keeps rain and dirt away from the electrical components inside it.

The overall product has a compact structure, but you can accommodate switches and wires comfortably thanks to its depth. You will get all the necessary accessories in the package for instant assembly. The product is UL rated for its safety measures. It is perfectly suitable for exterior applications.

Best Features:

  • Die-cast aluminium construction for heavy-duty application.
  • Waterproof, dustproof as well as protection from rain.
  • Perfect holes and outlets for keeping wires organized.
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories.


  • Weatherproof powder coating enhances its durability.
  • Ergonomic structure for easy assembly and installation.
  • Extremely sturdy for versatile applications.


  • Nothing negative to point out.

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3. Raco Electrical Box

Hubbell-Raco Octagon Electrical BoxHubbell-Raco is a popular electrical box brand that is known for producing budget-friendly electrical components. They also manufacture electrical boxes of different sizes and shapes to cater to all requirements.

Hubbell-Raco Octagon Box is highly spacious, which means you can accommodate various components comfortably. The product has alloy steel construction, and hence, it is highly durable. The surface area, as well as the depth, is sizable, and it has around 15 cubic inch capacity.

You will need a combination of Philips and slotted screw heads, and there are punched screw points on the box already available. You will find compatible knockouts in the package, and you can install the octagonal box conveniently. The box is suitable for wall as well as ceiling light fixtures.

Best Features:

  • Superior alloy steel for weather protection.
  • Octagonal surface for better encasement.
  • Gray silver finish for easy visibility.
  • Heavy-duty construction or durability.


  • Raised ground screw area provision.
  • Combination screw heads for faster installation.
  • Large surface area and depth for more components.


  • The construction is rather flimsy.

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4. Hubbell-Bell Electrical Box

Hubbell-Bell Electrical BoxWe have already mentioned that Hubbell-Bell is a reputed brand in the electrical box industry. They have a wide variety of electrical boxes and most of them have metal construction for high durability.

Hubbell-Bell Single Gang Outlet is the strongest electrical box on the list. The box has completely weatherproof aluminum construction. On top of that, you will get powder coating finish for further protection. The surface is also scratch resistant. Therefore, you can place it in the outdoor areas without any issue.

The box has compact structure but high depth. There are internal threads for threaded fitting for easy utilization. The lugs are detachable and there are eight different mounting options available. You will get all the accessories in the package for easy assembly and instant installation. You will find all the instructions in the package.

Best Features:

  • Weatherproof construction for outdoor placement.
  • Eight mounting options for easy installation.
  • Detachable lugs and closure plugs.
  • All the required accessories are included.


  • Powder coated finish for enhanced durability.
  • Superior aluminum construction for rigidity.
  • Ergonomic design with sizable depth.


  • The detachable lugs could be better.

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5. OLD WORK Electrical Box

OLD WORK Electrical BoxOld Work Box is a pioneer in the electrical box segment. The company offers painted electrical boxes that are safe and protected from electrocution. Their electrical boxes have proprietary thermoplastic material construction for higher durability.

OLD WORK BOX Lamson Carlon PVC Outlet Box is undoubtedly the best old work electrical box on the list. The box is thoroughly painted for easy visibility as well as protection from weather conditions. The box looks compact, but the depth is sizable.

It has PVC material as well as a thermoplastic material. The combination of the materials imparts the best durability and properties. The installation is also easy as it has a screw-in installation type. The size of the box is 20 cubic inches, and it can accommodate a large wiring system. The product is UL certified for meeting the safety measures.

Best Features:

  • Completely painted for visibility and protection.
  • Superior material construction for durability.
  • Compact but sizable depth structure.
  • Easy screw-in installation process.


  • Complete protection from outdoor conditions.
  • Suitable for drywall projects.
  • High depth for extra wire encasing.


  • The design could be more ergonomic.

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6. Thomas & Betts Electrical Box

Thomas & Betts Electrical BoxThomas & Betts is a relatively new brand in the electrical box, but their products have become popular in this short time. The company produces budget-friendly but highly durable coloring electrical boxes.

Thomas & Betts 2G Old Work Outlet Box has polyvinyl chloride construction. The material makes it suitable for outdoor conditions. It is a 2-gauge electrical box that can be used for versatile applications. Since it belongs to the old work outlet box category, it is applicable to old construction sites.

