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9 Best Electric Pressure Washer for the Money Reviews

Electric Pressure Washer is an ideal choice for residential owners who want to maintain their property clean with less effort and time. These machines are quite handy for cleaning dirt, mildew, mold on all surfaces – including your car, sidewalk, driveway, outdoor furniture, walls, patio, fencing and much more.

Being compact and lightweight, they can be easily transported from one place to another. When compared to gas powered pressure washers, electric ones require less maintenance and don’t exhaust any toxic gases.

To choose the Best Electric Pressure Washer, we recommend to consider below factors…

  • Water Pressure (PSI): It represents the amount of pressure exerted by the machine. Electric Pressure Washers are available from 1300 PSI to as high as 3000 PSI. You have to select the ideal one based on your requirements.
    • 1300 to 1900 – suitable for small residential jobs like car washing, outdoor furniture, grills, plastic, small decks and patios.
    • 2000 to 3000 – suitable for small to medium jobs like removing dirt from fence, clean mold and house walls.
    • Above 3000 – for professional use and intense jobs like washing second story exteriors, cleaning driveway.
  • GPM (gallons per minute): It represents the capacity of water used in one minute. Electric Pressure Washers typically have a range of one to two gallons per minute. Models with a higher GPM will clean faster and more effectively since they use more water.
  • Motor Power: It indicates the performance offered by Electric Pressure Washer. In electric pressure washers, motor power is represented in amps or watts. Choose a Pressure Washer with Motor Power in the range of 13 amps to 15 amps. With a 13 A current draw, you get a powerful 1500 watt Motor, which can be able to provide the necessary PSI. 

For more information on how to choose an electric pressure washer for home use, we recommend reading our “Buying Guide”. It contains all the information to take an informed decision.

In this article, we have also provided a list of Best Electric Pressure Washers after a thorough research and analysis.

Top Electric Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure WashersMaximum PressureMotor PowerWarrantyBuy Now
Sun Joe Electric Pressure WasherUp to 2030 PSI14.5 amp2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Stanley Electric Pressure WasherUp to 2150 PSI13 amp2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Wholesun Electric Pressure WasherUp to 3000 PSI13.3 amp2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Karcher Electric Power Pressure WasherUp to 1700 PSI14 amp3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Westinghouse Electric Pressure WasherUp to 2050 PSI13 amp--Check On Amazon
Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure WasherUp to 1800 PSI15 amp1 yearCheck On Amazon
Mrliance Store Pressure WasherUp to 2200 PSI 3.0 amp1 yearCheck On Amazon
Homdox Pressure WasherUp to 2500 PSI----Check On Amazon
Rock & Rocker Pressure WasherUp to 1950 PSI--1 yearsCheck On Amazon

Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

sun joe pressure washer

Sun Joe is a highly popular brand of power tools that is known to make all kinds of products. You can even find a great electric pressure washer from Sun Joe with various features.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is present in the 1st position in this article as it is quite powerful for its given price. You get a 14.5 A electric motor in this pressure washer that is decently powerful. It is able to generate a water pressure rating of up to 2030 PSI along with a water flow capacity of 1.76 GPM, which is quite good.

A great thing about Sun Joe is that it offers a 2-year long warranty with all of its products, including this pressure washer. It also provides a great build quality that can work with up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature very easily. You also get a total stop system feature in this washer that automatically turns off the motor when it is not in use to save power.


  • Maximum pressure rating of 2030 PSI
  • Water flow capacity of 1.76 GPM
  • 14.5 A electric motor
  • 2-year warranty
  • Works with 104° Fahrenheit temperature
  • Comes with total stop feature


  • Electric pressure washer
  • Nozzle attachments
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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2. Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley is one of the most popular user’s choice power tools brands as most of its products have a high user rating. This is also true for their electric pressure washer unit.

Stanley’s SHP2150 electric pressure washer comes with a decent electric motor that is rated at 13 A. This motor is able to offer a respectable water pressure rating of 2150 PSI. And depending on your pressure rating, you can achieve up to 1.4 gallons per minute water flow levels quite easily.

Its 25 feet long water hose makes this electric pressure washer quite practical to use around your house. Since Stanley is a reputable brand of power tools, it offers a 2-year long warranty with this one. You also get a pretty decent build quality with this pressure washer that is quite great for the given price.


  • Maximum pressure rating of 2150 PSI
  • Water flow capacity of 1.4 GPM
  • 13 A electric motor
  • 2-year warranty
  • 25 feet long water hose
  • Leakproof 22 mm connections
  • Decent build quality
  • Offers 4 quick connect nozzles


  • Electric pressure washer
  • Nozzle attachments
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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3. Wholesun Electric Pressure Washer

Wholesun Electric Pressure WasherWholesun is a relatively small brand that specializes in developing high pressure washers with advanced features and versatile usage. This electric pressure washer is perfect for all occasions.

