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Best Crabgrass Killers For Won’t Kill Grass

In the ongoing battle against unwanted weeds, crabgrass poses a significant challenge for both homeowners and landscapers due to its vigorous growth and resilience. However, there are effective solutions available to combat this issue and restore the lush beauty of your lawn or garden. 

To help you with this…

Our team has conducted thorough research to curate this “List of the Most Reliable Solutions” considering their applications, and forms, effectiveness, safety, and ease of use. 

Best Crabgrass Killers List

Best Crabgrass KillerQuantityLife SpanBuy Now
Roundup Crabgrass KillerLiquid - 1.1 Gallons4 to 8 YearsCheck On Amazon
Tenacity Turf Crabgrass KillerLiquid - 0.062 Gallons5 to 8 YearsCheck On Amazon
Ortho Crabgrass KillerLiquid - 0.25 Gallons1 YearCheck On Amazon
Scotts Crabgrass KillerGranules - 10.06 lb3 YearsCheck On Amazon
BioAdvanced All-in-One Crabgrass KillerLiquid - 0.3125Gallons5 YearsCheck On Amazon
The Andersons Crabgrass KillerGranules - 18 lb---Check On Amazon
BASF Drive XLR8 Crabgrass KillerLiquid - 0.5 Gallons45 daysCheck On Amazon
Primesource Crabgrass KillerLiquid - 0.5 Gallons2-3 YearsCheck On Amazon

Best Crabgrass Killers Reviews

1. Roundup Crabgrass Killer


Roundup Control Grass Killer

It is usually a smart choice to buy a gardening compound that has guaranteed results and is trusted by thousands of users. Thus, our first pick is coming from Roundup which has managed to achieve just that with its crabgrass killer.

In the 1st position, we have the Roundup 5101910 crabgrass killer. It is a considerably cheaper option present on our list compared to many other choices. But, it still comes with 16 ounces compound volume and offers a long shelf life that varies from 4 years to 8 years. The Roundup 5101910 is powered by a dual-action formula so that it can remove the crabgrass while preventing the later generation.

Roundup is promising nearly 4 months of crabgrass free lawn with the Roundup 5101910Thus, you will be able to use his product on multiple locations such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Also, the Roundup 5101910 becomes completely rainproof just after 10 minutes of installation. This makes the compound an ideal choice even if you live in a rainy region. And, once you apply the Roundup 5720010, you will be able to notice the results within just 3 hours.

Best Features

  • Offers about 4 to 8 years of shelf life
  • Visible results under 3 hours
  • 16 ounces quantity
  • Nearly 4 months of crabgrass free lawn is guaranteed
  • Solution becomes rainproof in 10 minutes


  • One of the affordable choices in the market
  • Highly popular option
  • Suitable for multiple locations


  • Active ingredients should have been better

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2. Tenacity Turf Crabgrass Killer

Tenacity Turf Herbicide

In Case you’re wondering if there are any options available for compact lawns or small places, don’t worry. Syngenta is bringing just the right option for you if you want a crabgrass killer for single use.

In the 2nd place, we are putting the Tenacity Turf Herbicide. This is a rather compact crabgrass killer solution that offers only 8 ounces of compound volume. But, it is definitely one of the highly effective options since it belongs to the premium range of herbicides. The Tenacity Turf Herbicide Mesotrione 40% active ingredient that allows the solution to work as both,  pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide.

Once applied, the Tenacity Turf Herbicide will be absorbed by the crabgrass before it can flourish, offering complete prevention against its growth. The Tenacity Turf Herbicide works for many other problems such as barnyard grass, carpetweed, clover, foxtail, and much more. As for the shelf life, you will be able to store the Tenacity Turf Herbicide for about 5 to 8 years without any problem.

