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Best Budget Car Amplifiers Available On The Market

If you are looking for the best way to add more power to your car audio system for exceptional sound quality (richer and fuller sound than before) without breaking the bank, then there are some budget-friendly car amplifiers available on the market.

Amplifier power rating (overall power output), crossover (separate the audio signal frequency and send to proper speakers for sound improvement), amplifier classes (enhance power and generate the amplified audio signal), protection (safety & security purposes), and frequency response (to reproduce the audio signal) are the main factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

Also, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide” to get more information on how to make your purchase the best one. And we compiled some of the Top Budget Car Amplifiers after thoroughly researching several products on the market.

Go through them and grab the best option from the list of products that suits your requirements.

Best Budget Car Amplifiers Table

Budget Car AmplifiersPower OutputFrequency ResponseAmplifier ClassesBuy Now
BOSS Car AmplifierPeak – 1100W

RMS – 250W
9 Hz to 50 kHzClass A/BCheck On Amazon
Rockville Car AmplifierPeak – 2000W

RMS – 500W
15 Hz to 250 HzClass DCheck On Amazon
Pyramid Car AmplifierPeak - 5000W10 Hz to 30 kHzClass A/BCheck On Amazon
Blaupunkt Car AmplifierPeak – 1500W

RMS – 150W
10 Hz to 45 HzClass ABCheck On Amazon
Planet Car AmplifierPeak – 1200W

RMS – 450W
20 Hz to 20 kHzClass A/BCheck On Amazon
Skar Car AmplifierPeak – 388W

RMS – 350W
20 Hz to 250 HzClass DCheck On Amazon
Pioneer Car AmplifierPeak - 500W20 Hz to 20 kHzClass A/BCheck On Amazon

Best Budget Car Amplifiers Reviews

Here are the individual product reviews of some of the top-selling and best-performing car amplifiers available at a reasonable price tag. Take a look at them and select your option as per your need.

1. BOSS Car Amplifier

BOSS Car AmplifierThe BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier is an ideal option for car audio enthusiasts looking for a car amplifier with excellent sound quality and performance.

The sleek and compact design of the amplifier will allow for a quick and easy installation in most car audio systems. Its high-quality component construction and black anodized finish provide a stylish look. The max power rating of 1100W and MOSFET power supply will make it the best choice to power various car subwoofers.

The amplifier comes with a Class AB Monoblock amplifier that provides a perfect balance between sound quality and efficiency. While its built-in crossover design offers proper control over the frequency response of the amplifier and thereby provides great flexibility and enhanced sound quality. The frequency response range of this amplifier will be 9 Hz to 50 kHz which makes it enough to power car subwoofers.

Coming to its protection features, the amplifier is designed with short protection, thermal protection, and overload protection for safe and enduring performance in the longer run. Its unique features are adjustable gain control, high & low-level inputs, switchable bass boost, variable LP filter, and a remote controller to adjust the volume of the subwoofer.

User Feedback:

  • This BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series car amplifier has received numerous positive responses from its users due to its easy installation, exceptional sound quality, protection features, durability, and build quality. Yet some users complained about the frequent turning to the protection mode.

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2. Rockville Car Amplifier

Rockville Car AmplifierThe Rockville dB12 Mono 2-ohm amplifier is another great option for those seeking a budget car amplifier with impressive sound quality and performance.

The sleek, durable, and lightweight design of this dB12 amplifier allows for easy installation and setup in most car audio systems. Its amazing build quality and black anodized finish give a stylish and attractive look.

This dB12 amplifier boasts a power rating of max 2000W (Peak) and dyno-certified RMS power of 500W that can easily power up subwoofers and larger speakers. This is a class D amplifier that offers high efficiency and excellent sound quality.

With its built-in adjustable low-pass crossover, the dB12 amplifier can control its frequency response and thereby offer flexibility and enhanced sound quality. The frequency response will range from 15 Hz to 250 Hz, which is perfect to power the car subwoofers.

Talking about its safety & protection features, it has overload and thermal protection circuits that make sure the amplifier offer enduring performance and last longer. It features a bass boost control to adjust the bass output and has a high-speed MOSFET power supply that gives clean and efficient power to the amplifier.