Wholesun’s pressure washer runs on a powerful 1600 watts motor to deliver a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI/2.4 GPM. With this high pressure, the pressure washer can remove tough stuff and deep stains. The pressure washer comes with a 20 feet high pressure hose to prevent water leakage and remove dirt from all sides of your car, furniture, and other materials.

The pressure washer is equipped with an automatic Total Stop System that shuts off the pump automatically when the trigger is not engaged. This not only saves energy but also prolongs the life of the pump. The equipment uses a 33 feet power cord with inline GFCI so that you can use it on all exterior outlets.

Wholesun backs this electric pressure washer with a 2 years warranty from the original date of purchase.


  • Maximum pressure rating of 3000 PSI
  • Water flow capacity of 2.4 GPM
  • 1600 watts electric motor
  • 2 years warranty
  • Total Stop System for automatic shut off
  • 20 feet long water hose
  • 33 feet power cord with inline GFCI


  • Electric pressure washer
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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4. Karcher K1700 Cube Electric Power Pressure Washer

Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washer

Coming to the last option present in this article, we have Karcher that is a lesser-known brand of power tools and yet offers a decent pressure washer.

Even though it is one of the cheapest electric pressure washers out there, you get a 3-year warranty with it. Since its build quality is also quite good, you can expect it to easily last for a long time. Its 14 A electric motor is also quite efficient as it is able to offer a water pressure rating of up to 1700 PSI that depends on your current settings.

You also get a water flow capacity of up to 1.2 GPM that is quite decent for the price. This water flow can be easily changed using the included turbo nozzle that is always great to have. It is able to offer all of this while weighing just 20 pounds, along with a height of 12 inches.


  • Maximum pressure rating of 1700 PSI
  • Water flow capacity of 1.2 GPM
  • 14 A electric motor
  • 3-year warranty
  • Weighs 20 pounds
  • 12 inches tall
  • Easy to install and set up
  • 15-degree all-purpose nozzle


  • Electric pressure washer
  • Nozzle attachments
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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5. Westinghouse Electric Pressure Washer

Westinghouse Electric Pressure Washer Westinghouse uses innovative technology and human-focused design to engineer products that meet the diverse needs of consumers. The brand has been developing high quality generators, power stations, pressure washers, and lawn & garden maintenance equipment for the past 130 years.

Westinghouse’s electric pressure washer is powered by a 13 amp motor that delivers up to 2050 PSI and 1.76 GPM water flow for deep-cleaning. The pressure washer features an extendable 17.5 inches wand along with 4 Quick Connect nozzles – 0°, 15°, 25°, and soap applicator. Using these nozzles, you can adjust the pressure for different cleaning applications.

The pressure washer uses a 25 feet nylon-braided hose to prevent leakage and accessing all areas of the cleaning object. There is an on-board soap tank to add chemicals and detergents for heavy duty cleaning applications. It comes with the Total Stop System for conserving energy and prolonging the life of the washer. The pressure washer features an anti-tipping design with a low center of gravity and 360 degrees steering 4 quick lock wheels.

Westinghouse backs this electric pressure washer with a 1 year limited warranty period from the original date of purchase.


  • Maximum pressure rating of 2050 PSI
  • Water flow capacity of 1.76 GPM
  • 13 amps electric motor
  • 1 year limited warranty period
  • 4 Quick Connect nozzles for pressure adjustment
  • Onboard soap tank
  • 360 degrees steering 4 quick lock wheels
  • Total Stop System for automatic shut off
  • 25 feet nylon braided water hose


  • Electric pressure washer
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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6. Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer


Briggs & Stratton is a brand of power tools that is mainly known for making gas-powered models. But it also makes electric power tools just like its electric pressure washer option.

The Briggs & Stratton 20680 electric pressure washer offers a great bang for the buck as you get decent performance for the given price of this pressure washer. As per its name, it has a maximum water pressure of up to 1800 PSI. While the water flow capacity is a bit on the lower side at 1.2 GPM, its 13 A electric motor is powerful enough to do the job.

You get a 1-year long warranty with this motor that allows you to easily wash various things using its 20 feet long water hose. It even supports a turbo nozzle with this water hose for easily adjusting the water flow. A great thing offered by this electric pressure washer is its detergent tank that allows you to easily work with soapy water if needed.


  • Maximum pressure rating of 1800 PSI
  • Water flow capacity of 1.2 GPM
  • 13 A electric motor
  • 1-year warranty
  • Inbuilt detergent tank
  • 20 feet long water hose
  • Steel frame for additional strength


  • Electric pressure washer
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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7. Mrliance Store Pressure Washer

Mrliance Store Pressure Washer

If you are looking for an affordable option, then mrliance provides a wide range of pressure washers at budget-friendly range. Their electric powered pressure washer has made to our list because of its efficiency and capacity.