Best Features

  • Offers about 5 to 8 years of shelf life
  • Comes with 40% Mesotrione active ingredient
  • 8 ounces quantity
  • Offers great protection against multiple anomalies
  • Strong solution that works as pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide


  • Great option for single usage
  • Suitable for light applications
  • Offers reliable results


  • Not suitable for large lawns

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3. Ortho Crabgrass Killer

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer

Ortho is also a popular brand name when it comes to gardening equipment and compounds. The following weed killer designed by Ortho also offers desirable results against crabgrass.

Our 3rd pick for the best crabgrass killer is the Ortho WeedClear. Unlike most other options, the Ortho WeedClear ships with a container that has a built-in sprayer. This makes it much easier to use, even for beginners. As for the quantity, you will get about 32 ounces of compound in the canister. The Ortho WeedClear solution is designed in such a way that it can remove crabgrass without harming your lawn’s health.

Thanks to the design, the Ortho WeedClear is ready-to-use right after you unbox it. This solution works best against problems like dandelion, chickweed and crabgrass. Once installed, the Ortho WeedClear solution becomes completely rainproof within just 1 hour. Therefore, you will be able to use the solution even in monsoon. And once installed, the Ortho WeedClear promises visible results within a couple of hours. The Ortho WeedClear is suitable for up to 5000 sq. ft. wide lawns, which is for this quantity.

Best Features

  • Suitable for up to 5000 sq. ft. lawns
  • Ready-to-use design
  • 32 ounces quantity
  • Offers visible results under a few hours
  • Solution becomes rainproof within an hour of application


  • The solution works against nearly 200 types of weeds
  • One of the easiest herbicides in terms of applications
  • Great option for beginners


  • Shelf life should have been better

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4. Scotts Crabgrass Killer

Scotts Halts Crabgrass

If quantity is what you are looking for, stop right here. The following herbicide made by Scotts offers a great alternative for large lawns.

The Scotts Halts Crabgrass Preventer is also a great option for those who own a large lawn. Despite being one of the affordable options, the Scotts Halts Crabgrass Preventer ships in a large package with about 160 ounces volume. As for the active ingredients, the solution features 1.71% Pendimethalin that is suitable for all-season applications. And with such a high quantity, you will be able to cover about 5000 sq. ft. area with ease.

One of the ideal timings to apply the Scotts Halts Crabgrass Preventer would be around spring. If done correctly, the solution will prevent the crabgrass problem throughout the season. You can also use the solution around fall to avoid the generation of winter seeds like poa annua, henbit, chickween, etc. Even if it rains or snows after you have applied the product, it will not degrade its performance and you will get the same results.

Best Features

  • Offers about 3 years of shelf life
  • Comes with 1.7% Pendimethalin active ingredient
  • 160 ounces quantity
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Offers protection throughout the season


  • Great option for large lawns
  • Active ingredient is powerful
  • Can be applied in any season


  • Application is rather complicated compared to other options

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5. BioAdvanced All-in-One Crabgrass Killer


BioAdvanced, as the name suggests, is a brand that specifically deals with gardening problems and its solutions. Thus, there are a lot of popular choices designed by BioAdvanced like the one mentioned here.

The BioAdvanced 704140 is an all-in-one option present on our picks for the best crabgrass killer. Even though it only arrives in an 80 ounces canister, it is still capable of covering a large area and offers dominant results thanks to the range of active ingredients such as Quinclorac 1.61%, Dicamba, Dimethylamine salt 0.45%, Other Ingredients 93.09%, etc. Even with such powerful content, the solution only targets crabgrass and keeps your lawn health intact.

As for the applicability, the BioAdvanced 704140 is suitable for nearly 200 different types of broadleaf weeds. Thus, it is an all-in-one solution for all. And since this compound directly attacks the crabgrass root, it manages to clear even the toughest of crabgrass without any problem. Once the solution is applied, you will only have to take care of it for an hour or so. After that, it becomes rainproof. Even with 40 ounces volume, the BioAdvanced 704140 manages to cover about 6250 sq. ft. area without any problem,

Best Features

  • Offers about 5 years of shelf life
  • Comes with Quinclorac 1.61%, Dicamba, Dimethylamine salt 0.45%, Other Ingredients 93.09% active ingredients
  • 40 ounces quantity
  • Offers coverage of 6250 sq. ft. coverage area


  • Offers rainproof results within just an hour
  • Coverage area is pretty large
  • Comes with powerful active ingredients


  • Canister does not have a built-in sprayer

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6. The Andersons Crabgrass Killer

The Andersons Barricade

The Andersons is also a premium brand that deals with heavy-duty gardening solutions designed for large lawns and gardens. If you want to apply the solution before noticing the crabgrass, this might be the right choice for you.