User Feedback:

  • Most users appreciated the Rockville dB12 Mono 2-ohm car amplifier for its impressive power rating, excellent sound quality, easy installation, and safety features. Yet some users felt a bit bad about its built quality.

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3. Pyramid Car Amplifier

Pyramid Car AmplifierThe Pyramid PB3818 car amplifier is another best reliable and budget-friendly amplifier that packs a punch. Its compact and slim design makes it fit perfectly and easily in almost all vehicles. Also, it includes an LED indicator, remote turn on, and soft turn on/off the circuit.

It is a 2-channel amplifier that is perfect for any vehicle’s sound system. It offers a high power rating of 5000W and has a class A/B design for efficient power output and enhanced sound quality. Since it is a bridgeable amplifier, you can easily connect and control the sound output of two speakers at a time.

Additionally, it features variable gain control, variable bass boost, MOSFET pulse for a distortion-free signal, silver-plated RCA ports to eliminate signal loss and a fully adjustable electronic crossover to customize the frequency response and set the sound as required.

Its protection circuit prevents thermal shutdown, short-circuit, and overloading to prevent the speakers from any damage. The PB3818 amplifier comes with a frequency response of 10Hz to 30 kHz, allowing it to deliver a crystal-clear sound along with a solid bass response by letting you customize the bass as per your preference.

User Feedback:

  • The Pyramid PB3818 5000W high power 2-channel bridgeable audio sound auto small speaker amplifier impressed its numerous users due to its efficient power output, built-in crossover, variable bass boost, and protection circuit. Yet some people complained about low bass and heating issues.

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4. Blaupunkt Car Amplifier

Blaupunkt Car AmplifierThe Blaupunkt 4-channel full-range amplifier is the best budget car amplifier for those seeking to grab the most bang for their buck. The slim, modern, and compact design of this 4-channel amplifier offers a full range of frequencies to power 4 different speakers and is compatible to fit in most vehicles.

With its variable crossover, you can adjust the frequency range of the speaker for the best sound quality. The variable bass boost allows for an even better sound in the music. The 1500W impressive power rating (max 300W RMS power) is quite enough to drive 4 speakers in your vehicle, and it has the most efficient amplifier class AB used to generate more output with less power consumption.

The Blaupunkt 4-channel amplifier has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 45 Hz, which is quite enough for most music genres. The built-in protection circuitry in this amplifier will protect the subwoofers and speakers from overload, short circuits, and other problems. RCA pass-through is one of the great features that let you connect multiple amplifiers and control them with a single remote, making it quite easy to install and set up.

User Feedback:

  • Most users praised this Blaupunkt 1500W full-range amplifier for its great sound quality, power rating, built-in protection circuitry, and RCA pass-through features. Yet some people complained about constantly getting into protection mode and incompatibility issues with some vehicles. 

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5. Planet Car Amplifier

Planet Car AmplifierThe Planet Audio AC1200.4 car amplifier has a small-size, compact, lightweight, and modern design that is packed with a lot of features, making it one of the most preferred options for budget-friendly amplifiers. The black exterior of this amplifier offers a great look and is quite easy to install & move around.

With its impressive power rating of 1200W RMS X 4-channel, the amplifier consists of enough power to drive most systems. The class A/B amplifier offers great sound quality and efficient power output. The variable low & high pass crossover makes the amplifier quite easy to customize the sound, and its frequency response offers a 20 Hz to 20 kHz ensuring a full range of sound.

It has some great protective features and is equipped with a thermal protection circuit to protect against over-voltage, short protection, high- & low-level inputs, and overheating to prevent any damage from the high-voltage surge. The MOSFET power supply offers a consistent and efficient power supply.

User Feedback:

  • Most people got impressed with the car amplifier for its impressive power, good sound quality, sleek design, and reliability which make it easy to install and customize the sound. Yet some users complained it was used mostly for subwoofers but not for speakers.

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6. Skar Car Amplifier

Skar Car AmplifierThe Skar Audio RP-350.1D Monoblock Class D Amplifier is one of the most effective and budget-friendly car amplifiers on the market. It has a sleek and attractive design and a power rating of 388W peak power and 350W RMS (@ 2 ohms) that lets to grab the most out of the audio system.