This pressure washer is equipped with 3800 PSI and 3.0GPM water flow which is capable enough for cleaning fence, driveway, garden furniture, patio, deck, bricks and more.

It is equipped with a 35 feet long cable and 16.5 feet hose which is flexible to use in large areas without the need to move the machine frequently. It has in-built storage space where you can conveniently store the hose when not in use.

When the trigger is not engaged, it will automatically shut off the pump. You can also use it vertically or horizontally for greater stability. It comes with detergent tank to store the soap required for cleaning. And it can be removed, when not required.

It comes with 5 different nozzles to adjust the water flow as required. This product is backed by 2-years of warranty.


  • 2200 PSI water pressure
  • Water temperature range 40 F(4°C) – 104°F(40°C)
  • 35 ft power cord length
  • 5 ft hose pipe
  • 26 gal of soap tank capacity
  • 5 different nozzles
  • Automatically shuts off the pump


  • High pressure washer with hose reel
  • Hose
  • Electric cord
  • Spray gun
  • Detergent bottle
  • Nozzles
  • Universal hose connector
  • User manual

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8. Homdox Pressure Washer

Homdox pressure washer

Homdox is a lesser-known power tools brand when compared with other options in this article. Yet, its electric pressure washer various useful things to the user.

One of the best things about this Homdox pressure washer is that it is one of the cheapest options out there. Even then, you get a great water pressure limit of 2500 PSI that is more than enough for most users out there. You can shoot water at a rate of 1.5 GPM with this electric pressure washer that depends on your current pressure setting.

All of this is possible because of the powerful 15A electric motor offered in this washer. Its motor even supports a total stop system that adds additional protection for the washer by automatically stopping it when the tank runs out of water. Just like various other options out there, you get 4 nozzle tips ranging from 0 degrees to 40 degrees with this pressure washer.


  • 15 A Powerful Electric Motor
  • Maximum pressure rating of 2500 PSI
  • Water flow capacity of 1.5 GPM
  • Total stop system
  • 4 nozzles for 0 to 40-degree water jet
  • Easy to install


  • Electric pressure washer
  • Nozzle attachments
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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9. Rock & Rocker Pressure Washer

Rock & Rocker Pressure Washer

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful electric pressure washer, then you should not miss out on this option from Rock & Rocker, a well-known brand that manufactures reliable and practical products offering straightforward ways to solve various home maintenance issues.

This pressure washer is equipped with a powerful 1500W electric motor that can easily generate a maximum water pressure of up to 1950 PSI at a water flow of 1.58 gallons per minute. Thus, it provides superior cleaning power that removes the stain or dirt effectively, quickly, and effortlessly.

It is an ideal option used widely to clean your patios, wash cars, decks, fences, windows, garden furniture, etc. It comes with a 16.4 feet long power cable and 16.4 feet hose that makes it flexible to use in large areas without frequently moving it around. While the metal garden hose connector with O-ring and metal water outlet will provide leak-proof connections to prevent water leakage.

With its 360° castor wheels, this power washer can be moved around easily for proper and effective washing. Its safety locks will lock the gun tripper and the total stop system shuts off the pump automatically to prevent anti-tipping & slipping. This lightweight, portable, compact, and durable device offer 4 quick connect nozzles (0°, 15°, 25°, & 40°) along with a soap bottle nozzle that let you adjust the water flow as required. Furthermore, it is backed by a 1-year long manufacturer warranty.


  • 1900 PSI water pressure
  • Small, compact, portable, and durable design
  • Water flow capacity of 1.58 GPM
  • 4 feet long hose and 16.4 feet long power cable
  • 4+1 variable nozzle for watering
  • IPX5 water-resistant rating
  • Easy to use, and safety locks
  • The working temperature of 40°C
  • Backed by a 1-year long warranty.


  • Electric pressure washer
  • Nozzle attachments
  • 4 feet hose & 16.4 feet power cord
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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How to Choose an Electric Pressure Washer?

There are several features to consider while purchasing an electric pressure washer. We have mentioned them below for your reference. Read them thoroughly and make an informed decision.

1. Water Pressure (PSI)

It represents how much force is provided by the pressure washer. While analyzing this factor, remember that, more pressure indicates more cleaning power. It is measured in pounds per square inch.

Consumer pressure washers are available from 1,300 to 1,800 PSI. They are suitable for small residential jobs like cleaning shutters, washing lawn furniture, washing cars, and spot cleaning mold. Heavy-duty pressure washers come from 2,000 to 3,000 PSI. They are suitable for driveways, removing tough stains, driveways and cleaning house sides.

Finally, professional-grade electric pressure washers come with 3,000+ PSI. They are suitable industrial purposes like stripping paint, graffiti removal and others. These high-end pressure washers are very expensive.