The box is colored for easy visibility, and the depth is sizeable to accommodate different electric components comfortably. The installation process is easy as well. There are different grooves available in the interior for wires and switches. Therefore, you can use it as a junction as well as a handy box.

Best Features:

  • Dual applications to accommodate wires and switches.
  • Thick PVC material for outdoor conditions.
  • Extremely budget-friendly and heavy-duty application.
  • Easy installation and fits perfectly for the old work switch box.


  • Uniform painting for easy spotting.
  • Ample depth for versatile applications.
  • Easy mounting and convenient grooves.


  • Does not disclose safety certifications.

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7. Sigma Electrical Box

Sigma Electrical BoxSigma Electrical Box is a great option for your electrical needs. It is a single-gang box is made for connecting conduits and fitting one electrical device, like a receptacle or switch. Weather-resistant, built with tough die-cast material to keep moisture out, and perfect for wet, damp, or dry areas.

It’s small, measuring 2.26 inches deep, 2.8 inches wide, and 4.5 inches tall. It has three 1/2-inch knockouts and a capacity of 18.3 cubic inches. This box is made of sturdy die-cast materials with powder coating, ensuring durability and resistance.

Installing it is easy with included ground screws, closure plugs, and mounting lugs. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, offering versatility and reliability. It’s also UL and CSA listed for safety. its easy installation, durability, and value, making it a reliable choice for any electrical setup.

Best Features:

  • Suitable for wet locations
  • Die-cast construction with powder coating
  • Pre-installed ground screw and closure plugs included
  • Mountable in vertical or horizontal orientations


  • Flexible mounting
  • Durable construction for longevity and reliability
  • Includes all required hardware for easy setup.


  • Slim mounting plates may rust over time
  • Screws are not heat-treated and can bend easily

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8. ENERLITES Electrical Box

ENERLITES Electrical BoxENERLITES Electrical Box is designed to protect electrical components in outdoor and humid areas. It has three 0.75-inch threaded outlets for different installation needs. The box is 2.05 inches in diameter, 2.83 inches wide, and 4.57 inches tall, providing space for switches and outlets.

Made of strong die-cast metal, this box keeps moisture, dust, debris, and insects out, ensuring lasting protection. Its powder-coated finish boosts scratch and corrosion resistance, ideal for tough outdoor environments.

Installing it is easy with the included grounding screw, closure plugs, mounting lugs, and screws. Perfect for warehouses, pool houses, garages, or outdoor patios, it fits well and works great. It also works with various weatherproof covers, making it more functional and versat

Best Features:

  • Three 0.75-inch threaded outlets for flexibility
  • Die-cast metal construction
  • Compatible with standard switches and receptacles
  • Powder-coated finish resists scratches and corrosion
  • Pre-installed grounding screw and closure plugs included


  • Perfect fit for outdoor and moisture-prone areas
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Compatible with a range of weatherproof covers
  • Sturdy construction ensures reliability over time


  • Its not fit perfectly in some cases
  • Mounting screws too big for holes in body

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Buying Guide For Best Electrical Boxes

You have clearly seen that there are different types of electrical boxes available with different specifications and features. Therefore, it is very important to choose the perfect one for your job so that you get the best value for your money. In order to choose the perfect electrical box, you need to have a complete idea of the product.

That is why we are now going to put forward a detailed buying guide. The guide contains all the important factors you should watch out for in an electrical box before purchasing it. Thereafter, you will clearly understand which electrical box will be the best for your purpose. In fact, you can compare the electrical boxes based on these parameters for better purchasing decisions.

1. Material

We have already stated that there are broadly two types of materials used in electrical boxes. They are plastic and metal, and different varieties of plastic materials and metals are used which give them different properties. The material is important because it determines the quality and durability of the box. Starting from PVC and ABS to aluminum to cast iron, you will find all the different materials.

Plastic electrical boxes are cheaper and suitable for outdoor conditions. However, they are fragile and not durable. That is why aluminum electrical boxes are the most popular, as they are weather resistant and highly durable. Similarly, alloy steel and cast iron electrical boxes are suitable for heavy-duty usage.