The Class D amplifier is efficient, and power-saving that runs cool. The variable crossover allows for fine-tuning of the sound system, and its 20 Hz to 250 Hz frequency response offers a wide range of sound quality in all formats. The built-in protection circuit prevents damage to the speakers and ensures the longevity of the audio system.

It features a powerful MOSFET power supply and a fully adjustable bass boost of the amplifier, allowing for exceptional sound quality. Also, it has a low-pass filter that lets you block out the frequencies as preferred. The remote subwoofer level control allows for subwoofer adjustment for a comfortable seat and sound system on the go.

User Feedback:

  • The Skar Audio RP-350.1D Monoblock Class-D amplifier has received numerous positive responses from its users due to its sleek design, efficiency, easy installation, sound quality, and impressive power rating. Yet some users complain about protect mode issue.

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7. Pioneer Car Amplifier

Skar Car AmplifierThe Pioneer GM-A3702 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier is a last but not least budget car amplifier with a perfect balance of performance and features.

Apart from the compact & sleek design allows for the easy installation of the amplifier in any vehicle. The power rating of 500W RMS allows it to power a wide range of audio components. While class A/B design ensures a clean and distortion-free sound.

It has various amazing features like a variable low-pass crossover to fine-tune the sound as preferred and ensures a clear and distortion-free sound. While the frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz ensures reproducing the wide range of frequencies. Its automatic signal sensing and turn-on along with a balanced isolator input circuit.

It is equipped with an advanced protection system, including short circuit protection, and thermal or overload protection to avoid any damage to the amplifier. Also, it has a DC offset auto-reset feature that ensures a safe operating condition.

User Feedback:

  • Most users appreciated the Pioneer GM-A3702 amplifier has a compact design, variable low-pass crossover, advanced protection system, durability, exceptional sound quality, and frequency response. Yet some users complained that not a good option for the subwoofer.

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Quick Recommendations – Budget Car Amplifier

Here are some quick recommendations that help you in selecting the best car amplifier based on your requirements.

  • If looking for the Best Overall car amplifier, then go with the BOSS Car Amplifier is your perfect choice. It is designed with several protection features, easy installation, a class AB amplifier, and a compact design that delivers exceptional sound quality.
  • If looking for the Best Economical car amplifier, then choose Pyramid Car Amplifier. It is a bridgeable amplifier with a high power rating of 5000W offering various great value-for-money features without breaking the bank.
  • If looking for the Best Sound Quality, then go with a Rockville Car Amplifier will be a perfect choice. It delivers impressive sound quality and performance with its 2000W high power rating and class D amplifier along with other features.

Buying Guide on How to Choose the Best Budget Car Amplifier

The right amplifier will power the car audio system for a richer and fuller sound from the music/audio like never before. Besides the best sound quality, they offer various features such as built-in crossovers, bass boost, and built-in EQs to customize the sound. Yet it is essential to consider certain factors like low THD (total harmonic distortion) rating, types of speakers (power output), good signal-to-noise ratio (no distorted/muffled audio), and build quality & reliability (enduring performance) in the amplifier to ease your selection process. 

Here we have explained everything you need to know for the proper decision-making of car amplifiers. Ensure that your budget car amplifier has reliability, decent sound quality, compatibility, and ample power. 

Let’s dive into the details of what factors to consider while shopping for budget-friendly car amplifiers:

1. Compact Design

Ensure to look for budget-friendly car amplifiers that have a compact, sleek, and lightweight design that allows for an easy installation and fits perfectly even in tight spaces (small vehicles or cramped areas) without taking up much space in the vehicle.

2. Crossover

A crossover will separate the frequencies of the audio signal and direct them to their apt speakers for enhanced sound quality. So, look for an amplifier with a built-in crossover circuit that offers greater flexibility and increased sound quality of your car audio system. Also, it let you control the frequencies received by every speaker quickly and easily.

3. Amplifier Classes

Amplifiers are divided into classes/design categories depending on the type of technology used to enhance power and generate the amplified audio signal to drive speakers. The classes include Class A, Class B, Class AB, and Class D, among them Class D & AB are quite common and preferred types for car audio systems.