For most of the residential purposes, 1,300 to 2,000 PSI range is enough. Based on your cleaning requirements, you can choose any one among them.

2. Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

After water pressure, another important factor to consider is GPM. It represents the quality of water used by the electric pressure washer in one minute. Electric pressure washers come in the range of 1 to 2 gallons per minute. Washers with higher GPM levels provide faster and effective cleaning as they use more water.

GPM (gallon per minute) is actually directly linked to PSI – because higher the pressure, more water quantity is used by the machine. Light-duty machines come with 1.5 gallon per minute while professional-grade pressure washers can use up to 4 gallons per minute. While purchasing a pressure washer, make sure GPM and water pressure are equal.

Note: Water source should also be considered while analyzing this factor. Most of the pressure washers can be used safely with city water supply. But the same doesn’t apply with well / tap water. If you are planning to use the electric pressure washer with well-supplied water, check out whether it can support this water source type or not.

3. Motor

Usually, induction motor and universal motors are used for electric pressure washers. We recommend to choose induction motor over universal motor. Because they are quiet, rugged, durable and last long. However, induction motors are a bit heavy. So, check whether the model you choose come with big wheels to move them easily.

4. Motor Power

Motor is responsible for providing creating the water pressure – which makes it an important to factor. For electric pressure washers, motor power is represented in amps or watts. They are usually available in the range of 13 A to 15 A.

Chose a powerful motor such as a 15 A, which can provide higher pressure and performance. However, remember that – higher motor power means electric consumption will be higher as well.

5. Nozzle

NozzleNozzle is present at the tip of washer unit. They are responsible for controlling the direction and intensity of water. They are available in two types – single adjustable one or set of interchangeable nozzles.

Adjustable nozzles are more reliable and convenient – as you have to just twist it to change the width and pattern of the spray. But with interchangeable nozzles, you have to adjust the spray pattern by replacing the nozzles.

These nozzles are usually color-coded to represent their capability. Generally, there are 5 different nozzles and colors. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

  • Red (0 degree) – Water stream is provided in a single line with higher force. It is suitable for spot cleaning.
  • Yellow (15 degree) – It provides wide water spray which is suitable for metal and concrete surfaces.
  • Green (25 degree) – It is the most versatile option of all types. It provides very powerful spray and wide coverage without damaging the surfaces.
  • White (40 degree) – This nozzle is used when you have to cover a lot of area within less time. It provides full blast regardless of the power ratings.
  • Black (soap) – It is used when you have to spread detergent as wide as possible without any wastage.

While purchasing the electric pressure washer, check whether the spray nozzles are included or not. If not, then you have to spend more money in order to purchase them. Most of the electric pressure washers come with storage on the device for storing the nozzles.

6. Hose

hoseYou should check the length of this hose as a 20 feet long hose is more practical than 10 feet one. Such water hoses allow you to easily clean without running into length issues. Apart from that, also check whether they can be easily rolled or have any coil memory.

7. Wand

WandWands of an electric pressure washers are available in either stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel ones are more durable and long lasting. It is better to go for electric pressure washer with metal spray wand instead of plastic one.

High quality pressure washers mostly come with stainless steel wand. It can also be purchased individually. Lower priced electric pressure washers come with plastic wands. They are less durable and connection points are different from one brand to another. So, purchasing additional or replacement is also difficult.

8. Variable Pressures Vs Fixed

Most of the electric pressure washers run at higher water pressure. But some of the model provide the option to reduce the pressure, which is beneficial while cleaning delicate surfaces. You cannot achieve the same delicate cleaning effect using a wider spray pattern or holding the wand farther from the object surface.

Every pressure washer come with some sort of water pressure control at the motor side but not at the wand. We recommend to choose a model that come with power regulation both at the motor and spray wand side. Using this feature, you can tune the spray pattern and prevent any damages to the object.

9. Auto Shut Down

Most of the pressure washers come with auto-shut off feature. If the machine hasn’t been used for a while and you forgot to turn off, then it will automatically shut off. This prevents any potential accidents and damages from happening.

10. Design

Design of the machine plays an important role in terms of comfort and ease of use.

  • Upright Pressure Washers – For this model, handles are provided at the top for easy carrying. As they are light in weight, it is easy to transport them from one place to another. While working, they will sit upright. But sometimes they may topple over if they are pulled with pressure.
  • Stroller-Style Washers – As the name implies, they are similar to strollers. Using the handles provided, you can push the equipment from one to another. Strong wheels and platform in the front are provided for extra stability.
  • Follow Me Washers – In this innovative design, 4 wheels are provided to the pressure washer instead of two. As the name implies, it will follow you as you move. This will reduce the time taken for stopping and adjusting the equipment while cleaning.