The Andersons Barricade Weed Control is a pre-emergent herbicide that is designed for about 5800 sq. ft. wide lawns. Such a high coverage area is manageable since the product ships in a 288 ounces volume pack. But, The Andersons Barricade Weed Control should only be applied in early spring and fall since it is a pre-emergent herbicide. Once applied, the compound will manage to keep your lawn clean and healthy by preventing the crabgrass generation altogether.

The Andersons Barricade Weed Control contains about 0.48% Prodiamine, making it a compatible option against nearly 30 different types of grass and broadleaf weeds. Since this is a highly premium choice, it is trusted by professionals. The compound is designed with DG Pro formulation so that more particles will be applied per square inch area for much better results.

Best Features

  • Designed with DG Pro formulation
  • Comes with Quinclorac Prodiamine 0.48% active ingredients
  • 288 ounces quantity
  • Suitable for 5800 sq. ft. coverage area
  • Trusted by professionals


  • One of the premium choices for a crabgrass killer
  • DG Pro formulation offers much better results
  • Suitable for about 30 different types of broadleaf weeds


  • It does not clear existing weeds that are generated before application

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7. BASF Drive XLR8 Crabgrass Killer

BASF Drive XLR8 Crabgrass Herbicide

BASF is also a preferable brand within gardening enthusiasts as it is also a highly premium alternative for a crabgrass herbicide. It offers a reliable performance along with a long shelf life.

Our next pick for the best crabgrass killer is the BASF Drive XLR8. This compound utilizes the latest technology for the formation of a compound having 18.92% Quinclorac as the active ingredient. This is a water-based herbicide that offers increased control over most types of weeds. A single bottle of the BASF Drive XLR8 is enough for nearly 1 acre after installation. Such a high coverage area is certainly missing from most other alternatives in the market.

The BASF Drive XLR8 also dries within just an hour, making it completely rainproof. On top of that, it is capable of controlling mature crabgrass with 4 tillers or more. Once you are done with the product, you will be able to store it for about 45 days before another application. As the shelf life of the BASF Drive XLR8 is quite short, it is apparent that it is designed for a single-time use.

Best Features

  • Offers about 45 days of shelf life
  • Comes with Quinclorac 18.92% active ingredients
  • 64 ounces quantity
  • Suitable for about an acre of land
  • Clears almost all types of weeds


  • Comes in a strong can of 64-ounce
  • Covers a lot of surface area even in such a small quantity
  • Can be stored for 45 days without any degradation in quality


  • Shelf life is too compact for the given price range

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8. Primesource Crabgrass Killer

Primesource Quinclorac

In the end, we are bringing a herbicide from Primesource. Even if you didn’t hear about the brand before, worry not. This is also a powerful solution designed for the best results.

The Primesource Quinclorac is also a fairly large crabgrass killer since it arrives in a can of 64 ounces. This is also a stronger option since it contains about 18.92% Quinclorac active ingredient. Therefore, this post-emergence herbicide can be safely applied to most types of turfs and keep them safe from problems like broadleaf and grassy weeds. It is suitable for both residential as well as non-residential turfs.

Since this is a premium option, you won’t have to worry about the recurrence of the problem once you have applied the solution. It covers a wide range of lawn anomalies thanks to active ingredients such as crabgrass, foxtail, kikuyu grass, torpedo grass, and many more. This solution also works as both pre and post-emergence herbicide. But, you will have to apply the product at least 7 days before seeding or after 28 days of emergence on some specific type of weeds.