Here the Class D amplifiers are highly compact and efficient, whereas Class AB amplifiers provide a perfect balance between sound quality and efficiency, making them perfect for car audio systems.

4. High-Quality Audio/Power Input

Based on the power input of these amplifiers, they are mostly designed to deliver high-quality audio performance without much distortion. Look for an amplifier offering high-quality audio or power input terminals and connectors for a clear and distortion-free sound. The most preferred option will be the amplifier with the gold-plated connectors offering corrosion resistance and better signal transmission.

5. Amplifier Power Rating (or) High Power Output

It is referred to as the total power output that an amplifier will produce, which is measured in watts (W). It should match the power handling capacity of the car speaker for its best performance. The higher the power output of these car amplifiers, the better they will perform and produce exceptional audio quality. Also, check the build quality of the amplifier to make it last longer.

6. Low-Noise Floor

A budget car amplifier with a low-noise floor is designed to deliver clear, distortion-free sound by eliminating the unwanted noise the system generates while working. So, prefer to look for car amplifiers with a minimum of 85 dB signal-to-noise ratio.

7. Frequency Response

It is referred as to the range of frequencies that an amplifier can reproduce accurately. The standard frequency response of car amplifiers will range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. So, the amplifier with a wide frequency response range will reproduce most aspects of the audio signal or music types without distortion.

8. Variable Gain Control

The variable gain control feature will allow the users to adjust the power output sent to every speaker. Thus, it ensures to grab the most out of the amplifier yet ensures the system is balanced. Check the car amplifiers offering a wide range of gain control options to adjust and enjoy the sound output from the system.

9. Protection

It is quite essential to look for safety features that include short-circuit protection, thermal overload protection, and DC offset protection to ensure that your amplifier will be safe and reliable to operate at any time, even with unexcepted fluctuation in the power/current, voltage, and temperature rating. Mostly, overload protection is found in car amplifiers that protect them from getting damaged due to any overload issues. Also, the reverse polarity protection will protect the amplifier from any potential damage caused due to incorrect wiring.

10. High Efficiency

These highly energy-efficient car amplifiers will prevent the consumption of a lot of power and allows for enhanced performance without raising its overall operation cost. Also, it ensures a cool running of the amplifier while getting the most out of it. Thus, it reduces regular wear and enhances its longevity.

11. Ease of Installation

A car amplifier with easy installation and setup will help its users to run the sound system quickly. Always look for amplifiers that are equipped with all essential installation hardware to make your installation process quite easier and faster. Also, it is always suggested to ensure that the amplifier you choose should be compatible with the existing system and wiring for its proper usage.


To conclude, the above-mentioned best budget car amplifier offers a perfect balance of power, features, and price. Yet you need to select an amplifier that is compatible with the audio system of your vehicle and powerful enough to drive the device using buying guide. All you need is to take time for comparing and selecting the correct option depending on your requirements for superior sound at your budget.

Best Budget Car Amplifier – FAQs

1. Which amplifier class is better – Class A, Class B, or Class D?

Ans: How the amplifier combines the signal and power are referred to as the class. You need to choose the class based on your requirement. There are various amplifier classes available for the car amplifier, including Class A, Class B, Class AB, & Class D.
Among them, the Class A design is the most common yet efficient offering high sound fidelity. Class B design is quite a more efficient option yet has full of distortion. Class AB offers better sound (Hi-Fi sound) and power efficiency. Class D design offers high efficiency and the smallest footprint.

2. Does a head unit is required for great car audio quality?

Ans: It is great to have the head unit but requires a decent amp for effective car audio quality to make the speaker or subwoofer perform well.

3. Which amplifier is most preferred for excellent sound quality?

Ans: Even though the amplifier with all classes is preferred, yet the Class D amplifier is considered the best digital amplifier that offers excellent sound quality.

4. Is it good to have 100-dollar amps?

Ans: Yes, they are worth having the 100-dollar amps. The reason is that it offers a decent amp, making it an excellent option for purchasing a $100 amp. Yet ensure you won’t expect superb quality from these amps. Do you have any queries regarding the selection and functioning of budget car amplifiers? Then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. We will respond promptly to solve your queries.

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