11. Hose Storage

Hose StorageIdeal electric pressure washers come with gentle hose that is easy to store. A simple hook or Velcro strap are provided in order to hold the hose and cord. A large looped cord is easy to pack-up and unravel. As it isn’t tightly wound, it will lie flat while in use.

Some models come with hose reels and multiple brackets for winding the cord. However, they are very difficult to use. Moreover, tightly wound cords and hose keep their memory which may create tripping hazard.

12. Couplings

CouplingsIt connects the electric pressure washer to the hose. Couplings are available in either plastic or brass. Plastic couplings are prone to cracking, leaking, and breaking. Brass couplings are durable and last for many years without malfunctioning. If the pressure washers don’t come brass couplings, then purchase them separately.

13. Soap Tank

soap tank

Based on your pressure washing requirements, it is better to choose a model that come with built-in soap tank. It allows you to spray water and soap simultaneously on the surface to provide a thorough wash job. If your main requirement is to remove paint or wash driveways, then having a soap tank may not be required.

14. Weight

Weight of the pressure washer is also an important factor to consider – because you may have to move it for a fair amount of time while cleaning. On an average, electric pressure washers weigh around 15 to 35 pounds. For machines that weight more than 20 pounds, it is better to make sure they come with wheels – as they make it much easier to move the washer.

15. Big Wheels

Pressure washers are pretty heavy. For cleaning purposes, you may have to pull them over streets, down stairs, across bumpy lawns, uneven surfaces or through wet land. Having big wheels will help you transport them easily from one place to another.

We recommend to go for pneumatic tires are the best and easiest, especially on gravel and steps. Molded rubber and plastic wheels get stuck in mud or wet surfaces.

16. Water Supply

Water source is another important factor to check out. For certain pressure washers, well water is not compatible. Check out the water source of your house and product specifications of compatibility. If you have hard water supply, then you have to use a water softener to properly work with the pressure washer.

17. Other Attachments

  • Wand Extension – It helps you reach higher areas without using a ladder.
  • Hose Extension – If your electric pressure washers came with shorter hose, then it is better to purchase an extension. It helps you reach areas safely without any limitations.
  • Rotary Nozzle – also known as turbo nozzle, produces spinning water spray pattern. It is suitable for removing stubborn stains and grime.
  • Pressure Washing Broom – It splits single jet spray into two or three in order to clean large areas. They are suitable for boat and car washing.
  • Surface Cleaner – It delivers water stream over a large area for cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning driveways.

18. Price

The price of electric pressure washers come in varied ranges. You can find cost effective models for less than $100. High-end pressure washer models may range from $400 to $500. While making the purchase, you should check out what features are included for that price. Compare features available in each model within your budget price – this will help you choose the best product.

19. Warranty

Just like any other power tool or appliance, electric pressure washers also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty can be highly useful down the road if you face any issues with your pressure washer. While some pressure washers come with a 1-year long warranty, others might offer a 3-year long warranty. Usually, models with longer warranty will come with great build quality that is sturdy and strong. You can rely on such pressure washers to easily work for a long time without running into any issues.

Safety Tips to Consider While Using an Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure washer expels water at 30 to 80 times more pressure than a normal hose. It should never be aimed towards a human or animal – as the pressure can be dangerous and life threatening. Extreme caution should be taken while using an electric pressure washer.

Below are some of the tips you should keep in mind while using it.

  • Every manufacturer provides an instruction manual. Read it thoroughly before using the machine.
  • Avoid wearing flip flops. It is recommended to wear long pants, protective googles and sturdy footwear.
  • We recommend to take extra care while walking on the slippery wet surfaces.
  • Initially start with 2 feet away from the surface and slowly move closely using wide spray angle.
  • Before replacing spray tips, it is recommended to turn off the washer and drain the excess water.
  • For washing car, don’t use electric pressure washer at higher speeds – as it can chip off the paint. Also, make sure maintain at least 2 feet distance.
  • Pressure washers produce a lot of noise. So, it is recommended to wear earplugs or any other form of hearing protection while using a pressure washer.
  • No matter what you are cleaning, never get closer than 6 inches to the surface. If you do so, you may chip the pain or punch holes, or even puncture the car tires with the pressure of water stream.
  • Never climb on an uneven ladder while using an electric pressure washer.
  • Avoid pointing the nozzle on any living beings including plants.
  • Never use extension cord for an electric powered pressure washer.
  • Don’t use electric pressure washer on surfaces like asphalt roofing or sandstone – because it disintegrates the tiny granules and erodes the surface. If you have to use pressure cleaning on such surfaces, it is better use wider angle nozzles or by decreasing the water.
  • Avoid spraying in the direction of electrical fixtures, power lines or transformers.
  • Never leave pressure washer unattended, especially if kids/pets are running around.
  • It is better to avoid using 0-degree nozzle as it has more water pressure. Sometimes, this much pressure can damage the surface.
  • We recommend to plug the electric pressure washer into GFCI outlet.
  • Make sure to keep away the cord from standing water – as the combination of water and electricity is deadly.
  • Continuous water supply is very important for the pressure to work. If it is operated without enough water, then components can suffer cavitation damage. So, make sure you have adequate water supply before making the purchase.
  • If you want to add chemical cleaning agent to your washer, first confirm whether you it safe to use with the model you own. Misuse of cleaning chemicals can damage the pump.
  • Store the pressure washer in a place where a child cannot reach or get into.