Best Features

  • Premium crabgrass killer
  • Comes with Quinclorac 18.92% active ingredients
  • 64 ounces quantity
  • Suitable for both residential and non-residential turfgrass
  • Effective against many different types of weeds


  • Powerful active ingredient
  • Quantity is good enough for multiple applications
  • Works as both pre and post-emergence


  • Application is difficult compared to a few other options

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Crabgrass Killer

When striving to rid your lawn of crabgrass, selecting the right crabgrass killer is crucial. Before buying, it’s wise to assess various factors thoroughly to ensure the best results and minimize any possible drawbacks. In the upcoming conversation, we look into the key factors that require consideration before deciding on the most effective crabgrass killer for your lawn.

1. Lawn Size and Type

For larger lawns, selecting items sold in bulk or providing extended coverage can enhance the effectiveness of treatment, reducing the necessity for frequent reapplication. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the type of grass present since compatibility differs between crabgrass killers and various grass species. This factor ensures the protection of your preferred turf while efficiently addressing crabgrass issues.

2. Environmental Impact

It’s crucial to carefully assess the environmental impact of chemical products used for lawn care. Before purchasing a crabgrass killer, it’s wise to examine its active ingredients closely and consider how they might affect the environment. Opting for products with eco-friendly formulations or organic alternatives can help minimize harm to beneficial organisms and reduce chemical runoff into water sources.

3. Effectiveness and Speed of Action

Different crabgrass control products vary in their effectiveness and how quickly they work. Some options yield quick results, swiftly eliminating crabgrass upon use, while others take longer to show their effectiveness. It’s important to weigh your preference for immediate versus gradual results, recognizing that faster-acting products might contain strong chemicals requiring careful handling to avoid potential risks.

4. Safety For Pets and Children

It’s crucial to prioritize the safety of pets and children by opting for products explicitly labeled as safe for them. Follow the recommended application guidelines diligently to minimize any risks. Moreover, considering organic or natural alternatives can offer benefits, as they generally present fewer dangers to pets and children than chemical-based options.

5. Cost and Budget Considerations

It’s crucial to consider a range of options, from budget-friendly to premium selections, before making a decision to buy. It’s wise to evaluate your budget and compare it with the effectiveness and features of different products. While cost is important, it’s vital to prioritize getting the most value by choosing a crabgrass killer that meets your needs, ensuring it’s effective and safe.


Choosing the best crabgrass killer is essential for maintaining a pristine lawn. Through careful consideration of effectiveness, safety, and ease of application, one can ensure the successful eradication of this persistent weed, leading to a healthier and more vibrant outdoor space.

Crabgrass Killer – FAQs

1. Can I apply crabgrass killer in the rain?

Ans: It’s generally not advisable to apply crabgrass killer during rainy conditions as the rain can wash away the product before it has a chance to take effect. It’s best to apply when rain is not expected for at least 24 to 48 hours.

2. How long does it take for a crabgrass killer to work?

Ans: The time it takes for a crabgrass killer to work can vary depending on factors such as the product used, environmental conditions, and the size of the crabgrass infestation. Generally, you may start to see results within a few days to a couple of weeks after application.

3. How often should I apply crabgrass killer?

Ans: The frequency of crabgrass killer application depends on factors such as the product used, the severity of the crabgrass infestation, and environmental conditions. Follow the product label instructions for specific guidance on reapplication intervals.

4. Will crabgrass killer damage my concrete or paved surfaces?

Ans: Some crabgrass killers may cause discoloration or damage to concrete or paved surfaces if overspray occurs. It’s essential to avoid spraying herbicides directly onto these surfaces and to clean up any spills or drifts promptly.

5. How can I prevent crabgrass from spreading to other areas of my lawn?

Ans: Regular lawn maintenance practices such as proper mowing, watering, and fertilizing can help create a healthy turf that is more resistant to crabgrass invasion. Additionally, consider using physical barriers or mulch to prevent crabgrass seeds from spreading.

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