2. Box Type

It is very important to be clear for what purpose you need an electrical box. That is when you can decide the type of electrical box you need. There are junction boxes, handy boxes as well as old and new work boxes. The junction boxes are for the encasing of wires, while the handy boxes are for encasing switches.

The handy boxes have mounting installation style while junction boxes have screw-in installation style in most cases. In fact, based on the installation procedure, the old and new work electrical boxes are classified. Therefore, it all comes down to your requirements, and thereafter, you need to choose the electrical box type accordingly.

  • Handy Box: Handy boxes are small electrical boxes used for single-device setups or tight spaces. When choosing one, think about size, capacity, and compatibility. Look for sturdy models with cable entry options and ones suitable for outdoor use.
  • Junction Box: Junction boxes house electrical connections, splices, and terminations. They come in different sizes and materials. Choose boxes with enough space, multiple cable entry points, and weatherproofing.
  • New Work Box: New work boxes are for new constructions or major renovations. Consider size, capacity, compatibility, and ease of installation. Look for features like adjustable brackets and wire clamps.
  • Old Work Box: Old work boxes are for existing walls or ceilings without access to structural elements. Choose one that matches wall thickness, has enough space for wires, and can be installed without damage.
  • Outdoor Box: Outdoor boxes withstand harsh weather and moisture. They’re often weatherproof or waterproof with seals. Consider durability, weatherproof ratings, mounting options, and compatibility with outdoor devices.

3. Size And Shape

By now you have understood that electrical boxes come in various shapes and sizes. By size, we are implying the dimensions which are very important. This is because the size will determine the content of the box. Therefore, according to your requirements such as the number of switches and the bunch of wires, you have to see which size is perfect for your job.

Talking about shape, the standard rectangular boxes are the most common. Besides, there are round pan, octagonal, and square electrical boxes available. In terms of size, there are 2-gang, 3-gang, and 4-gang electrical boxes. Besides, there are ceiling fan-rated electrical boxes also available.

4. Installation

The installation part of the electrical box needs to be given ample importance. This is because different electrical boxes have different installation processes. Some are to be screwed in while the others need to be fixed or mounted in the wall. Basically, you need to ensure that the electrical box has the installation process that you are comfortable with.

If you are going for a mounted electrical box, you need to check the mounting style. Some have screw mounting while others have fixed mounting style. In fact, the cable mounting style is quite popular. While purchasing a mounting electrical box, you have to consider the mounting place where you will place the box such as your wall or ceiling.

Electrical Box FAQS

1. What are the 4 types of electrical boxes?

Ans: The four different types of electrical boxes are handy box, junction box, new work box, and old work box. The handy box is where you can place switches, and you can mount it on the wall. The junction box is where you put the wires for connection. The new work box has an easy installation procedure with studs. The old work box is suitable for installation on the drywall with clamps.

2. What is junction box used for?

Ans: A junction box is an enclosure where you can have multiple wiring connections. The main objective of the junction box is to protect the connections from outdoor conditions. It is extremely important because the wiring connections are vulnerable to environmental conditions. The junction box also protects outsiders from accidental contact.

3. How many junctions are in a box?

Ans: Depending on the size of the junction box, the number of junctions in the box varies accordingly. For example, a 4-by-4 inch square junction box can accommodate six junctions of cables. There are smaller as well as larger junction boxes available, and the number of junctions varies accordingly.


When setting up electrical systems, using an electrical box is crucial to contain wires and switches. This is especially important for outdoor installations. We’ve chosen top-quality electrical boxes and provided comprehensive reviews. Additionally, we’ve created a detailed buying guide to assist you in evaluating and selecting the electrical box.

Here are our Top Recommendations

  • If you prioritize value for money, the Southwire Electrical Box is our recommendation. It’s highly popular and boasts excellent ratings from genuine users. This offers exceptional rigidity and durability, suitable for various surfaces.
  • The Sealproof Electrical Box looks professional and has convenient outlet holes. It’s made of strong die-cast aluminum, making it durable and great for outdoor use. It protects electrical parts from rain and dirt, ensuring reliability and convenience.
  • Hubbell-Bell Electrical Box Made with die-cast aluminum and featuring weatherproof powder coating, it’s highly durable. With multiple mounting points and internally threaded hubs.

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