Benefits of an Electric Pressure Washer

  • Portability is one of the main advantages of having an electric pressure washer. Most of the electric pressure washers are light in weight and be stored anywhere, including indoors.
  • It can be used anywhere within 30 feet from the outlet or as cord permits. If you have battery backup, then you can take it anywhere you want.
  • They are very economical to operate and maintain. They consume electricity which a fraction of cost compared to gasoline.
  • Engine preservation and winterization at the end of every year is not required.
  • They are extremely reliable. Most of them come with instant stop or start button which lets you operate very easily.

Different Types of Pressure Washers

Based on the flow output and amount of pressure, electric pressure washers are categorized into three types – light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

1. Light-Duty

These electric pressure washers provide up to 1700 PSI. They are light in weight and affordable as well. You can get excellent quality, durable and long-lasting light duty electric pressure washers within $100. However, it has limited range of cleaning strength. They are suitable for small residential jobs like cleaning cars, vehicles, light dirt on stairway, sidewalk, pet house or furniture.

2. Medium-Duty

Medium duty electric pressure washer comes with 1700 to 2800 PSI. It is one of the popular residential pressure washers as they can handle tough jobs like patio, driveways, vehicles, front house and others. For residential purposes, it one of the best one to invest. However, they are a little bit expensive.

You can get a medium-duty pressure washer within $150 to $350. Some of these pressure washers also come with detergent tank which lets you flush out tough grime with less effort and time.

3. Heavy-Duty

These pressure washers come with at least 2800 PSI. They are very expensive and suitable for industrial or commercial cleaning requirements. It can handle intense cleaning jobs like hard floors, muddy areas, graffiti and others. The person using this machine should be very careful as misuse can lead to injuries or damage the property. Heavy-duty washers are top-tier models so they are priced above $350.

Important Application of Electric Pressure Washer

  • Metal Roof Cleaning – These machines can be used to remove grime and other dirt from the metal roof.
  • Lawn Equipment – Equipment like lawn mowers are difficult to clean after use. But a pressure washer can clean the dirt off easily and help you maintain them in good condition.
  • Car and Bikes – Electric powered washers have adjustable setting which will let you clean the vehicles without damaging the paint, glass, windows.
  • Garages and Outdoor Patios – Cleaning patios and garages is a tough and time consuming process. However, you can complete it effortlessly and within less time using a pressure washer.
  • Outdoor Grills – Over a period of time, outdoor grills can get very dusty and unpleasant to look. Cleaning them is a difficult and time consuming task. But you can achieve spotless cleaning using pressure washer.
  • Pool Washing – Swimming pools should be cleaned regularly for hygiene purposes. This strenuous task can be easily completed using a pressure washer.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

The most common complaints often associated with electric pressure washer are – motor not starting and pressure loss.

Motors That No Longer Start: To solve this issue, you can follow some of the tips mentioned below…

  • It is common to trip the reset button while plugging the washer to power outlet. So, check out the reset button.
  • Leftover water can tighten the internal gaskets of the pump. To avoid this, use a lubricant after every use. It should also be applied before extended storage (winter for instance) and re-applied before using it again.
  • If the washer is left out in the rain or where there is high humidity level, then this can cause an electrical issue within the GFCI plug. To resolve this, unplug the unit and remove the cover of GFCI plug. If lot of moisture is present in the plug, then it can prevent the unit from running. You have to purchase a replacement plug at any hardware store. After that, reconnect the wire to new one and secure the screws and stress clamps. Re-attach the cover and start the machine.

For Pressure Loss: Some of the common reasons for issue are provided below.

  • Clogged nozzle is one of the main reasons for pressure loss. In order to resolve it – first, turn off the pressure washer and expel the air out of the machine. Now, carefully remove the nozzle. Using a spray tip cleaning tool or paper clip, push out the clog. Now, rinse the nozzle thoroughly to remove any leftover dirt. Now reattach the nozzle and try washing with it. If the nozzle still remains clogged, then repeat the process again. Or else, you can soak the nozzle in hot water and wash it again.
  • Try using a different nozzle. Sometimes, you pressure loss can be caused due to incorrect nozzle usage.
  • Check if the hoses can be kinked or straightened out.
  • Check out if the hoses are bent or kinked. If so, then straight them.
  • Sometimes, un-loaded valves and inlet can be blocked. Clean them or replace them.

What are the Best Electric Pressure Washer Brands?

Below, we have provided a list of the brands that provide best quality electric pressure washers.

  • Snow Joe – Since 2004, this brand is providing electric pressure washers. Their head office is located in New Jersey. Their product range include one light duty and three medium duty pressure washer models. Among them 2030 PSI unit model is rated as the best.
  • AR Blue Clean – This brand is the most popular one for providing high quality electric pressure cleaners on the market.
  • Simpson Cleaning – It provides some of the best-rated pressure washers at affordable prices. Apart from these machines, their product range also has other cleaning products.
  • Karcher – Actually, it is the inventor of power washers. Their product portfolio has several electrical pressure washer models.
  • GreenWorks – This brand is actually famous for electric power equipment. It specialized in creating best electrical motors that are used in their equipment.
  • Ivation – It is one of the trust-worthy electric cleaner brands in the market. Their products are reliable and durable.
  • Generac – This brand is well-known for providing residential pressure washers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you use an electric pressure washer?

Ans: Using an electric pressure washer is very simple. Once everything is assembled, insert the water hose to the water inlet on the pressure washer and turn on water supply. Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet and switch it on. The motor starts running but the water doesn’t come out until you press the trigger on the trigger gun.

If you have different spray nozzles, use an appropriate nozzle and attach it to the trigger gun. Point the nozzle at the object / surface you want to clean and gradually de-press the trigger. Continue this until the dirt is removed.

2. How much PSI is needed for a good pressure washer?

Ans: You need different levels of pressure, which is often measured in pounds per square inch or PSI, for cleaning dirt, oil, stains, grime etc. off of different surfaces and objects. A good range of PSI for a good pressure washer is 1800PSI to 3000PSI. This is sufficient for regular household cleaning of cars, driveway, walls, concrete floors etc.

3. Which is better: a gas or electric pressure washer?

Ans: For normal household cleaning, an electric pressure washer is an excellent option. You don’t have to worry about gasoline and engine maintenance as would do with a gas pressure washer. Electric pressure washers are often lightweight and the pressure levels are moderate that do not cause any damage even if you are new to pressure washing.

Gas pressure washers on the other hand, were once commonly found in residential as well as commercial applications. But now-a-days, they became heavy duty industrial / commercial only appliances due to the availability of many low-cost electric washers.

4. What is the difference between a power washer and a pressure washer?

Ans: You might have heard the term pressure washer and power washer being used interchangeably. But there is a slight difference between them. A pressure washer is an appliance that generates a high-pressure water for cleaning dirt, grime, mold, etc.

Power washer is a type of pressure washer that used hot water to clean dirt and grease. Hot water can easily clean dirt and grime when compared to regular water. Combine this with a high pressure, the job of cleaning tough grease, mold and other dirt becomes very easy.

5. Can electric pressure washers overheat?

Ans: An electric pressure washer contains a motor that is responsible for generating the necessary pressure. Most modern electric pressure washer have an auto stop mechanism, which will cut off the motor if the trigger is released or not de-pressed. So, it is never run continuously like a gas engine in gas pressure washers.

But even then, if you run the pressure washer for a long duration continuously without any breaks, then the electric pressure washers can overheat. If you are planning for a long cleaning job, then we highly recommend you to give breaks in between for the motor to cool down.

6. What PSI is safe for washing cars?

Ans: One of the main use cases of electric pressure washers is washing cars. If you are not careful with the right pressure, you might damage the paint work of the car. That being said, 1500PSI to 2000PSI is a good range of PSI that is safe for washing cars.

Coming to the nozzle, never use the 00 nozzle for cleaning cars as it has a very focused throw and can easily chip the paint. Depending on the dirt, grease or oil, use the 250 or the 400 spray nozzles for cleaning cars.

7. What is the appropriate way to Winterize an Electric Pressure Washer?

Ans: In order to winterize the electric pressure washer – initially, you have to remove any water or cleaning agent present in the tank. Next clear out the internal pipes by adding some clean water and let it run through the nozzle at very low pressure. Make sure all the water is the completely drained. If any small quantity is present, hopefully it will evaporate.

After that, add some pump saver antifreeze. Make sure this liquid runs through the complete system. This anti-freeze liquid will stay in liquid form throughout the winter season and until you use it again.

8. Why does my Electric Pressure Washer keep shutting off?

Ans: If the electric pressure washer is cycling on and off, then it can be caused due to motor / water problem. Check out for water leaks in the hose or washer frame to make sure the water isn’t draining out somewhere else. If you find a hole or crack, then repair it using a rubber repair tape. If there is not leak, then check the engine to see if there are any loose connections.

9. How much PSI should I need to clean up the driveway?

Ans: To check out the driveway, we recommend to go for medium or heavy-duty pressure washers that come in price range between 2000 to 2800 PSI at 2 to 3 GPM. If you want to go for a lighter-duty pressure washer, then you can still clean the driveway but it will take more effort, passes and time.

10. How much PSI do I need to pressure wash a deck?

Ans: In order to wash the deck, we recommend to go for a machine that has between 1300 to 2000 PSI. They are commonly referred as light duty pressure washers. Medium and heavy-duty pressure washer can also be used but you have to use low pressure and be very careful to prevent any damages.

11. Can electric pressure washer clean concrete?

Ans: Yes, electric pressure is capable of cleaning concrete but we recommend to go for medium or heavy-duty models. Most of the professional electric pressure washers come around 2000 to 3000PSI and 2.5GPM flow – which is suitable for cleaning concrete floors.

12. Which detergent can I use with electric pressure washer?

Ans: Most of the brands provide their own detergent formula. But there are several non-branded detergents as well. We recommend to go for a pressure washer-safe detergent. Never choose gel-based detergent as it can clog the system. The best way to find the suitable detergent is to check out the owner’s manual – as it contains the information of which cleaning solutions are suitable for that particular product.

13. What is the average lifespan of an electric pressure washer?

Ans: On an average, a property owner will use up to 50 hours every year. In that case, a pressure washer with 500 hours of appraisal can last at least 10 years. However, if you are using it for commercial purposes, you should go for a model that is evaluated for 2000 hours.

14. Which electric pressure washer type is suitable for indoor cleaning?

Ans: All types of electric pressure washers are suitable for indoor cleaning – as they don’t emit any toxic fumes. Usually, gas-powered pressure washer emits toxic fumes. Over exposure to these toxic fumes can result in serious health complications. We recommend to wear protective gear if you are using gas powered washers for indoor cleaning. We highly recommend you to choose an Electric Pressure Washer, if you are planning to buy.  

15. Hot Water or Cold Water – Which one should I choose?

Ans: For regular washing, cold water is more than enough to remove dirt. For removing stubborn stains like grease and oil, hot water washers are suitable. Hot water used by pressure washers can reach up to 140°F. So, the user has to be very careful while using it. They are called as Power Washers and are usually reserved for industrial purposes. And moreover, they are expensive as well.

16. Rent or Purchase an electric pressure washer – which is the feasible option?

Ans: In recent years, pressure washers have become a must-have household appliance. Compared to few years ago, the price also has decreased drastically. If you need a pressure washer urgently or if you need it just once in a while, then renting a pressure washer is not a wrong choice. If you have to use it regularly (for your car, fence, patio, solar panels, etc.), then it is worth investing some money and buying a good model.

17. Is it safe to wash my car using a high-power electric pressure washer?

Ans: Yes, it is safe. However, you have to be careful while cleaning the windows or mirrors. You have the option, use right amount of pressure that doesn’t damage them. It is better to stay two feet away from car to minimize any impact on high-pressure water.


Electric pressure washers use high-pressure water to easily clean various kinds of things. These even offer controls for adjusting their pressure and water flow capacity as per your need. Due to this, you can find a wide range of electric pressure washers out there that are made for different users. And we are here with some of the best ones along with a detailed buying guide. We have also mentioned their major features and options, all of which can be highly useful to easily choose the best one for you. Although some of you still might be confused, thus we have mentioned the following recommendations:

  • The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer is the best performing option present in this article. It comes with a maximum pressure rating of up to 2030 PSI that is much higher than other options out there. You also get a high water disposing capacity of up to 1.76 GPM, depending on your current settings. All of this is possible due to its highly powerful 14.5 Amp electric motor. Its motor also offers a 2-year long warranty to the user that is always useful to have.
  • You can also consider the Mrliance electric pressure washer. This product is able to deliver a respectable water pressure of up to 3800 PSI. Another great thing about this is that you get a high water flow capacity of up to 3 gallons per minute. It is able to achieve these performance numbers since it comes with a 14.5 A motor that is quite powerful. The build quality offered by this washer is also quite good for the price. Unfortunately, you only get a 1-year warranty while buying this electric pressure washer.
  • Although, if you are on a budget, you can go with Greenworks GPW1502 electric pressure washer. Even though it is the cheapest option present in this article, you get a decent 13 A electric motor in it. This motor is able to offer a maximum water pressure of up to 1500 PSI. You can also adjust the water flow capacity till 1.2 gallons per minute if needed. A great thing about this pressure washer is that you get a 20 feet water hose in it for extended reach. It even comes with a variable nozzle for easily adjusting the pressure and water flow.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there, if you have any!

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